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We’ve worked together for a long time, and I’ve fantasized about having vigorous sex with her for months now. I’ve imagined being behind her while she’s bent over cashiering orders at the drive-thru window. She’s 18 now, it’s totally legal right? I’m 25 and considered her boss. I was once in a relationship with my son’s mother, but I’ve been seeing her for lunch dates on my days off and she’s great with kids so that turns me on. She’s 5’4″ about 130, and has the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever looked into. She’s got a small nice ass that I’m sure one palm could cover one cheek at a time. I’d say she’s got B cup tits but with the Arby’s uniform and the dresses she wears on Tuesday’s I can’t be sure. She’s fit, walks with a purpose everywhere she goes and she’s been sending me signals for weeks.

Last week we went to the park and had a picnic, she was in a light brown dress with white spandex underneath. She had a very elegant necklace on and as my son went running around the park we had the chance to chat about things other than work, her smile glows so I love making her laugh. But as the day went on we had to draw to a close. We headed back to my apartment cause it was nearing nap time for my son.

At home, which I shared with my son’s mother at the time, I got my son to lay down and begin to settle down for his nap, with her we sat in the living room and talked, flirted, and sparks flew. We cuddled as if to take a nap, we were just being friends however, I wanted her, I wanted to feel her, I wanted to love her like no other. What was supposed to be a nap type setting quickly turned into a session of embraces and kisses on her neck, when I moved in to kiss her lips she softly whispers my name, which to me felt like a “we shouldn’t be doing this” type of speech. I stop and say “Yes, you’re right we shouldn’t do this.” I knew if I kissed her bahis firmaları I wouldn’t want to stop and she felt the same way. She left within five minutes of that and my thoughts ran wild.

When my son’s mom came home I had no interest in her day, all I could think about is what would’ve happened if I kissed this beautiful girl I met at work? Would I have taken that dress off of her? Would I have seen her amazing pussy? Would I have gotten the pleasure of tasting her fluids? Would I have felt myself inside of her? Would I have exploded inside of her? The day ends with those thoughts on my mind.

All week we talk about what would’ve happened and I must say we were on the same page. She wanted me and I wanted her. This coming Tuesday we’re going to do something a little different. All week at work we flirt and build a sexual tension like never before, she looks at me biting her lip which I find drives me crazy. Me looking at her bending over that same drive-thru window presenting me with what will soon be mine, intentionally. Her using those sexual innuendos while giving me the “look back” in a fashion that shows she wants me in a way I can’t explain yet.

It’s Tuesday morning, I wake up energized and excited for what today holds. I get my suit on with my button up and tie, so I look fresh and I send her my first text of the day.

“Good morning beautiful.” I send.

“Hey Sexy.” she says.

“How are you?” I reply.

“Horny! In class.” she tells me.

“Oh? A few hours and you’ll be here with me.” I remind her

She informs me that today she’s wearing a black dress and feels very sexy. I tell her of course she is very sexy. She then proceeds to tell me she’s not wearing underwear and since she’s as horny as she is she can smell her juices flowing thinking of being laid on my bed receiving all of me. I imagine what the kaçak iddaa smell is, but I am unsure of what to expect. She’s in class and I am doing my thing getting my apartment ready for company while keeping my son entertained and preoccupied with activities in an attempt to tire him out when she’d be released from college. Which to my luck is very shortly.

“I’m on my way!” She says.

At this point I get completely nervous for what is about to happen, this girl I’ve imagined fucking is coming to my house with intent to have unprotected sex with me. She’s wearing a sexy black dress with no panties and a pussy that’s been soaking wet all morning. She wants to be filled with my hard cock. My friend calls as she pulls into the parking lot and that’s a call I have to take to calm my nerves, to distract me that I’m about to experience, what I’ve dreamt of for months, I am about to feel this girl I’ve had a crush on since we met. As she enters I am on the phone talking about car repairs with my friend, she comes and sits next to me in that black dress and she starts slow, kissing my neck while I finish my conversation.

She unbuttons and unzips my pants and pulls out my already hard throbbing aching cock and immediately started to suck on it. I feel her warm inviting mouth take my stiff hard shaft inch by inch inside. Her spit glazing my cock from the base to the tip, she shows me she can take the whole thing down her throat. I finish my call and finally put my lips on hers, my tongue in her mouth, and I lift her from my couch and carry her into my bedroom. I throw her light body on my bed and I lift that dress to her hips revealing that sexy grown pussy that’s been soaking wet for me all day, the smell of her pussy juices flowing all over her moist bush. As I kiss her I rest my spit soaked member on the mound of her bush lightly brushing he clit kaçak bahis and making her squirm and crave me. She moans incessantly in anticipation of my initial thrust. As I push my stiff cock into her and she wiggles as each inch goes into her, I feel her sweet pussy for the first time and it was better than I ever imagined.

We kiss harder, she moans louder, I start to thrust in and out of her deeply, she begins to scream louder than I anticipated. Within seconds my room smells like her pussy being fucked and her juices flow down my shaft and off my balls onto my bed sheets. I was nervous my neighbors would hear, but hell I haven’t had sex in a month, and this sex would become the best sex I have ever had, so I let her scream my name while I started fucking her with all my strength and effort. As I begin to reach my point of no return I wonder about cumming inside of her young tight pussy, am I supposed to? The sensation and the sound of my balls slapping against her ass, the sound of her screaming each time I’m deep inside of her, the feeling of her tight vagina wrapped around my rock hard dick, the thought of filling her with my fluids storms into my mind.

As I continue slamming into her, and I feel her begin to reach her climax cause her pussy became even more tight, wet, and very inviting. I kiss her neck and hold her wrists above her head. I keep pushing deeper as I reach my climax, I am ready to cum, I am ready to fill her with my seed. She begs for it “Cum inside me!” She says and right at that, I explode instantly, the backload of a month worth of cum deposited into her perfect vagina.

I pull my now softening cock out of her, fully satisfied by our first performance while I am still in my suit but pants at my knees, her still in that sexy black dress just pulled up revealing her now swollen pussy that’s beginning to ooze my cum onto her legs and her ass cheeks, the smell of our sex now fills the room. We look at each other smiling and proud. Proud of what we just did but also excited to do it again. So I wonder, what’s in store for next Tuesday?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32