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THE SORORITY SISTERS, Crème No.1 — A fantasy for Susan


Crème came to me a month ago, a shy, timid girl who wanted to spread her wings. We chatted and got acquainted, and she told me about her limited sexual experience and mild fantasies. To learn more and perhaps break her out of her reticence, I asked her to write an erotic fantasy story for me.

The rules were simple. Write about anything that comes into your head. Do not censor what comes to you, just write it down. No editing, no filtering. Just write. And when it is done — and you will know when it is done — send it to me.

After a short delay she came back with a single question, “Mistress, may I put you in the story?” The answer, of course, was yes; there can be no limitations placed on this type of creative writing; anything goes.

This, with a little editing for grammar, paragraph formation, and image adjustment, is what Crème sent to me.

Susan James



Here it is…my fantasy tale assignment for you. I am ashamed by parts of it, but you asked me to send you what came out of my mind, without editing. And I have. I hope you don’t think badly about me….

I am standing in a dark room. I don’t know how I got here. I am a bit frightened. I call out, “Is anyone here? Hello, can anybody hear me?”

Silence, followed by more silence. I call out again…….nothing. The only sound I can hear is my heart beating like crazy. I continue waiting……I would leave but I don’t know which way to go. Finally, after several minutes I hear a door opening. The lights in the room come on and in walks a large Black man. He is wearing a black hood over his head with openings cut out for his eyes, nose and mouth. He is wearing black leggings and no shirt. This man is absolutely huge.

Standing beside him is a strange, ugly man. At least I think it is a man. He is only about five feet tall and very hairy. He looks like some kind of large dwarf with a hunchback stance. The hair on his head looks dirty and disheveled, hanging down to his shoulders. It is a dirty blond color as is all the hair almost covering his misshapen body. In the dim light his eyes seem to glow — an intense bright blue that look startling in this weird “person.” He is naked except for a broad leather collar. A leash leads from the collar to the Black man’s hand.

The Black man drops the leash and says to his companion, “Stay here, Yellow.” His voice is as deep as his skin is dark. He walks away from the obedient Yellow, and comes toward me. He stops about three feet in front of me. I am scared.

He says, “Take your clothes off.” I do nothing. I stand there mesmerized……shaking.

He says in a slightly louder voice, “I said take your clothes off…”

I am terrified. I can tell this man is serious now. I am afraid of the consequences if I disobey him. I begin removing my clothes and dropping them on the floor. Soon I am naked…..stark raving naked. I can feel myself trembling.

The man then says, “Follow me.” I know I must do as he says.

He leads me out of the room and we begin walking down a long hallway until we stop at another door. He opens this door and lets me walk into the room first. Then he follows me in and closes the door behind us.

This room is dark except for a single light bulb hanging from a cord in the middle of the room. He hits a button on the wall and I watch two chains slowly descend from the ceiling. There is a large ring fastened to the end of each chain. The Black man leads me over to stand underneath the light and the rings hanging from the ceiling. I watch as he removes two sets of hand cuffs from his pocket. He then attaches a handcuff to each of my wrists and then attaches the other end to one of the rings. He returns to the button on the wall and he raises the chain until my arms are stretched out straight up in the air. I think I detect a cruel smile on the Black man’s face right before he turns and leaves.

The room is silent again and I am even more terrified than before. What is this all about? How did I get here? All I have is questions………questions without answers.

After about five minutes I think I can hear a sound. It is slowly getting louder. It’s getting closer. It is a familiar sound……it sounds like high heels walking on a hard floor. The door opens and someone enters the room but I cannot see who it is. The person begins to move toward me and eventually enters the limited area of light in this room. It is you Susan!

My eyes are as big as saucers as I take in your appearance. You are wearing a very sheer white flowing gown of some sort that almost reaches the floor. There are very long slits running up each side of the gown. Because the gown is so sheer I can easily see what you are wearing underneath. You have on a beautiful white bustier with garters. Attached to the garters are sheer white stockings. A tiny pair of delicate white panties completes your ensemble. Susan, I illegal bahis have never seen you more beautiful, more sexy. The white lingerie against your bronze-tanned skin is incredibly sensual.

You walk right up to me and grab my face and then your mouth is on mine and your tongue plunges into my mouth as you begin passionately kissing me. After an extended kiss you break off and move your face back from mine a few inches. I am trying to catch my breath when I hear you say, “Do you know the importance of obeying me.”

Like a fool I stumble over my response as I say, “I don’t know what you mean……well yes, I think so.” I can tell that you are not pleased with my answer.

Then you say, “I don’t like your uncertainty. I think you need a reminder lesson.” You raise your hand and ask me, “Do you know what this is Creme?” I reply, “Yes Susan, it is a whip.”

You reply, “Well, to be more precise, it’s called a riding crop.” Then you add, “Do you know what this is used for, Crème?”

I slowly shake my head No. You lower your hand and slowly draw the riding crop up one side of my inner thighs and then the other. Then you slowly draw the crop between my pussy slips moving it in an agonizingly slow manner.

Then you say, “This is used to make sure young girls like you know fully well how important and necessary it is to obey me.”

You turn and begin to walk around to stand behind me. It is so silent that I could have heard a pin drop. I am doing everything I can to slow my racing heart but without success. There is a long moment of silence. Then I hear a strange unfamiliar sound ………a swishing sound……and then a second later I feel the stinging pain of the crop smacking the cheek of my ass. I lunge forward at the same time that I scream out in shock and pain. This is immediately followed by another blow from the riding crop on my other ass cheek. The blows continue to fall on my ass in rapid succession.

After several minutes of this relentless whipping I am now intimately familiar with the swishing sound. I am sobbing from the pain now and I imagine that my ass is bright red from the marks caused by the beating.

You move back in front of me and trace all around my breasts with the tip of the riding crop. You begin roughly flipping the tip back and forth against my nipples. Then you reach down and again draw the entire length of the crop through the lips of my pussy. You notice that the crop is wet with my juices.

You kiss me deeply again and then look into my eyes as you say, “Do you know now how important it is to obey me?”

I literally exhale my answer, “Yesssss.” I notice you smile at me. I am content for the moment at least knowing that I have pleased you. I watch you walk over to the wall and hit the button to lower my arms. Then you walk back to me and begin fastening a collar around my neck. You attach one end of a leash to a ring on the collar. Finally you remove my wrists from the handcuffs. You pull the end of the leash and say, “Come with me.”

You take me down the hallway to another room. This one is much different from the rooms I have been in so far this night. It is nicely decorated with a huge, four-poster, canopied bed in the middle of the room. Soft lighting is provided by a lamp on the nightstand.

We enter the room and you close the door and walk over to the side of the bed. I follow closely behind you as you have me on a short leash. Once we reach the bed you turn and look at me intently. Then you pull the leash downward sharply and my head jerks quickly in response. I know the signal and drop to my knees in front of you. You begin to sway gently back and forth as you grasp the edge of your long white gown and begin to move it back and forth. Each movement of your gown gives me a peek at the enticing treasure that lies hidden on the other side. It is obvious now what both of us want. You grasp more of the sheer material and raise it just enough for me to have a clear view of your crotch. “Take my panties off now, Crème,” you say.

My hands are trembling as I reach up to grab the edge of this wisp of silky material and begin to slowly draw it down your firm thighs. I feel as if I have been hypnotized as I lovingly stare at your bare pussy as it comes into view.

I continue to slide your panties down your legs and off your feet as I look intently at your beautiful cunt. You tighten your hold on the leash as you draw my face towards your pussy.

I can smell you, Susan. I want to bury my tongue inside you……we both know it……and within seconds that is exactly what I am doing. My tongue is moving through every inch…..every fold of your pussy as it gathers up your sweet juices to pull back inside my mouth. My tongue now moves to your clitoris and our instruments of love begin to dance together. I am lost in sensual ecstasy now……I never want this experience to end……but suddenly you jerk the leash and pull my face away from your pussy. I am dazed and confused.

I look up illegal bahis siteleri at you and you give me this look that seems to say… patient my love. You turn around and present your ass to me. You lean forward against the edge of the bed with your ass slightly raised and pushed out. God Susan, your ass is exquisite…..perfectly shaped. I am even more turned on now than I was a few minutes ago when I was eating your pussy. I can see that perfect rosebud of yours right above your cunt lips. I can’t decide what I want more……I want all of you! You pull the leash forward and bring my face up against your beautiful ass.

I begin kissing your cheeks…..worshipping this beautiful part of your anatomy. My tongue makes its initial contact with your rosebud and I succumb to my lusty desires. I begin pushing my tongue deeper into your ass, and I taste for the first time the tangy flavor of your dark, secret self. I feel like I am about to experience my own little orgasm from the pleasure I am receiving by fucking your ass with my tongue. Just when I think both of us are approaching the pinnacle of desire you pull my face away from pleasuring you.

I am stunned…….disappointed. I am hungry with desire for you. Of course, you know that even better than I. You have steadily worked me up to this point. I don’t know where any of this is heading. I don’t understand any of this madness.

You move to get on the bed and gently pull on the leash to have me follow you. You begin to place soft kisses all around my face. It feels so gentle……so loving. I feel like I am floating on a cloud with the sensual sensations I feel from your kisses. You begin to whisper as you kiss me.

“Crème, it’s not fair that just you and I enjoy all this immense pleasure. There is someone else we need to think about. It’s the right thing to do… be thoughtful……to be considerate of the needs and desires of others…..Don’t you agree, my little one?”

You can tell by the look on my face that I am clueless and totally confused by what you are saying. Again, you repeat the coments……trying to massage these thoughts into my inner brain. I am still unsure what is going on here but I don’t say anything. Then you tell me to wait right here and you slowly get off the bed and walk over to a door. I hear you open it and leave the room.

I am puzzled by what is happening. I just want you to come back……I want to continue eating your pussy…..I want to bury my tongue in your beautiful ass. I just want you Susan. I don’t understand why any of this is happening. Then I think about the image of the large Black man. I start to panic. I think that can’t be who you have gone to get….NO, it can’t be….. NO… please, no. But it’s worse than that….much worse.

Soon I hear you reenter the room, but I also hear the patter of bare feet. I hear other sounds that I should recognize but my brain is not working very well right now. I hear you close the door. I hear these motions…. light, padding footsteps approach the bed. I look up to see you holding the leash of the yellow haired person. Your hand is close to the collar. My brain is completely turned off at this point. I am totally and utterly confused.

You say, “Creme, this is my friend, Yellow.”

I say, “Susan, what is going on? What is this all about?”

You turn and sternly tell Yellow to stop and he promptly obeys you. He is panting and seems a little agitated. You get back on the bed and begin kissing me again. You are softly whispering to me, “Creme, remember I told you that it’s not fair for only us to be experiencing all this pleasure. We have to think about the needs of others”

You begin to position me in the middle of the bed……on my hands and knees. Suddenly the horror of what you have in mind leaps into my brain. I am shocked……horrified beyond belief. I cry out, “Susan, you can’t possibly be thinking…….”

You softly say, “Ssssshhhhh, Creme.”

I begin to cry. I start to whimper my protest, “Susan, no…….this can’t be……this is wrong…… wrong.”

You begin to caress me and run your fingers through my hair. You tell me, “Creme, don’t think about things that way. Be open minded. Be kind… considerate of others……Yellow has needs too. He wants you to satisfy those needs.”

I continue crying. I am shaking my head slowly back and forth. But you continue caressing and comforting me. You continue kissing me…… whispering into my ear, “Creme, Yellow understands your needs too……he will take good care of you. Remember what I said earlier about how important it is to obey me.”

I feel you reach your hand down and touch my pussy. Then you say, “See how wet you are Creme.”

You continue whispering in my ear until you sense that I have regained control of my emotions. Then you pat the bed several times and say, “Come on Yellow, up here.”

I can feel Yellow moving around on the bed. I can hear him breathing. He seems more agitated canlı bahis siteleri now. My entire body is trembling. I have lost the ability to process any information in my brain. I am not sure what is happening or what is supposed to happen next. Then I feel your fingers parting my pussy lips and you push against my inner thighs indicating you want me to spread my legs out wider. I do as you want. Then I feel your fingers being removed from inside my pussy. I hear the distinct sounds of licking and I know that Yellow is now licking your fingers clean of my juices. Then I hear you say, “It’s ok Yellow….it’s ok…..go ahead.”

I feel Yellow’s breath on my pussy lips and I shudder and instinctively move forward to avoid the contact. You place your hand on my hip and say, “Be still Creme.”

Yellow’s nose brushes against my pussy. Then I feel his long wet tongue take a swipe at the length of my pussy. I gasp out loud at this sudden sensation. Yellow’s tongue again traces the entire length of my pussy, first up and down, and then back and forth more times than I can count. Somewhere deep inside I know that this is very wrong and I should try to stop it, but I am powerless to do anything. The strange being that is Yellow continues probing my entire pussy. I have never felt anything so incredible in my life, and I am completely ashamed to admit how good it feels. Yellow’s tongue is reaching areas deep inside my pussy that have never been touched by a human tongue before, if you can call this strange creature human.

I can feel you moving on the bed now toward my head which is down flush against the bedspread. I raise my head slightly and am greeted by one of the most erotic images I have ever seen.

You are sitting in front of me now with your beautiful thighs spread wide. You are slowly inching your pussy towards my waiting mouth. I am delirious with lust now caused both by Yellow’s incessant licking and probing of my pussy with his large tongue and the sudden appearance of your gorgeous pussy. I begin feasting on your cunt with reckless abandon. Somehow the joy I am experiencing eating your pussy and the glorious sensations in my pussy are convincing me that everything else that is happening is somehow sane.

Suddenly, Yellow stops tonguing me. I can feel him shifting around on the bed and then suddenly I feel him climb up onto my back….his legs pressing against the outside of my thighs. I am horrified at this development but have no strength to fight this large hideous creature Your hands are holding my head tight against your pussy making sure I continue pleasuring you and that is what I do ……gladly. I can feel Yellow start to wildly thrust his haunches against me, seemingly without any purpose. I can feel his long hard penis grazing back and forth on the inside of one of my thighs and then the other. Then I feel it touch my lower belly as he continues his wild thrusting. Yellow growls a couple of times and it is apparent that his excitement and frustration is increasing by the second.

You realize what is happening now and you place your hand on my forehead and push my face away from your wet pussy momentarily, denying me my pleasure. I look up at you, upset at this development. Then I hear you say, “You are going to have to help him enter you.”

I slowly process what you have just said to me. I have no idea what my brain comprehends anymore. I seem to be floating in another world. I hear another loud growl……I feel this hard object sliding rapidly back and forth between my thighs….bouncing off my stomach. I can smell your pussy……your extreme level of arousal. I want to get my tongue back inside you but I feel the palm of your hand pressed against my forehead. There are a thousand images rushing through my brain. I want to scream out at the top of my lungs….Help!!!!! But instead I reach down between my thighs……..trying to find it……trying to channel its energy……trying to direct it toward its target.

I am afraid to grasp this wet, warm erection. Instead, I try to guide it with the palm of my hand…..closer…….closer. Then it happens! Every ounce of air in my lungs comes rushing out as Yellow lunges forward with a powerful thrust burying the entire length of his penis inside me. Yellow yelps as he instantly recognizes his goal has been achieved.

Susan, you are also in tune with this sudden turn of events and you bring my mouth back to the opening of your vagina. I find this comforting as I once again begin devouring your pussy…….looking for that thicker white cum that I know is hidden inside. Yellow has begun to fuck me with reckless abandon. His penis is like a jack hammer……thrusting in and out at an incredible rate. The three of us are rapidly building to some type of amazing crescendo. There is no letup in this feverish activity as Yellow continues to wildly fuck me. I have lost track of the number of times I have already come. Then I feel his penis begin to swell up inside me and seconds later I can feel it ejaculate deep inside me. It literally feels like a water cannon exploding inside me. I come again as I feel Yellow slow his steady thrusts as he pumps into me a few more times and then one final thrust as he impales me with his penis.

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