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Group Sex

Chapter 8

The morning dew dried up and I started to paint the white clapboard on the house. I had painted the sunny side in the morning so I could do the shady side when the sun hot later in the day. I was making good progress and figured if the weather stayed nice I could start the trim day after tomorrow. Grace had bought a dark red for the trim and I was wondering if it would be easier to do the trim first and then cut in the white. In the end I stopped doing the clapboard and started on the trim, I figured if I dripped the red paint I could wipe it off and then cover it with white.

I was glad I had something to keep me busy and thankfully the work wasn’t hard because I needed the rest. I smiled as I thought that the women of this town would kill me if they were all like Mary, Jenny and Rachael.

Later in the day I gathered up my dirty laundry and headed to town because there was a small laundry there and I had enough to do a load or two.

The laundry was empty and I loaded a couple of machines with my clothes and sheets. I was glad that no one was there because I was sure that it would cause some gossip if they saw blood on my sheets. I almost had everything folded when another resident entered the laundry and welcomed me to the community. I remembered her from the meeting last night but for the life of me I couldn’t remember her name.

She introduced herself as Sue Smith and I had to smile as I just knew there had to be a Smith family in every town. She was a tiny woman probably less than 5 feet tall and well-proportioned for her height. She had an hourglass figure with a narrow waist, nice hips and I would guess about a B-cup breast. She was dressed in a plain men’s shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a short skirt that ended well above the knee. We chatted for a while and I excused myself to go back home. I would have to be sure to remember her name if I ran into her again. I couldn’t help but wonder how she would in bed as I drove down the narrow road out of town. I had to laugh at myself as I wondered what my wife would say if she could see me now with more pussy than I could handle. She would probably just say “Be careful what you wish for,” and I had to agree with that.

I got home and put my clean clothes away, not that I had a lot of clothes because I mostly wore shorts and tee shirts and wore one pair of shorts for working for a few days. I started to look for something for dinner when I heard a car drive up. I secretly hoped it wasn’t someone wanting sex because I didn’t know if I could stand up to the pressure.

I went out on the porch and watched Grace as she got out of her truck and brought some bundles with her. “Hi Mike, I took a chance and brought dinner for you. You have been working hard on the house so I thought it could be my treat. You cooked last time to it is my turn to cook.”

“Well it has been busy but it isn’t hard work and I enjoy having something to do. There is plenty to do here and as you can see the grass has recovered so it will need a mowing this week, and yes you can cook tonight.” I answered.

We bantered back and forth for a few minutes and I asked what she was planning for supper. She said that it was something to keep my strength up and winked at me, and giggling went in the house.

I told her that we could have a drink before dinner and she brought the wine out along with two glasses. I couldn’t help but admire her shape as she poured the wine, I guess the last few days had woke me up to the pleasure of the female form. For the first time I took a long look at Grace and decided that she had a class about the way she carried herself, elegant and sexy at the same time. Watching her move I thought that her name fit her perfectly. Supper could wait while we enjoyed each other’s company.

Supper was pasta with muscles and garlic bread, she even had an old wine bottle with a candle in the neck and a red check table cloth. It was a romantic setting without any pretense of something more. I complimented her on the fine meal and we shared another bottle of wine. We walked around the outside of the house and I showed her how much I had finished. There was just one side remaining and it looked pretty good. Grace expressed her gratitude for the work I was doing and complimented me on how great the house and property we looking.

We sat on the porch for a while and I asked her why her former tenants didn’t stay. She said that one was a couple and the woman was jealous of all the women without mates. The next tenant was two girls and because there was no men around they weren’t interested in staying around. The last tenant was a man a little younger than me and he was intimated by the prospect of taking care of all the women.

“Well Grace, it is certainly is intimating when it is proposed to you but I think it is just a matter of trying to be yourself. I have been here almost a month now and there hasn’t been a line outside my door waiting for their turn,” I replied with a smile. “I have to ask you something though, why did you leave it to Mary casino siteleri to scout for the rest of you?”

“Well Mike, it is this way. If I had approached you it might have seemed like it was a requirement in order to rent the house and I didn’t want that. I also wanted to see how you would react to someone coming on to you, would you just jump right in or wait to be seduced. Mary said she almost had to rape you before you took the bait,” she laughing.

“How much did she tell you about our first encounter?”

Laughing she told me that Mary is very vocal and told her that if I could take care of the “other’s” needs as well as you did her we would all be very happy.

I told her that I was concerned about getting someone pregnant and also not knowing anyone, I didn’t want to be involved with anyone underage.

Grace assure me that I could use condoms if I felt that I wanted to be safe but all the women signed a pact long ago when her father was the “keeper of the keys,” that they would all be on the Pill and only get pregnant with his consent. The underage thing was the parent’s responsibility but she would give me names and pictures with ages on them of all the underage females. She also told me that they would have another meeting amongst themselves and renew that pact so I didn’t have to worry about pregnancy issues.

That made me feel a lot better because I didn’t want to be a father at this age and also didn’t want to be in the crowbar hotel for fucking some little thing that looked like she was of age. Having kids of my own I knew there were fake ID’s and the way kids grew today it was hard to tell from looking that they were too young.

Now it was my turn “So let’s address the elephant in the room. What is your take on all this? Are you in this pact with everyone else or do you just administrate this little club?”

“Yes Mike, I will take advantage of the benefits of your stay with us if you find me attractive. I have the same needs as all the rest and sometimes a dildo or my fingers just doesn’t cut it. Just to let you know I am about to jump your bones if you don’t make a move soon,” she said.

That took my breath away and I sure wasn’t used to women being so forward about their sexual energy. I was looking at Grace like she was a leopard about to strike and to be honest I was looking for claws and fangs. I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe I had stumbled into this paradise.

I held out my hand to Grace and she floated into my embrace molding her body to me as our lips met in a lovers kiss. Our cloths disappeared little by little and soon I was enjoying the feel of naked breasts against my bare chest. We explored each other and I was lost in the eroticism of the moment. Her areola was a deep pink and her nipples were in the center and looked like pink gumdrops. I latched on to one and sucked it between my lips while I rolled the other one with my thumb and finger.

Her breasts were firm and sat high on her chest with a little sag as she lay back against the back of the couch. I kissed her between her tits and she pushed them against my head with her hands smothering me in tit flesh. She pushed me back breaking my contact with her chest and nibbled my nipples in return.

She stood up and took my hand and we went into the bedroom and she pushed me back on the bed. Crouching over me she took my cock in her hand and stroked me slowly bringing a drop of precum to my slit, licking it off before taking my cock in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the head and used her tongue licking around the ridge. Sucking me deeply into her mouth she stroked me with her lips taking me deeper and deeper with every trip down my shaft. I could feel my cock as it reached the back of her mouth and waited to see if she would try to deep throat me.

As she sucked me I was squeezing and massaging her tits trying to get her to swing around so I could suck her pussy but I guess she wanted to set the agenda. I ran my fingers thru her hair and while I didn’t force her to suck me deeper I let her know what she was doing was going to make me cum. I warned her that I was close and she took her mouth away from me and my cock slapped against my belly. She smiled at me and came up to me for a kiss and I could taste my precum as we played tongue tag.

I pushed her over on her back and spread her legs so I could have my playtime with her. I licked and kissed the area where her legs met her groin and she responded with a groan and raised her hips in anticipation of things to come. My lips went lower and I suck kissed her outer lips before I parted them and admired the delicate folds of her cunt. Her inner lips were a bright red letting me know she was excited and they opened like a flower exposing her love hole with drops of dew clinging to her skin.

I stuck out my tongue and swiped upward from the bottom to her clit returning and doing figure eights with it from her rosebud to the top, but just teasing her clit on each pass. Moisture was flowing from her cunt and her legs were crushing my head, canlı casino her hands were holding my head to her pussy and she rode my mouth and tongue trying to suck me inside.

I knew she was having small orgasms so I pointed my tongue and stuck in in her love hole and lapped the juice that had pooled there while she went wild thrashing her hips up and down. Her clit was emerging from under its hood and I sucked it hard into my mouth, she howled and screamed and came hard for the first time.

I rose up on my knees, brought my cock to her pussy and ran it through her crack to moisten it, rubbing it on her clit a few times to keep her interested. The look in her eyes told me I had better not tease her too much longer and the sounds coming from her sounded more animal than human.

I put my cock at the entrance to her cunt and was going to do a slow and easy entry when she pushed her hips up and I was balls deep before I knew what was happening. She was fucking me like a madwoman and I thought she would tear my cock off as I changed the angle a bit and hit her g-spot. She went crazy and wrapped her legs around my waist and hammered her pussy into me like it was going to be the last time she would ever have a cock.

I was getting tired just trying to stay with her so I flipped over taking her with me and let her be on top. Her breasts were swinging against my chest and she started a circular motion with her hips and I had a brief thought that this is why they call it screwing. I could feel the cum starting boil in my nuts and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would fill her pussy with my seed. I let her know and she said just hold on another few seconds and when I came she did also and we both felt like we had gone beyond the realm of this world. She collapsed on my chest and I hugged her as my cock softened and slithered out of her cunt. No words were spoken and we both struggled to catch our breath.

The last thing I heard was, “Man, Mary wasn’t kidding.”

Chapter 9

The sun was up and so was my cock. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I felt a warm mouth sucking my cock. What a way to wake up, that never happened in my fifty years of marriage although I had always hoped it would. I just stayed still and enjoyed the homage that Grace was paying to my stiff cock. I had to reach down and tangle my fingers in her hair as my cum was boiling up my shaft but I warned her it was cumming but she stayed on my cock and took the whole load, swallowing it down like it was ambrosia.

She looked up into my eyes and as she slid off my cock she smiled broadly and licked her lips saying that it was better than orange juice any day. I wanted to return the favor but she got up and headed for the shower. I didn’t have the strength to join her but forced myself and was glad for the hot soap and water and a warm body slipping and sliding around me. We washed each other and dried with some fluffy towels that I had bought.

We didn’t bother to dress and went into the kitchen to brew some coffee and find something to eat. Over a cup of hot brew we talked and laughed about our falling asleep so fast, I said I didn’t remember closing my eyes and she said the same.

I asked what she had planned for the day and she said she had some town business to take care of and send out a notice to pact members about a meeting. I asked if THAT was town business and she said if it kept a lid on the horny women around here it sure was. I did mention to her that I wouldn’t be gossiping about who came to see me or what their preferences were and I hoped that I would be given the same respect.

I didn’t feel that I needed to be built up as a superman as I was just doing what was natural to me. Grace smiled and said that was going to be hard until I had serviced most of the needy and women just naturally gossip about good loving. I laughed but said I understood and hoped I could live up to expectations.

When we got to her truck she turned and gave me a passionate kiss and said she hoped to see me again real soon. I laughed and said I was looking forward to it and watched as she drove away.

I decided that I would catch up on my chores and do a little exploring the next day. I finished the painting and after lunch I got most of the grass trimmed. The lawn was looking a lot better now that it had been taken care. It was green and lush and not the hay that it had been when I first got here. The shrubs were in good shape and I just had to trim off the new growth that had sprouted since spring. I noticed a few flowering plants that would have to be cut back in the fall but that was still a ways off. I picked up my tools, cleaned them and put them away.

I got a beer and sat on the porch admiring my handiwork and just relaxed at peace with the world. I was hoping I didn’t have any visitors as I was about tapped out from my workout with Grace. I laughed to myself as I wondered how long I would be able to keep up this pace if it continued as it had been. Like the man said “use it or lose it” and man was I using kaçak casino it.

Dinner was a simple meal of chicken and biscuits that was more than filling and I decided to just relax now that all my projects had been finished.

I had never really looked thru the house and I thought it might be a good time to see if there was anything squirreled away someplace. There were a few closets that I didn’t use and I knew there were some boxes stored in there. I went to the first one and took out the first box, it contained some papers and a few journals so I took them out in the kitchen so I could spread them out.

The papers were just receipts from bills paid by Jim Brouton who was Grace’s father. I would have to ask Grace if she wanted this stuff after I looked thru it. Yeah I knew I shouldn’t be nosing thru other people’s stuff but what the hell I was hoping to find something to explain what was going on in this community.

The journals had details of Jim’s love life so I put aside and went to get another box. I was hoping that there would be more journals and I could put them in order and start at the beginning. The next box held more of the same and I sorted it out like I had the first one. The next box held a surprise in the form of photo albums. Apparently Jim took pictures of the ladies he “serviced” and was kind enough to put names on each one. Some of the photos were quite revealing and I have to say the ladies were beautiful.

All in all there were seven boxes and around a dozen journals. In the latter ones he had attached a picture on the page and he detailed what he did with each one, listing their likes and dislikes.

Since I had met Sue Smith the other day in the laundry I thought I would see if he had included her in his “memoirs” for lack of a better title. I looked thru a few journals and was amazed at the detail that he recorded about each of the women.

I found Sue’s page and he left nothing to the imagination, he even described how much of his cock she could suck without gagging. His times with her were listed by date and a story about each time was chronicled down to what she wore at the time, including the color of her undies and what type they were. He described Sue’s tits as “two ripe pomegranates with the sweetest nipples this side of Nashville.” Her cunt was “A gash with the treasure of the gods buried in the folds.”

I had to say he was poetic if nothing else. I hoped he didn’t speak like that to them as they would be disappointed in my lack descriptive phrases. I would have to guess that Sue was a handful in bed for her size because I could picture him smiling as he told about each time she came to get “serviced.”

I looked at a few more pages and found Mary. She was described as “Belonging out on the plains because she was like a tornado once you got her spinning.” I had to laugh at that because I felt the same way, when you got it into her you had better hold on for dear life.

He must not have had the chance to be visited by Jenny or Rachael before he passed away or maybe it was because they were underage at the time. Skipping from page to page I didn’t find and reference to anyone getting pregnant or any animosity among the group and no mention of group encounters like I had with Mary and her daughters.

I would have to read everything carefully and try to determine what I was getting into before mentioning this find to Grace. I didn’t know how I would approach the subject but I didn’t think that she would like this stuff being around for someone less honorable than me to find. I doubted if she knew the journals existed. I am not a saint and I was sure I would take great pleasure in reading Jim’s words and descriptive phrases but they would remain private if I had anything to say about it.

The next morning brought some much needed rain and I thought it would be a good time to try an organize the journals I found last night. I figured that I would put the papers and stuff that really didn’t have anything to do with his “community service” in one box and just give that to Grace when I saw her in case there was anything she needed for her records. I didn’t think there was but it would give me an opening later on to say I found more stuff she might want. I hoped she would just destroy everything and not use it for blackmail.

I packed up the journals in boxes and put them away as I didn’t want to have them all out in case I had sudden company. I just kept a few of the early ones as they just had notes and stories in them and they were fairly small like a girl’s diary.

I looked around some more and went to the basement to see what was down there and found an assortment of tools in a small workshop and not much of anything else. At least if I needed to fix something I had tools to do it with.

Upstairs I noticed an opening in the ceiling that led to an attic space. I got a ladder and pushed up the hatchway and went up a few more steps so I could see in the attic. I saw a pull cord and turned on a light and saw another stash of neatly stacked boxes. There weren’t any markings on them and I didn’t know if I should get into exploring them. My imagination was getting the best of me and since I could reach the boxes I grabbed one and brought it down with me. Turning off the light and closing the hatch.

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