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“Then come do something about it,” she challenged, the laugh still shimmering in her voice.

“Oh I will,” she could hear the grin in his tone.

Suddenly she got an idea, as he padded across the room she took a couple steps back, he passed her and she stifled a giggle. She slowly, as silently as possible went over to the supply cabinet, most people brought their own supplies but the newer students could borrow if they needed to. She pulled out a jar of water base paint and a brush.

“Daphne…?” From the sound of his voice he was across the room. She purposefully knocked over the stool he had been sitting on earlier, she heard his steps as he came towards the sound, she moved away from the stool and listened her eyes catching his form in the darkness. She heard a crash and then an ouch sound from him, he had knocked over another of the easels.

She pressed herself against the wall as he passed, he stopped at the table and started to look around more carefully. She unscrewed the lid to the paint. “What are you doing?” he asked, looking a little to the left of where she stood.


He felt something move across his back, cold and wet. “What in the world?” he said, trying to turn around to face her.

“Just hold still,” she said, a hand on his shoulder so he didn’t move. He felt, what he had figured out to be a paintbrush, at the base of his spine, just above the waistline of the pants he was still wearing. She slowly brought it all the way up to his neck and blew the line of paint dry. He shivered at the feeling of her hot breathe and the paint drying on his skin. He felt her move in front of him and reached out to touch her.

“Not yet,” she said, stepping away. He stood in front of her, feeling bahis firmaları the heat from her body and it drove him crazy that he couldn’t touch her. He felt the paint brush on his forehead, she brought it down along his nose down to his chin, she leaned in and blew the on the paint on his lips and gently kissed his lips, barely a brush of her lips against his, but he could feel the paint smear. She put two more lines across his cheeks just under his eyes. The feeling was a bit surreal, he wished he could see her face, wondering if it looked the same as it did when she was in front of the canvas, that concentration, set jaw, but a glimmer in her eyes, a world just out of reach that he had longed to be a part of for so long. Now standing here, her marking his body with those same strokes she so lovingly applied to the canvas he felt as if he had finally broken in to that world.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt the cold paint against his nipple and tensed. He heard her laugh, full and rich. “Hmmm,” the sound in the back of her throat sounded almost like a purr. “Maybe a more delicate instrument is in order.”

Before he could ask what that might be he felt her hot wet tongue on his right nipple, the combination of cold drying paint on one and the mouth he had wanted for so long was an odd sensation and amazingly erotic sensation, he growled low.

He felt her lips lift in to a smile, she moved down kissing his stomach, she trailed the paintbrush along where she kissed, the mix of sensations sent a shudder down his spine, he ached in his suddenly tight pants. She knelt in front of him and he felt her face inches from him, he could almost see it, he could see her silhouette, but could only imagine her eyes and lips, kaçak iddaa the blush on her cheeks. He heard her put down the paint and brush. There was a moment of anticipation, he was hoping she wasn’t having her doubts. Then he felt her hands rest on his chest and then move down his body, slowly, torturously slowly.

Then he felt just the tip of her finger trace the waistline of his pants from one hip to the other, her skin, just that one finger tip was so soft so gentle. He felt her unbutton the jeans and pull them down his legs. He stepped out of them and she pushed them away. Then she pulled down his boxers, hooking a thumb under the waistband and as she slid them down ran her hands along his butt and the back of his thighs, he could feel her breathe on him. He stepped out of the boxers as he had the pants.


Even in the dark, the perfect drop of his precum gleamed like a pearl. She leaned in and with a smile, slowly licked it away flattening her tongue getting the most contact without taking him in her mouth just yet.

She loved his musty, natural scent and took a deep breath, savoring his flavor. She felt his hands knot in her hair and grinned, not willing to be rushed after she had waited this long. She ran her finger nails up the front of his thighs and then around to his butt and down. She felt his shiver and his hands tighten trying to push her face to his aching erection.

She leaned in letting him feel her hot breath and then moved to the side and traced her tongue where his legs and hips met, she heard him moan, and moved to treat the other side to the same. She saw the dribble of precum come out of his slit and leaned in and suckled gently on just the head of his waiting dick. She ran her tongue kaçak bahis along his shaft paying special attention to the area where the head and shaft met. His moans became a constant “mmmmmm.”

She reached up and with long deep red nails softly teased his balls.


He couldn’t believe she was driving him this crazy and hadn’t even taken him in her mouth. He felt her tongue start at his tip and slide up his cock and she continued up to his abdomen. He would have been disappointed but her hot breathe and wet tongue were intoxicatingly erotic as were the feeling of her smooth breasts against his erection as she licked further up. When she got to the point that her breasts were even with his dick she leaned back and placed him in her abundant cleavage. He almost came then. She had enough saliva on him to make it slide through her breast pressed tightly against him, just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore she released his dick and started licking and kissing back down his body, this time there was no teasing just her mouth surrounding him, a hot wet velvet vice, a feeling he thought only came with being inside a young pussy.

She started to bob her head, taking him completely in, he couldn’t remember the last time a girl deep throated him. She shook her head and he let her hair fall and felt the silken waves touch his most sensitive skin and moaned practically growling. Then she moaned in response, the vibrations taking him over the edge.


The first hit of his hot cum hit the back of her throat eliciting another moan. She pulled back letting the cum slide down her throat and was hit with another this time across her perfect porcelain neck and she leaned back and the third spurt hit her across the chest. She began to rub it in to her skin, especially in to her nipples, each touch of the hot liquid against her sensitive nipples sent a jolt of heat to her clit and made her pussy muscles clinch, she needed him, now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32