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She enters the room boldly and without need for introduction. In fact, I’m still sat at my desk with my back turned. I know it’s her. I stand up, and I’m already unbuttoning my shirt as I turn around, trying not to concentrate on the stiffening in my pants. Shirt undone, she walks towards me and runs her fingers across my chest. The door’s locked. I guess Izzy doesn’t get to play today.

She leans up and whispers in my ear. ‘Missed me baby?’ She pulls my shirt off me, then puts her hands back up to my shoulders. Her grip is lustful, needy. She scratches my arms as her hands run down to mine, finally grasping my fingers. She lifts my left hand up to her mouth, and slides her soft lips around my ring finger. She looks deeply into my eyes, hers suddenly wide and somehow full of innocence and sucks it in, slowly, sensuously, until she reaches the bottom and clamps her teeth onto my wedding band. Then she draws out, every bit as slowly but now with a devilishly mischievous glint in her eyes. She withdraws her fingers from my hand and smiles up at me. bedava bahis Then she opens her mouth to reveal the gold ring sat on her tongue.

This ignites every sense inside me and I take her in my arms, forcing my tongue into her mouth and we kiss passionately, playing with the wedding ring swapping it between our mouths as I unzip her dress and slide it off her incredible figure. She backs away slightly, slips her boots off and puts them neatly by the door. She turns back and resumes her innocent look. She bares my wedding ring in between her teeth.

‘You want this back?’

I step forward and slide my tongue into her mouth, taking the ring from her. I push her down onto the sofa while she unbuttons and slides down my pants. Just before I enter her, I spit out the wedding ring on the floor next to us.

‘All I want,’ I grunt into her ear as I slide my painfully hard cock into her tight, soaking cunt, ‘is you, Clara.’

She giggles and coos softly. ‘Oooh, Stephen. Surely you don’t mean it?’

I place my bedava bonus hands either side of her head and gaze deeply into her eyes. I’m overcome with lust. ‘I love you Clara. I’d do anything for you.’

‘Your wife,’ she moans into my ear, ‘your son…’

The thought of them and how insignificant they are in this moment just turns me on further. ‘Fuck… you’re the only one that matters to me. I’m only with them because you allow it.’

These words, while honest, definitely had the desired effect and I feel her cunt clench around me as she is pulled into a deep, powerful orgasm. She digs her nails into my shoulders and cries out in bliss. I draw her in for a kiss while the contractions of her pussy subside. She gives me a gentle push and I pull out of her, and she turns around, wiggling her ass at me. ‘Fuck me Stephen’ she pleads, ‘slip your massive cock into my tight asshole.’

I do not need telling twice. My cock slides in, without any prior stretching required. I wonder at how she manages to get her ass so pliant. deneme bonusu Had she had a plug up her ass at school all day? I groan at the thought and begin to fuck her in earnest.

‘Let me stay tonight Stephen. Let me fuck you in your marital bed. Make her stay down here. On this couch.’

The thought pushes me towards my own orgasm faster than I was expecting. ‘Fuck Clara… we’re not even going to let her watch?’

She giggles into my ear ‘Let her use her imagination. Maybe after you’ve finished making love to me and she’s finished playing with herself over the smell and cumstains down here, we’ll let her sleep at the foot of the bed. Like a dog.’

The last comment is enough for me and I explode inside her, pushing my cock deep into her bowels as I fill her up with my cum. All this time she is cooing into my ear and whispering sweet nothings about how much she adores my cock.

The waves subside, and I’m left buried in her ass, holding her in my arms as she holds me, smiling contentedly. I draw her in for a kiss and say ‘I mean it Clara… I really do love you.’ I withdraw from her with a gasp as she smiles up at me and says ‘I love you too, Stephen. Let’s get your wife in here to clean up.’

And with that, I walk to the desk, take my phone, and text my wife to come join us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32