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***All characters depicted herein are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

Bright and early one morning, as Frankie, 20, and her girlfriend, Pleasant, 23, enjoy breakfast together in the kitchen of Pleasant’s house, they are interrupted by knocking on the front door. Not expecting anyone to call by, Pleasant goes to see who is there, leaving Frankie to enjoy some granola and yoghurt.

As she strains to listen to what is happening in the hall, Frankie hears Pleasant open the door and exclaim with surprise, “Gabby? What are you doing here?”

Frankie hears a quiet, timid voice answer, “Hi, Auntie Pleasant. I was hoping to come and join you to do some streaming. I know it’s out of the blue and you weren’t expecting me, but, every time I tried to message or call, I got too nervous, so I thought if I just came here then I wouldn’t be able to chicken out.”

Pleasant can be heard quite audibly, saying, “Absolutely fucking not. Who knows you’re here?”

The timid voice, slightly shaky, replies, “I’ve expressed my desires to mother and father; I told them I was curious to do what you do, and they support me doing it. So long as I’m safe and conduct myself properly, I am permitted to act as I see fit.”

Pleasant can be heard breathing a sigh of frustration before saying, “Come inside while I phone your mother.”

Moments later, Frankie watches as walking into the room comes a petite young woman with short, dark hair adorned with a white headband framing a face with a flawless complexion. She clutches a handbag in her hands and sets it down on the kitchen island counter, then removes her stylish, grey coat, folds it up and sets it down on the worktop. She wears a cute, apple green blouse, buttoned up high to hug tightly around her small breasts, and a smart looking black skirt draping around her knees. Her legs are covered in skin-coloured tights, with her feet perched in a pair of classy heeled shoes.

Frankie stares at this delightful looking young woman, and some yoghurt with flecks of granola in it begins to dribble over her bottom lip and clings to her chin. Hastily, she sets down her spoon and wipes her chin and mouth with the back of her hand, licking up the delicious debris.

Pleasant soon follows the unannounced guest, and she makes introductions, “Frankie, this is Gabriella White-Cummings. Gabby, this is Frankie Reid. Make yourselves acquainted while I call your parents,” she tells the young woman as she goes to the back of the kitchen, scrolling and tapping on her smartphone.

Gabby, 18, shyly perches herself on a stool next to Frankie, her leggy figure looking sophisticatedly cute, and sheepishly says, “Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you in person. I’ve seen you on streams with Auntie Pleasant. Oh, um, actually I just realised I said out loud that I’ve seen my Auntie… perform… um, uh… with you… I, uh…”

The young woman squirms restlessly around the stool, not knowing where to look nor what to do with her hands, and Frankie confidently reaches to grab Gabby’s hand, holding it steady in hers, and says, “It’s okay. It’s nice to meet you. There’s no need to be nervous, and, you can tell me anything. I’m good with secrets,” and winks at the young woman, who blushes at the gesture.

This adorably awkward moment is interrupted by Pleasant’s heated voice on the phone saying, “Hi, Gloria… Yeah, she’s here, and I’m not exactly comfortable with… I don’t care if she is 18. She’s my niece. It’s weird, and… You know what you’re asking… You’re fine with this… A phone call, a message, an email would have been nice instead of her turning up unannounced… I’m not saying I’m on board with this… I don’t think either of you know exactly what she’s getting into… Hm-hmm… Hmm… So what if I was her age when I started, I knew what I was getting myself into. Sharing dorms with women my age helped with that… Hm-hmm… Hm… Hm-hmm… Ugh, fine. She can spend the day here. I’ll have Frankie show her some stuff, and, if, only if, Gabby can look me in the eyes and tell me she can handle it, I will make arrangements for her. Just one day is all I promise… Clear?… Speak soon, bye.”

Pleasant ends the call on her smartphone, and turns to her girlfriend and her niece, and asks Gabby, “I want to hear from you that you understand what goes on in this house. This isn’t easy. I’m not talking about physically either. I’m talking about mentally. We are viewed by thousands of people as we do explicitly sexual activities, and there is the distinct possibility that people we know in real life see what we do, and those people could be pleasuring themselves while they watch us. That breaks a lot of personal and social boundaries. You need to seriously consider what you are asking to get in to with this, because, once you put yourself out there, you can’t take it back.”

Gabby stands up from her stool and walks up to Pleasant, and looks her in the eyes as she says artemisbet yeni giriş quite assuredly, “I understand. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and, it’s something I want to do. I’ve been watching you and Frankie for a while now, and, I want to learn.”

Pleasant blushes and breathes hard in front of Gabby, which is unusual as she usually maintains a cool composure at all times, obviously embarrassed by the implications of her niece’s confession of what she does in her spare time. She looks at Frankie, and asks, “I want you to take Gabby up to the House of… Stream room…”

Gabby interrupts and tells her auntie, “I know you call it the House of Desires.”

Pleasant continues to ask Frankie, “I want you to take Gabby up to the stream room, offline, and teach her what we do. Be as tough as you can with her.” She turns to face her niece, and says, “Frankie makes me squeal when she’s tough, especially when offline. And, to be clear, it’s my House of Desires. Mine. That means that everything that happens in there is under my control. It also means that I am liable and responsible for everything that happens in there. So… I will see you when Frankie is done with you… And, you can look me in the eye, and…” Pleasant just stops talking and hastily walks out of the kitchen, and shuts herself in the living room next to the kitchen.

After an offer of refreshments and a chance to use the toilet, Frankie guides Gabby up to the stream room, where Frankie sees a look of reverence and wonder she would swear she had herself when she first entered this room. Frankie shuts the door behind her, and asks, “What do you think?”

Gabby, twirling as she looks around the room, gleefully says, “I feel so many feelings right now: excitement, exhilaration, arousal, even anxiety, perhaps a little fear?”

Frankie calmly assures the excited young woman, “I’m not going to do anything to hurt you. I get that things seems rough when watching us, but, it’s completely different to be here yourself. The purpose of all this stuff is not to hurt, or inflict injury, but to increase excitement and arousal. Maybe there will be a little pain, but, if it becomes too much, let me know. I don’t want to torture you, scare you, or scar you. I would feel bad if I did that to Pleasant’s family.”

Gabby stares straight at Frankie, and insists, “Actually, I find this all very exciting. I can handle pain. I have been bullied much over the years, and, I actually didn’t mind that; even looked forward to it, craving the attention I would receive. Unfortunately for me, it stopped when they found out I was getting aroused by it, not wanting to give me the satisfaction I wanted. That ended up being the greater torment for me as I long for someone to touch me in the ways I dream of. That’s why I’m here.”

Frankie approaches the eager young woman, and asks, “Why would such a sweet looking girl want that? I’m going to enjoy finding the answers.” She rubs her hands on Gabby’s blouse, and explains, “First thing’s first: what if someone tips for you to, ‘show tits?’ What do you do?”

Gabby unbuttons her blouse to reveal a white lace bra beneath, and she slips her arms out of her sleeves one by one, and allows the blouse to fall from her fingers onto the floor. She then reaches a hand behind her back whilst she cups a breast cup in her other hand as she unhooks the clasp of her bra. Then, she shuffles the shoulder straps over her shoulders and slowly allows the bra to slide down her arms until it drops onto the floor.

Baring her small breasts to Frankie, Gabby rubs them up from beneath to push them up and show off her nipples. Frankie stares her in the eyes, and says, “Not bad. Your lack of experience is endearing despite being obvious. You get points for effort. Now, what if someone tips for you to, ‘show pussy?’ What do you do?”

Gabby pulls up her skirt and sits down on the end of the bed, and she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her tights and begins to roll them down her legs to past her knees, and then she does the same to the pair of white lace knickers she wears that matches her bra. She sits back and pulls up the folds of her skirt onto her lower belly to unveil her tight teen pussy to Frankie.

Frankie comments, “Nicely handled. You are giving enough to tease, and can pull everything back up when you want to. From here, what if someone tips for, ‘naked?’ What do you do?”

Gabby gracefully unclasps and kicks off her heeled shoes, and she rolls her tights over and off her feet, followed by her knickers. She then stands to slide her skirt over her hips and let it glide down to the floor. Then, she sits back down on the bed and pulls her feet out of her skirt as she lays down for Frankie.

Frankie compliments the young woman, saying, “You handled that well enough. For the camera, though, there is more you can do than simply getting naked as fast as you can, although no one is going to mind. There’s plenty of choice for slowing things artemisbet giriş down to tease, but, you did well for your first time. I’m certainly not going to pretend I was any better.”

Gabby, her heart beating faster for Frankie as she anticipates what comes next, says, “I appreciate the honesty. I want to learn, after all, so teach me.”

Frankie goes to the side of the bed and leans down to the floor near the head, and emerges holding a length of rope tied to the metal post at the head of the bed. She grabs Gabby’s hand and pulls her up the bed to tie her wrist with the rope. Once satisfied with the knot, she goes around to the other side of the bed to do the same there, and explains as she does so, “Being tied up is about discipline and control. Tied like this allows a lot of movement, especially for the legs and lower body. With the arms restricted, it means you can’t play with yourself with your hands, meaning I get to do whatever I like, and decide what happens and when.

“I could tie you in other ways. Hog-tied with your arms and legs at your front. By tying your hands together, and your feet together, with a short length of rope holding the hands and feet, you can be on your back, or on your hands and knees, and you would be helpless as I play with you. Or, I could hog-tie you with your arms and legs at your back, which would strain you more as your hands and feet are stretched further, which leaves your legs wide apart and your chest exposed; the more pleasing option for the camera, but, both have their uses, depending on what we want to do.

“For now though, simply having your wrists tied to the bed gives me all the control I need for some lessons.”

Frankie walks around to the foot of the bed, and sees Gabby sitting quite high up the bed, so, she leans over and grips her ankles and pulls her down more centrally, stretching her arms to a yelp and some moans.

Gabby’s heart rate increases, showing to Frankie as her chest rapidly rises and falls as she takes short, staccato breaths. Frankie leans a hand over the young woman, and places the palm gently but firmly on Gabby’s abdomen. The teen feels the warmth radiate from Frankie, calming her breathing and steadying her heart, for now.

Frankie resumes walking around the bed to face a cabinet on the side wall, and, after a moment, picks up a pair of nipple clamps connected by a stainless steel chain. She turns to the tied student, and explains, “Someone might tip for these: nipple clamps.”

Leaning across the bed, Frankie presses open one of the clamps and pushes the pads against the areola around a nipple, and eases the pressure to pinch it. She threads the chain through her fingers and thumb to grip the other clamp, and presses that open as she places it and releases slowly to take bite on the other nipple.

Gabby groans a little from the soreness of the clamps being attached to her tits, and Frankie threads her fingers and thumb along the chain to it’s centre, and runs them back and forth along it, and tugs at it. The young woman moans, and Frankie tugs again. Gabby stares into her eyes without so much as a tear as Frankie tugs, and tugs, and tugs, and tugs on the chain, stretching the tits from the nipples with each pull.

Frankie takes things up a notch by threading her forefinger under and over the chain, under and over, under and over, twisting the chain to wrap snugly around the length of the finger. She curls up her finger with a beckoning motion, and the already tighter chain tugs tighter still on the puffy nipples, getting redder and sorer.

Frankie unwinds the chain from her forefinger, and Gabby moans approvingly with arousal at the display of domination from Frankie, and Frankie goes back to the cabinet and picks up a ball gag, and asks, “I take it I don’t need this? That might change though,” and she replaces the ball gag and removes the nipple clamps from the young woman.

After replacing the nipple clamps in the cabinet, Frankie picks up a leather flogger. She walks back to the side of the bed and drapes the tasselled strands over Gabby’s tender looking teen body, stroking her belly with a tickle and a tease. Frankie begins to roll her wrist to slap the strands onto Gabby’s belly, faster and faster as the teen arches her back up to meet them as Frankie slaps the strands down with each rotation of her wrist.

Frankie turns her flogging to the teen’s tits, adding to the soreness from the tugging of the clamps, and returns to flog her belly before draping the flogger over Gabby’s clit. She brushes the tasselled strands up the length of her pussy lips a few times before she rolls her wrist to slap against the labia, leaving them with a stinging. Gabby continues to sound like she’s enjoying herself, so Frankie flogs her pussy again a few more times, and runs the flogger up her crotch, over her belly, and across her tits, then she goes to replace the flogger in the cabinet.

Next, Frankie picks up a cane from the cabinet, and artemisbet güvenilirmi presents it to Gabby, showing it off as she waves it above the young woman’s bare body. Gabby bites her lip, wide-eyed with excitement as she awaits what she expects from the cane. Hovering above the small, pert tits as they rise and fall quick with the pace of Gabby’s breathing, Frankie lowers the cane to rest across them, rubbing slowly back and forth, and then, snap!

Gabby bites her lip with a smile as Frankie smacks the cane across the tits, and rubs back and forth again. Then, snap, across the upper breasts, then rubbing. Then snap, across the underside of the breasts, then rubbing. Then, snap, across the already sore nipples. Gabby moans more and more with pleasure with each strike. Frankie, though, strikes again, harder, and again, harder, and again, harder still.

Red bars adorn the bare breasts of the young woman like griddle marks on a piece of meat, as Frankie strikes again and again against them, occasionally slapping across the belly, marking that too with the red bars. Gabby shows no signs of breaking down under the cane no matter how hard Frankie strikes.

Frankie unties the wrists of the young woman, and orders her, “Turn over.”

Gabby does as she is told, rolling onto her front, and Frankie sets down the cane on the side of the bed as she reties her wrists.

Frankie picks up the cane again and rubs across the buttocks, and snaps down onto them, rubs again, and snap, rubs again, and snap, cracking the cane across the cheeks to form new red bars across them to whimpers of delight. Gabby moans with satisfaction as her arse is smacked by the cane, showing no signs of breaking under the punishment.

Frankie runs the cane down to Gabby’s upper legs and asks, “I want you to lift your arse for me, as high as you can.”

Gabby complies with the order and raises her arse by bringing her knees up beneath her body and coming up higher on the bed to lean her back down as she rests her head on the bed. Frankie says, “That’s good,” and gives a firm slap with the cane across Gabby’s arse cheeks, and replaces the cane on the cabinet.

Frankie searches the cabinet, and picks up a leather whip. She grips the handle and threads the length of the whip through her fingers and thumb, raises her hands, aims, and rotates her arm from the shoulder to guide the whip around in front of her to smack against the backs of Gabby’s legs. Frankie collects the length of the whip in her hand, and whips again, harder and higher on the legs. Once more she readies, and cracks the whip to strike firmly against the bottom of the arse cheeks.

Getting into the flow and aim of the whip, Frankie continues to strike the young woman: on the lower arse, on the upper arse, on the lower arse, on the upper arse, on the lower arse, on the upper legs, on the upper legs, on the lower arse, on, and on, and on, and on. Gabby continues to express pleasure from being treated as such, even with Frankie getting into the swing of using the whip and striking with speed and full force.

Frankie finishes with the whip by holding the length firmly in her hand and looping the length into a coil, then replaces it in the cabinet. She comes back to the student and unties her wrists, allowing her to sit up. Frankie asks her, “How are you feeling?”

Gabby gladly replies, “I’m feeling so turned on by that. It’s such a rush having you whip me with the whip and the cane.”

Frankie, calmly but impressed, says, “You really can handle pain. Time for pleasure.”

Suddenly, Gabby looks really nervous and becomes sheepish as she sits in front of Frankie. Noticing this, Frankie tells her, “No need to be nervous. The hard part is over. Lay down for me, and relax.”

Gabby lies down on the bed as Frankie suggests, and watches her as she says, “I’m not nervous.”

Frankie looks in the cabinet, and says, “We have a few different sizes to choose from: six inch, eight inch, and twelve inch. I’m thinking I should ease you in with a six inch, then we can build up from there.”

Frankie pulls from the cabinet a six inch dildo and presents it to Gabby. She runs her fingers along the length of it from the balls to the tip, and rubs the head of it all over her tits, which are covered by an elegant-looking lace bodice, and Gabby watches, licking her lips and wriggling her hips and heels into the soft duvet beneath her.

Noticing the anticipation building in her student, Frankie approaches the side of the bed, and rests a hand on the young woman’s upper leg, pushing it away from her as she leans over Gabby’s body, positioning the dildo against her pussy lips. She rubs slowly up and down, really slowing down near the clit, increasing the pressure and giving a twist, before sliding down between the labia to the vaginal opening, then going back up to repeat.

Gabby shudders with nerves as Frankie does this to her, and Frankie notes, “I can cane you and whip you, and you are not fazed at all, but, I rub you with a dildo, and you don’t seem as confident. Something you want to tell me?”

Squirming and shaking against the dildo as she lies there, Gabby replies, “I’m just excited to be here with you, and actually have sex after watching you for so long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32