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I reduced my stride and slowed down as I walked past the shop. I always did. I loved window shopping; and I loved this shop in particular. There was something about them? They had to look good, looking good was good for business; nobody takes beauty tips from an ugly person. It’s a sad truth. With their little pale blue tops and tight pants, the ladies at Vous Jolie always looked good. My mind drifted as I pondered the name of this particular beauty salon, for all I know it could have meant Dogs Balls – my French was poor – was the name even French?

My mind snapped back into the task at hand as I peered through the window. I tried to determine exactly why I found these fully clad women, wearing the least revealing clothes, so damn sexy! Maybe it was knowing that beneath the frumpy clothing, was a smooth, soft and almost certainly hairless body, with beautifully pedicured feet and manicured hands. There was one therapist in my particular that caught my attention, and I strained my head to see if she was there. She was a tall and had an athletic, toned body and short brown hair, with hazel brown eyes. She had a presence about her, and an easy smile with gentle eyes.

Usually I would continue walking, but today was different. Today I was going in to get the full treatment. I had entered a competition, some charity drive for the Red Cross, and was lucky enough to win 15th place – which to my surprise was a treatment at Vous Jolie! I pushed the door open and entered – it was unusually quite I thought – actually it was empty?

“Sorry sir, we’re closed today – company team building”, a voice said from behind a rack of creams – it was her!

“Uh, um, I’m sorry, the door was open”, I stammered, “I have a voucher….”

I cursed my stupid ability to always sound retarded around women. She walked out from behind the racks and moved towards me – I had never before seen her this close. Her eyes were deep and mesmerising – her lips, full and inviting, her complexion glowing.

“You have pretty skin – I wish I glowed like you do”, I blurted out.

I wanted to die. I felt like Sean Connery in James Bond, but without the suave sophistication and charm. I casino siteleri felt like an idiot!

“Why thank you! I do try to keep a certain standard”, she replied with a smile. “And I’ll tell you what, you come back tomorrow, and you will leave with a healthy glow too. I’ll see to it personally!”

“Thanks!”, I felt about one inch tall, “but if it’s all the same to you, Ima going to go home and die”

“Don’t worry, sir, it’s normal for men to feel nervous on their first visit! Most men are afraid that they may end up enjoying a regular moisturising and exfoliation too much, and become a lady boy!”, she said with a smile.

“I’ll tell you what”, she looked at me and bit her bottom lip as she pondered something, “I’ll give you the treatment today. I didn’t really feel like team building anyway. Take a seat!”

I sank into the chair relieved to finally have the weight off my feet. Relieved that she thought I was nervous about the salon, and not an idiot.

“I’m Marisa by the way!”

“James, please to meet you”

“Why don’t we start you off with a nice head massage?”

“That would be nice….”, I replied as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the chair.

I hear her walk behind me and gently place her fingers on my head. They are strong, yet soft and gentle as she starts gently massaging my temples. It feels amazing as she works her magical fingers around my head, and down my neck to my shoulders. I can smell her perfume in the air, mixed with an array of creams and potions as she deftly released every bit of tension in my neck and shoulders. I am in heaven. I feel something brush against my back, and in my mind’s eye imagine that it is her firm breast rubbing against my back. Those lovely breasts, I could picture the hard nipple as I gently take it into my mouth….

“Hmmmm, somebody’s having fun!”

I’m dragged back into reality, and shocked to find that I had at some point, without thinking, placed my hand over the very visible – and very obvious – bulge in front of my pants.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry”, I could feel my face redden, as I stammered, “that was, well you see, its… I was just thinking that….”

“You canlı casino were just thinking, what?”, she asked with a serious look on her face, and one eyebrow raised in a frown. “That you would apologise for being a man? I’ll be sorting hand cream – until you realise that I did not stay here because I wanted to pluck your eyebrows!”

With that she turned away and walked back to the shelf.

“Pluck eyebrows? “, I thought to myself. This was quite unlike me – or rather it was quite unlike me to find myself in this situation. What did she mean she did not stay to pluck my brow? Why did she stay? And then quick on the uptake as ever, it dawned on me!

I stand up and try to control my legs from shaking as I approach you from behind. Your eyes are on the creams which you are sorting, but your attention is elsewhere. You don’t move as I gently place my hands on your hips. Moving closer, I gently press my still bulging cock into the back of your sexy little ass, and place a gentle kiss on your long neck. I feel your body tremble ever so slightly as I kiss up your neck, and gently nibble on your ear.

I pull your hips closer to me as I moan softly in her ear. Lifting my hands I gently caress your breasts under the soft fabric of your shirt. Your response is amazing: you throw your head back into my shoulder and sway your hips back and forth into my throbbing cock; we both moving in rhythm – dancing to the silent beat of raw lust and passion.

I slowly undo the buttons of your shirt, and slide it to the floor. The skin of your shoulders is soft and silky feels smooth under my lips. I quickly remove your bra and cup a breast in each hand as I gently massage your breasts and nipples. We continue to sway to the silent rhythm and I feel you reach around and start unbuttoning my shirt. I lift you into the air and carry you to the nearby massage table.

I lay you on your back and press myself on top of you – our naked torsos are warm and I feel your silky smooth skin, and hardened nipples on my chest. I kiss you deeply, and can hear you moan as our tongues explore one another’s mouths. You breath faster and I can feel your hips grinding kaçak casino against mine as we both desperately seek our orgasmic pleasure.

Unable to control myself, I pull away from you, and standing up, quickly undo the botton of your tight black pants and slide them down your legs. You are wearing a small thong, and I can see the wet spot that has formed on the front. It drives me wild, and I and quickly remove your panties and toss them away. Your pussy is beautiful, smooth and hairless, like the rest of your body. I gently part your legs, as I lower my tongue to your wet pussy.

It tastes amazing as I gently move my tongue up and down your lips. I feel your hands on my head pulling me deeper, and gently push my tongue into your burning pussy. You respond by thrusting your hips up into the air, and moan softly. I feel your body shudder as I take your swollen clit in my mouth and suck it gently. I’m lost in lust as I caress, lick and suck your wonderful pussy. I can feel your breathing quicken, and your moaning gets louder as I increase my speed and intensity. I feel your legs as you wrap them around my neck and pull me even closer, deeper into your dripping cunt.

I can see the sweat dripping from your breasts and stomach, as I stand up and remove my jeans. My cock is ready to explode from the excitement of seeing your body respond to the pleasure, and I lift your legs and move you up the massage table. Kneeling between your legs, I kiss you deeply, and lower myself onto your eager body.

I enter your tight, wet, pussy, and can feel it squeezing on my stiff cock. You moan as I move, with increasing intensity, in and out of your wet, tight, little cunt. I feel you wrap your arms and legs around my back, as I continue to increase the intensity and speed of my cock moving in and out of your wet pussy. You lift your hips in time to meet my desperate thrusts, and throw your head back in ecstasy. I feel you shudder, and your pussy tighten, as you moan and climax with me. Wave after wave of pleasure rips through your body, as your toes curl and the sounds of our screams fade into the distance. Your body stiffens and your back arches, as you see stars in your eyes and gasp for breath….

My last thought as my vision starts to swim, and the world around me fades away is that I will probably be back for another treatment. My heart stops beating before my lifeless body hits the cold floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32