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I am very aware I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Part of the attraction of the gang bangs I enjoy so much, is that as well as all the cock I get I am very conscious of all the eyes watching me, all thinking to themselves that they would love to fuck me That’s why fucking in public is so exciting, or dogging in local car parks. It’s the excitement, the unknown, plus the guarantee of a good fuck at the end of it.

I read somewhere that the brain is the biggest sex organ, and that is certainly the case for me, I can get wet just thinking about sex, although I do appreciate a nice big cock to finish me off. I have been fucked in lots of places, buses, trains, mini cab, phone box, public toilets etc. The cab driver watched us all the way in his mirror, took a long route, and still had the nerve to overcharge me.

One night we were coming home from London on a late train, there were a few people on the train, but none in the same section as us. Of course, with trains nowadays it is possible to walk the length of the train, so anyone could walk along at any time, but this only made it more exciting. I was cuddled up to David, with my hand resting on the top of his thigh. I felt him move his position slightly so my hand was gently lying on his cock.

I started to caress it through his trousers, feeling it harden. I manoeuvred his hardening cock to ensure it was pointing to his waist, because I knew then it would grow out the top of his trousers as it hardened. It didn’t take long for my hand, still working through the material of his trousers to get him as solid as a rock. My hand followed the hard shaft up to his trouser waistband, and wasn’t disappointed to see the swollen bulbous head of his cock sticking out for me.

I slid my mouth down to his waist and licked the head, flicking my tongue over the bulging veins just below the head. I could feel him getting agitated and his breathing getting heavier. I unzipped his fly and his wonderful hard cock leapt to attention. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it into my warm wet mouth. I slid as much as I could down my throat, but couldn’t take it all. In spite of his 8″, in the right position, I can take the full length, but huddled up on a train I couldn’t get it all inside.

I started to tease his cock mercilessly. He has a very large bulbous head, and I love gripping the shaft gently with my teeth, then trying to pull my mouth over the head. I knew I could make him cum in my mouth very easily at this stage, but resisted the temptation, wanting the game to last.

I had one hand between my legs playing with my pussy. That must have been an automatic reaction, because I couldn’t remember making a conscious decision to touch myself up in public, but it was definitely my two fingers in my cunt.

I suddenly felt as if I was being watched, and looking diagonally into the next section I saw a man sitting there watching us. His hand was resting on the bulge in his trousers. He was a bit older than me, perhaps mid thirties, but looked smart.

David was still sitting there in ecstasy, eyes closed, as I sucked his cock, oblivious to the watcher. I withdrew his cock and started running my tongue up and down his shaft. This enabled me to look at the stranger while still giving David attention.

I caught his eye, and he looked away. I continued looking straight at him, knowing it wouldn’t be long before he had to look up again. When he did look up he saw me still looking at him, with a welcoming smile on my face.

This time he continued to watch me, stroking his cock through his trousers. I lifted one leg onto the seat opposite and spread my legs, so he could clearly see my fingers going in and out of my pussy. He got braver and hornier, and pulled his hard cock out of his trousers and started playing with himself.

I withdrew my hand from my pussy and beckoned him to come over to join us, but he just ignored me, but continued stroking his cock. I put my fingers back into my pussy and played with myself, but still he just watched me.

I took a very brief interlude from my licking, and mouthed the words “Come and stick your cock in my cunt.” I engulfed David’s cock again, taking it in until it hit the back of my throat. I knew the man would come over, let’s face it, what man wouldn’t accept the offer.

I was unaware the man had joined us until I felt something pushing against my pussy lips. He wasn’t gentle at all, I think because he knew he wasn’t far from cumming, and just rammed his cock into me. As he entered me I hooked one leg around his waist and desperately started to fuck him. I knew this would be a quickie so sucked hard on David’s throbbing cock.

The stranger came first, and it was only then as David heard the noise he was making and opened his eyes, he realised I had a stranger fucking me. The image finished all resistance, and he came into my mouth, holding the back of my head and bucking against me until I had engulfed the casino siteleri lot in my mouth.

The stranger collapsed in the seat opposite me, I don’t think he knew what to say.

“Hi, I’m David, the very pretty girl you have just been fucking is Charly.” David said, as casually as if they had just been introduced at a party.

“I’m Tony.” he answered hesitantly

“Yes I’m Charly.” I continued, cum still dribbling from my mouth “an extremely frustrated Charly who has just made you two cum, but needs a good seeing to herself.” I Looked straight at Tony and asked “I hope you will come home with us and fuck my brains out?”

It was only a short walk from the station to David’s flat. I hooked one arm through each of their arms and we walked along as a threesome, in a strange silence for a couple of minutes. I decided to break the ice, stepping in front of Tony, throwing my arms around his neck, and kissing him passionately.

His hands came down to my arse and pulled me tight against him. I ground my pussy against his groin as if I was fucking him, forcing his lips apart I started searching for his tonsils, getting my tongue as deep inside him as I could. I withdrew a little so I could look into his eyes.

“I hope you are going to give me a really good fuck, and use me for your pleasure.” I said

“What about David?” he stuttered, it was obvious he wasn’t used to girls like me

“There are only two of you, and I have three holes, so what’s the problem?” I replied, I gave him a sexy smile, licked my lips suggestively, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and we continued on our way.

David opened the door and stepped back for me. I walked straight into the hall and turned on the light. I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror. I was wearing a short black dress, flared at the bottom, and a white blouse with a black pattern on it, worn outside of my skirt. A black bra, panties and high heel shoes completed the outfit. In spite of the adventures on the train my make up still looked pretty good. As David closed the door I span round three times, the flared skirt rising to show my black panties. As I stopped spinning I pulled my blouse over my head, my breasts fighting to escape from my bra. I eased my fingers into the material and lifted my breasts clear of the material. I played with them, rubbing my thumb over the nipple, watching it harden. I looked Tony straight in the eye, and kept eye contact with him as I removed the bra. I watched his eyes go down to my breasts, then back up to my watching eyes.

Without taking my eyes of him I stepped closer, reached down and undid his flies, my hand darting inside to find his hard again cock. Without looking down I eased his cock out, and stroked it a few times, feeling it getting bigger. I wrapped his cock in the cup of my still warm bra, then wound the strap round his shaft, hooking a bra strap around his balls.

I knew by the look in his eyes, he was mine, and I could do anything I wanted with him, he was completely transfixed by me. I took two steps up the stairs, bent myself forward leaning on a higher step, and pushed my arse into the air. The flared skirt was at my waist, I slipped a hand between my legs, and grabbing my panties pulled them so tight they slipped into my wet pussy.

“Lick me Tony, please lick my wet sloppy cunt.” I implored

He was between my legs in seconds. I released my grip on my panties so he could pull them out of my dripping pussy and put his tongue in there. He started to fuck me with his tongue, and I pushed my pussy back to meet him, wanting it deeper and deeper. I was building myself up to an orgasm, could feel it building, and as always at this stage my language had a mind of its own.

“Oh Tony, lick me, lick me, shove your fingers in my cunt, play with my clit, oh baby.” I panted Suddenly he was gone, I turned in anguish, my orgasm subsiding and saw that David had pulled him away. God I needed someone in my pussy. “Oh PLEASE, one of you fuck me, I need to be fucked.” I almost screamed

David picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, laying me face down on the bed, his hands massaging my arse as he stepped back. He reached up to take hold of my knickers and pulled them off, me, followed by my skirt.

“You’re a little cock teaser aren’t you Charly?” David said, adding “You told Tony you had three holes and we’re going to use them all.”

I lifted my head to look back at David, but as I did so Tony pushed his cock into my face. I didn’t need asking twice, and wrapped my lips around it, my hands going to his balls as I sucked deep on his cock. I let his cock slip out and spat onto it twice, then put it back. I love the slurping sound of a wet cock in my mouth, and know that most fellers find it pretty erotic. I was still lying on my stomach, and could feel a tongue licking at my pussy, making my juices start again.

David pulled me onto my knees, but I made sure canlı casino Tony’s cock came with me as I moved. David’s tongue went deep inside me, and I felt two fingers slip in as well and start playing with my clit. I had Tony’s full length in my mouth, gagging on his cock, as I felt David’s fingers, lubricated by my juices, slip into my arse.

“Oh David PLEASE fuck me.” I begged, anticipating a nice spit roast coming up.

David grabbed my legs and spun me over so I was lying on my back, Tony’s lovely cock wrenched from my mouth. He pulled me towards him so my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, then lifted them up onto his shoulders. He gently kissed my calves, then reached down, gripped my waist and pulled me towards him, until my pussy felt his cock nudging to be allowed in.

I pushed forward to meet him, and his lovely hard cock slipped straight into my wet pussy. He slid his entire length into me, and just kept it there, making no movement at all. He knew how desperate I was, and loved teasing me.

I couldn’t wait any further and stated to fuck him. He let me thrust onto his cock a couple of times, then on the third stroke grabbed my bum and pulled me so tight onto his cock I couldn’t pull away. He leant over me and kissed me, and I knew what was coming.

I wrapped my legs tight around his waist, threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him back hard, my tongue diving into his mouth. He stood upright, a hand under each cheek of my bum, and with me impaled on his cock.

This was a regular party piece, and he knew how much I loved it. He lifted me up until me pussy almost slipped off his cock, then just let go of me, all my weight plunging his cock deep into my sopping wet pussy. He did this over and over until I was panting, juices pouring from me. One hand found my pussy and started playing with it, I could hear the squelching noise of my juices on his cock and fingers. I felt his fingers, fingers that were covered in my juices, make the short journey to my arse, and one, then two of the lubricated fingers slipped into me. I was losing control.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” I screamed “Fuck me hard, ram your hard cock up my cunt, stick your fingers up my arse, make me cum babe make me cum.”

I could feel myself building up to orgasm when he suddenly stopped, his cock deep inside me. I felt something nudge against my arse, bigger than a finger, and it only took a second for me to realise what it was.

“OH YOU DIRTY FUCKING BARSTARDS.” I screamed “YOU DIRTY, WONDERFUL, HORNY FUCKING BARSTARDS.” I felt a sharp jab of pain, delightful pain, as Tony’s cock slid into my arse, easing it home until up as far as it would go.

Once it was right in David started lifting me up and down again, only now each down stroke plunged cock into both my holes. They fucked me fast, they fucked me slow, building me up to boiling point, and then they would stop, then start the whole process again. After they had done this a few times I knew I was at the point of no return.

“Oh, Fuck me hard.” I screamed, as always when I was nearing orgasm, my language got very colourful. “I want you both inside me, fill my cunt with you cum, spunk up my arse, please, please PLEASE. Oh God Oh Fuck OH Yes Yes Yes.” my voice getting louder and faster as orgasm approached.

As my orgasm exploded I writhed against these two lovely cocks, it was all too much for Tony who came up my arse but my furious fucking made him slip out of my arse as he came, spraying his cum over my arse and back.

David was still fucking my cunt, my lovely wet sloppy cunt, and I felt another orgasm building in me. I squeezed my pussy muscles as tight as I could against his cock

“Come for me David, fill my cunt with your cum, harder, harder HARDER.” I screamed.

We both came at the same time, his cum shooting into me to meet my own juices that were pouring from my contented pussy.

He lowered me back onto the bed, keeping his cock inside me, the urgency gone from both of us. Although he wasn’t rock hard, his cock was still firm enough to remain inside my pussy, and it felt nice there. I laid there very contented, until his cock slowly shrank in size and slipped out of me.

Tony was on the bed next to me, so I turned to face him, and gave him a long passionate kiss, lovingly caressing his back as I did so. His hands went up to my breasts, rubbing the nipples between his fingers. David ‘spooned’ up behind me, cuddling up really tight, his fingers gently caressing my pussy, it felt so comforting rather than sexy, I was so relaxed.

I awoke with a start, for a second I couldn’t remember where I was, then the memories flooded back.

I had obviously fallen asleep, and so had the guys. David had awoken, and was getting of the bed, the movement that had woken me. He blew me a kiss as he realised I was awake and continued into the bathroom. After a short time I heard the shower going, so knowing kaçak casino he wasn’t going to return, looked again at the sleeping Tony.

I felt in a mischievous mood, gently manoeuvring myself so I was astride his face. I spat into my hand and worked the fluid onto my pussy, making it wet and sloppy, then lowered my pussy onto his mouth. He awoke with a start, not sure what was happening, his arms trapped under my legs.

His reactions made his head jerk up, a sensation I welcomed as it pushed his mouth against my pussy. It only took him a few seconds to remember where he was, and that this was the pussy he had fucked yesterday. He relaxed, and his tongue started flicking in and out of my pussy. I didn’t need any help with lubrication now, my pussy positively dripping.

I raised myself on my knees; his arms still trapped underneath my legs, my pussy about 6 inches from his mouth. He tried to reach up with his mouth, but I was out of range. I slipped two fingers of each hand into my pussy and stretched it wide open, so he had a view right inside me.

“What do you want to do?” I asked

“I want to lick you.” he replied

“Lick what?” I asked, enjoying the teasing as I started to finger fuck myself

“Your pussy.” he murmured

“I can’t hear you, what do you want?” I teased, my pussy squelching with my juices as the fingers slipped in and out.

“I want to lick your pussy, I want your cunt on my face.” he practically begged.

Using one hand to keep my pussy lips apart, I lowered them onto his mouth, and as his tongue entered me I started to fuck his tongue. My free hand, still wet with my pussy juices, went behind my back and found his cock. I became aware he had managed to free his hands, as both hands were now gripping my waist, pulling me tighter onto his mouth. Oh God it felt so good.

“Oh Babe.” I screamed, “keep it there, oh that’s the spot, keep it there, I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum, please , please PLEASE.” The last please being drawn out as my orgasm hit me. My thighs gripped his head as I bucked against his tongue, squeezing every moment of pleasure out off his tongue.

When I was finished I slid down his body, and kissed him passionately. My juices were still on his lips, and in his mouth, and I savoured the flavour and the pleasure. I rolled onto my side, my fingers caressing Tony’s swollen cock.

“Who’s a big boy?” I laughed at him'”You’ve fucked my pussy and my arse, do you want to try my mouth?” I asked, adding “After all I promised you three holes.”

“Oh yes, can I cum in you mouth?” he replied, very excited.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my mouth going straight to his swollen cock, and started to give it some attention. I stroked and teased his cock, enjoying every minute of it, pulling the foreskin back as far as it would go, spitting on it, before deep throating it to the back of my mouth.

Without removing his cock from my mouth I manoeuvred round the bed, so I was kneeling between his legs. Holding his balls and the base of his cock in my left hand, I continued deep throating him, but from this position I could look him straight in the eye.

I wanked him, deep throated him until I gagged, spat on his cock, but not once did my eyes leave his. I felt him start to gyrate against me, and guessed he wasn’t far from cummming.

“OOOHHHH.” I screamed, the scream muffled by the cock in my mouth. David’s cock was in my cunt. No gentle build up, no foreplay, just a cunt suddenly full of a 8″ of hard cock. While I was sucking Tony he just walked up behind me and rammed it straight up my cunt, and it fucking hurt.

As I screamed in pain, Tony lost control, his cum shooting onto my face, some going into my mouth. By David’s third stroke the pain had turned to pleasure, and I was pushing my pussy back to meet every stroke.

I resumed my attention to Tony, squeezing the last drop of cum into my mouth. Tony watched me as I used my fingers to collect the cum on my face and push it into my mouth. I slid up Tony’s body, ensuring that David and his wonderful cock were coming with me, and when I was level with Tony started to kiss him, forcing open his mouth with my tongue, allowing all his cum to dribble back into his mouth. I dribbled some onto his cheek, and then licked it of again, before returning it to his mouth.

I couldn’t speak to David with my mouth full of cum, but I wanted him to cum, I wanted that extra urgency as he pounded me as he came. I reached a hand between my legs and squeezed his balls, at the same time squeezing my cunt lips tightly against his cock.

That did the trick, I felt him tense then he shot his load inside me. He continued to fuck me until he was drained, then I collapsed in a heap on top of Tony.

I really enjoyed my shower, jets of hot water being played on my tits, rivers of water running down to my pussy, the soap occasionally teasing the edge of my pussy lips.

I had had a wonderful fuck, and felt fulfilled, although I knew it would only last until tonight before I needed fucking again. I though of David ramming his cock into my cunt so hard, and the temporary pain it had caused, I must think of a suitable way of repaying him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32