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I’ve decided to open the direction of his story to my readers. Through comments, I would like to hear from you. Will Jack finally take Jessica’s pussy? Will there be others? How will Josh interact? Naturally I have my own ideas, but thought it would be fun to give my readers the opportunity to provide some input in to the direction of the story. It will continue as a “which-way” sort of story. Naturally I retain artistic license to keep the bigger story on track.


Jack leaned back in his chair resting a foot on the edge of his big oak desk. His mind wandered back to last night with Jessica. He should have come in to the city earlier and played with her again before her flight home. She was an exquisite beauty, her innocence making her all the more desirable. He couldn’t help but hope that next time he would get to slide his hard cock in her delicious pussy. The entire morning had been one big distraction and his cock wouldn’t let him forget the sexy treat he enjoyed the night before.

His hand slipped to the bulge growing in his pants and squeezed himself gently. His mind took over fantasizing about leaning her over his desk and slipping in to her from behind. Slowly at first before he built up to fucking her silly until his cock exploded deep in her.

Jack opened his email and composed a quick note to her.


I’m sitting here with a huge hard on thinking about last night. I have to tell you, I’m a fan of that husband of yours too. He’s a special kind of guy; I’d love to meet him some time. Maybe you should bring him down next time and I will use his wife in front of him.

Come back soon gorgeous. Daddy needs more of his little girl.


As Jessica read Jack’s note she smirked and shook her head slightly. Jack noticed the expression and her subtle head shake, “What is that all about?”

Jessica wasn’t sure whether to tell him and decided to just hand him her phone so he could read it himself.

“Wow, he must really like my sweet little wife. What is the daddy all about?” Jack raised his eyebrows.

“He likes to call me his little girl and to call him daddy. It gets him really horny.” She shrugged indifferently. “Would you watch want to see it actually happen Josh?”

“FUCK YES!” He didn’t hesitate in his response. “Do you know how many times I fantasized about watching through a window or from a closet?”

Jess hit the reply button,


I wish I was still there to help you with that big cock of yours. Licking and sucking it until you feed me your big load. I can’t wait to come back. I think it would be a lot of fun to have Josh come down too. Josh read your email and he agrees

Maybe he’ll come down on my next trip if we can afford a flight. It could be a lot of fun.

Huggz, Grace.

Josh read her reply as she typed it. He couldn’t help himself but squeeze her breast showing his approval. “You really have become a naughty little thing; I like it a lot.”

Jess put her phone on the night table as Josh climbed between her legs. As he kissed her breasts through her shirt, his hands slid her panties down and dropped off the bed. His lips kissed at her breasts and worked slowly down her firm stomach on his way to her pussy.

Jess slowly parted her legs as Josh made his way down her treasure trail. Her hands rested gently on his head as his lips covered her and the heat of his mouth set fire to her honey pot. His tongue pushed itself in to her and slowly licked around her pussy lips causing her to moan loudly.

Josh slipped his fingers in to her already wet pussy and began to fuck them in and out as he sucked at her delicate clit. He knew he was on track perabet to his goal when her hips began their circular grind on his mouth.

Jessica’s phone chimed the arrival of a new message startling her. Josh lifted his mouth from her and their eyes met. Without speaking she glanced over at her phone to see if it was Jack; it was. Jessica smiled down at Josh as his tongue flicked at her.

“Well? Read it.” Joshes fingers began to speed up as he waited to hear the reply.

Grabbing her phone, she read the email out loud.

Jess you are driving me crazy. I wish I could just fly up there and take you right now. When are you coming back to do those presentations for Todd and Kerry?

Jessica had difficultly typing as Josh licked and hammered his fingers in and out of her. She spoke aloud as she typed her response.

Oh Daddy,

I wish you could be here right now too. Josh is pounding my pussy with his fingers and sucking my clit making me nice and wet. I would love that big cock of yours in my mouth at the same time. I can’t wait a couple weeks until the presentation, I want it now.

I’m so fucking horny Jack.

Jessica’s hips bucked wildly at the thought of having Josh eat her while Jack took her mouth at the same time. Her body convulsed catching her off guard; her orgasm had snuck up on her causing her to gasp for breath.

Josh let up on her pussy and pushed her shirt over her firm breasts before sucking a nipple in to his mouth. His hard cock toyed at the entrance of her wet hole. Jessica began to wiggle her hips trying to line his swollen head up to her opening. Josh continued to tease her.

The phone rang and she picked it up to hear Jack’s voice, “Put me on speaker.”

Josh plunged his cock in to her and she moaned loudly in the microphone. “You want me to fly up there tomorrow and fuck that little wife of yours with you Josh?”

“Oh fuck yes!” Josh could feel his balls boil at the thought.

“I’ll be there before noon tomorrow. Don’t cum in our little fuck toy Josh.” He hung up.

Josh pumped a few more times and stood up on his knees, “Show me what a good slut you are Jess.”

Jess quickly moved sucking his cock in her mouth. Her hand stroked him wildly as her mouth devoured the head of his cock, “Feed me all that cum baby.”

Josh grabbed the base of his cock and jerked his load in to her waiting mouth. Looking down at his wife with her mouth full of cum, he stroked himself “Swallow my seed Jess; be a good little slut.”

Jessica swallowed his cum before sucking his cock back in her mouth. She mumbled with his cock at the entrance of her mouth, “Tomorrow, I’m going to be both of your fuck toys.” Josh’s cock twitched in her mouth at her words.

The next morning Josh woke her up by kissing her lips while his hand squeezed at her breast. Josh watched as she opened her eyes and smiled, “Was he serious Jess?”

“He doesn’t kid, and he’s never late.” She monitored his face for second thoughts; there were none.

After a quick shower together and some soapy touching and kissing, they went for breakfast. They sat outside on the patio of their favourite bakery. All alone, they picked at their pastry and talked about what would happen if Jack actually shows up.

Josh wasn’t convinced that he would actually come; Jessica knew for a fact he’d be here in a few hours as he had stated.

Josh moved closer leaning across the table, “I can’t wait to fuck you while he shoots down your throat.”

Jessica smiled and reiterated Jack’s words “come up there and fuck that wife of yours.”

“He can fuck your throat Jess, not your pussy.” Josh laid down the ground rules. He would perabet giriş be the only one in her pussy.

Jessica loved the thought of having the attention of both guys, “Let’s get home so you can pick an outfit for me to wear for you boys.” Her eyes were full of lust.

It was 11:00 and Jess started to put on the outfit Josh chose for her. Carefully sliding her stockings over her freshly painted toes she slid them up to her thigh before clipping it in place. When the other stocking was on, she stood and looked into her full length mirror.

A white lace garter belt hung delicately at her waist with frilly strands holding her white stocking securely on her thighs. Turning, she admired her firm buttocks and the little pink bows at the top of her stocking where the seam in the back started.

Bending over, she stepped in to the tiniest white thong in her wardrobe. It barely covered the mound of her pussy and swung low leaving little to the imagination. Making her way to her closet she decided on some 4 inch white heels with sling back and open- toes.

Josh loved when she curled her hair into long blonde waves. Josh was very clear he wanted her to keep her hair down so it hung sexily at the middle of her back. As she curled her hair, Josh slipped up behind her and gently squeezed her breasts in appreciation before kissing her neck and ear gently.

Goosebumps ran up her body. Josh placed her long pearl necklace around her neck and attached it at the clasp. It hung loosely between her breasts making her smile. “Did you pick a skirt or dress out yet?”

Josh left and quickly returned with his selection. He held up a little white dress; it was short, coming down to her mid-thigh as slipped it on. The plunging cowl neck revealed the top of her cleavage, even more if she bent over. Three delicate straps criss-crossed her back from each shoulder showing a lot of flesh.

Josh whistled a cat call, “If he doesn’t get here soon, I’m gonna start without him.” He smiled broadly at his sexy little wife.

Jessica’s phone rang, “Speak of the devil!” She answered the phone to Jack’s voice.

“I’m here baby girl. I got a room near the airport at the Hilton.” She could hear that excitement in his voice. Josh pressed his ear against hers. “When do you think you can be here?”

Jess turned and looked at Josh questioningly. He mouthed the words “NOW!” Jessica relayed her message to Jack and said they would be there shortly. Josh grabbed her long coat and they headed out the door.

Jess and Josh walked in to the lobby of the Hilton. Her eyes scanned the lobby briefly before seeing Jack. Holding Josh’s hand, she guided him to the tall Texan. He stood as they closed in on him and extending his hand to Josh.

Jessica watched awkwardly as Josh and Jack introduced themselves to each other. Jack turned his attention to her, his arms opened. As she moved in to hug him his hand tilted her chin up and he kissed her lips deeply. His tongue parted her lips and he savoured their embrace before he broke it off.

Josh stood frozen as this considerably older man devoured his wife’s mouth. He realized he never asked about his description and his age caught him slightly off guard. He was a big man and he noted that he had to have been a football player; He was the epitome of big Texan.

“Is anyone hungry?” Jack’s eyes darted between them.

Jessica spoke first, “I should eat something. I could probably use a drink too!”

Jack chuckled, “You are gonna need your energy little girl.” He smiled deviously at her.

Josh smiled his agreement, “Yes let’s get her a drink and loosen her up.”

Jack pulled the chair out perabet güvenilir mi for Jessica and waited for her to sit before taking the seat on her left. Josh quickly sat on the other side of her.

“So? What do you have under that jacket for me little girl?” Jack’s eyes burned a hole through her chest.

“You are going to like it Jack, I picked out something extra sexy for us.” He watched Jack stare at his wife. “Show the man Hun, he came a long way to see you.” His cock began to swell in his pants.

Pushing the chair back, Jessica stood and removed her coat and Jack put his hand out to take her Jacket.

“Oh my! What a great selection.” He looked knowingly at Josh. “You look unbelievably gorgeous Jess.”

Jessica blushed as the two men stared at her intently. Jack reached over and placed his hand on her thigh. Josh followed suit and put his hand on her other thigh as they reviewed the menu. A male waiter walked up to the table and smiled at Jessica. He clearly noted the attention she was receiving from these two men.

“What can I get you folks to start? Drinks?” The waiter looked down Jessica’s top as she leaned in to get the correct name of her frozen cocktail. He smiled in appreciation.

As Jessica looked up to order, she noted the waiter had just looked straight down her top before ordering a frozen Bahama Mama. She looked right at the waiter and his eyes stared at her breasts the entire time the men ordered their drinks.

“I think he liked the view.” Josh chuckled.

“Who wouldn’t? Your wife has gorgeous breasts.” Jack smiled.

As they sat talking quietly to break all the awkwardness they enjoyed their drinks. Neither man released their hands from her thighs. The waiter checked back on her breasts regularly.

Finally Jack couldn’t take it anymore, “Maybe we should order room service?” It came out as a question, but he meant it as a statement. Luckily the two of them agreed.

In the elevator Josh leaned against the back wall and watched as Jack stood with his arm around Jessica. His hands wandered slowly over her ass and traced the garter belt. The elevator dinged and Josh watched Jack guide her down the hall holding her hand as he trailed behind.

His cock stiffened in his pants watching a man take his beautiful wife to a hotel room. The thought of how today would play out made him hornier than he had ever been. He knew he wanted to give them some space and watch at first.

Jack held the door as Jessica entered and looked around. This was definitely better than what she got to stay in; it was a full suite with a separate bedroom, living room and eating area. Josh stepped in to the room and was clearly impressed.

“How did you get here so quick Jack?” Josh looked out the balcony window.

“Corporate Jet, it’s always available for last minute.” He answered Josh, but his attention was on Jessica. “Make yourself at home Josh.”

Jack walked up and took Jessica’s face in his big hands, “You’re gonna be a good little girl for us Jess?”

Josh watched her as she nodded.

Leaning down Josh watched as this huge man pulled his wife in and groped at her as he kissed her. His cock stiffened to his full length and he shifted in his seat as he watched in anticipation.

“It’s going to be a long day for you baby. Maybe you can help me out with this.” He placed her hand on his crotch.

Josh watched as his wife massaged the Texan’s cock through his pants. The big man reached down and unzipped his pants. His wife’s hands eagerly reached in and pulled his thick cock out and stroked it. His big hands landed on her shoulders and pushed her gently to her knees.

“Open that hot little mouth Jess; I want your husband to watch you suck my cock.” He put his hands gently on her head and guided his cock to her waiting mouth. “Mmm, that’s a good girl, suck that big cock little girl.”

Josh’s hand squeezed his crotch through his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32