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William Worthy lay on his bed where he had just fucked his daughter’s best friend and the daughter of his next door neighbors. He knew that he should be consumed with guilt; however, he felt pretty good. After his wife left, he had not dated at all for over five years. He quietly dated a few times after that but the results were not very satisfying. In fact, the effort expended just seemed too much for the results achieved so he just didn’t try anymore. And now he was lying here in the afterglow of great, or at least satisfying, sex that was completely spontaneous.

One reason that he had so easily dismissed the guilt of fucking the little girl next door is that he rationalized that it was morally better than fucking the little girl that was his daughter. He could see now that he had lusted after Maggie but now had a substitute in Tiffany. Tiffany seemed willing to play the part of his daughter and in his mind, when he came he had pumped his cum into the willing pussy of his sweet innocent daughter. He had never cum with such intensity, force and magnitude. It was with these thoughts that he drifted into sleep.

He was roused by Maggie as she burst into his bedroom saying, “Oh Daddy, there you are. You’re missing a great party downstairs.”

William looked at his bikini-clad daughter and thought, “You missed a great party up here.” But he said, “I’m sorry honey. I was just a little tired and decided to take a short nap.”

Maggie lay down beside her father and gave him a big hug pressing her beautiful breast into him and said, “I want to thank you for the party. It’s the best.”

As was her habit when she lay next to her father, she would put one leg over his leg. It was not a sexual thing on her part. It was simply a manifestation of the openness of her nature and unconsciously showed the love and trust she held for him. However, when William felt the firmness of her breast and the heat radiating from her body, his libido took over and his body began reacting in a sexual way. He knew that he had to get her to move before she felt his growing cock pressing against the entrance to her sexuality.

They heard a movement at the door as Tiffany entered. “O.K. you two,” she said. Cut out that lovey-dovey stuff. Maggie, they’re looking for you downstairs.”

“Thanks again, Dad,” Maggie said to her father and to Tiffany she said, “O.K. Let’s go.”

“You go ahead,” Tiffany said. “I want to thank your father and then visit the restroom.”

Maggie bounded out of the room and back downstairs. Tiffany closed the door and went to William’s bedside. She placed her hand under the sheet and took his rock hard cock in her small hand. “I thought so,” she said. “Am I going to have to watch you all the time?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she pulled back the sheet and admired the cock that had brought her such extreme pleasure earlier this afternoon. He turned and sat on the side of the bed and reached out to hold her but she knelt between his legs and leaned forward kissing the head of his dick. William watched as she took as much of his manhood into her mouth as she could and worked her head back and forth. Tiffany was not experienced in oral sex. In fact, his was the first cock that she had willingly taken into her mouth but as she worked her head back and forth, he felt her tongue swirl around the head of his dick and felt nothing but pleasure.

“I’m about to cum,” he said but she kept up the action on his cock. He pumped his jism into her mouth and she tried to swallow it all but her throat couldn’t keep up with the volume he was shooting so soon cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth. She tried to capture the escaping cum with her tongue but a few drops found their way to her tan breast. She used a finger to collect those cum drops and put them back into her mouth. She cleaned his dick with her tongue.

“O.K. Big Boy, into the shower with you,” she said. “I’ll meet you downstairs but remember that down there, I’m your neighbor’s daughter.” She laughed as she left the room.

William showered and went downstairs. Some of the kids were leaving and thanked him for the party. Most had already left. Tiffany and Maggie were starting to clean up the mess that the partygoers had made. As things were beginning to get back to normal, William couldn’t help but think how the definition of normal had changed from a little over a month ago until now. Normal five weeks ago would to think of his daughter and her best friend as children and now he was lusting after one and fucking the other. Suddenly the events of the day were catching up with him and be was tired.

“Is there enough stuff here that we could make a meal?” he asked the girls.

“Sure,” the girls said together. Maggie added, “We’ll fix you something.

They went into the kitchen and got fresh cold cuts from the fridge. It was not that the meat that was out was not good but the girls wanted to do something special for him, each for their own reasons. The made him a pendik escort sandwich and added potato salad and coleslaw to the plate. Since the group had dwindled to the three of them, they brought the beer out of hiding and served him one with his dinner.

“I don’t know what I’ve done to have two such beautiful young women serving me but if you’ll tell me what it is, I’ll keep on doing it,” he said and the three of them laughed as he sat down at the small table in the kitchen. “Seriously, I do appreciate both of you.”

“It’s not often that we get to do things for you,” Maggie said. “But when we do, we like to because we love you, Daddy.”

“That’s right,” Tiffany chimed in. “We love you, Daddy.”

Both girls simultaneously kissed him on the cheek. Maggie gave him a loud smack of a kiss and Tiffany made a smacking sound with her lips and trailed her tongue across his ear. It was a good thing that he was sitting at the table because his cock became instantly rigid forming a tent in his loose trousers. After he finished his food, he took a second beer, said his good nights, and retreated to his bedroom. He turned on the news channel, put on his pajamas, and went to bed to drink his beer and watch the news.

Maggie saw his light on later as she went down the hall to the bathroom. After she had prepared for bed, she checked and his light was still on. She went in to say good night and found her father sleeping with the man on TV still talking about the events of the day. She went to the bedside and for the first time since she was a child, she kissed her sleeping father on the lips. It was just a touch of her lips against his but it made her feel good. There was something about his smell and the intimacy of it that made her want to do it again. This time, she made the kiss last a little longer and touched his lips with her tongue. She hurriedly turned off the TV and the lights and realized that she was turned on. She went into her bedroom and went to bed.

Later that night, Tiffany slipped out of her bed and checked the Worthy house through her bedroom window. All the lights were out except the night-light that was always burning in the kitchen. She had an idea. She put on her slippers and robe and quietly went outside. Using the hidden back door key she let herself into the Worthy house and sneaked up to Mr. Worthy’s bedroom. The journey up the stairs and down the hall seemed to take forever since she was moving so slowly lest she make any noise. Once she was safely in his bedroom, she locked the door, removed her clothes, and crawled into the bed that she had first visited that very afternoon.

As she crawled into his bed he stirred and Tiffany whispered, “Daddy, can I come and sleep with you? I don’t feel too good. Can you make me feel better?”

“Oh course you can, honey,” he said reaching out for her.

For a few moments, he was not sure which daughter it was, his own daughter Maggie or the daughter from next door, Tiffany. Whichever it was, he was getting a hard on. He felt her naked breasts press against his chest and the warmth of her body against him and knew that it was Tiffany playing the game. He wondered if he or she enjoyed the role playing more. She raised her left leg and slipped it between his legs. She could feel his stiff cock pressing against her stomach. Just the thought of the touch of his cock made her wet. She pushed her pussy forward until the bottom of his cock was rubbing her wet slit through his pajama bottoms.

She reached down and released his dick through the fly of his pajamas. “She asked, “Daddy, what is this?”

“That’s my penis,” he replied. “That’s how mommies and daddies have sex.”

“Oh Daddy, that sounds like fun,” Tiffany said as she rubbed his cock on her pussy. “Can we have sex?”

For a moment, reality sneaked in as the question Tiffany asked struck home. He answered the question with a voice so passionate it was shaking, “Yes honey. I’d be happy to show you how.”

Tiffany crawled up on top of him and sat on his upper thighs. She leaned forward and started loosening the buttons on his pajama shirt feeling his throbbing cock between them. She asked, “Daddy, shouldn’t you be naked, too?”

She opened his shirt and began working on his bottoms. He raised his hips so she could slide his pajama pants down his legs. She scooted down his legs in the process and he felt the wetness of her sex on his foot. She removed his pajama bottoms and sat back down on his foot so that his big toe on his right foot was in her pussy crack. Neither of them knew anything about foot fetishes but both of them knew this felt wicked. Tiffany slid back up his legs slowly, leaving a trail of pussy juice. When her face reached his crotch, she stopped and took his cock in both of her small hands and rubbed it over her face.

“Daddy, are you going to put this gigantic monster cock in my little pussy hole?” she asked.

“Yes honey, I’m going to slide my big dick in and out of you tiny pussy until maltepe escort we both feel better.”

“Daddy, may I put it in me while I’m sitting on top of you?” Tiffany asked.

Not waiting for an answer, she raised her hips so that the head of his dick was at the entrance of her golden haired pussy. She slowly lowered herself so that his cock was being buried in the tightness and wetness of her core. As Tiffany’s velvet pussy enveloped him, both of them uttered a moan. Two rooms away, his daughter Maggie heard the collective moan as she was coming out of her deep slumber.

Through her grogginess, she was unaware of the nature of the sound but listened and heard another soft moan coming through the quietness of the house. He first instinct was to run to her father’s side and comfort him. But as she listened, the moans did not sound hurtful. In fact, they sounded like what she imagined sex moans would sound like. She thought that he may have a woman in his room but dismissed that thought as silly. She decided that he was dreaming probably of her mother.

She knew that someday she would be with a man and she had often dreamed that it would be her father. Tiffany had told her about her first time and how she had wished that she had done it with an older, more experienced man that she could trust. Maggie reasoned that she trusted no man like she trusted her daddy and wanted it to be him that took her cherry. She knew it was wrong but she wanted it.

Two rooms down the hall, Tiffany was straddling Maggie’s father’s hips and his huge cock was deep inside her pussy causing her body to shudder as waves of pleasure washed through her. They were determinedly humping against each other as Tiffany was leaning forward. Her sensitive breasts were pressed against his hairy chest and her lips were just inches from his ear. She was saying, “Daddy, fuck you daughter’s little pussy. Oh Daddy, you’re making your daughter’s pussy feel so good. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. Oh Daddy, you fuck sooo gooood.”

“Oh Maggie, I love you so much,” he half-said and half-moaned a bit too loud. He was in full climax and his cock was pumping ropes of hot cum into Tiffany’s love canal. Both were in a state of bliss.

Maggie had moved quietly down the hall and was listening outside his door. She was listening to his moans from what she imagined was a dream of her mother. She was wishing it was her pleasuring him as she had her right hand inside her pajamas rubbing that little place between her legs that made her have those funny feelings. When she heard her daddy say, “Oh Maggie, I love you so much,” in that lustful, melodic voice, her body tensed and she started trembling. A wonderfully pleasurable feeling was emanating from her virginal pussy and shooting like bolts of electricity throughout her entire body. She did not know it then but she was experiencing her first orgasm.

Her legs were weak and she slumped against the wall. Grabbing for something to keep from falling, her hand hit the doorknob to her father’s bedroom. “I home he didn’t hear me,” she thought as she scurried as fast as she could back to her own room and jumped into bed.

Back in her father’s bedroom, Tiffany and William froze when they heard the noise at the door. He thought they had been caught but she knew she had locked the door. He told her to dress as he hurriedly put on his pajamas. He checked the hallway and when he saw that it was clear, he gave her a sweet kiss and sent her down the back stairs. He went to Maggie’s room to see if he could find out what Maggie had heard. When he got to Maggie’s room, she was in bed under the covers but her light was on.

“Honey, are you awake?” he asked tentatively.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered. “Come on in.”

“Honey, I heard a noise at my door,” he said. “Was that you?”

“It was me,” she answered. “I heard noises and came to see if you were all right. I tripped against the wall and hit your doorknob. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“I had a dream that woke me up,” he lied. “You were in it”

“What was the dream about?” she asked.

“We were having a happy time together,” he said trying to come up with a story. “We were at the party and we were dancing and having a good time.”

She sat up in bed and put her arms around her father and hugged him close. She had meant to kiss him on the cheek but as both turned to kiss the other at the same time their lips met. She wanted to pull away but couldn’t. He knew he should pull away but didn’t. They were both filled with passion. Her pussy was leaking moisture and his just-fucked cock was as hard as a rock. After what seemed like as eternity, they pulled apart.

He said, “Maggie, I love you so much.”

That was a phrase that would echo in her mind forever. She said, “I love you so much, too.”

She leaned forward and kissed her daddy on the lips again but this time her mouth was slightly open and she snaked her tongue into action on her father’s lips. Soon, they kartal escort were kissing passionately and their tongues were dancing were dancing the ritualistic dance of passion soon to be fulfilled. Suddenly, as if he came to his senses, he stopped.

“We can’t do this,” he proclaimed. “You’re my daughter. This is wrong.”

“Yes Daddy,” she said. “I am your daughter but this doesn’t feel wrong. I love you, I admire you, I trust you, and I respect you. Those are all the things that girls are told to look for in a man. I’ve found all of them in you.”

“My darling little girl,” he said. “Hearing you say those things makes me feel so good but I can’t … I mean we can’t do what this is leading to.”

Maggie released her hold on her daddy and let her hands fall. Her left hand fell into his lap and she felt his cock standing there poking against his pajamas. Before he could react, she opened the snap on his fly and released his manhood. She stroked the length of his cock and was amazed at the size. She had never seen an adult penis and did not realize that they got that big. She stared at his cock and continued to stroke it.

William sat there as if in shock. His daughter was stroking his cock and he knew that it would not take many more strokes to take him beyond the limit where he could stop. With every ounce of energy he could muster, he leaned forward and kissed his daughter somewhere on her face and moved off her bed. He said, “Maggie, I love you.” He went back to his bedroom, locked the door, and masturbated to a mind-blowing orgasm. He went to sleep with the cum that would have been deposited in his daughter on the front of his pajama shirt.

William awoke the next morning and immediately wondered how the day would go with Maggie. He had gone further or, at least, had allowed things to go further than he thought possible. He could still remember his daughter’s small hands holding his cock and look of admiration and lust on her face. He would have to have a long talk with her today. They had always been able to talk about things and he hoped that this would be the same. He showered, dressed, and went to find Maggie.

He went down the hallway and saw that her door was open and her bed was made. When he got downstairs, he smelled coffee brewing and went to the kitchen hoping to find her there. Instead he found a note on his favorite coffee cup.

Daddy, I made coffee for when you got up. Have gone to church with Tiffany and will see you later. Love, Maggie

P. S. Tiff and I may do something after church like the mall. See Ya.

William poured a cup of coffee and wondered how much of their conversation would be about him. He also thought that he might be a little egotistical to think that any of their conversation would be about him. He was sure that two teenagers would be able to find something more interesting to talk about than him. What he did not know was that eighteen-year-old boys and girls were a lot alike in that nothing was more interesting to talk about than sex.

Tiffany could not wait to see if Maggie was suspicious about the activities of last night. She knew that Maggie had not seen her but didn’t know if she had left any tale-tale signs behind. She also knew that she had taken a big chance breaking into the Worthy house to fuck Maggie’s daddy but the urgency of her desire was so strong that it had clouded her reasoning. She was soon to find out that Maggie had an agenda of her own.

“Let’s go to our place,” Maggie said. “I need to talk with you.”

Maggie and Tiffany had maintained a hideout as long as each could remember. It was a clearing in a small patch of woods near their houses. Tiffany saw that Maggie had something serious on her mind and was hoping that she was not involved. They arrived at the hideout and pulled out the old blanket they had stashed there to sit on.

“I think that I am ready to have sex,” Maggie announced. “I’ve been thinking about it and I want to try it but I have some questions first.”

Tiffany was relieved that the conversation was not about what Maggie’s daddy had done last night. “What kind of questions do you have?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve read all the books and stuff but there’s a lot that is not there,” Maggie began. “For example, do all men have about the same size or do big men have big ones and little men have little ones?”

“I haven’t seen a lot of them but as far as I can figure, the size of the man doesn’t mean that the size of his thing is necessarily big or little.” Tiffany answered and then decided to cut to the chase and ask the core questions. “Maggie, why are you suddenly so interested in having sex? Do you have someone in mind or are you going to pick someone at random?”

“I’ve been interested for a long time but I waited until I was eighteen,” Maggie said. “Also, last night I had my first real orgasm. Daddy was dreaming about sex, I think, and I was listening outside his door. In his dream when he had his orgasm, he said, ‘Maggie, I love you so much.’ I was playing with myself and I had an orgasm, too. I want to do it for real and I want my Daddy to be the one. The only thing is the size of his thing. I’ve seen it and it’s huge. I don’t know if I could get it inside me down there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32