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Chapter 3 – Celia

Part One

…wherein bold moves are made, a heart-to-heart reveals all, and a new necklace fosters an impromptu taste-test.

Before Vicki could sputter a single word, Celia stepped forward, placed both of her trembling hands on the sides of Vicki’s face, and kissed her hard on the lips. Too stunned to think straight, Vicki’s poor mind fought through a flash storm of sensory overload that resoundingly trounced any thoughts of putting a stop to the sudden liplock. The kiss would only last five seconds, but for Vicki, whose incredible body sought out and soaked up pleasure like no other, Celia’s unexpected affection may as well have lasted hours.

Throughout the opening second of Vicki’s first kiss with another girl besides her loving mommy, whose expert tongue had recently ravished every inch of skin and had tasted every entrance of her busty daughter, the high-school senior’s brain focused on the exhilarating pressure of Celia’s soft, supple, champagne-flavored lips sliding and squishing against her own. Vicki’s small mouth went into overdrive as it instinctively produced a flood of thick, warm saliva that quickly lubricated the entirety of Celia’s lips and upper chin, and beckoned the thirsty tongue of the big-titted, double-cocked bombshell to explore further inside the buxom, beautiful teen’s ripe oral cavity in order to lick up even more of her yummy, viscous juices. Rising above the din of wet lip smacks and gooey, saliva-enhanced suction that accompanied this first meeting of the two tender pairs of female lips was an unmistakeable aching, yet satisfied moan coming from deep within Celia’s mouth, which caused the sensitive flesh of the two beauties’ wet, tingling lips to faintly vibrate against each other, shooting a mini jolt of electricity through every nerve in Vicki and Celia’s unbelievable bodies.

As the following second ticked on, the intoxicating scent of Celia’s jasmine and citrus perfume triggered a rush of memories back to the hundreds of times earlier that the soft, curvy teenager held her exquisite, older friend in long, comforting, braless hugs in the middle of Celia’s office. The spongy, bulging areola of Vicki’s magnificent tits ballooned as they swelled with blood and her smooth, delicious pussy lips began to spread and glisten as additional visions surfaced of sitting thigh-to-thigh on the edge of Celia’s desk, Vicki’s head resting on Celia’s shoulder, her friend’s signature scent encircling the both of them as her young, tan legs aimlessly brushed up and down her principal’s alabaster, silky, longer limbs while Celia’s playful, petite feet poked at and petted the buxom high-schooler’s young, suckable toes and ticklish ankles.

Vying for attention throughout the third second of the kiss was the incredible sensation of Celia’s enormous bare breasts bouncing again and again against Vicki’s huge teenage boobs, currently wrapped snug within a thin, flimsy, ready-to-rip black t-shirt that revealed every stitch of the spectacularly busty girl’s red bikini top directly underneath, which likewise struggled to contain the overflowing tits of the thin-waisted, round-bottomed high-school senior. Vicki and Celia had silently and breathlessly mashed their massive, buoyant racks together more times than either could count behind closed office doors, but for the first time, there was no chance of anyone accidentally interrupting and finding themselves faced with the lurid sight of the red-haired, curvaceous young principal warmly embracing the soft, overdeveloped body of one of her students.

Four seconds in, at around the time Celia extended her tongue from between her insatiable lips to lap up the thick strands of saliva that had quickly built up between their two slippery mouths, the growing sensations of Celia’s fully exposed and engorged nipples batting against the thick, distended tips of Vicki’s own unnaturally large and abnormally sensitive sucklers nearly drove her to her knees, since as blood continued to pump into the flustered teen’s rose-red, fleshy stalks, causing them to grow longer and plumper with every thudding heartbeat, Vicki’s poor distended nipples found that they had nowhere to expand outward to from the expansive curves of the young girl’s humongous breasts, as her mouth-filling, rippled towers were completely trapped by the restrictive dual-layers of her taut bikini top and fully stretched-out, skin-tight t-shirt. With nowhere else to go, Vicki’s rock-hard, inflamed nipples, each twitching and throbbing in luscious agony, pushed back into the soft flesh of her massive breasts, as her thumping, nerve-filled tips helplessly protruded and strained against the damned fabric that kept them at bay, cruelly egged on over and over by the flat, rubbery tips of Celia’s hard, pink, friendly nubs looking to make electrifying contact just on the other side.

However, most clear in the forefront of Vicki’s frazzled bahis firmaları mind throughout the entirety of the kiss, as Celia kept her hungry lips molded to the mouth of the girl young enough to be her daughter, was the sight presented just before the freshly disrobed sexbomb stepped forward to press her naked body against her startled houseguest. For reasons unknown, Celia—Vicki’s principal, her best friend, and one of the most beautiful women Vicki had ever known—had somehow kept hidden for years from her that not only did she possess one hell of a big juicy cock, but she also had two of them (two of them!) each one more perfect and mouth-watering than the other and just the right size to snake down deep into a certain high-school cutie’s tight, warm throat, and Vicki tried and failed repeatedly to ignore their thick, smooth shafts caressing her firm, uncovered tummy as they grew longer and more erect throughout Celia’s unwavering assault on her young lips. Vicki had always thought that her mother’s huge, gorgeous penis was a one-of-a-kind miracle, and since her all-night lovemaking session with her mom, where she impaled her tight young body on its wide, hard, spurting shaft over and over again in-between loud, sloppy blowjobs that always ended with her poor little throat struggling to swallow load after delicious load of her mom’s hot sticky cum, she was sure her mom’s cock was the only one for her. But now the top-heavy teen found herself making out with yet another gorgeous, huge-breasted beauty visibly intent on filling Vicki’s lithe, buxom body full of as much thick, gooey semen as it would hold.

Just when Vicki thought she would faint and fall back into the pool behind her from the unrelenting combination of stimulation and disorientation, Celia pulled her succulent lips away from the beautiful, busty high-schooler, and moved her hands down to rest on Vicki’s heaving shoulders.

“God, I’m sorry dear, I’ve…I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”

After a few deep breaths, she continued. “I…honestly thought I would never get the chance. I’m…I’m sorry if I caught you off guard.”

Vicki didn’t even know what to say or where to start or how to process the last few incredible seconds, so it all came out at once.

“What…Celia! How…I mean, why do you…and there’s…how did you…and then…but you…where did…two of them?!…the ribbons…I…Ms. Taylor!…oh…”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down, dear, I’ve got you. Here, let’s sit you down and you can ask me anything you want…maybe a bit more slowly, though. God, I’ve fucked this all the way up.”

With her arm around Vicki’s shoulders, Celia led the light-headed girl to the nearest teak chaise lounge and helped her down until she was sitting comfortably on its white cushion. She quickly grabbed her discarded robe and threw it back around herself before pulling over another chair and slid it so they were facing each other, their feet almost toe to toe. Vicki’s eyes darted around, never fully committing to eye contact with Celia.

“Vicki darling, again, I’m sorry, I threw way too much at you at one time. I’m sure you have a million questions and…”

Vicki spoke in a low, raspy whisper as her right leg nervously bounced up and down. “What was all that about?”

“What was all…what about?”

“The…the kiss! Pretending to invite me to some big party! Taking off your robe to show me…you know! What is going on!? I’m kind of freaking out, Ms. Taylor…”

“Oh no, Vicki, god, please don’t call me that. I’m…I’m not your principal here. I’m just…your friend…or, god, I hope to still be, after this.”


“Please, let me get this out. I promise you, everything will be okay, and I’ll…I’ll do my best to…hhh…well, here goes.”

Celia softly clasped her hands together.

“You’re right, I did lie about what you’d find once you got here. As you can see, there never was going to be a group of close friends attending…I, uh…I would need some close friends, first off. That’s not depressing, right? You were the only one I ever wanted over tonight. You’re probably the only person who would come over to see me…”

“…That can’t be true.”

“No, it is. I don’t…socialize very much, Vicki. Nobody calls me up to go out for drinks…there’s nobody I talk to regularly between school hours. You can’t be surprised to hear that I spend more time gabbing to you during your lunch break than anyone else in a week.”

“But…that doesn’t make any sense, Ms…sorry, Celia. You’re so pretty, you’re so easy to talk to, and I mean, your boobs are incredible, and I know for a fact that like half of the senior class has a crush on you. You could have anyone in the world!”

“Vicki…you are too kind by far, dear, but I know the truth. Nobody would want to spend a second longer with me once they…they…”

“Once they what?”

Celia looked kaçak iddaa into her young friend’s eyes through a veil of tears that quickly began coursing down her pale cheeks.

“Once they see what a freak I am, Vicki. You saw. Nobody would want…this.” Celia gestured at the whole of her barely-covered body through gurgled sobs. “Oh yes, Miss Whoever, I would love to go out with you, oh and by the way did you know that besides these amazing tits I also have two huge cocks? Two of them! Oh, goodbye then!”


“Vicki, no, it’s true. Nobody wants this mess, they’re more likely to run for the hills. No, no, listen. Look, I love my crazy body. I love to play with it, for hours on end…and there’s a lot to play with! I love to kiss and suck on whatever parts I can reach with my mouth, and I treat these curves right. But…well, you know, just before we met, I finally got the courage up to go on a real date after avoiding it for so long. I had just got a promotion, a salary increase, and shit, you know, I could do this. I met a woman, beautiful woman, from some app, and we had a fantastic evening. She was hot, I know she thought I was hot, you should have seen the cleavage I was rocking, and with a pendant necklace that hung right down between…um, sorry…and we ended up going back to her place. ‘This is where it all turns around,’ I thought.


“She slapped me. Hard. You know, when she…saw. She…thought she was being set up for some kind of prank or something. She…I haven’t exactly been on many dates since.”

“Oh my god!”

“Yeah. So that’s a thing. Confidence level, not that great.”

“Why…why haven’t you told me any of this?”

“Dear, you don’t think I wanted to? You have always been open and honest with me, and I know you would never do anything to hurt me. Almost every day as you walked into my office, I thought that that day would finally be the day I trusted the world enough to share my monstrous secret with someone else…with a friend. I knew deep in my heart that what I told you would never leave the room, and that your overwhelming kindness would raise my spirits a hundred-fold…but…but if word somehow got out at school that…Ms. Principal Celia Taylor had not even just one, but two fully-functional, and let’s be honest, oversized cocks hiding under her dresses, there is absolutely no way I could keep my job. I would be a laughingstock, Vicki. Parents would, oh god, you don’t even want to know! I’d have to leave the state! I would never see you ever again. I…I couldn’t risk it, I’m sorry.”

Vicki continued to look down at her knees, but after a few seconds slid her right foot forward a few inches so the tip of her sandal gently tapped Celia’s toes. “It’s okay. I guess I get it. But how did…”

Celia’s eyes glinted.

“How did I keep these unruly twins from making an appearance every day at school…specifically, whenever you were pressed up against me?”

“Um, well, yeah.”

“The simple answer is I’ve gotten very good at hiding my…generous additions from everyone by using comfortable straps to keep things in place. I’ve had years of practice, and I’ve got it down to a science. Comfy straps…and concentration…well, a lot of concentration. You can’t be surprised to hear that I wage a fierce mental war with my body every time your smiling face makes an appearance, and especially once you rub those magnificent nipples all over my chest…”

“Oh, um, uh…”

“No more hiding it, dear. That’s what I’m getting at, what’s what…all this…was about. Coming clean. And in the spirit of no more secrets, remember the other day when you said I could do anything I wanted to those incredible breasts of yours if I didn’t discipline you?”

“…Yes, Ms. Taylor.”

“Would you like to know what I would have done?”

Vicki audibly gulped.


Celia reached out to hold Vicki’s hands in her own.

“Now pay attention, I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I want you to hear every word of what I’m about to say.


“I would have slowly…carefully…undone every button of your shirt, all the way down.”

“Uh huh…”

“I would have slid my hands up between the loose fabric and your smooth, soft skin, and then I would have spread your shirt open, away from your amazing chest, leaving your huge, beautiful tits fully exposed.”


“Holding one of your breasts in both of my hands, I would have raised it up to my mouth so I could place a gentle, tiny kiss at the tip of your nipple.”


“I would have then repeated this with your other breast, making sure my lips encircled the tops of both of your phenomenal nipples as I sweetly kissed them and ran my tongue across their enormous tips.”

The solitary sounds of Vicki’s heavy breathing filled the space between them.

“Having kaçak bahis then properly introduced myself, I would have whispered to them, those enormous, incredible young tits of yours, that the smart, hilarious, charming, and extraordinary girl that they belong to? The girl with the dirtiest mouth I’ve ever known, but will be the first to tell me, with complete sincerity, that things will be okay when I feel like crap? The girl who grows more astounding and heart-stoppingly gorgeous every day I see her? The girl who I knew beyond anything else that I could trust to be my friend at all times, no matter what? I can’t get my mind off of her. All day and all night, all I can do is picture her smile, her eyes, her body. I was in love with her, and I couldn’t take not telling her one day longer.”

Tears dripped down up on Vicki’s lower arms and even more clouded her vision as the speechless highschooler looked up into the surprisingly calm whites of her best friend just across from her.

“But I couldn’t tell you then, because I had a job to do, and I was honestly still terrified of opening up. On the way home from school, though, I realized I didn’t want to live like that anymore and, Vicki dear, you deserved a grand gesture.” Celia looked down, then looked back up with a smile on her face that looked like it was about to burst into laughter. “Ta-daaaaaaah…”

Always a sucker for Celia’s irresistible smile, Vicki couldn’t help but let out a short laugh of her own, which ended up leading into a multi-second wild coughing fit that caused both girls to smile even larger at its poor timing.

“Haah…hugh…I’m okay, I’m okay.”

Their sweaty, soft hands still held tight together, Celia sat up straight.

“So that’s me, Vicki. I’m a genetic freak that nobody wants, I don’t have any friends to speak of besides the one girl I’ve completely fallen head-over-heels for, and I made the brilliant decision to dump all of this on her at one time, oh, and while completely naked. You did deserve a grand gesture, but you didn’t deserve what I gave you. I will not be surprised if you leave right now, and I will just have to deal with whatever happens between us in the future. I can only ask that if you ever considered me a friend at any point in the past, please, don’t tell anyone about…this, and well, those, and you’ll never have to speak to or see me ever again.”

A tense silence throbbed between the two.

On one side of the slick handclasp, a red-maned, huge-breasted vision of pure sex gazed teary-eyed at her curvy, nubile houseguest, sloppily wrapped only in a robe one errant body shift away from revealing two thick, creamy-white, velvety-smooth cocks that even after all that had transpired over the last few minutes, had only become harder, fatter, and even more impatient to be licked and stroked all over as their twin shafts rubbed and slid against each other and Celia’s firm, silky tummy.

Embracing her thin, delicate fingers were those of the dark-haired, top-heavy young nymph whose heavy, mouthwatering tits hypnotically rose and fell with her every breath, whose eyes shifted back and forth between the cute, fleshy nubs of Celia’s engorged nipples poking out against the fabric of her robe and the unmistakable dual bulges of her two tantalizing cocks stirring behind its loose folds, and whose mind ferociously boiled over with thoughts and wishes and what-ifs and memories and desires that kept Vicki’s bloated, well-sucked nipples stretched at their full length of just over four inches long, though still pushed deep into and enveloped by the tender flesh of her extra-squeezable, pillowy boobs.

Neither Celia nor Vicki spoke for almost thirty seconds, though neither showed signs of willing to let the other go.

Finally, just as Celia was about to speak, not knowing what she was going to actually say, Vicki raised her head to look at Celia’s face, and smiled.

“I thought that the ribbons you tied around your big, hard penises made them look super cute.”

The brightness of Celia’s smile could have melted steel.

“Oh! Um, thank you…does…does that mean I haven’t ruined everything?”

“No, of course not, Ms. Taylor. They’re, I mean, it’s a lot to take in! But…I would never, ever abandon you, or mock you, or hate you for expressing your feelings. I care about you way too much to do anything like that. I do wish you had told me about your cocks earlier though, that would have given us so much more to talk about during lunch! And, well, to be honest, I wouldn’t have minded if you had kept them unstrapped. I hate that you had to keep yourself…hidden from me.”

“I would have liked that too, dear.”

“So, um, yeah. I’m still kind of wrapping my mind around our kiss, which was kind of fantastic by the way, and finally getting to see your beautiful body, no! It’s true! Every part of it! And your feelings towards me…would…would it be okay if maybe…we just, just took some time and had that pool party I was promised?”

Celia gave Vicki’s tiny hands a hard, elated squeeze.

“Yes. Yes, absolutely. The pool is all yours, dear.”

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