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She had long ago promised to pose for me when she visited. I had known just what the scene would be from the start. She would play the part of a schoolgirl who masturbates thinking of her teacher. The idea had come from a conversation we’d had over ICQ in which she had said I was her teacher and she was the naughty student. I just knew then…

And here she was, my Ellia, laid out before me in a hotel room in a plaid pleated skirt, knees high white socks, black patent leather shoes, a white blouse and her hair in pigtails. She was on her stomach on the bed, reading a Human Sexuality Textbook, legs slightly spread, bent at the knees so her feet hung lightly in the air. The view from behind just hinted at her magnificent ass. My camera clicked away as she giggled and squirmed on the bed. At my encouragement, Ellia reached under herself and started gently rubbing a finger up and down her precious slit. I reached forward and flipped her skirt up over her ass to get a better shot. Panties and a bra were not a part of this shoot.

I had enough preliminary shots now, so I encouraged her to stop reading the book, but to leave it on the bed with her. She sat up facing me and unfastened the first few buttons of her blouse. She reached her hand in to stroke her nipples before unbuttoning her blouse the rest of the way. She didn’t remove it, just left it hanging on her shoulders and it just intensified her sexiness. She pulled the sides of the shirt apart, exposing her breasts for the first time in the shoot. I had seen them when she changed into the schoolgirl outfit, but seeing them now, in this sexy tease of hers made me want to come in my pants. I simply clicked away and told her what a great job she was doing. She just kind of grunted in reply. She was starting to enjoy this as much as me. She fell back on the bed onto her back, now more forcefully handling her breasts, rubbing on her erect nipples, letting out a moan every few minutes.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, and she reached a hand down and lifted her skirt. My god, it was the most beautiful, pure and sexy sight I’d ever seen. Here she was, a girl I’d lusted after for years from half-a-world away, spread out before me masturbating like there was no tomorrow, a beautiful virgin playing perfectly between the Madonna and the Whore. I told her to remove the shirt and skirt, which she did quickly before returning to the task at hand. She was coming in seconds after that. I just can’t describe the wonder of the sight. A girl I loved and lusted for playing a part in my own schoolgirl fantasy and enjoying as much as me. Her güvenilir bahis left hand grasped at her breasts as her right circled her clit rapidly. I continued to take pictures with one hand while almost unconsciously stroking myself through my jeans with the other. Finally she exploded with a huge climax and then collapsed, almost lifeless except for the heavy breathing.

After a few more shots of her gorgeous body I set the camera aside and sat next to her on the bed.

“Ellia,” I said, stroking her cheek gently, “that was incredible.”

“Mmmm,” she responded and she reached up and took my hand, hers still moist and fragrant. Her eyes opened and she sat up again. “Yes, it certainly was.”

Later as we sat in the hotel restaurant I kept looking at her dress and seeing only what was beneath it. I flashed a smile at her and said “I sure wish I was your teacher if that’s the effect he has on you.” She blushed and winked at me, whispering “I bet you do.” We finished our meal and went back upstairs to get some sleep.

I woke the night to a light tapping on my door. Looking at the clock I saw it was after 3am. I groggily stumbled to the door and opened it. There was Ellia in the hotel robe. “Can I come in?” she asked.

“Of course, come on in.”

She came over to the couch and sat next to me. “I’ve been thinking,” she began. “You said earlier you wish you were my teacher. Will you be?”

I was a bit confused and my face showed it. I watched her hopeful smile retreat and she jumped up and ran to the door, saying, “Nevermind.”

“Ellia, wait! Come back. What are you talking about?”

“Izzy, I want you to teach me. I want to be your pupil. I want you to mold me into what you want, sexually, in a woman. I want you to teach me about sex.”

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what this girl was saying. In the dim light of the room I looked at her face and could see the fear in her eyes. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll teach you anything you want to know.”

“Oh thank you!” she exclaimed before kissing my lightly and quickly going back to her room.

Damn I was confused, but very, very happy.

In the morning I awoke with Ellia next to me in bed. She was watching me and smiling. I rolled to face her and she asked “When do we start?”

“How about with a shower?”

We hopped up and went to the bathroom. Ellia leaned over to start the water “How warm do you want it?” she asked. “Very.” I replied, admiring her ass. I began to undress, but stopped. Once the water was running and warm I told Ellia to undress. She removed her türkçe bahis nightgown and stood to face me. “Now undress me,” I ordered. she slowly lifted my t-shirt over my head, running her fingers over my torso. Then she slid my sweatpants down. When they were to my knees she paused, kneeling to look at my cock. It was nothing too impressive, but it did its job well. I cleared my throat and she quickly got the sweats off me.

We stepped into the shower and the steam and hot water felt wonderful. As she stood in front of me, facing into the stream, I stood close behind her, running my hands over her body. I felt supercharged. I had seen the body, I had dreamt and fantasized about it but now I was touching it. My arms circled her, reaching around to caress her nipples. Feeling them harden under my fingers caused my cock to jump and reach full hardness itself. I’m sure she could feel it pressing against her ass and lower back. I attached my mouth to her neck, kissing, licking, sucking and biting like some gentle vampire. Ellia moaned and her body writhed in my arms. I grabbed her and spun her around, kissing her passionately on the lips. If our first kiss was a sign of things to come I was surely going to enjoy this. It felt as though our mouths were melting together. I turned her so that we switched positions, with me under the hot stream of water. The water running over me felt great with her body pressed to mine. Now Ellia began to become more aggressive, which I completely approved of. She kissed my neck and nibbled at my nipples. Slowly she moved further down my body. She was on her knees with my throbbing cock in her hand when she looked up at me pleadingly. “May I?” She asked. I wanted to laugh, the idea of saying no being preposterous. “Of course,” I said.

Instantly her tongue was swirling all over the head of my cock, trailing down the underside an back up slowly. Finally she took it in her mouth sliding her perfect feeling lips up and down as her tongue continued her swirling patterns. I leaned my head back and let the water fall over me as this girl transported me to heaven. With each stroke she took more of me into her mouth. I moaned and called her name. She stopped and begged me to come. She wanted the first orgasm she gave me to happen this way. It didn’t take long. What she lacked in practice she made up for in enthusiasm and I quickly reached orgasm. She tried to swallow, but had to pull my cock out of her mouth. She kept stroking and I came on her face. As she knelt before me she wiped the cum off her face and licked it from her fingers, smiling the whole time. I took güvenilir bahis siteleri her hand and helped her stand.

“How was that?” she asked. I responded by kissing her harder than I’d kissed anyone before. Ellia’s face beamed.

We finished our shower and walked back to the bed.

“Now it’s time to return the favor,” I told her. I sat her on the edge of the bed and told her to lie back. I started at her feet and slowly kissed my way up. Her thighs were wonderfully smooth beneath my lips and I could smell the sweet fragrance coming from her cunt. As my tongue parted her for the first time I felt her body shake. The taste was amazing sweet-sour and I lapped it up. My tongue ran up and down her slit, caressing her lips then circling her clit. As her moans got louder I focused on her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and lashed at it with my tongue. I took my middle finger and inserted it, moving it in circles massaging her vaginal walls.

“Oooh,” I heard her cry out. “Oh, Izzy, I’m… I… Oh, oh oh oh…”

Her entire body clenched up as she came on my face. I felt power surge through me knowing I did this to her. I just kept licking and sucking at her clit until she pushed my head away. I climbed onto the bed and Ellia turned to look at me.

“I wanna fuck.” she said matter-of-factly.

“Gladly dear,” I replied as I rolled onto my back. “Climb on top, that way you have more control.”

She did just that and I thought I’d cum again when her hot tight lips enveloped me. Oh my god, this was amazing. It was tighter and wetter than any cunt I’d ever experienced before. She just groaned as she slid down the length of my cock. Within seconds she was bouncing up and down on me, her vaginal muscles sucking at my cock like her mouth had. Our mouths locked on each other, the play of our tongues rivaling the fucking below. She arched up and I too the opportunity to grab her tit in my mouth. This brought a loud gasp and more frenzied fucking from her. I continued to suck on her nipples, alternating between them while rapidly fucking the living hell out of her.

“More, I want more!” she screamed. “I want you to fuck me.”

I grabbed my dear Ellia around her waist and flipped her over. I banged into her missionary style while she chanted “Fuck!” to each stroke. She dug her nails into my back and I bit and sucked on her neck leaving little bruises. Our rhythm increased and I could feel her getting anxious. Her “Fuck” chant changed to a long high pitched wail as her pussy clutched my dick. She milked me and the feel of her orgasmic body pushed me over the edge for the second time that morning. I felt like I came buckets into her and she kept screaming for minutes until we both calmed down. I fell on top of her and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“You will surely get high marks in this class.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32