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Big Tits

Jay hadn’t seen Chloe for weeks. Their encounter where he’d seen her in her window and she had come over and fucked him had been forgotten. He wasn’t surprised that she hadn’t mentioned it to her brother Aaron who was also Jay’s best friend. He guessed that she was probably just embarrassed. Her absence hadn’t stopped him looking out of his bedroom window over into hers. Sometimes he saw her silhouette undressing behind the curtains and his member would begin to stiffen at the memory of her bouncing on him. He often masturbated to this memory. It had felt more to Jay than just a fuck though. Although the approach was very forward, Chloe had kissed him tenderly and caressed him as if they were lovers. It had left Jay confused.

In the weeks that he and Chloe had had sex, Jay had begun to date a girl called Fran. She was pretty, petite and blonde. She was not his usual type but Jay didn’t mind because she made him laugh and was great to spend time with. They had not yet had sex but they had got to the oral stage and Jay knew that the time was coming soon that they would sleep together. To his surprise, he wasn’t excited. He had fortunately slept with many other girls before Chloe as he had been blessed with a handsome face and toned body that made girls swoon for him. Yet, Chloe had by far been the best he had ever had. He wondered if it was under the circumstances as she had been in control. No, he thought, he’d done the whole dominating role play before and it had never been like it had been with Chloe.

One night after dinner, Fran led Jay to her room. This was routine, she often led him up there and would give him head and then he would be on his way. They sat down on her pink bed and began to kiss deeply.

Jay’s hand moved from Fran’s back to her front as usual and began to cup her breasts in his hands. Fran unzipped Jay’s jeans and pulled down his boxers to reveal his large cock. Again, this was normal. He expected her to go down on him for a few minutes. But then Fran whispered in his ear: “I want you to be my first Jay…please?” And then she looked at him with her pretty, doughy blue eyes and bit her lip. Jay had not expected this.

He began to kiss her passionately in his excitement leaving her lips and kissing her neck and then her chest. Jay unbuttoned Fran’s shirt revealing a lacy white bra that he quickly undid to show her breasts. He sucked on her pink nipples as his hands moved down to her groin to finger her but her hand stopped him. “Please Jay just do it now we’ve had weeks of foreplay. I want you.” Jay tore off his jeans and boxers and his cock sprang out. He hoisted her skirt up and pulled bahis firmaları down her lacy white knickers and then filled Fran with every inch of him. She yelped at his size as she took him. It hurt but she took him in her. Jay stared down at Fran. Her face was contorted in pain as he pushed his way into her as her vagina tried to retrain him. It was then that he realised that he was in no way attracted to this cute, pink and fluffy girl lying in front of him, impaled on his cock. He wanted Chloe. He began to imagine that Fran was Chloe and that he was fucking her beautiful, curvaceous body instead. Jay imagined her large breasts bouncing as he thrust hard into her. He imagined that Fran’s screams of pain were shrieks of joy from Chloe. He imagined Fran’s pained face was Chloe’s face as she began to orgasm. With this Jay let out a grunt and released himself into Fran.

As he began to calm Jay looked up at Fran. She was in tears. He had obviously hurt her and not slowed when he was in the midst of his fantasy. Her first time, he thought and he had not even been thinking about her. He got up and began to dress. Fran looked at him wide eyed and asked where he was going. Between her legs looked raw and used and he felt awful that he had done that to her. “I’m so sorry Fran.” Jay said and he left Fran’s house without another word.

For days Jay ignored calls and texts from Fran in a hope that what he did to her would go away. One day he told his parents he would pop out to pick up some groceries. He jumped in the car and headed out. He was a mile away from his house and then he saw her. Chloe. Her long dark hair was up in a pony tail. She wore jeans that accented her rounded ass and a spaghetti strapped top that barely contained her breasts. She lugged along two bulky shopping bags, she slowed to put one down and wipe her forehead of sweat. Jay watched her from his car window and could not help but call out to her. Chloe’s head whipped round and her unusual amber eyes clocked Jay in his parent’s car. She sighed. Chloe had been avoiding him because she’d been so embarrassed at how she had acted. She’d not had sex in 6 months before their encounter and had been desperate for it. She hadn’t planned on staying at her parent’s house much longer but her application to her other university had taken much longer than planned.

Jay drove up beside the curb and leaned out of the window. “Hi.” He said simply.

“Hello.” Chloe said sheepishly and blushed. Jay loved that blush. He wanted to reach out and caress her hot cheek but he prevented himself with difficulty.

“Do you need a lift home? Those bags look pretty heavy.” kaçak iddaa Jay asked out of his window.

“You were heading in the opposite direction.” Chloe pointed out.

“It’s ok, I just came out for the drive anyway,” he lied “I didn’t want to be in the house anymore, and it’s a nice day.”

“So it is.” Chloe considered Jay for a moment and then accepted his invitation for a ride. Jay helped to put her bags in the boot and waited until she was strapped in the front next to him. He decided he would take the long way back to their street and carried on in the direction he was going. Chloe didn’t seem to mind. They made small talk for a while as it seemed necessary. Chloe continued to blush in embarrassment and Jay could feel his confidence rise. It was in this state of mind that he decided to ask her about their encounter.

“I don’t know why I did it…I just…I just really wanted to fuck you.” Chloe announced and her face flushed even more. Jay couldn’t believe he was having this effect on her, she’d been so confident on the night they had sex and now Chloe could barely look him in the eye.

“What, so you regret it?” Jay asked but Chloe shook her head.

“I don’t. That night was amazing…I don’t usually do things on impulse…I came so hard too. I –” Jay stopped Chloe’s stammering with a kiss. He had stopped at a deserted dead end and began to kiss her passionately and she kissed him back. Jay pulled away and said: “I want to have you now; I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I need you.” Jay’s brown eyes met Chloe’s amber ones and she kissed him and began to remove her clothes. Jay took off his clothes too and as soon as his cock leaped out freely Chloe made a dart for it but Jay stopped her. “It’s my turn now.” He said.

He wheeled Chloe’s car seat back and spread her legs. Jay found that she was already wet as he slid his finger past her lips. Chloe gasped as he touched the right spot and began to rub against it with his finger. Jay leaned forward and put his mouth over her clit and began to lick and suck. Chloe started to grab hold of Jay’s hair and panted for him not to stop. Jay kept his rhythm going and Chloe’s toes began to curl and she started bucking against his fingers. Jay sat up to watch Chloe’s face as she came. She began to scream in pleasure and her eyes screwed shut as her teeth clenched. To Jay’s surprise Chloe’s juices started spraying over his arms, torso and erect cock. Shock struck Jay’s face; he had just made Chloe ejaculate. To his astonishment, Jay saw his shock mirrored on Chloe’s face.

“Fuck me.” She demanded. Jay pulled her legs up over his shoulders and shoved kaçak bahis himself into her dripping pussy.

“Yesss!” Chloe yelled in ecstasy as he filled her up with his huge cock. She shouted at him to go harder and faster. Jay thrust himself deep into Chloe and the feeling was bliss. He did not want to come too quickly but he did not know how much longer he could last.

“Yess!” Chloe hissed and she began to meet his movements. Her juices began to spray out each time Jay moved out to then thrust back into her. She soaked his parent’s car seat with her juices and felt the beginnings of an orgasm stir in her groin.

Jay continued to thrust hard and fast. The car rocked and was rent with the sounds of their lovemaking. Chloe was panting and shrieking and Jay was grunting and moaning as they both began to orgasm. Jay wanted to come but he knew that he did not want to come inside Chloe’s pussy. He withdrew his cock from her and shoved it into her asshole that was lubricated from her juices and his pre-cum.

The feeling of Jay in her ass knocked the breath out of Chloe and she gasped in pleasure and pain. She held her ass open for him as Jay thrust into her.

Jay shoved two fingers into Chloe’s wet cunt as they came and they looked intensely into each others eyes. Suddenly, Chloe’s eyes rolled and she threw her head back and screamed as her back arched and spasmed into bliss. As Jay felt Chloe’s tight ass fasten around his shaft, he released his load inside her. It was definitely the most he had ever come in his life.

They both panted hard as they tried to catch their breath. Neither of them moved for a moment but kissed lightly when they got their breath back. Jay pulled his cock out of Chloe’s ass and watched as his colossal amount of cum dribbled out onto the car seat. They dressed in silence and Jay reversed out into the road and headed home. As Jay pulled into the driveway, the car still smelling of sex and stained with both their juices, Chloe hopped out and retrieved her bags.

“Thank you Jay, I’ve never come like that before.” She paused. Jay thought she was going to kiss him but Chloe carried on. “Yet, I think it would be best if we don’t tell anyone about this ok? Aaron is my brother and your friend, he might get mad. Besides, I’m moving away next week and so this would be a good way to end this. Ok?” She didn’t wait for Jay to agree. Chloe marched down the driveway and crossed the road to her house. Why did she always have to have the last word? Jay thought. He watched as the door opened on the second floor bedroom and saw Chloe go to the curtains to close them. She looked over, and saw Jay still in his driveway. She winked, closed the curtains and began to undress. Jay raced upstairs to his room to watch her silhouette and wished that somehow he would get the chance to fuck her again before she leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32