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I rolled my eyes as my momma got up to hug and kiss Aunt Catherine, her younger brother’s wife. Aunt Catherine was an idiot, to put it easily. She let my cousin’s Micah and Mariah run around crazy, doing as they pleased. They were a year younger than my 20 years, though they hadn’t quite hit 19 yet. They stood behind their mother now, bored looks on their faces. Micah’s eyes were following some blonde with incredibly fake breasts while Mariah stared out the window across from her.

For not yet 19 my cousins were doing good, I supposed. Mariah would be starting college in the fall and Micah… only god knew what he was going to be doing. He had taken a year off. Looking at them now I could see how their looks had changed over the years. Micah had suddenly sprung up to 6’3, a height no one thought he would get anywhere near, especially since Mariah was still 5’8 or 5’9, if she planned to grow anymore. Micah took after Uncle Jermaine in his looks. He had dark brown hair, corn rowed for now, brown skin and these interesting grey eyes that came from his momma. He was built, wide shoulders and muscles with a great ass that was clearly outlined in the suit style pants his mother had him in for the occasion.

Mariah had more of a mixture of the two. Like his sister, Uncle Jermaine had married white and not his own race. Mariah’s skin was therefore a lighter color than her brothers, almost my own but a bit darker. She had huge deep brown eyes, almost black, and long past the middle of her back hair the same color as her brothers. She had on a dark blue sheath dress, short around the thighs and low cut around her chest so her chest and booty was looking good and these black stiletto sandals.

“Sanaa, say hi to your aunt.” I jumped out of my train of thought and stood up to hug Aunt Catherine. It was my nana’s birthday, my momma’s momma. I was off from college for a week so Momma had me drive down so I could be here. I still had a week left before I would return to school, and I couldn’t wait. Looking at Mariah, however, I was glad I had decided to dress as I did. I had worn a short low cut black dress with a pair of stiletto’s I had borrowed from Nisi. My hair had been flat pressed so it hung almost as long as Mariah’s. when I hugged her, she hugged me back and my momma embarrassed us both by saying how much we look alike and taking a half a roll of film of us. I turned and hugged Micah, who did a double take as if he had never seen me before. I knew he was out of it because of how his arms crossed behind my waist and his hands started to slide low before he stopped, suddenly remembering who I was I suppose. Not that I was complaining. It’s not everyday I get almost felt up by someone as fine as my cousin.

Nana arrived soon after, coming in on my daddy’s arm. We all clapped and kissed her as she rounded the table then sat in the middle of the bench on the other side. When I get to be her age I hope I look like her because she is one good looking old black woman. Hardly any sag anywhere on my nana. I smiled over at her, and she smiled back. Mariah sat across from me at the table, looking bored as usual. Micah was staring across the room while our parents and my Nana were conversing. Aunt Nicole was nana’s oldest child but she couldn’t make it this year, but no one minded. She was bitter about something she said my momma did to her way back when.

“So anyway mother,” Aunt Catherine was saying to nana. “It’s good of you to watch Mariah and Micah while Jermaine and I are gone next week.” My momma raised her head.

“You two are going away?” She shook her head. “You can’t leave these two with Ma, she needs her rest.”

“Well I can’t leave them home.”

“Why not?” Micah and Mariah said at the same time.

“You’re not old enough.” Every adult at the table yelled at them. I hid a grin. Mariah pouted.

“But mom, I don’t wanna stay with nana.” Mariah said. I looked up at this. “Can I just stay with Sanaa`?” I choked suddenly on the bread I had been chewing. I tried to mouth no at my parents but before I knew it, my cousins had the ok to spend my week off in the house with me.

I flopped back onto my bed. It was Saturday, and I was on the phone with Nisi, watching Mariah bring her two tons of luggage into my room. Micah was going to spend the week in the guest room. Momma thought it was going to be “fun” for me to share my room with Mariah. I love my little cuz dearly, both of them, but I love my privacy better. Nisi was laughing at my and promising to lick away my troubles.

“Nisi, girl, I’ma get back to you later.” I said, sitting up. “Uncle Ray asked me to help sahabet güvenilirmi out at the pool today, a couple of the regular life guards are out sick.”

“You gonna see Jeff?” I could hear the grin in Nisi’s voice.

“Ha, I wish. He and Hunter have gone off somewhere or the other, which is why Uncle Ray asked me to come and help. Momma has me dragging Mariah along, I don’t know why. Anyway Nisi girl, I’ll see you later. You still coming over tonight?”

Tonight or tomorrow night, whichever one I’m free for.” Nisi giggled softly into the phone. “Just get your cousin out of the room when I’m there, cause I’ma lick that kitty cat all better.” She hung up and I sat back, laughing.

A while later Mariah and I stood outside the gate to the pools. My momma had dropped us off. Micah had left before us, saying he was going to go play basketball all day or something. I had asked my momma to send Mariah to the mall or something but momma kept saying Mariah would have more fun with me, as much as I didn’t agree I knew better than to argue.

I looked up at the gates and walked in. The summer staff was off, back in school and the like so during the off season Uncle Ray hired lifeguards from the beach who were in their off season as well.

Mariah took a while to get situated, ending up planting herself in the lounge chair next to my station, coating herself with sun block, then lying out in the sun. I could see her from the corner of my eyes. Her legs were out straight, as were her arms. I could see the curve of her ass even though she was laying on it and her breasts were pushed up to the sky. I had to admit it, my little cuz was hot. She licked her lips as she laid there, and I could feel a little twinge in my pussy. I looked away. One cousin is enough Sanaa`, I giggled at myself. No need getting worked up over two of them. I leaned over on my station, looking at the guy in the station next to mine. He had been arching his back and breaking his neck to see Mariah. I turned my head to stare at the pool, yawning.

I had a break at two that afternoon, and I walked off to the commons. Mariah jumped up and followed me.

“Mariah, you can stay here. I just wanna go use the bathroom and rinse some of the chlorine off of me.” I said. Mariah shook her head.

“No, I’ll come too. I wanna wash off some of this sun block.” I rolled my eyes.

“The showers are just for the lifeguards.” I said. Mariah giggled.

“Aww, come on Sanaa`, no one cares.” She ran in front of me as I hit the door to the commons, pushing past me. Her pussy brushed slowly against my ass as she went, and her hand brushed against it quickly afterwards. I looked at her, but she kept moving, running towards the locker room. I followed her, sweeping my fingers through my hair.

I got into the shower quickly. Uncle Ray still hadn’t gotten the other shower head fixed, it had been busted since before I started working there. Mariah had stopped at the couches to pick up a DVD someone left there, so I had beaten her in. I shut the shower door behind me just as Mariah walked in.

“I’ll be out in a few.” I called to her as I turned the water on. The door slid open behind me and she jumped in. “Get out.”

“Look cuz, if we go together we’ll take less time.” Mariah said, then shut the door behind her.

“Mariah, get out.”

“No.” She said, then stepped forwards so she was standing next to me under the spray. The water splashed down her body, cascading over her breasts. I turned my eyes from them, even though I had been staring at them since she had gotten into the shower. Mariah turned to wet her back, her breasts ended up pushed against my arm and the side of my left breast. Her hands slid up to cup her own, her hands brushing against my breast as she went. I held back the moan in my throat and fought against the twinge in my pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Sanaa`…” she started. I looked at her.

“Yes?” her hands came off her breasts and she touched my shoulder lightly. She came closer, licked her lips, and whispered in my ear.

“I know.”

“Know what?” I said.

“I know.” She said, then pushed open the door and stepped out of the shower. I looked at her as she walked away, thoughts of what the hell is she talking about floating through my head.

Uncle Ray had asked me to shut down, and as soon as everyone had left, I started. Mariah sat on the same chair, watching me. I hadn’t figured out what she meant yet. She stood up and started walking along the side of the pool. She had on a t-shirt and her suit bottom. I turned my head from sahabet yeni giriş her and went back to locking the storage room.

I had just finished locking up and turned to see she was standing in front of me, holding the DVD in her hands. She shook her head.

“They make it look so easy.” She said.

“What?” I said, bending over to pull on my jean skirt.

“Kissing.” She sighed. I looked at her.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“In the movies, the kissing is always so perfect. I swear, I’m such a bad kisser…” she trailed off.

“Look Mariah, you’re my cousin. There’s no way you can be a bad kisser.” I zipped and buttoned my skirt. She laughed.

“Is to.”

“Look, there’s no such thing as bad kissing, just means it’s a kiss you have to hit the restart button on cause the disc is skipping.” Mariah looked at me with an are you serious look on her face, then burst out laughing.

“Girl shut up.” She said, hitting my on my shoulder. I laughed as well. “But I seriously am a bad kisser.”

“Whatever.” I said, turning to get my t-shirt.

“I’ll prove it.” Mariah gripped my shoulder once more and pulled my lips to hers. She put her hand on the side of my face as she slid the other down to my waist. Her tongue licked my lips slowly before parting them, and her tongue entered my mouth, softly licking at my tongue and sucking mines into her mouth. I was struck dumb. Fuck being a bad kisser, Mariah was an expert if anything. I opened my mouth a bit further and began to kiss her back, my hands resting on her hips.

Suddenly there was a crash. We both opened our eyes and looked over to where the door to the locker room stood open. We pushed back from each other just as a foot appeared. A grin lit up my face as my cousin Jeff walked out of the door, laughing because he was sure he had scared us. Behind him stood Hunter, who was giving me reason to throb down there. He was taller than Jeff, and his hair was darker than even my own. He had taken more after his mother whereas Jeff’s looks mirrored Uncle Ray’s. His eyes were dark and he had the same light build going for him as Jeff did. Hunter came out and leaned against the doorframe.

“Dad told us you guys were here. We came to see if you wanted a lift home.” I nodded, still grinning like an idiot.

“Hope you don’t mind, but we’re gonna stop for food first.” I shook my head. Of course I didn’t mind. I looked over at Mariah, she looked a little taken aback, but she shrugged and agreed. I ran around finishing the last minute stuff while she pulled on her shorts. I stopped once in the commons to where I could see Hunter looking through a window, checking out the TV and the sound system Uncle Ray had installed for us. I shook my head again.

“Goddamn I have some fine cousins.”

“So anyway, this asshole” Hunter laughed, looking at Jeff over his beer glass, “runs up to the fire, piss drunk. He pulls his dick out and pisses all over it. Everyone else starts laughing their asses off, until he puts the fucking fire out. And then they all realize that it’s night, it’s dark, and we still hadn’t put up the tents. We ended up sleeping under the tents, but without the poles in it.”

I laughed, and Mariah joined me. She had taken a couple of shots of Hennessey, and had been sipping a Blue Dragonfly. I had been doing the same, but I must have a better alcohol resistance because as drunk as she was, I was only feeling nice. Jeff had been downing beer like water, while Hunter was only nursing his second beer, as he was driving. We were sitting in a booth in the back of some bar, Mariah next to me and Hunter and Jeff across from me. Mariah giggled and stood up.

“I have to pee.” She said, laughing. She moved towards the bathroom and tripped, almost falling. I got up to help her, but Jeff shook his head.

“I’ll help her to the door. I have to go to.” He said. Hunter stood up and Jeff slid out, then Hunter sat back down, sliding in to the end, “just to make it easier when they get back.”

“So Sanaa`… how’s it going?” He leaned in close to the table.

“Same old same old.” I said, suddenly extremely aware that it was only me and my sexy cousin in the booth. I looked down at my drink. He smiled and spread his fingers on the table.

“I hear…” he leaned in.

“What?” I said. He looked at me and waved me closer with his finger. I leaned in close.

“That…” I nodded and moved in closer, maybe this had something to do with what Mariah was talking about. He leaned in closer, then did the unthinkable. He kissed me suddenly. My eyes bugged out of my head. sahabet giriş Was I just a damn magnet to my cousins now? He pulled back and smiled. “Nothing…”

I was dumbfounded. Hunter just sat there looking at me while I stared back at him. He smiled and drank more of his beer, while I looked around for a camera, sure it was one of those hidden camera things.

Hunter and Jeff dropped us home a few hours later. Mariah was staggering drunk, and I wasn’t too far from it myself. It was times like these I was glad for the back door and that my parents room was all the way down the hall from mines. Even more good luck, the car wasn’t in the drive when we got there, meaning my parents were out. I walked through the kitchen, Mariah behind me. She tripped and gripped the counter to catch herself, knocking over a pot that had been left there. It fell with a crash.

“SHHH!!!” she said, stooping down to it, then laughing hysterically at it. I helped her up, giggling myself. We made it up the stairs somehow, and flopped onto my bed. Mariah rolled over so she was on her side, while I was on my back staring up at the ceiling. She rolled again, and was half on top of me, then kissed me again, gripping my hip. My hands went to her back, then slid low to cup her ass.

She moved so she was directly on top of me, then spread her legs around me. My hands were glued to her ass as she started to rock on me. She pulled her shirt over her head, then slid her arms out of the top of her bikini. Leaning down, holding the suit over her breasts with her hands, she kissed me once again, then let her hands slip off her breasts and pulled my shirt over my head, then pushed up my bikini top. She licked my earlobe, and then whispered in my ear.

“I know… about you… and Jeff.” She covered my comment with her own lips, her hands sliding down to cover my breasts. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to have you like this, big cousin.” She slid low and licked my chest between my breasts. “You were always so sexy… so beautiful… and I wanted to have you all for myself…” she kissed my nipples. “And then I found out that Jeff had already had you… but then I knew that you wouldn’t refuse me… because Jeff told me about Nisi as well…” she trailed her tongue down, sucking and licking at my belly button as her fingers slid down and pulled my skirt up, then pushed her fingers beneath the top of my bikini bottom.

“Mariah… I”

“Quiet big cousin. I want to make you feel good.” She leaned down and sucked my belly button slowly, her fingers traveling into my pussy. She slipped a finger in between my lips, then pulled at the slowly. Her finger traveled into my pussy, and then she added another, spreading them and stretching my pussy. Her thumb went up to sweep slowly across my clit. Oh god… she must have done other girls before because she was hitting all the right spots.

Mariah pulled my bikini bottom completely off, then slid between my legs, sliding her tongue along my runway and then between the folds of my lips. She took her tongue and traced her way along the entire slit, then slowed down as she approached my clit, her tongue slowly pushing at it. I moaned as she went on, pushing her tongue into all of my nooks and crannies.

“Oh god Mariah… bring your pussy up here…” I said. Mariah turned slowly, leaving her tongue in my pussy as she went. With her help I pulled her shorts down, enjoying how her suit bottom was wedged in her slit so much that I could trace it with my eyes through the material, and then pulled them off as well. I stared up at my cousin’s pussy. She had no hair at all down there, and her lips were open and waiting. I propped myself up on my elbows and started to lick slowly, teasing her clit with my tongue. She moaned into my pussy, her tongue dragging slowly over my clit. I moaned into hers and stabbed deep into her well with my own tongue.

Mariah was pushing her hips against my face as I thrust my hips up at her tongue. I could feel the orgasm coming, and I wanted to make sure she came with me. I leaned up, slowly bring my teeth along her clit as she started to jerk her body, a sure sign it was on its way. My eyes closed as my orgasm hit, and Mariah screamed out as her own began. I licked as fast as I could, catching all of her cum and swallowing it slowly. She did me the same courtesy, then turned over and leaned down, kissing me so that our two tastes mingled. She laid beside me and I rolled on my side to look at her, then put out a hand to rub her breasts. She rolled over, and putting her arm around my waist, kissed me again.

“I’ve wanted to do that to you… for so long…” she said. “When Jeff let it slip that you two were fucking… and then told me that you had done Nisi… I knew I could finally do it.” She kissed me again, and then snuggled up to me, closing her eyes. “Night cousin.”

“Night Mariah.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32