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Lying here today in between doing the laundry, working on the computer and reading the paper, I laid back on my bed with no one around and grabbed that book of bedtime erotica I bought but haven’t really got to read.

I long for you so much that sometimes it gets to be so hard to keep from touching myself that I have to always keep an eye on the door to make sure no one is coming in.

But that just makes the experience so much more desirable and the craving for you get even hotter.

You just told me about that special place we would always visit every week. One time we just got crazy and wanted so much to make love to one another we just did it. You reminded me how hot it was to ride that toy between my legs. And it was hot. And it was sensual. You have such a drive, a passion. You crave it.

So I lay there in the quiet of room with only the static of the football game through my headphones and the traffic outside my hostel breaking some silence. I started reading some stories that just made me think wow why can’t I be more like that? Have that passion, drive, and desire.

As I do bahis firmaları my hands slowly start to rub my cock. I haven’t fully undressed fearing a walk-in from an unsuspecting neighbor. Cannot remember if I locked the door but by this point it was beyond my reach or desire to lock the door.

I closed my eyes and thought of me wanting you. Wanting truly to say let me make love you to you. Taking you in my arms and slowly kissing you. Letting my hands wander over you. Wanting to undress you. Slowly sliding your shirt off to reveal your large beautiful tits. Undoing your bra and letting it slide down your shoulders while I want to take your nipples in my mouth. You sigh and moan and tell me oh fuck it feels so good.

I slide your pants down, panties and all. I can see the glistening of your sweet snatch being wet with desire. It was if you wanted me so badly to do that and now that I am the desire is becoming more and more for me to touch you there. My finger slides slowly between the V and as it rubs along your swollen clit, you gasp. I do it again, and you gasp even louder. Your hands begin to kaçak iddaa touch my cock, undoing the belt of my jeans and unzipping my pants.

By now I am laying there in the bed and my hand slides under my jeans to finger my cock. God I hope no one walks in. I start to unzip mine, to free myself and to make it easier to rub.

By now you are rubbing my cock whispering “do to me what I love you do.” But I surprise you this time. I kneel down and get my tongue between your legs while you are standing, backed against a wall. You always have loved when I flicked my tongue and buried my face between your legs and licked every sweet drop of juice from you, gently nibbling your clit and sucking it deep into my mouth. But you’ve never felt it this way and for some pleasurable reason the feelings are just so overwhelming. You get louder and louder in your moaning. You get out “fuck me babe. Suck that clit baby.” My hands grip your sweet ass cheeks as I bury my face deeper and lick your clit harder and faster. I feel you pushing me deeper into your cunt, letting my tongue lick your hole. By now the orgasms are kaçak bahis starting to take over you. You simply don’t want me to stop. And they’re more and more and more intense than you have ever felt before. But soon you beg me to stop. As I come up for air, with my face drenched in your sweet sex, you passionately kiss me. I have never seen you this way and I love it. Your hand by now has my small but swollen cock in it.

My hand now is rubbing my cock, and yes while I know it isn’t has hard as I want it to be and I want so badly to have inside of you, it is throbbing for wanting to release the pent up frustrations of not having you and I be together in bed enjoying one another.

You have me in your hand and I feel the tightness of it around my swollen cock pulling at it and finding that spot below my balls that just drives me nuts. OH FUCK you hit that spot. I start stroking for you and you rub that male G spot so well. “Come on baby, give me that cock,” you say in that demanding passionate voice.

My rubbing gets faster and I can feel it building inside of me. Come on baby that’s it cum for me. Cum for me.

By this time I am cumming both in my dream and for real. And it’s as intense as ever. But as I come to, I know you are not there. And again I only hope that someday soon this is not just a fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32