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Monday 6 September 1850.

When their carriage pulled up outside their ancestral home, Lady Constance Cockingham and her daughter, Beatrice both gave a sigh of relief. The boat train journey from Calais had been terrible, thanks to a violent storm in the channel, which had delayed their crossing by twenty four hours. Then they’d got cold and wet transferring from the boat in Dover to the train for London. That journey had been acceptable, but on arriving at Victoria train station, the heavens had opened again. The carriage journey from London to Bath had been long, cold and miserable.

Lady Cockingham waited for the footman to open the carriage door, and then she stepped down and waited for Beatrice to join her. She scowled at the butler, who stood at the entrance to Smallcock Hall, the ancient and ancestral home of her husband’s line, with some of the upstairs servants.

“Where is his Lordship?” she demanded of Thomas, the butler. “I would have thought that after four months away from home, the least he could have done would be to be present to greet his wife and daughter on their return from the Grand Tour.”

“His Lordship left instructions to convey his apologies to you and Miss Beatrice,” replied Thomas. “He was here all day yesterday when your Ladyship was expected home. His Lordship has been summoned to Mrs. Scarlet’s establishment.”

That news seemed to placate Lady Cockingham, who hurried indoors, anxious to get out of the cold wind.

“Send someone down to Mrs. Scarlet’s house,” she instructed Thomas. ” Miss Beatrice and I will call on her tomorrow morning. There is much to discuss, what with Miss Beatrice’s forthcoming wedding. Has his Lordship mentioned the Coupling ceremony?”

“Not to me, your Ladyship,” answered the butler. “I presume that is a topic for yourself, Mrs. Scarlet and Miss Beatrice”

At the mention of her wedding, Beatrice drew her breath in sharply.

“Will I be a real woman after my wedding Ma’ma?” she asked, drawing out the ‘a’ sounds as she knew her mother preferred. “Or must I wait for my Coupling? Does that take long to complete after I’m married?”

“Not too long, my dear,” replied Lady Cockingham with a smile. “Now hurry along and begin your exercises. I’ll see you at dinner, and we’ll discuss it. I just want to change out of these wretched clothes. They absolutely stink of travelling.”

“Where is Fanny?” she asked Thomas.

“I took the liberty of sending her up to your dressing room, my Lady,” answered the butler. “Will you require anything else?”

“I’ll send for you when I need you,” replied Lady Cockingham enigmatically.

She started up the stairs.

“Hurry along, Beatrice dear,” she said over her shoulder. “You need to get back into the routine of completing your exercises every day. Our wretched homeward journey has disrupted that.”

Beatrice scowled at her mother’s back and stalked off to the east wing of the Hall, where she and her elder brother Cecil had their rooms.

As she approached the door to her dressing room and bedroom, another door opened further down the wide corridor.

“Hello, sis. Welcome home. Did you have a good time? Come and tell me all about it.”

This was Cecil, Beatrice’ s brother. Unlike his sister, who had thick dark hair and deep brown eyes to go with her caramel complexion, Cecil had blonde hair, blue eyes and an extremely white, milky skin. Lady Constance Cockingham changed lovers almost as often as she changed her garments.

Beatrice, who had been told by her mother whilst they were on their Grand Tour, who the man who had sired was, looked around guiltily. She needed to do her exercises. But then the thought struck her. Maybe she could do them in Cecil’s room. She would not only be obeying Ma’ma, but she could also practice the teasing skills she would be needing when she was married. She grinned at her brother, and walked past her own rooms, and into his.

Lady Constance sat and looked at Fanny, her maid, in the large mirror that sat on her dressing table.

“Oh it is so good to be back home, Fanny,” she smiled kindly at the short, plump girl whom she held so highly in her affections. “Unhook me, please” she continued, referring to the series of hooks and eyes that fastened her travelling dress. “I think I’ll take a bath before dinner. Will you go and draw one for me, please? I’ll undress myself once you’ve unhooked me.”

“Already done, my Lady,” replied Fanny with a grin. “I thought you might be dusty and tired after your long journey. I had the scullery maids fill your bath, and there’s two buckets of fresh hot water as well, in case you decided to wash your hair.”

Lady Constance beamed.

“Oh you dear girl. I’ve missed you so,” she sighed, lifting her arms so that Fanny could slip the top of the heavy dress over her shoulders. She stood up so that the dress could be removed completely.

“Don’t bother about putting it away yet,” she said . “You may undress me completely now. I think I’ll make use of your lovely fingers and tongue before bursa eskort I have my bath.”

Quickly, Fanny took off her Mistress,’s many petticoats before unlacing her corset. Lady Constance stood in her elasticated bloomers, and the binding around her tits.

“Hurry up!” she scolded with a smile, to show Fanny that she wasn’t really cross with her.

With the bindings undone, Lady Constance’s large, heavy tits were exposed. She put her hands up to them and hefted them up.

“My titties need seeing to,” she said softly, “as does my cunny. Take my bloomers down, Fanny.”

“With pleasure, my Lady,” replied the maid, her eyes shining with desire. She undid the ribbons around her Mistress’s knees and slid the elasticated waistband down. Lady Constance stepped out of them and stood before her maid, totally naked.

“You’ve been neglecting your gardening, Mistress” said Fanny with a smile, referring to the growth of light brown curly pubic hair around Lady Constance’s cunt.

“Oh those foreign maids are so clumsy,” replied Lady Constance. “One stupid girl in Paris used a razor so blunt it left me with a rash. I was too embarrassed to even think about finding a gentleman that evening. I had to make do with Miss Beatrice’s finger.”

“I’ll send for a razor and shave you in the bath,” said Fanny with a smile. “Did Miss Beatrice enjoy her Grand Tour?”

“Yes, I’m sure she did,” answered Lady Constance. “She’s been pestering me to be allowed to give up her maidenhead, but I am resolute that she shall go to her wedding and on to her coupling as a virgo intactica.”

She stood up again.

“Take your titties out, Fanny and come and lie on the bed with me,” she instructed. “I think I want to suckle you whilst you frig me with your fingers. It feels like I haven’t had a decent climax in ages!”

Like all of Lady Constance’s close serving staff, Fanny was excused wearing any form of underwear. She opened the buttons on her maid’s dress and got her tits out. They were huge, heavy and pale with long, dark brown nipples. Lady Constance sighed in contentment and latched onto one of them with her full soft lips. She began to suckle and opened her legs to allow Fanny full and easy access.

Despite her tender years, Fanny knew exactly how to pleasure a woman. She quickly located her Mistress’s clit and rubbed it gently in a circular movement with her thumb. She used her index and middle fingers to fuck Lady Constance. Soon the palm of her hand had a puddle of cunt cream in it and Lady Constance was panting like a bitch on heat.

“Good girl, Fanny,” she gasped. “Frig me! Bring me off! Ah! Yes! Keep going! Don’t stop! Oh Lord, I’m cumming! Yes! Ye-es! YESSSS!”

Fanny withdrew her fingers gently. She licked the puddle in her palm. Then, knowing her Mistress’s likes she dipped her lips into her hand and smeared Lady Constance’s cunt cream over her lips and round her mouth.

Lady Constance smiled at her and kissed her tenderly, savouring the flavour of herself on her maid’s mouth.

“Bath time, I think,” she said. “Get a maid to bring a razor up to my bathroom, and then get out of your clothes. You can’t shave or bathe me without being in my bath with me.”

Her pretty face was a picture of delight as Fanny took the speaking tube off its’ hook on the wall at the side of Lady Constance’s bed. She blew into it, producing a whistle in the corresponding tube in the butler’s pantry.” Fanny put the tube to her ear.

Presently, she heard Albert, the under-butler’s voice.

“Albert speaking, your Ladyship. How may I help you?”

Fanny transferred the tube to her mouth.

“It’s Fanny up in Lady Cockingham’s bathroom,” she said slowly and clearly. “Send Tilly up with a razor, please. And make sure it’s very sharp,” she added.

She returned the tube to her ear to hear Albert say that he’d just finished stropping his Lordship’s razors, ready for him to be shaved prior to dinner. He’d send Tilly up straightaway. Did her Ladyship require anything else? Albert asked anxiously.

He was newly promoted to under-butler, whose duties he carried out in addition to his role as as dining room steward, and he wanted to make a good impression.

Fanny asked Lady Constance if she required anything else, and after a moment’s thought, she instructed Fanny to tell Albert to send Thomas the butler up to her dressing room in fifteen minutes.

Her message delivered, Fanny walked her Mistress into the bathroom. In the middle of the wooden floor stood a huge, high sided copper tub three quarters full of hot water. Steam rose from the surface. It was easily big enough to accommodate two people, and indeed, Lady Constance had enjoyed some of her most memorable experiences in it.

Fanny helped her Mistress into the tub just as a respectful tap sounded at the door of the dressing room..

“That will be Tilly with the razor,” she said with a smile. “I’ll just go and fetch it, and I’ll be straight back, my Lady.”

She opened the door to Tilly, who presented Fanny with a cut-throat bursa escort razor on a fluffy white towel. She didn’t bat an eyelid at Fanny’s nudity. Indeed, she took the opportunity to feast her eyes on the maid’s glorious tits, her cute pot belly and her plump, pink cunt lips. Tilly was in line to be the equivalent to Miss Beatrice when she was married, that Fanny was to Lady Constance.

“Thank you, Tilly,” smiled Fanny, kissing her quickly on the mouth. She shut the door quickly and hurried back to the bathroom.

Lady Constance had sat down in the bath and was pleasuring herself with a long loofah when Fanny returned with the razor. She stood up in the tub with a smile.

“My cunny’s wet inside and out now,” she grinned. “Join me in here, and let’s get rid of this unsightly growth! I have grown to dislike my cunny with a beard!”

At about the same time as Fanny got into her Mistress’s bath tub, Beatrice and Cecil had settled down in his dressing room, and were talking animatedly about what had gone on whilst Cecil’s younger sister had been away on her Grand Tour.

“Ma’ma and I met lots of very nice foreign ladies,” recalled Beatrice. “Most of them had daughters either my age or a little bit older than me. They all seem to do the Wedding and Coupling ceremonies differently to how we do it here. In France, for instance a girl can Couple as soon as she’s found her lover. She doesn’t have to wait for the Wedding ceremony.”

“But in Germany, she has to wait a whole week to participate in her Coupling, and in both Spain and Italy the bride is only properly Coupled after she’s been married for three months! “

“Oh my word!” exclaimed Cecil excitedly. “Thank goodness you will be coupled straightaway after you’re wed. Do you know who you are marrying yet?”

“Not yet,” replied Beatrice, “but Ma’ma and I are going to call on Mrs. Scarlet tomorrow. I presume she has some prospects lined up. Not that it matters, of course, but I do hope she’s got someone who has been properly trained.”

Cecil blushed. Beatrice knew the reason. Ma’ma had begun Cecil’s training almost as soon as he was able to walk, but Cecil had always found the conditioning difficult. In the end, Ma’ma had resorted to sending Cecil to Mrs. Scarlet for intensive conditioning. He still attended each morning, and Mrs. Scarlet held out some hope that he could be married off at some point.

“Let me see your John Thomas, Cecil,” said Beatrice with a grin. “I have my exercises to do. I think I’ll do them in front of John Thomas!”

Cecil groaned. He had no say in this matter. He stood up and slowly unbuttoned his breeches. He tugged them down and Beatrice giggled. There was a tiny bulge in his silk undergarment.

“Come on now, don’t be shy!” she encouraged him.

Cecil untied the drawstring and slid his silk knickerbockers down. His tiny cock bobbed up and down excitedly.

“Hello again, John Thomas,” giggled Beatrice, reaching out to stroke it. “You look as if you’ve missed me whilst I’ve been away!”

She sat back in her chair and took hold of the hem of her dress. She pulled it up, revealing several layers of petticoat. Beatrice looked at her brother slyly.

One by one, she pulled up her petticoats until Cecil was faced with the sight of his sister displaying her directoire bloomers. They were tied with pink ribbons at her knees, and already there was a wet stain at the gusset.

“I’m supposed to rub myself,” Beatrice said, “but as you are here, and John Thomas is so pleased to see me, I thought you could help me. Get on your knees between my legs and you may begin.”

With a gulp, Cecil did as he was told. He reached out a trembling hand, but Beatrice tutted.

“No hands, Cecil. In Paris, a lady is worshipped by her cuckold’s tongue. When I’m married, my husband will be allowed to lick my bare cunny, but until then, I have to keep her covered. You must lick me through my drawers!”


Cecil began his task, savouring the scent and the taste of his sister’s excitement. He began to grunt with pleasure as he got into the task enthusiastically.

Beatrice caught sight of a movement out of the corner of her eye. She frowned and looked down.

“Oh no you don’t!” she muttered breathlessly, giving Cecil a hard slap across the head.

“No touching John Thomas. I don’t want him spurting all over my travelling boots!”

Spurting was exactly what Lady Constance was doing at that moment. Fanny had shaved her smooth and was now using her very experienced tongue to lick Lady Constance’s large, puffy cunt lips.

At the same time, her finger was rubbing her Mistress’s clit, and Lady Constance was writhing in ecstasy. Water sloshed over the sides of the tub, but neither woman worried a jot.

Lady Constance exploded with a wail of pleasure. She gripped Fanny by her ears and pulled her into her cunt. Luckily, Fanny’s earlier oral efforts had brought Lady Constance to the edge of her climax. Fanny’s face wasn’t submerged for too long, although she was gasping bursa escort bayan for breath by the time her Mistress released her and pulled her head back above the water again.

“Thank you, Fanny,” gasped Lady Constance. “I’ve missed your tongue! Those continental maids couldn’t bring me off like you do! Now get me out of here and dry me please.”

She stood up and Fanny wrapped a soft white bath towel around her. The floor was awash with water.

There was a discrete knock on the dressing room door. Lady Constance looked at Fanny with a conspiratorial grin.

“That will be Thomas,” she grinned. “Right on cue! Let him in, Fanny. Then get yourself dried and send for someone to mop the floor in here. Then you can join us in my boudoir. Your other skills are needed now!”

Thomas came in with a broad grin on his face, which got even broader when he cast his eyes on the naked, wet Fanny.

“Her Ladyship is in her boudoir, awaiting your attention,” she informed him. You may undress here. I have another task before I join you.”

She picked up the speaking tube again and blew into it. When it was answered, she told Albert to send two scullery maids up to Lady Constance’s bathroom with a mop and bucket and some cloths.

“Lady Constance will be occupied in her boudoir,” she informed Albert. “Tell the girls to work quickly and quietly. Her Ladyship will not want to be disturbed.”

“I understand, Fanny,” replied Albert, who like most of the servants at Smallcock Hall, had an inkling of what went on between Her Ladyship and some specially selected servants.

Putting the speaking tube back on its hook, Fanny opened Lady Constance’s vast wardrobe. She pulled out a drawer and selected what was required. She closed the drawer and the wardrobe and picked up the discarded towel that Lady Constance had dropped carelessly when she went into her boudoir.

Quickly, she towelled herself dry and hurried off to join Lady Constance and Thomas.

When she entered the boudoir, her Mistress was lying on her bed, gazing at a naked Thomas with a mixture of lust and disappointment.

“At last, Fanny,” she smiled. “Come here, girl. Ah! You’ve brought the impliment. It will be needed as you can see from Thomas’s rather unresponsive condition. Do something about it will you, please? Your tongue has left me in need of a good seeing-to, and Thomas isn’t going to be able to perform in that state!”

Fanny looked at Thomas up and down. She sneered and tapped the long rattan cane she had retrieved from Lady Constance’s wardrobe against her naked thigh. Despite his exalted position as butler to Lord Cockingham, when he was in a situation such as his present one, he was very much subservient to Fanny.

She extended her cane and lifted his limp cock. “How many should suffice?” she asked. “Will six hard strokes be sufficient, do you think?”

“I think so, Miss Fanny,” replied Thomas meekly. “At least, to get me stiff. I think that I may need some encouragement as well whilst I am pleasuring Her Ladyship.”

“That will be no problem,” smirked Fanny. “Now, her Ladyship has been waiting far too long for her cunny to be pleasured. Bend over the foot of the bed.”

Thomas obeyed and Fanny tapped her cane lightly a few times across his bare arse.

“Remember,” she said quietly, “the scullery maids are in Lady Constance’s bathroom. I know the door between here and the dressing room is closed, but I don’t want to hear a murmur from you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly, Miss Fanny,” replied Thomas in a quavering voice. “Please begin when you are ready.”

“And hurry up, Fanny,” said Lady Constance, withdrawing a finger from her cunt and waving it at her maid. “My cunny’s going cold!”

“Six hard strokes, no warming-up, no delay between strokes,” Fanny informed the butler. She lined up her cane in the centre of his buttocks and pulled it back to the full extent of her reach, turning at the waist to get maximum body rotation.





Swish…CRACK!! (Fanny was in a good rhythm now.)


Fanny flung her cane down.

“Stand up!” she barked, and when Thomas obeyed, her face, and the face of Lady Constance, broke into two huge grins.

“It never fails,” said Lady Constance, licking her lips at the sight of Thomas’s huge cock, now rock hard and displaying a beautiful shiny purple mushroom head and a thick shaft, with lots of prominent veins.

She lay down and opened her legs.

“Pleasure me, Thomas,” she commanded, and as Thomas slid his massive cock into her, she groaned with pleasure.

“Don’t spare the rod, Fanny!” she said breathlessly. “Cane him until he spurts!”

Fanny picked up her discarded cane and as Thomas got into his own rhythm, so did Fanny. At the end of each inward thrust, the sound of Lady Constance’s gasp of pleasure was closely followed by the swish of her cane and then the sound of rattan striking soft male flesh.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” muttered Beatrice as Cecil lapped enthusiastically all along her gusset. “That’s lovely, Cecil. You’ve brought me off nicely. Well I suppose I had better go and change for dinner. I’ll tell Ma’ma that you helped me with my exercises.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32