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“To another season in the bag!” shouted Sarah. A chorus of voices yelled, “cheers” in response. It was the end of the season for Trixi, she was transitioning out of the sport temporarily due to going back to school. Everyone said they were cool and understood, but it wasn’t quite the same. After holding up her beer and cheering, she went back to the table that she shared with several of her old teammates. They were all still standing and gabbing about the last game. A loss by the smallest of margins, the team still proud of their work, almost dethroning the champs. She looked at her friends, not having the energy to fake the comradery she no longer felt. No one seemed to know she wasn’t amid the celebration, which was fine with her. She just wanted her beer and to relax, plus watching drunk people was fun. Trixi knew that as they lost steam, some would come to sit and chat, that was fine with her as well.

As the night wore on, Trixi ended up talking with everyone on the team, and sent several away in Lyfts. Between “OMG TRIX!” conversations, she would play games on her phone. Sarah had just left to grab them another round of beers, so she went back to her trivia game. She felt her side of the booth move as a someone sat down.

She didn’t look up from her phone, “just a sec, Sarah. I have three questions left in this round.” She soon felt light breath from someone looking over her shoulder, their side brushing against hers. They smelled cute, like cute boy smell. She slowly looked up at the person sitting next to her.

“The name is Cory, not Sarah, and the answer is pounds per square inch,” said the guy, clearly her type.

“Whoops.” Trixi replied, “I assumed you were my friend that went to grab another beer.” She looked around and saw Sarah flirting with the coach. She had a crush on him the whole season. Cory followed her gaze to Sarah.

“Well, clearly Sarah is occupied. What were you drinking?” Cory asked.

“Yes, she is. No thanks, it’s ok. I need to start sobering up anyway.” Trixi countered, taking a sip of her water.

“You look very sober to me. You’ve only had water for the last two hours.” Cory offered, he got up, went behind the bar and grabbed them both a beer. It clicked, he was the cute bartender that the team was talking about. She quickly put her phone away as he placed their beers on the table in front of them, taking the seat across from her.

“Thanks so much. I would have asked how did you know, but I saw you go behind the bar. Did you just get off?” Trixi asked. He shifted his eyes to the table, chuckled, and then smiled.

“Yeah, my shift just ended. Your friends have been great tonight. I just thought you might want some company until you’ve gotten everyone taken care of, right?” Cory asked.

“Sure. And yeah, I am making sure everyone gets back to their hotels. It’s the least I can do for letting me come with the team. It’s a long story. But thanks for the beer!” Trixi offered.

“Any time. So what sport do ya’ll play?” Cory asked. Trixi regaled him with their past roller derby season. On their second beer, she started in on the drama, at his prompting. The third round of beers had Trixi chatting about school and work. They swapped their “going to school while working” horror stories and about life in general. Trixi looked around the still hopping bar for her friends, just two left: Sarah and Dan, their coach.

“I guess I don’t have to worry about Sarah, that guy she is macking on is our coach.” Trixi said with a sigh.

“That was a big sigh, does that happen a lot?” Cory asked, finishing off his beer.

“Not really. Most of my team is, um, fluid with their sexual preferences, but for Sarah, that has been a season long work in progress. I mean, I get it, he’s hot. But I don’t shit where I eat. Also, that’s why I don’t date guys at work,” she explained. “Do you date at work?”

“No. Once I saw a smoking hot gal here. I tried to pick her up and chatted with her all night.” Cory said.

“How did it go?” She asked.

“You tell me,” he answered, learning forward on his elbows and smiling. Trixi’s eyes widen and a small smile formed on her lips.

“You are a smooth one, I’m not sure this is your first time picking someone up at work.” She countered nonchalantly. Inside, Trixi was hot and bothered and trying to remember how many she had. She felt tipsy, but well within her mind. It was Cory’s turn to look at her wide-eyed. He excused himself and went to grab one of the three bartenders working the bar. Trixi did some math problems in her head, all were correct. She wondered how this bar was still open at 3am. Cory returned with an equally cute guy.

“So this is Max.” he said.

“Hey Sexy. Are you enjoying the night?” Max asked. Clearly putting on the moves.

“He’s the one that picks up patrons nightly.” Cory explained. Max feigned hurt, then shrugged and winked.

“No, thank you.” Trixi said. Max shrugged again and walked back bahis firmaları behind the bar. “You are joking, right?”

“Nope. I don’t shit where I eat, but I took a chance. Annnddddd?” He asked.

“So far, so good.” Trixi answered, blushing. Cory sat down next to her, smiling. His eyes darted from her eyes to her lips and back. She licked her lips mindlessly. His eyes turned dark.

“Good to know. Would you like to check on Sarah and then walk around? They put the Christmas lights up in the trees last weekend.” He prompted.

“Sure.” Trixi walked over the Sarah and Dan. “You guy heading back to your hotel or what?”

“TRIX! Ohmygod. I didn’t see you. What? No, we’re just talking. Right, Dan? Ha ha, I mean, of course we are. Not the hotel, I mean talking…” Sarah answered.

“I would love to.” Dan interrupted. “I’ve been trying to get into your pants all season.” Both were clearly drunk.

“I can walk you back, Sarah is staying in the same hotel as me. We can all walk together. Close your tab.” Trixi walked back to Cory, and leaned into him to make sure he could hear her. “Ok, I’m walking them back to the hotel first, then I’ll come back and meet you.”

“That is a horrible idea, I’ll walk with you guys. As a cute girl once said, I need to sober up. Plus, I want to enjoy and remember kissing you tonight.” He said before backing up. They walked over the Dan and Sarah, who were now making out near the door. They broke off the kiss as Trixi tried to push them gently out the door into the drizzle.

“Who is this guy? Hey man, are you bothering Trix? Trixi, you ok with this? Do you need me to get rid of him?” Dan asked, stepping in between her and Cory.

“Calm down, it’s fine.” Trixi said, grabbing Dan by the shoulders and turning him toward the hotel. “We are this way. Grab your girlfriend’s hand so we don’t lose her. Come on, it’s starting to rain again.” Dan grabbed Sarah’s hand while Sarah shot Trixi a death stare. Trixi pointed down the street and they all started walking, Dan and Sarah hanging on each other. Cory took the moment to grab Trixi’s hand and give it a light squeeze. Trixi smiled and squeezed him back. After two blocks of walking and talking in the light rain, the skies opened up and rain fell in big drops. All four ran the last block to Trixi and Sarah’s hotel. Sarah giggled good night and pulled Dan into the hotel lobby. Trixi stood under the awning awkwardly trying to figure out a way to extend the night without looking slutty.

“Well, I guess our walk won’t work.” Cory stated the obvious.

“Yeah, um, it was a good night though.” Trixi lamely offered.

“Agreed. I guess there is one last thing then.” Cory said as he leaned in and placed his lips on hers, wrapping his arms around her wet shoulders. Trixi melted into him and greedily kissed him back, grabbing his hips as they kissed. She could feel his surprise but she didn’t give a rat’s ass. Fueled by all the liquid courage from the bar, she decided to take her own chance.

“Or you could come up for a proper make-out and not one on the street like we are still in high school.” Trixi asked, looking up at him.

“Yes, yes I will.” Cory answered. Trixi grabbed his hand and opened the door to the hotel lobby. They walked to the elevator and Trixi chatted about Dan and Sarah, trying to calm things down. It didn’t work. So, she stopped and they fell into silence, waiting for the elevator. All she wanted to do was jump him, but they just met. Making out, she thought. That’s it. It’s not like he’d sleep with me anyway. Just kissing, maybe second base. God, he’s sexy. Stay cool. Stay cool. “Trixi?” he asked, snapping her out of her mental pep-talk.

“What?” Trixi replied. He gestured into the elevator. She laughed and went in. A couple more people joined them and the long ride to the 5th story progressed. By the time they reached their floor, only an old lady remained. “Good night!” Trixi said, exiting in hand with Cory. The lady waved them away, not looking up from her book. Trixi fished for her key, finally finding it. She unlocked the door and stepped in. Trixi was feeling the wall for the lights as Cory followed her. As soon as the door clicked shut, Cory pressed her back against the wall and devoured her mouth. Although momentarily shocked, her libido and perchance for liking things a little rough took control quickly, and she kissed back in kind. Their tongues battled as they took turns nibbling on each other’s lips. Cory’s hands were on her hips, fingers digging slightly more than gently into her skin. Trixi’s hands were in his hair, pulling him closer, her panties getting damp, a groan escaped her lips mid kiss. Cory leaned harder into her, making her stuck between a wall and a very hardened place.

Trixi unzipped his hoodie, pushing it off his broad shoulders. Cory took the cue and moved his hands up her body, taking her shirt and sweatshirt with him. She broke the kiss and lift her arms, streetlights kaçak iddaa from the two corner windows making her eyes sparkle, a sexy smile on her wet lips. She walked him the 4 short feet to the queen size bed in the center of the room, pulled off his shirt, and pushed him onto the bed.

“Do you want to shut the blinds?” Cory asked, unbuttoning his jeans, taking them off. She thought about it as she peeled off her jeans. She pushed his shoulders back, causing him to lay back, crawling on top of him, leering at his body as she did so.

“Let them watch, if anyone is awake.” His eyebrows shot up as he registered her remark. She went back to kissing him, loving the feel of his naked chest under hers, slightly grinding on his boxer briefs. He kissed back, taking her bottom lip between his teeth and biting softly, pulling back. She moaned and withered above him. Cory made quick work of her bra, freeing her breasts. He greedily pawed at them before grabbing her body in a bear hug and rolling her over until he was on top her.

“Oh really?” He pulled back to reveal her topless body. He glanced out the window at the office buildings and hotels nearby. “You don’t mind if someone watches me do this?” He asked, swooping down and gently biting her nipple, causing her back to arch toward him and her hands to shoot to his body.

“Nope, just keep going.” Trixi gasped, slightly clawing at his back has he kissed, nibbled, and bit from breast to breast.

“What about this?” He asked, snaking his hand into her panties, running his finger along her wet folds. “Are you okay letting them see me fingering you until you cum?” Cory, true to his word, started to massage her clit as he kissed up her body. She was so close as he licked and kissed across her collarbone. He paused as he moved up her neck until he could whisper in Trixi’s ear. “Well?”

“Well?” she asked back, using his own move against him and rolling him beneath her. “Yes, it’s hot to think maybe someone is watching.” She added while she moved her hand into his underwear, feeling his hard penis throb under her touch. “Don’t you think?” His mind was spinning, who is this amazing girl? Before he could answer, Trixi pull down his underwear and wrapped her lips around his cock. He looked down at her, ass in the air, his hand holding her hair back, his dick slowly disappearing into her wet, warm mouth. “Well?” She asked after releasing him with a pop of her lips. He growling and pulled her on top of him.

“Fuck yes.” Cory replied before grabbing her and kissing her again. Trixi used her feet to push his underwear further down his body, feeling his cock leave a trail of precum on her thighs, making her groan. He rolled her over so he could kick off his underwear, pausing from kissing her. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much to you like these undies?”

“What?” Trixi asked,

“Do. You. Like. These. Undies?” He repeated through gritted teeth, one arm propping his body off of her, the other holding the lacy side of her undies.

“Like, a 5? Why?” she asked again, not understanding the line of questioning. Why did he stop kissing me?

“Great.” He said. And with a quick rip, he shredded one side of her panties.

“Fuck me,” moaned Trixi. Cory ripped the other lace side, grinning.

“I intend to.” He said as he stared at her naked body bathed in the glow from the window, “but first, is that an invitation?”

“Yes,” she replied, detangling herself from him, “let me grab a condom.” As she walked to the bathroom, she mentally scolded herself. You said only making out. Now look. You are buck naked, getting a condom. As she picked the condom out of her travel toiletries bag and looked in the mirror, she gave herself pep-talk number 2. You are an adult. You can make your own choices. He’s hot and he obviously wants you, he ripped off your panties for Pete sake! He knows you’re in town for the night, so you’re on the same page. It’s been 2 years, so go get some. With a sharp nod and a mischievous smile, Trixi’s mind was made up. Cory quickly positioned himself in the center of the bed, slowly stroking himself in anticipation. Trixi emerged from the bathroom with a small foil packet in her hand. “Here ya go big boy.” He opened the packet and covered himself.

“Where’s my little vixen? You can take what you want.” He said. She smiled and crawled on the bed, straddling him. She leaned forward, using one hand to keep herself just above his chest, the other was drawing lazy circles at the top of his happy trail.

“What I want,” she whispered into his ear, nibbling on his earlobe. Her hand, skittering down until she held his cock firmly in her hand. Trixi started to slowly stoke him, “… is you, hard and inside me when I cum.” He groaned as his hips bucked in her hand. “Looks like you want that too…” she trailed off as she claimed his mouth again. Trixi teased herself with the tip of his dick, running it back and forth across her dripping slit.

“God kaçak bahis you are hot, woman. Shit.” He said, as he let her enjoy herself. Trixi sat up, positioned herself above his now glistening tool.

“Thanks. I guess you just bring out the slut in me.” Trixi said as she lowered herself on him, until he was completely in her.

“Mmmmmm. Any time you want her brought out and you’re in town, call me.” Cory said. He put his hands on her hips and slowly started to grind her on him. “Use me to cum,” he added. Trixi closed her eyes and savored the feeling.

“Yes, sir.” She replied as she moved her hips faster. Cory let go of her and watch her ride him. He saw movement out the window out of the corner of his eye. As Trixi was grinding herself on him, moaning “yes” in a loop, Cory placed his hands on her wrists, moving them until she was bracing herself on other side of his head.

“Don’t move your hands,” he requested as he started giving attention to her breasts again with his hands and mouth. Licking and kissing around each breast, then lightly biting her nipples.

“Yes, sir.” Trixi moaned, rocking harder against him. She was speeding up as she was getting close. She sat up, moving her hands. Cory grabbed her wrists and moved her hands back up.

“Keep them there.” He said, giving her ass a firm smack. This elicited a moan from Trixi.

“Again.” Trixi requested. Cory gave her other cheek a firm slap. “So close.” Her breath running ragged. Cory could feel the walls of her pussy start to tighten. He grabbed her ass and pulled her firmly on him. The added thrust was hitting her in all the right places, causing the tip of him to just bump her cervix. He saw movement again in the window across the street. He unconsciously stopped to focus on the window, trying to see if he could make out anything. He couldn’t, but it made him hot.

“If you stop right now, so help me God, you will see the derby player come out and not in a good way.” Trixi said. Cory smiled as he snapped his attention back to the naked girl riding him, he grabbed her hips and helped her slam down onto him. “That’s my boy.” She added, quickening her pace. She closed her eyes and arched her back, waiting very briefly for the impending orgasm to sweep through her body. She didn’t have to wait long, as her pelvis made a couple more rocks with his, fireworks burst behind her eyes as she became lost in orgasm. He could feel her pulse has he held her firmly on his hard penis, letting her muscles try to milk him. He thought about mowing the lawn and shoveling his old neighbor’s snowy driveway… anything to keep from cuming. He wasn’t done making her come, yet.

Trixi let her body go limp on top of him, burying her face into the crook of Cory’s neck. She smiled, Cory chuckled. “I can feel you smiling”, he said. She lifted her head from him.

“Good. Damn, that was good. Sooo nice to have a dick in me again. A good screw is always better then a vibrator.” Trixi added with a laugh. She rolled off him, letting him pop out of her freshly fucked hole. She looked down at his hard cock. “Shit! I was enjoying myself so much, I forgot about you.”

“It’s all good, I wanted to make sure you got yours first.” Cory said, sitting up and then kneeling facing the window. “But if you don’t mind…” He trailed off as he grabbed her hips and flipped her over. He gave her right cheek a light, but firm slap. Trixi grinned, and moved her right leg to the outside of his other leg and raised her lower body, keeping her shoulders and head resting on the bed. He groaned as her wet cunt brushed his penis, making it jump on its own accord. She smiled back at him.

“Let’s go, buddy. I want to cum again.” Trixi practically purred as she wiggled herself against him. Cory used one hand to hold her hips still. With his other, he grasped his shaft and ran his tip up and down her slit.

“Oh really? How do you expect to have that happen?” Cory teased her.

“Well, if you stop teasing me, I’m sure you could work your magic.” Trixi said. Cory shrugged and continued to tease her. “Or I can finish myself, no worries.” She sighed as she laid back down and started to flip over. Cory quickly grabbed Trixi and pulled her back to him.

“Alright, Trixi.” Cory groaned. He grabbed himself and placed his tip at Trixi’s opening. “You win.” He said as he grabbed her hips and thrust into her. She moaned long and loud as he continued to thrust into her at a slow, steady pace. She wiggled and tried to quicken the pace with the roll of her hips. Cory gripped her hips tighter and groaned as he struggled to keep the slow pace. He leaned forward as he continued at a sinfully slow pace and whispered in Trixi’s ear, “someone’s watching.” Trixi bucked against Cory, glancing up to see the blinds swaying slightly. He quickened his pace.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned, rolling her hips. She could hear the slaps of their skin as he thrust his cock into her slick pussy. “I’m almost there.”

“I know, I can feel you grip my cock. Plus, your moans are amazingly hot.” He breathed. “And seeing your ass bounce every time my cock disappears into you. Watching it slide in and out.” Trixi loved hearing him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32