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Troy Howard surveyed his class of senior high school students. Young adults, not far off graduating. He had taught them History for the past school year. Some he had previously taught when they were younger.

In the past few weeks one student in particular had captured the 36 year old teacher’s attention. Bailee Adams had recently moved to sit in the front row of desks. Thus she’d positioned herself where Troy had an unimpeded view of her.

“Why’s she done that, I wonder?” Troy had initially asked himself.

He had taught Bailee in a number of classes through High School and found her to be a diligent, polite student. Not a real standout looks wise, but attractive enough and a pupil any teacher would be happy to have in their class. She had never flirted with him, as some of the girls were inclined to do. So why had she moved forward to take up such a prominent position?

Troy was looking at Bailee’s school profile on his computer screen. 18 years and four months old. Her attendance was excellent and results top level. She was a member of the school athletics and golf teams. He noted she’d been a cheerleader, but had left the squad at the end of the previous school year.

Troy concentrated his gaze on Bailee. She was short, tanned with an engaging smile and pretty, down slopping eyes.

“Yes, those eyes are definitely her best feature,” he thought dreamily. “And those tanned legs,” he added, as a sexual afterthought.

Her clothes of choice were usually similar to those she wore today. A T-shirt, jean shorts and sandals. The only change would be on golf practice days, when she would wear a skirt and sports polo, as was compulsory. Bailee would usually wear her mousy hair tied up, but when she left if loose it came down past her shoulders.

“Not very big,” Troy daydreamed about how big her breasts might be. “Perky, with small, sensitive nipples, maybe?”

Suddenly Bailee looked up from her screen, directly at him. It was too late to glance away, so he pretended to have been staring into space.

“Shit, caught out, how embarrassing,” he thought, blushing slightly.

Bailee smiled at Troy and dropped her head back to the work on her screen.

Bailee Adams knew Mr Howard was interested in her. A young woman could sense these things. Two years before she’d have felt uncomfortable about this, but now she was happy for his attention. She craved it and wanted him to look at her. She’d moved closer to the front in order to give him a better view.

She liked the way Mr Howard had reacted when she looked up. He hadn’t looked away sharply, but held her eyes. Then he had smiled at her.

“You dirty old man,” Bailee had thought, laughing inwardly.

Bailee had always liked Mr Howard. He was a good teacher, popular, with a keen sense of humour. She was unsure of his age, but saw him as tall and good looking. As she grew older her initial platonic attraction grew into something deeper. Something that would cause a small flutter, low in her stomach, whenever she thought of him.

Bailee was unlikely to have acted on this attraction, had her boyfriend, Matt Evans, not dumped her for her ex-friend Amy Spencer, a month previous. Prior to this she had everything planned. She had been accepted into a College on the East Coast, on a golf scholarship. She would move there over the summer, after school finished in 3 months.

She’d intended to remain with Matt until this time and then leave him behind for new relationships at College. His ending it with her had not been a part of her plans.

The separation had been big news among her peer group and had hit Bailee hard. She had given much of herself to Matt, both emotionally and physically. At his behest she had shaved and waxed herself, had indulged in role play and even allowed other boys to watch her in bed with Matt. She was hugely embarrassed when this became public knowledge, around the school, following the breakup.

However after a couple of weeks of low mood she had determined to find a positive. Bailee determined to get a bit risqué in her final few months prior to college.

After Matt she could not be bothered with another unsophisticated, demanding young male. At first she’d wondered if she should try women. However, while this made sense emotionally, physically she just wasn’t attracted to them. So she had decided to pursue an older man. In Mr Howard, she had the prime candidate.

“He’s just so dreamy,” she thought staring at her screen, but unable to do any work. “He’ll look again shortly. I need to give him something.”

Bailee gave a large sigh and slumped forward in her chair. She crossed her legs at the ankle and opened her knees wide. Then she placed a hand lightly on her upper thigh.

Troy Howard noted this action and quickly surveyed the room to see if anyone else had seen him watching. To his relief they all appeared engrossed in their work.

“Why wouldn’t they be? They’re in the top history class. High achievers. She knows I’m illegal bahis watching. She must know,” he thought, feeling the surge of adrenaline this notion brought with it.

However, within seconds the feelings of guilt came flooding in to drown his euphoria.

“You’re her teacher, not a teenage suitor. You’ve got a wife, two children and, in five months’ time, you’ll have another,” he berated himself. “Pull yourself together man.”

He shook his head and tried to do some marking.

They had played this game before and she had become increasingly bold. Bailee decided it was time to take this unacknowledged flirting a stage further. She wanted him, but knew he would never make the first move. She’d have been disappointed if he had.

“That would make him a bit lecherous.” she thought. “It has to be me. I need to leave him in no doubt, but not push too hard, so as to frighten him off.”

“I’m a little stuck with the conclusion, Mr Howard,” Bailee called out, her hand raised.

She knew how he would reply. Mr Howard always replied in the same manner to such requests from pupils.

“Alright, come and see me after class Bailee.”


Bailee had never once made such a request before. Troy moved in his seat at the thought of her entering his personal space. All concentration was now gone. His cock had risen to three quarter hardness and he shifted in his chair to adjust it. He waited for the bell to go signalling morning break.

When it rang the others exited the class as quickly as they could and Bailee continued to sit where she was. No one was alerted. They had heard her request.

The door shut behind the final pupil and Bailee rose.

“She is looking good enough to eat,” Troy thought, as he smiled at her. She walked over to his desk and stood close by him.

Bailee lowered her head to his level, ostensibly to read the computer, where he had brought up her work in the class portal. He felt her shoulder lightly touch his. Troy drank in her light scent. It made him a little dizzy, so he shook his head, in order to read what she had written.

“This looks perfectly fine to me Bailee. Why don’t you think it’s good?”

“I dunno, it just didn’t read right to me,” she said, turning to look him in the eyes.

Troy looked up at her out of the corner of his eyes, their faces only inches apart.

“Why don’t you try this,” he suggested turning back to her computer and writing a new conclusion under hers.

“What do you think of that?” he said, when he’d finished.

“That’s fantastic, Mr Howard,” I knew you’d sort it out, you just have the knack. “Thanks so much.” She made no effort to move away.

Bailee dropped her hand to his thigh and lent in to kiss him on the cheek. She squeezed his leg all the while smiling at him. That was as far as she had intended to go, but she noted the look in his eyes. She had seen that look in men before. She had momentum and thought she would run with it.

“Touch me Mr Howard. Please?” she asked quietly.

Troy Howard was completely compromised. Every fibre of his body wanted to do as his pupil requested. The ache in his groin was demanding he do so. His thoughts of family had gone, but other doubts stepped forth.

He quickly glanced at the narrow window in the door. Very little foot traffic went past his 2nd floor classroom, with the corridor ending in a dead end, fire escape. Bailee had positioned herself on his far side, so he partially shielded her from view.

“This is no time to think, just act, you gutless so and so,” he thought harshly to himself.

Troy brought his arm around behind Bailee and hooked his hand between her partially open legs. He brought his fingers to her soft flesh, six inches below her shorts. He saw her close her eyes as she released a low sigh. He moved his fingertips lightly up and down her.

Glancing to the door again, he moved his fingers higher. He felt he flesh become softer, the higher he moved.

“Sweet Jesus,” thought Bailee, as the blood poured into her pelvis. “If he goes any higher I’m going to gush on his hand.”

She wanted his lips on hers, his other hand on her sensitive breast. He’d reached her shorts now and she could stand it no longer. She slammed her legs together trapping his hand. Her fingernails dug into his leg, her nose beside his head and all her intimate parts fully alerted.

Suddenly, someone walked past the classroom window. Mr Howard wrenched his hand away and Bailee followed his lead and stood upright, removing her own hand. She felt an empty yearning between her legs, but knew he would not return his hand there now. The spell was broken.

He looked up at her and they locked eyes for a few seconds.

“That was nice,” she said, feeling the need to leave him in no doubt.

“Hmm,” was all she heard in reply. He smiled up at her as they heard the bell sound.

“You’ve missed your break; you better go to your next class Bailee.”

The illegal bahis siteleri rest of the day was a blur for Troy. He couldn’t concentrate and only had thoughts for Bailee Adams. His thoughts kept see-sawing between the potential downside of what had occurred and the pleasurable feelings it had elicited.

The end of the day could not come quick enough. When he arrived home, he was thankful the house was empty. His pregnant wife, Tania, always collected their two children from day care and school and dropped them at her sisters, every week day. Then she went to visit her mother from 4 to 6pm.

Tania’s mother had lived an active life on her own, since Tania’s father passed away, 10 years earlier. However, a year ago she’d suffered a stroke and had struggled ever since. Her speech had returned, but her entire left side was disabled, making walking and household tasks difficult.

Despite the family’s cajoling, their mother wouldn’t move out of her home. Therefore, the family were required to care for her in her home. They employed a private nurse to call by daily, but they needed to help out. Tania had a number of siblings to share the load meaning her shift was limited to weekdays, between school and dinner.

Troy swallowed hard and loosened his shirt. He shook his head, but still could not get Bailee from his head. Her smile, her smell, the kiss she gave him, her soft inner thigh.

It was too much for Troy. He headed directly to the bathroom, stripped off and stepped into the shower. The water ran off his head and shoulders, down his body and his soapy hand went directly to his cock. With thoughts of Bailee in his head he stroked himself to hardness. In his mind’s eye she’d removed her shorts and lain back on the desk, tanned legs spread wide, offering herself to him fully. Within a minute, with his face pressed hard against them, he ejaculated onto the tiles.

As he watched his semen disappearing down the drain, Troy felt a profound sense of relief. He quickly dried and changed. Soon he heard the sound of his children, as they noisily exited the car.

“Hi Tom; hi Lauri,” Troy said, giving the six and four year old’s a hug each.

Their mother followed them in. Tania looked a little flushed, with a small bump showing through her t-shirt. Apart from that Troy noted she remained an attractive, slender woman. Her natural, light blond hair, framing a pretty oval face. Her breasts had swelled nicely with the pregnancy.

“Hi Hon, how’s your Mum,” Troy asked, as some unease began to creep in.

“No change, how’s your day been?”

Now guilt flooded in. His wife always returned so upbeat from the tiring task of caring for her mother, never complaining, despite her condition.

“What was I thinking,” he thought as he looked at his lovely wife of ten years, standing before him, five months pregnant

“How was my day?” he thought. “Fuckin marvellous, cause I got to feel up a very attractive pupil, fourteen years your junior,” he mulled, sarcastically berating himself.

“You alright hon?” Tania said, jerking him back to the here and now.

“Yes; No; just fine; all good,” he stumbled out. “Golly, you’re glowing.”

“That’ll be the pregnant waddle from the car to here,” Tania said smiling.

In actual fact she wasn’t that huge, not yet having swelled anywhere beyond her breasts and stomach. She was continuing to attend keep fit classes and could have easily run a couple of kilometres, had she a wish to.

They exchanged platonic cheek kisses and then went about the family routine. Tania cooked the dinner, while Troy entertained the children and put them in their pyjamas. They discussed their days, concentrating on the children while eating dinner.

Once stories were read and Tom and Lauri put to bed, Troy and Tania spent some time, close up on the couch, watching TV. However, he found it difficult to concentrate. The family setting was really pricking his conscience. His mind continually drifted to thoughts of Bailee and what had occurred at school.

Eventually they went to bed. There would be no sex. Tania had experienced chronic morning sickness in the first three months of her pregnancy. Similar had occurred with the two previous pregnancies. During this time sex had ceased on each occasion.

When the morning sickness finally ended, Tania had indicated to Troy that her interest had returned to some extent, but his had not. He could not bring himself to have sex with his pregnant wife. Despite his recognising that she remained attractive enough, when with child, she just didn’t turn him on. They would resume having sex around three to four months after the birth. They didn’t discuss it any more, that’s just the way it was.

Tania dropped quickly off to sleep, but Troy lay awake, mulling over events.

“I love Tania and I love my family dearly,” he thought. “But I just need a little more right now. Bailee’s a mesmerising young woman and she’s hot for me. An opportunity like this might never arise canlı bahis siteleri again and I’d kick myself for not running with it. Anyway, what harm can come of it? No one needs to know, so no harm done,” he rationalised.

With that clearing of his conscience, he began to grow hard again, recalling Bailee. Troy drifted off into a contented sleep.

Tania was having a sex dream. She was in her kitchen, nine months pregnant, with a huge swollen belly. She was pulling her husband’s head to hers, trying to kiss him, but he was avoiding her lips. With her free hand she masturbated her mother’s male nurse, Chris, who stood there, seemingly unaware of this. The ache of arousal in her lower stomach was intense. She yearned for one of them to touch her pussy, but neither would.

Tania kept touching her husband’s face, attempting to move it into position for a kiss, but it was slippery and she couldn’t grip it. The cock in her hand was swelling to huge proportions, she looked toward Chris, but he was reading the paper, seemingly unaware of her efforts. The feeling in her pussy grew. She felt empty and needed one of the men to fill her. The ache grew unbearable.

Tania jerked awake with a start, sweating and breathing rapidly. She lay on her back and turned her head to the clock. It read 4am.

“Just a dream,” she thought. “But what a dream. Gosh; what a horny dream.”

She felt the ache between her legs. Tania hadn’t had a sex dream in years. She couldn’t recall the last time. She was unwilling to move for fear of disturbing her sleeping husband, but she felt an overwhelming need to touch herself.

She wore no underwear to bed and slowly brought a hand to her swollen breast, cupping it through her thin night dress, lightly rubbing a thumb across her erect nipple. The touch sent a signal directly to her pussy, further intensifying the sensations, still lingering from her dream. She pushed her legs together and flexed her upper thighs, to intensify the feeling in her loins. She drew in a deep breath.

Tania’s smile for her husband the previous day had masked strong feelings of guilt. While she’d nonchalantly dismissed his comment about her glowing, the fact was, she was aroused. She remained flushed from a brief, pleasurable interlude she’d shared with her mother’s nurse, just an hour earlier. Only a kiss, but no platonic peck on the cheek. This had been a passionate kiss on the lips. Tania pulled her night dress up to bare her stomach. She moved her free hand down, across her bump and onto her lower stomach.

Chris had replaced the previous nurse, about four months earlier. Georgina had been an abrupt, directive, middle aged woman. Tania had never warmed to her. Chris had been a breath of fresh air. He was in his late 20’s Tania guessed. While not tall, only a couple of inches taller than her, he was very good looking, with a relaxed nature. They had immediately hit it off.

Tania’s sister had also noted that Chris was a vast improvement on Georgina. They had laughed and joked about his looks. However, Tania knew her conservative sister would never consider flirting with Chris. As the more outgoing and attractive, Tania had no such qualms. Initially there had been nothing sexual about their growing friendship.

“There still isn’t,” thought Tania, pushing her hand down, onto her to her closely cropped pubic hair.

She knew her denial was a lie. Their talk had become increasingly suggestive and this flirting had caused the butterflies to flutter in her lower stomach. Now there had been a kiss.

“The problem is we’ve spent too much time alone,” she thought, acknowledging how her mother would often sleep during Tania’s time at her house.

She’d tell Chris to go at such times, but he would always say he was employed from noon to 7pm and had to stay. So they’d pass the time drinking hot drinks and discussing their lives. At first this was merely mundane descriptions of family and hobbies. However, as time passed they’d both begun to reveal more to each other.

Chris had told her he was married. She knew that from his wedding band. However, he said he and his wife could not have children and this had driven a wedge between them. They had drifted apart and Chris was deeply unhappy.

For her part Tania had divulged some of her and Troy’s relationship.

“I get this awful morning sickness that lasts the whole day for the first three months,” she’d told him. Then, as if to prove her point, she’d rushed to the toilet to be sick.

Chris had been very understanding. As a result she had shared with him her joy when the morning sickness passed, as she entered her fourth month. She had then become somewhat unguarded and had divulged her increasing libido.

“That wasn’t wise,” thought Tania, with Chris’s face now completely in her mind’s eye. He was a handsome man. She slowly began to rub her fingers lightly back and forth across her mons, her legs still pushed together.

“It’s happened with all three pregnancies, but by the time I get keen, Troy’s completely lost interest in me,” she explained to Chris.

“What; you don’t have sex at all during your pregnancies?”

“No, I guess not,” Tania had replied, annoyed for divulging so much of her private life.

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