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I’m watching the news on channel 7 and this pretty blonde reporter comes on. A bunch of thoughts run through my head as she speaks just the first two words about the event she’s covering. First, I think she’s pretty. Not beautiful but way beyond cute. Big eyes. She must be good with mascara or whatever it is women put around their eyes to accentuate them. Small nose, high cheek bones. But not the gaunt face that often goes with high cheekbones. A rounder face. Almost a caricature of what’s supposed to be pretty; a human Barbie. Too cute. Even blond hair, the full Barbie treatment. But her coloring isn’t blond, her hair has to be died or treated to be blond. I can’t tell for sure but she looks as if she’s probably not very tall and has a good body.

It’s not fair and I’ll never claim it is. Maybe women do the same thing about men, I don’t know. But here I am, making judgments about her good looks right at first glance. Really male chauvinistic of me. Not only that but as I watch her talk I look at her lips forming shapes and think that she’d probably be great at sucking my cock. Well, sucking cocks in general maybe but of course I’m only interested in thinking of her sucking mine. At the same time, like on a separate plane, I also think that channel 7 seems to keep coming up with new faces all the time. Are they interns or something? What happens to them? I mean they’re there one day and then I never see them again. Did they fail the test? Get sent to Kalamazoo or what?

Anyhow, I watch the broadcast and she does three stories. She’s really attractive. But in life there are a lot of attractive people so I don’t think much more about it. And then I see her every day on the news. She didn’t show up and disappear like some of them. And then, a few weeks after I saw her for the first time, I’m eating at a small Italian restaurant that I like because the food’s good and the prices are o.k. And there she is. The blond on the channel 7 newscasts. She’s with someone. Must be a co-worker. He’s old. I mean she’s probably in her twenties, thirty tops. I’m thirty, the right age for her. This guy must be sixty. Over weight, balding, gray hair, sort of sloppy clothes. She’s even better looking in person. Smiles, even laughs, seems alive.

I put my credit card in the little folder with the bill and in a couple minutes it comes back and I add the tip and sign it. I notice that Barbie or whatever her name is, I ought to remember it, and the old guy are leaving, heading out the door. I get up and follow them by a half minute or so. As I get in my car, I see the two of them. She kisses him on the cheek and he walks over to a car and she heads down an aisle to another car. I didn’t plan this, never intended to do this. But as she drives out, I’m right behind her. On a whim, I decide to follow her. I even have a thought run through my mind that I’m, like, stalking her. In a way I guess I am but I don’t really mean anything by it. I’m just nosy.

She doesn’t go far, a dozen blocks or so and just two blocks off the main street and she pulls into an underground parking garage at an apartment building. I stop, pull to the curb. What am I doing here? But I look at the building and very soon she comes walking out into the center sort of patio area and goes to a door, appears to unlock it and go in. Must be where she lives. I also note a sign on the building that their are apartments to lease. I drive away, go home.

I rented my apartment a few years ago when I was starting my job. I’m doing a lot better now, can afford a much better place. And my landlord is cheap. I have a hard time getting him to fix things when they break. He refuses to paint or do much maintenance. I had though several times about moving but didn’t do anything about it just because it’s easier not to. Inertia. But by now I’m just month to month, well past any lease I had. So I can leave almost any time I want. The next day, I tell him I’m moving. He protests and finally offers enticements but I stick to it and tell him I’m moving at the end of the month. Then I go to Barbie’s apartment house and ask about what’s for rent.

It’s actually a very nice apartment. A lot better than what I have now. And the rent isn’t all that much more. I can easily handle it. I’m also on the first floor. Not next door to her but not far.

I’m not a nut. This is all by happenstance. I didn’t stalk her. I never even had any plan about meeting her. But I do. I go to the laundry room one night and there she is. The usual “Hi” back and forth. I have a plastic tub full of clothes and I have a key so I wasn’t some looney tunes she has to be scared of. Then I said, “Hey, I know you! You’re that pretty, sexy reporter on TV.” I could tell she would like to go away but she has a load in the dryer and another in a washer. So as I load my stuff, we actually talk a little bit. I ask about the hours she works and it’s just what I expected, they’re horrible. Not only a lot of hours, broken up and separated from each other, but lots of emergencies and getting called in at odd times. She’s perabet there for the noon broadcast then off until the five pm, then usually on through the six. The eleven usually uses canned stuff from earlier unless there’s some breaking news and then she might be there late. She even tries to get assignments for special stories that take her out of town. Like she’s been to New Orleans twice because of hurricane Katrina. She’s really serious about being a great reporter.

We get along fine. She learns my name, Bob, I learn hers, Stacy. I also learn that she has a very nice body. Athletic looking, she must work out. And not real short either. Probably about 5’6″. Nice legs. Not huge breasts but certainly there’s something there. And actually more attractive in person than on TV, I think. And her mouth still forms shapes that make me think about her sucking my cock. And while I’m not sure, I don’t think she’s a kid. She worked at other, smaller stations before this. She may be as old as I am. Maybe not quite. Then a couple times we see each other coming and going in the building or parking garage and say “Hi, Stacy” and “Hi, Bob.”

So one day when I see her coming in from the parking garage, after the “Hi’s” I say, “Stacy, you’re a very attractive girl and seem very nice and seem to be single and I’m single and I wonder if I could take you out to dinner or something some time.”

She smiles and reaches out and touches my arm and answers, “Sure, Bob. My hours are weird but I’d be happy to if we can find a convenient time.”

So I say, “How about now, this evening?”

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” Then a pause but a pause with a smile. “Sure, why not? We may get interrupted by a call from the station but if that’s o.k. with you, sure.”

So we meet in about an hour and I drive her to the same Italian restaurant that I saw her in before. “This isn’t any place fancy but I like it here,” I tell her.

“That’s fine,” she answers. “It sure beats heating up a microwave meal and eating alone.”

So we eat and talk. I learned long ago that it’s best to do more listening than talking. I find out that this is her fourth station, She started in a small town in Ohio, moved on to Cleveland, then to Chicago, and now L.A. I even learned that she’d been married once but she’s serious about her career, plans on making it to something national instead of just local stations and that her career and marriage just don’t mesh. She’s older than I thought, actually one year older than me, 31. She found out that I’m single, always have been, am with an advertising/PR agency and doing fairly well with good prospects for doing even better.

‘Why did you ask me out?” she finally asks.

“Well, you’re very attractive, seem to be single and I’m single and I like females,” I say, “Pretty much the standard reasons.”

“You like females,” she replies. “Sex, I would imagine. Are you hoping to have sex with me?”

“Well, gee,” I sort of weaseled, “Eventually, I guess. I mean, sure but only when we get to know one another and both feel like it. I don’t plan on attacking you or forcing you or anything like that.”

“But you’d like to fuck me?”

“Well . . .”

“So you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to. I mean, you’re really attractive. Beautiful. Sexy. But it generally takes some time.”

“Look. my career is everything to me. I can’t be married. I can’t let a relationship get in the way. But I love sex. I want sex. I need sex. But I just don’t want to have a lot of hang-ups, a guy expecting me to do what he wants when he wants. I have to be in charge. I do what I want when I want and pretty much expect the guy to cater to me, to be ready when I want. Now, you’re obviously a nice guy, seem to be built well, attractive, available, in a job that could let you be free to do what you want within reason. And I haven’t been with a guy since I moved to L.A., over three months, so I’m pretty horny. So I’d just as soon cut out the bull shit and go back to my place and fuck, if that’s o.k. with you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But I’m used to having to react, so I never batted an eye. “Let’s go,” I replied, sliding out of my chair and standing and reaching for her hand to help her up. As we start away, I realize that I haven’t paid the bill. “Don’t change your mind,” I say to her, “but wait a sec, I have to pay the bill.” I have a huge boner. Fortunately, the waitress is on the other side of the counter so she can’t see it tenting my pants as I give her my credit card. Stacy comes up and stands next to me and reaches with one hand to grasp my hard-on. Through my pants she’s feeling me, moving her hand a little. No one can see what she’s doing but I can sure feel it. Finally we get out and to my car. Unfortunately, it has bucket seats so we aren’t up against one another. We both buckle up, out of habit I guess, and she reaches across to feel my thigh. Her hand moves and again feels my cock through my pants.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this,” she says. “You feel very ready.” perabet giriş I drive and she is almost jacking me off with my pants in the way. We’re almost back to our apartment building. “I haven’t had a good cock to use in months,” she says. “We’ll both get naked. I need to taste this, feel it in my mouth, get a big sticky load that I can swirl around. Then you can lick me, eat me, until you have my orgasm all over your face. And then we can fuck and fuck and fuck as long as we can in every position we can think of. “

I park and we hurry to her apartment, into the bedroom. We both strip as quickly as we can. She’s built better than I imagined. Thin, her ribs actually show. Her breasts aren’t huge, probably B cups, but they’re perfect on her body. Truly a great ass, full and very female. She shaves her pussy. Not bare but a very trim, small bush. Great legs, shapely and separating at the top so that I’ll be able to get my face into her. “Stacy, you’re beautiful and you’re built perfect.”

“So are you,” she answers, staring at my erection for a moment before pressing up against me so we can hold one another and kiss. Then she drops down and holds my cock and looks at it. “Just like my first one back in high school,” she says, looking up at me and grinning. “Uncircumcised and plenty big.” She looks back at it and leans in and starts licking along each side before using her hand to pull my skin back, exposing the head and then getting her mouth around it and sucking me in. She’s obviously done this before and also obviously loves what she’s doing. She’s really good. Hungry I think. Her one hand is working the base of my cock, her other fondling my balls, and her mouth and tongue are working me over fast. I can hear her, lots of slurping. She starts to hum. Makes me think of a cat purring in happiness. I can feel the slight vibration on my cock. She’s sucking hard, getting whatever flavor there is in a cock and pushing me towards cumming as quick as she can. She enjoys this, for sure, but she also wants to finish me, get that mouthful she said she wanted.

Then she does. I can feel it coming. I’m sure my cock jumped a little. And then I’m shooting into her. Her mouth stops working me for a minute as I fill her some but then goes right back as my spurts slow. She milks me with her lips and mouth, getting everything she can. She finally pulls her head back and looks up at me with an open mouth that’s full of white stuff. I think she’s grinning. I can see her cheeks move, her tongue move, it’s sort of like she’s gargling it or something and then her mouth closes and I can see her swallow. She licks her lips. She’s still holding my cock with one hand and she leans back and starts licking it and then takes it almost all in her mouth and licks it as she sucks on it, cleaning it and finishing me off.

Then she stands up and I put my arms around her and we press against one another and kiss again. I run my hands on her butt. As we break our kiss I say, “You have a great ass.”

She smiles, then backs up, pulling me along, until her legs hit the side of the bed. She sits, right on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs so that I’m standing between them. “I’ve been told that I taste great, too,” she says as she sort of pulls on my hands to lower me. As I get on my knees, looking at her pussy directly in front of me, she spreads her legs wider. Other women have done that, too. Women can get wider than men, I think. I can’t spread open like that. She also leans back, which sort of raises her bottom up to me and I lean in, put a couple fingers on either side of her lips and pull her open and push my tongue into her. I can hear her make a satisfied “aah” kind of sound and can feel her ankles being placed on my shoulders. She’s spread open, her legs to each side, bent at the knees, with her lower legs coming back towards me to rest on me. I’ve done this often enough that I know how, just as she did, and I enjoy it, just as she did. So I attack her pussy pretty much as she attacked my cock. I spell out about half the alphabet with my tongue inside her as far as I can push it, then pull back and lick around, then lick up a little to feel the shape of her clit, then back down to her vagina and push into her again.

I repeat everything a dozen times or so and each time I can feel her clit changing shape, getting a little larger. I don’t even pull back to look at what I’m doing, she’s not built different from a dozen others I’ve eaten and I’ve never felt women’s sex organs were particularly beautiful. They’re sexy. I mean, they are sex, almost by definition, and I love eating them and feeling them change and get wetter and softer and even like the tastes. Even more I like the way it affects the women, just as it’s causing Stacy to make more and more sounds and to start bouncing her bottom around a little. She’s wet enough now so I lick up to her clit and get my lips and tongue working on it. I get two fingers from one hand and slide them into her and start moving them inside her as I suck and pull on her clit. perabet güvenilir mi I slide my other hand under her a little to get a finger to her ass and feel around between her cheeks to get at her anus, then push a finger in slightly. It always works. Her whole body starts jumping, her noises turn into screams almost. Loud enough that I wonder if the neighbors can hear. Then here comes her orgasm. She really has lots of juice. I pull my fingers out everywhere and get my mouth down to try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth and taste her output. Her legs had locked onto my head but then relax and I pull back slightly.

I reach down to feel my cock. Yep, it’s up and ready again. I straighten up some. Get onto my feet, bend my knees to get my cock aimed at her now very wet and red pussy, and start pushing into her. Her screams turn into grunts as I push further and further in. She’s actually very tight. Tight enough that it feels as if my foreskin can get pulled loose but of course it doesn’t and I’m soon fully in. My pubic hair is hitting hers, whatever bones I have there are hitting hers. I pull out a little and then shove back in. She’s moaning. Sounds like she hurts except I’ve heard it before and know that it’s the opposite. Then I start pulling out and pushing in, slowly, loving the feel of it, of her insides holding my cock so tight and massaging me as I move in her.

I’m up over her and she opens her eyes, then her pursed lips, tight, open a little and she smiles up at me. I get both hands between us and get one to each breast. I feel them and find the nipples and tweak them. She breathes heavier, making little moans and almost squeaks. “Faster please. Harder. This is nice but I want to cum again.” So I oblige and start pushing in and out faster. Her grunts and groans and moans go up in volume, her mouth stays open, her head shakes back and forth a little. I think she’s concentrating her mind on the feelings she’s getting from her insides as I pound into her. Soon, that’s exactly what I’m doing, pounding. Working. Banging into her full strength. Her legs come up around me, her heels into my butt, her arms come up around me and I can feel her whole body shudder as I can feel moisture around my cock, running onto my thighs as well as probably her butt. I pull out. “Roll over,” I say.

Her eyes look startled for a moment and then she grins and rolls over. I grab her waist and lift her a little and shove her further onto the bed so that she can get her knees onto the surface. Holding her ass up, I get my cock aimed into her again and shove full into her. She gives a gasp. Once in, I lean over her and get my arms around. I start pumping in and out as I get a hand on one breast and get the other hand down to her clit. She’s getting louder. I keep pumping into her for a couple minutes like that and then straighten up and move my hands onto her ass and start pushing into her faster and harder. She pushes back or else I think I’d knock her flat, I’m pounding into her so hard. It probably takes another minute or so and I can feel her, she’s into another orgasm. Once she starts they must come fast. So I slow down and lean over her and reach down with a hand to her clit again. “What next, Stacy?” I ask.

“You’re still hard aren’t you?”


“Let me on top a while.”

So I pull out and climb onto the bed and lay on my back. She gets hold of my cock as she straddles over me and moves up into position and then lowers herself, taking my cock up into her. She’s leaning over me slightly, moving her hips, causing my cock to move inside her. I prop myself up and get a hand and mouth to one breast and start feeling it and then get the nipple into my mouth. As I suck on it, I move my hand to the other breast. “My boobs aren’t big enough.” she says as she continues to fuck me, fairly slow and sensuous.

“Your breasts are perfect, Stacy. They match your lovely body. Bigger would be fake.” Then I get my mouth back around her nipple. She starts moving faster, rising and falling more. I can’t keep hold of her so I just lay back and enjoy.

“Are you close to cumming?”

“Not real close but I’m getting there.”

“When you’re ready to cum, let me know. I want to get it in my mouth.”

“When you do, switch around so I can get my mouth to you, too.”

She gives me a big grin and moves even faster and harder, until she’s about ready to lift fully clear of my cock. She’s grunting with each movement. She’s actually perspiring a little, I can see it on her brow. Finally, I can tell, so say, “Now, Stacy.”

She leaps off and seems to turn in mid-air almost like a Cirque de Soliel acrobat and gets my cock into her mouth. Her very red, very wet and sticky pussy is right above me. I lift my head, put an arm up around her ass to hold me up, and get my tongue into her. I don’t know why, I like sloppy sex. I like kissing a mouth full of my cum. I like licking a sticky, used pussy. The taste is stronger. I get my mouth to her clit and start almost biting it, pulling it, giving it a serious work out. Then, as I feel my sperm finally shooting out into her mouth, she starts squirting onto my face. I try and swallow her whole pussy, licking and sucking on it as she sucks and licks on me, swallowing my cum. She then collapses, lays on top of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32