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Female Ejaculation

NOTE: This is my first submission. I do not say that so that you will go easy on me. Tell me the truth. Be brutally honest, but be constructive. I have a thick skin, and I can handle it. This is just a little something to see how well I am received, and if I should keep trying. I am in the middle of a longer story, but need to see where my weaknesses are. For those of you that can say nothing nice, and can only criticize those that try, well, my computer has a delete button. They say that in every group, at least 1/3 are assholes. Look to your left, then to your right. If you cannot see the asshole, it is you. Hope you enjoy.


“What am I doing?” You say to yourself. You had been seeing Mike for a couple of months. He had always been so kind and considerate, never demanding. Sometimes you thought he was too nice. Was something wrong that he was hiding? But the text you received just an hour ago was so out of character. Maybe his true nature was showing through. Maybe the wooing was over. The text had been short and vague, with no pleasantries at all. It was so unlike him. It read, “meet me at the following address….,” and it proceeded to give a street address. Finally, the text said that you were expected. What the fuck does that mean?

Once you put it in the GPS, you could tell it was near downtown, but you had never heard of the street. The whole time you are driving, you are wondering why you are even going based on such a rude text.

The answer was simple. The sex was amazing. Mike was so caring. He made sure that you got your. He hit every button, and pleased you first. His soft lips caressed your whole body. He was gentle as he kneaded your breast and let his hands wander all over your body. He took you slowly, allowing the pressure to build slowly. When he made you cum, it was like a rolling tide that washed over you. Then he held you and stroked your hair as his other hand began caressing all over again.

But you are not ready to take any bullshit. You did not have to have an affair to deal with bullshit. If that is what he is thinking, he has another thing coming.

You follow the directions as you pull up to a three story brownstone and a street that you never knew existed. It was a quite, dead end, residential casino siteleri street just blocks away from the bars that were all the rage in the city’s night life. As you got out of the car, you realized how quite it was. You could not believe that you could walk to the hottest club in town from here. The building had no sign or indication what it was. It looked like a home, but the camera at the door and the large button that served as a doorbell lead you to believe that is was something else. You press the button and give your name. The door opens without the person on the other end saying a word. Now you are getting pissed.

You walk in and your mouth hits the floor. It looks like the parlor of a Victorian mansion. At a desk set at the back of the room stood a beautiful redhead. She was dressed in a conservative looking suit, but it hugged and emphasized her magnificent breasts. Who is this? Was there going to be trouble? The lady smiled. And after introducing herself, she informs you that this is a very discreet hotel. Reservations and only be made by members, or some that is sent by a member. You did not know that places like this existed. She hands you an old style key and directs you to a room on the 3rd floor. You ride up the old style elevator, a small cabin with a cage that allowed you to see out as you traversed the floors.

You get off and proceed to the room. You open the door, and you see him sitting in a chair looking out the window. Mike does not turn around, just continues to stare out the window. You wait of a minute, unsure what is going on. Finally he speaks. “Come and stand in front of me.” You walk over still unsure. As you get near the window, you realize that you can look down onto the bars lining the famous street. But the look is brief as you turn your back to the window to look at him. He stands, but does not speak. He looks at you from head to toe. You are wearing a sleeveless dress that hugs your every curve. The neckline plunges so far down, that wearing a bar was impractical. You can feel the sexual tension, and you can see the hunger in his eyes. You nipples harden under his stare and he can clearly see their outline as they tent the dress.

But that is not the only fabric that is tenting. canlı casino You can see the outline of his cock pressing against the front of his pants. It is sticking out obscenely. After what seems like an eternity, he reaches down and unfastens his pants. He allows them to fall to the floor. Now you see why the tent seemed to be bulging out, he is going commando. His 9 inch erection is pops out and is pointing straight out at you. He still does not speak. He looks down at his cock, then back at you. You know what he wants. You cannot believe that he is being so brazen. Your ears start to burn as your anger rises, but you realize that the heat between your legs is also rising. You can feel your own dampness. You cannot believe how turned on you are.

You drop to your knees and bring your face within an inch of his cock. “Two can play at that game.” You think to yourself. But you are wrong. He reaches out and runs his fingers through your hair as he gently, but firmly guides your head to his crotch. You open your mouth and decide that you are going to surprise him and take it all. You slowly slide your lips down his cock. When you get about 5 inches in, he assumes that you are going to stop, but you proceed to take the entire 9 inch length down your throat. He lets out a deep moan, and you can feel that his knees are getting weak. You have never deep throated him before. You have never had the time, or room to do it. He just assumed that you couldn’t. You smile inwardly and the surprise. You move your hands behind his thighs, but he has gathered his strength and he swats them away. You put them back down at your side and allow him to gently control you with his hand on the back of your head.

He does not force it, nor does he try to gag you. You did not expect him to. He has never given you any indication that he enjoys inflicting pain or humiliation on you. He continues to moan as you slowly take him all they way down and then reverse to release all but the head, all at his direction. You can feel your juices soaking your panties. You so want to touch yourself, but as you look deep into his eyes, you know that it would not be allowed. So you relax and relinquish control to him and enjoy the pleasure you are giving him

This kaçak casino goes on for 15 minutes. He varies the pace and the depth, but he never forces. All the while, your tongue is working the underside of his cock. Licking, sucking, and swirling around the head. You can feel it swell. He is losing control, and his knees are again weak. Now you take over. You grab the back of his thighs and set the pace. He is too weak to object. You take him deep every time and hum as he hits the back of your throat. He is wavering. You suck him for all that you are worth and he lets out a howl like you have never heard before as he shoots off. You pull back until just the head is in your mouth and suck and swallow.

You reach down and finger your clit. You just cannot take it any more. When he is finish, you do not stop sucking, he moans because he is so sensitive, but you continue. After about 3 minutes, the sensitivity is gone and he begins to move his hips with you. But now it is your turn. You push him over to the bed and onto his back. You pull up your dress and push your thong to the side and impale yourself slowly on him. Now it is time to get yours. You lift all the way up before dropping back down on him hard. He gasps. You do it again. And again, and again. You pace is frantic. You are so worked up; you do not care if he is sensitive. He has his hands on your hips and he is holding on for dear life. You ride him hard. You grab his hair, scratch his chest, squeeze his shoulders, but you don’t slow down. You can feel yourself reaching that peak. It is nothing like previous times with Mike. You can tell that this will be big and long.

You are bouncing like a woman possessed. Right before you fall off the cliff, you jump up, turn around and place you sopping wet cunt on his mouth. He begins to lick and slurp, and drink you in like a man who has been lost in the desert. Finally, he sucks hard on your clit and you scream. Not some sexy scream, but a horror movie scream. And he won’t let up. You crash over and over again, and still he won’t let up. You wiggle and squirm, but he has a hold of your thighs and he won’t let go. When you finally come down and roll off of him and lay beside him, he smiles. His face is shiny with your juices, but he makes no move to wipe it off. He grabs your face and kisses you deeply. After several minutes, he breaks the kiss, looks you in the eyes, and says, “I missed you.” You melt. Your head falls to his chest, and before you know it, you are fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32