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My one o’clock class with a group of freshmen is usually quite boring their young minds not fully in tune with the intricacies of eighteenth century authors. I usually had to lead them by the hand through the meanings of some passages in their reading assignments. But that’s my job and one of the reasons I went into teaching. The class bell rang and I sent them scurrying off to do what ever it is second semester freshman do between classes. Thursday is the one day of the week that I don’t have a late afternoon class and I usually spend a couple hours in my office grading papers or preparing for the next day. But I decided to lock up and blow the rest of the afternoon off.

Bills admission that he found Marsha attractive which by the way didn’t surprise me, made me think that perhaps I’d stop by her shop and talk to her about a possible ménage a trois. I had totally enjoyed the one she and I shared with her lover and knew she’d enjoy one with mine.

As I walked across campus to retrieve my Volvo outside my flat Steve Kozmerl and a buddy of his came strolling from the opposite direction. His big smile acknowledging he was recalling the incredible fuck we’d had yesterday.

“Afternoon Ms. Walker.” He said as they approached.

“Mr. Kozmerl.” I replied almost knowing he’d have something else to say.

“A minute of your time please?” He asked.

Not wanting to be impolite I answered. “Certainly Steve.”

Steve patted his friend on the back then said. “I’ll catch up with you later dude.” He clearly wanted our minute to be a private one.

As his buddy walked off Steve smiled at me giving his friend enough time to walk out of ear-shot of our conversation.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked once we were alone.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday.” He commented.

I replied. “Likewise.” My smile showing him I was being sincere.

Steve looked down at the ground then shyly back up at me. “I know we had an agreement and I promised but I sure wish we could do it again.” He said.

I looked at him with my stern English Professor expression on my face. “Do what again?” I asked.

“You know.” Steve replied.

From his body language and his shy tone of voice I almost expected him to start shrugging his shoulders moving his head from side to side and shuffling his feet. I was amazed at how this young stud had gone from an aggressive sex machine to a shy little boy in twenty four hours.

I moved close enough to him so he could smell my fragrance but not so close that we actually made body contact. Leaning my head toward his shoulder I whispered in his ear. “If you want to fuck me again you’re going to have to ask me.”

His eyes widened as I stepped back looking straight into his blushing face waiting for the obvious question.

“I’d love to have sex with you again.” He said.

I took another step back and crossed my arms in front of me. “We had and agreement Mr. Kozmerl.” I said.

“I know Ms. Walker but…..” He paused as I interrupted him mid sentence.

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility but you haven’t asked me properly.” I said.

Steve looked a bit confused as I stood there glaring at him waiting.

“Say it!” I exclaimed.

“I wanna fuck you again.” He finally said his tone of voice making it sound like a question.

I toyed with him. “That wasn’t very convincing.” I commented.

He tried again this time with a more demanding tone of voice. “I want to fuck you!” He said emphasizing the word fuck.

“That’s more like it.” I answered with a smile spreading across my lips.

I reached in my purse and retrieved my cell phone. Flipping it open I said. “Give me your cell number.”

As he gave me the number I programmed it into my contacts list then added the initials S K as the name.

“When…..” He started to say but I interrupted him again.

My stern professor expression again appeared as I said. “When I’m good and fucking ready that’s when.”

I turned and started to walk away leaving him standing there with his mouth hanging open. “I’ll be waiting for your call.” He said.

I didn’t acknowledge his remark and just kept walking. What he didn’t know was that I was ready right now. If I could I’d have dragged him back to my bed and fucked him until we both collapsed sexually spent and totally satisfied. But I had other plans for my young student stud first and foremost to film me sucking his hard cock until he exploded in my mouth. I’d promised Bill we’d watch that film together. Beyond that I was certain that Mr. Kozmerl could very easily be another notch in my ever increasing pillar of sexual conquests.

Twenty minutes later I pulled into a parking space outside the mall. My electric door locks had given up working months ago and as I manually locked the door I noticed a new spot of rust in the faded blue paint. Sooner or later I’d have to part with my trusted Volvo and I hoped it would be later since I had long ago gotten used to not having a car payment every month.

As I walked toward the entrance to the mall bahis firmaları I pulled the hair tie from my pony tail and let my waist length jet black hair blow in the afternoon breeze. Malls are unique places. It seems that every store you stroll by has good looking young men working in them. Lately those men have been noticing me more when I stroll by. More than a few hurried out to the edge of their space to longingly gaze at my long hair and the shapely legs below my skirt as I moved away from their shops.

I was headed directly for Classy Lady hoping Marsha would be working this afternoon so I could talk to her about Bill’s latest fantasy. I made the left turn between short display windows and paused to glance at the newest offerings of my favorite lingerie shop.

“Genevieve!” A familiar female voice called from inside the shop.

I turned to find Marsha’s beaming smile as she approached me with arms extended.

We hugged briefly then she leaned back and said. “I expected I’d see you here soon.”

I smiled then said. “You did?”

Marsha went on to explain. “I ran into a friend of yours the other night.”

“I know Bill told me all about the boring meeting you guys got dragged to.” I answered.

“Can you believe that? My asshole husband actually thought I’d be interested in his little plan for the math curriculum in the district. But I did get to meet Bill at least.” Marsha said.

Marsha leaned close to me and quietly asked. “You are fucking him aren’t you?”

I smiled and just shook my head yes.

She beamed at me then said. “Good cause if you aren’t I will.”

“What about Peter?” I asked.

“I dumped his sorry ass.” She answered quite bluntly.

“Oh my gosh why?” I asked

Marsha explained. “He started talking about me leaving my hubby and running away with him. No way was I going to give up my golden ticket for his silver plated one.”

“That’s too bad he was a nice guy.” I remarked.

“Don’t you mean he was a great fuck?” Marsha said.

“That too.” I said.

“Come on in and we can catch up.” Marsha suggested as she gently pulled my wrist.

As I followed her into the store Marsha said. “We got some new stuff in that you just might be interested in.”

“Great maybe I’ll take a look at some of it then.” I said trying to let her know I wasn’t really shopping right now.

“So……” Marsha paused extending the word. “Tell me about Bill.”

I started to say. “Well he’s married and teaches.” But Marsha interrupted me.

“I know all that. I wanna know what kind of lover he is?” She asked.

I smiled and said. “He’s wonderful.”

Marsha giggled then said. “Come on hun I want the juicy details. Does he set off all the bells and whistles when he’s fucking you?”

“Of course he does.” I replied not admitting that every cock sets off bells and whistles inside me.

Marsha smiled and asked. “Does he have a nice big cock?”

“Geez Marsha you sound like you wanna sleep with him.” I remarked

She smiled even broader then replied. “I’d love to are you offering him to me.”

Unknowingly Marsha had lead our conversation to exactly where I had hoped it would lead.

“Actually Bill told me he’d love to fuck you and me at the same time.” I said rather frankly.

“I knew it. I could tell by the way he looked at me the other night that he wanted sex with me.” Marsha remarked.

“Well Bill and I have been talking about a three way and when he mentioned he’d met you I suggested we all get together for some fun.” I said.

“Well set it up hun and I’ll be there.” Marsha immediately said.

“That’ll make Bill very happy.” I said then added “So show me what’s new.”

Marsha and I spent the next forty five minutes browsing through Classy Lady’s newest inventory of sexy lingerie. I especially liked a red lace baby doll with a matching thong she showed me. I knew the red lace would look awesome with my long flowing black hair nearly reaching the bottom.

“I’ll take this one.” I said handing the baby doll to Marsha.

“Bill is gonna love this little number.” Marsha remarked as she rung up the set.

We hugged and exchanged light kisses on the cheek before I said. “I’ll give you a call after I speak with Bill.”

“Great Gen. I’m looking forward to having some fun with you both.” Marsha answered as she walked me to the front of her shop.

I decided stop for a latte before leaving the mall. The coffee shop on the upper level makes an especially good French vanilla latte. Like so many other coffee shops in malls this one caters to the walk up crowd so it only has a few tiny tables and chairs tucked off in one corner of the shop.

I placed my Classy Lady shopping bag on one chair then sat down in the other to enjoy my latte. While I was relaxing I decided to call Bill with the good news I had about Marsha wanting to get together with him and me.

Bill’s phone rang once before he answered. “Hey babe.” He said letting me know he was alone.

“Hiya Bill.” I replied.

“What’s happening?” He asked.

“I’m kaçak iddaa at the mall and just talked to Marsha.” I said.

“Cool.” he said.

“She can’t wait to have a three some with us.” I whispered.

“That’s great Gen.” He said then added. “Did you set it up?”

“I wanted to talk to you first.” I replied.

Bill paused for a moment then said. “Tess is going to an educator’s conference Friday and Saturday.”

“So Friday night would be good?” I suggested.

“Perfect.” Bill instantly answered.

“Marsha might have to work until nine thirty.” I said not knowing if she had off Friday night.

“I’ll be free all night.” Bill said.

“Okay I’ll try to set it up for Friday then.” I said.

“Great so what else did you do at the mall.” Bill asked.

“I bought a really sexy baby doll I’m certain you will absolutely love.” I said.

“I’m sure I will.” He replied.

“You want me to model it for you later tonight.” I asked hoping he could get away later.

“I’m sorry babe. I’m on my way home to pick up Tess. We’re going to a birthday party for our nephew tonight.” Bill said apologetically.

I was a little disappointed but didn’t let my disappointment reflect in my voice. “It’s okay I’ll wear it Friday night.” I said.

“I can’t wait to see you in it.” He said then added. “I’m just about to pull into my driveway so I’m gonna have to say good bye darlin.”

“It’s okay I understand.” I replied. “I’ll talk to Marsha about Friday and leave you a voice message later.” I added before saying “Good bye Baby.”

As I slipped my cell back into my purse a very handsome man entered the coffee shop. He was dressed in a designer three piece suit with a white shirt and a red and white striped silk tie. He smiled at me as he approached. I returned his smile before taking a sip of my latte as he walked past to the counter.

Since my class ended earlier my conversations with everyone had centered on sex and all that talk had me feeling very horny. I crossed my legs letting my skirt ride up above my knee wondering if I could attract the attention of the handsome customer waiting for his drink. To further entice him I slipped my long hair around and let it cascade down the front of my sweater.

From behind I heard the shop employee thank him for his business and expected him to walk by without speaking to me. As he walked by I looked up toward him but he didn’t look at me but instead placed his drink on the next table and sat down facing me.

I smiled widely at him as he removed the lid from his coffee. Before sipping on his hot drink he smiled at me. “My ex used to shop there all the time.” He said placing his cup on the table again.

“Excuse me?” I said not understanding his statement.

He pointed toward my shopping bag on the chair and said. “Class Lady. She liked surprising me with something seductive from there all the time.”

“I love their lingerie.” I answered realizing the ice was broken.

His smile acknowledged he also loved their lingerie.

I moved my leg a little drawing his eyes to my legs. “Would you like to join me?” I offered as I reached for my Classy Lady bag and placed it on the floor beside my chair.

“Thank you I’d love to.” He instantly replied as he stood up and moved to the chair across from me.

“Randy Hallman.” He said offering his hand and name at the same time.

“Nice to meet you I’m Genevieve Walker.” I replied extending my hand to his.

Randy’s hand was soft and warm his grip strong but not painfully so. “My pleasure Genevieve.” He said as he sat down.

As our cordial hand shake ended I let my fingernails slid through his palm and along his strong but soft fingers.

“Do you shop here often?” Randy asked.

“Not all the time. I like going to New York to shop also.” I said.

“I’m a district manager for Andover Shoes so I drive to a couple dozen malls in the area. This is one of the nicest.” He remarked reaching into his vest pocket and handing me his business card.

“You said your ex used to shop at Classy Lady?” I asked.

He smiled then said. “Yes but it’s been two years since I had the pleasure of seeing someone wearing something from Classy Lady.”

“So you’ve been divorced for two years?” I asked.

“Separated actually my attorney says the final papers should be filed sometime next month.” Randy said.

“That must make you sad.” I said.

“Not really with all my traveling she was having an affair for the last four years we were together. It’s time to move on.” Randy admitted.

I just smiled at him knowing he would be receptive to my seduction.

“So what did you buy today?” Randy asked.

“The cutest little red lace baby doll.” I answered.

“Oh my I can only imagine with your dark hair how great you look in that.” He remarked.

“Perhaps we could do something about you only being able to imagine.” I said toying with my hair.

What do you have in mind Genevieve?” Randy asked.

“I hope you haven’t gone as long without sex as you have without enjoying seeing someone kaçak bahis wearing sexy lingerie from Classy Lady.” I said.

Randy smiled then said. “I haven’t been totally celibate.”

“I’m dying to try my new baby doll on for someone. You interested?” I asked.

His broad smile answered my question.

“Well I can’t try it on here.” I said.

His smile continued until he said. “I’ve got a room for the night at the Holiday Inn Express.”

“That sounds like a good place for a fashion show.” I replied with a seductive grin on my lips.

“I think it’s a perfect place.” Randy said as he stood up then added. “Shall we?”

I reached down and grabbed my shopping bag then walked out with him beside me.

As we rode the escalator to the main level of the mall Randy said. “You can ride with me if you like.”

“Will you bring me back for my car later?” I asked.

“Certainly.” He said with a wide grin on his lips.

He opened the passenger door for me and I slid into the leather bucket seat.

“The Holiday Inn is right around the corner.” Randy said as he started the car.

I had no time to reconsider my decision to run off to this total stranger’s room before he stopped the car along side the hotel in front of a door marked number one eighteen.

“Let’s have some fun.” Randy said as he turned the key and opened his door.

I got out and followed him to the door. His key card turned the lock to green and we stepped inside a dark rather cool room.

“I’ll let the drapes closed.” Randy said as he flipped on the lights above the single king size bed.

As he turned the dead bolt on the door I said. “I don’t normally do this kind of thing but I was so attracted to you in the coffee shop.”

“I think you’re really hot too.” He replied his hand softly touching my shoulder.

Randy removed his suit coat and hung it carefully over the back of desk chair next to the bed.

His broad shoulders extended from the sleeveless vest. “The bath room is over there.” He said pointing toward the door at the back of the room.

“I’ll be back in a flash.” I said smiling. His demeanor relaxed me and my fears of having casual sex with this stranger began to subside.

Like most budget hotels the bath room as rather spartan but very clean. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and pulled my new baby doll from the shopping bag that had brought us together. The labels were still attached to the lacy fabric and I had nothing to cut the plastic string that held them in place. “Oh well I won’t be wearing it for too long.” I thought.

Slipping the red lace over my naked body I pulled the hem down drawing the lacy fabric over my breasts and soft skin. It fit perfectly and after tying the lace thong over each hip I looked at my self in the mirror. My hair almost reached the bottom hem in the back and covered the label attached at the neck line. My nipples while not erect still poked seductively at the lacy cups. My black heels accentuated my long legs which were almost totally exposed below the short baby doll nighty.

I took time to freshen up my red lip stick. A dab of perfume behind each ear and between my soft breasts completed my preparation for Randy’s sexy fashion show. I opened the door while turning the light off. Stepping from the bath room I raised one hand up to grasp the door frame as I turned to face Randy who was sitting in the lounge chair beside the small desk just inside the door.

His face lit up like child’s on Christmas morning a broad smile coming to his lips. I took a step forward then pirouetted on the balls of my feet showing off my new lingerie and causing my hair to flare out then cascade all around my shoulders.

Randy instantly began to slowly applaud his approval. As I walked seductively toward him carefully placing one foot in front of the other his eyes roamed down then up over my shapely form.

“Very sexy!” He exclaimed as I approached his chair.

I smiled widely at him then agreed. “I think so too.” My hands tipped with red polish slowly slid from my hips across my stomach and up to softly cup my breasts through the lace fabric.

His lecherous stare carefully studied my hands and the sensitive nipples that hardened under my soft hands.

I turned around and flipped my hair behind my back tilting my head and shaking it so my hair swayed back and forth. I looked over my shoulder and smiled as I pulled my hair around front to let him enjoy the soft vee of the back.

“Very hot indeed.” Randy commented as he enjoyed the view from behind.

I reached around and slowly lifted the hem of the baby doll letting him look at my ass and the skinny straps that rose above each hip and disappeared into the crack of my ass.

I pirouetted again and came to a stop facing him. Reaching out I grasped both hands and pulled him out of his chair. A slight bulge appeared in his slacks.

Gazing up into his eyes I slowly moved my hands to rest on his broad shoulders. He lifted his hands to my hips. I slid my hands down over his chest to the top button of his snug fitting vest. My deft fingers made quick work of the three buttons holding the vest close to his body. As the last one opened I slid my fingers under the silky fabric and clawed at his chest with my red tipped fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32