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Chapter 2
Mom Like I’ve Never Seen Her

The next morning I made sure to stay in bed until I could hear them leave the house. I wasn’t about to go through the awkwardness of being officially introduced to this guy for the first time while I was eating a bowl of cereal and he was walking around in a bathrobe as if to say “Hi, I’m J.R. and I fucked your mom last night. Nice to meet you!” I watched out my window as they both hopped in the car so she could drive him hove. Walking into my mom’s bedroom, I saw a spot on the wall behind the bed’s headboard where the paint had chipped off and the drywall was beaten in almost to the point of breaking through it entirely.

The next few weeks were more or less back to normal. Mom continued to go out on dates with J.R., only she wouldn’t bring him to our house afterwards. Instead she would prepare a casserole or something during the day and leave it in the fridge so I could help myself to it for dinner, saying she wouldn’t be back until the next day. Her spending the night somewhere else never used to mean anything to me. She did it occasionally when she was dating when I was young and didn’t know what sex meant, and even after I hit puberty, it just meant I had the house to myself and could do whatever I wanted, maybe even invite my friends over. But after that night, it took on a new meaning for me. She might know deep down that I know what goes on when she spends the night at her date’s house, but little does she know that it’s now at the forefront of my mind when she’s gone. And I love it.

Finally my mom was ready for me to meet J.R. She invited him over to our house for dinner, the same way I met her boyfriends in the past. Up close he was quite suave, confident, and had a firm handshake. His hands were pretty big compared mine, and he had some thick, hairy arms. Over the course of dinner, I learned that he works in real estate like my mom, but in commercial real estate instead of residential. I know enough about the business to understand that he must make quite a bit of money.

After dinner we all sat in the living room and watched a movie. By the time it was done, the hour was late and I excused myself to bed. I wasn’t actually tired, but that was the idea. I faked a lot of yawns and even shuffled upstairs like I was ready to pass out. Mom said that she and J.R. were going to stay up a little longer to have a glass of wine. I closed the door to my bedroom and hit the lights, making sure the toggling sound was loud enough for them to hear it. I sat by my door, flipping through a magazine with a reading light to stay occupied, waiting to hear them go to bed. I had been reading for a good hour plus change when I started hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, where my room was. I scrambled into bed as quietly as possible, threw the covers over myself, closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I know exactly what I look and sound like when I sleep. I left my mouth open just a little bit and faked a sort of half-snore-half-heavy-breathing that is typical for me when I’m sleeping like a log.

Sure enough, my door opened slowly. There was about a ten-second pause.

“He’s out cold.” I heard Mom whisper.

“Very good.” J.R. said. The door closed gebze escort gently.

Whatever they were about to do, I had a good feeling that they weren’t going to be concerned about waking me up with any noise, nor were they expecting me to wake up on my own during the night. I’ve always been a very deep sleeper, and Mom knows that. I don’t even wake up to pee. When I was younger, I even slept through the smoke detector blaring after a shelf caught on fire because my mom left a candle burning on it overnight. Something told me that my mom has communicated to J.R. about my inability to wake up. I figured it was why they were so loud on that first night.

I let a few minutes pass for good measure then went back to sitting next to my door, listening harder this time. I heard the sit back down on our squeaky leather couch in the living room, and I heard the TV come on again, this time just playing late cheesy late night infomercials. There was no way they went back to living room just to learn about a blender. Sure enough, I could hear “mmmm” and “ohhhh” over the sound of the infomercial, only this time it was definitely coming from J.R. Perhaps he wanted some background noise just for good measure.

I snuck out of my room. The whole house was dark. I practically low-crawled down the stairs in complete silence. I had the stealth of some special forces commando but unlike a special forces commando, I could barely control my excitement. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. J.R.’s voice was getting clearer as I was closing in. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, the only light in the house was the TV, and I could see its ambient, flickering glow on the walls just outside the living room. By now I was at the last corner, the only corner between my eyes and the two lovebirds, just a few feet away.

I began sticking my head around the corner as slowly as I could. I took it one centimeter at a time. This is it, I thought to myself.

Around the corner was the leather couch, facing towards the TV, but away from me. J.R. was slouching back on the couch. In his lap was my mom’s head, bobbing up and down on J.R.’s cock. I worried that if she looked up she would be able to see me, but it soon became clear that her attention was completely focused on sucking this man’s cock like her life depended on it. By the slurping noises, it sounded like quite a messy blowjob she was giving. There was a brief pause in J.R.’s moans of enjoyment, when he turned his head to stare at something in the living room, I couldn’t tell what it was, as there wasn’t anything particularly interesting where he was looking. He then turned his head back to my mom, who was still going to town on his cock.

In a jarring change of pace, he grabbed a fistful of my mom’s hair and forcefully yanked her off of his cock and gave her a swift, open-handed slap across her face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He leaned down to her, clutching her hair with one hand and clamping down on her lower jaw with his other.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he hissed.

“Y-yes sir” she replied back, trembling a little.

“Well then you’d better fucking earn it, cunt.”

With his hand gebze escort bayan on the back of her head, he took the liberty of shoving Mom’s mouth back down on his cock, this time using his broad hands to aggressively force her head’s up-and-down motions, like she was a ragdoll. Mom was making a lot of slurping and gagging noises as his cock was plunging into her throat. Every time J.R. pushed her head back down, he made sure not to stop pushing until her lips met his pelvis. I’ve seen guys try this sort of thing in porn, and I noticed that in the amateur porn, the girl struggles a lot and desperately pushes back to try and cough and gasp for air. But Mom was deepthroating this guy like a porn star, and didn’t attempt to resist him. She was letting him control her body until he was done with it. The forced throatjob went on for three minutes or so, with J.R. periodically lifting her head off to let her exhale once and inhale once, then continued facefucking her without skipping a beat.

He eventually pulled her head off, leaned down to her and commanded her: “Take a deep breath, bitch.” Mom inhaled deeply and audibly, after which J.R. practically slammed her mouth and throat all the way back down on his cock, and then locked her in place with his arms and hands. I could hear Mom letting out muffled gurgling and gagging noises as her throat stuffed with a cock that refused to pull out. He held her like that for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually Mom’s hands started pushing on J.R.’s thighs. NOW she was struggling. But J.R. held her head down with one hand, and used the other hand to swat away her hands as she tried to push back. I could hear Mom making her best attempts to whine, whimper, and squeal with an esophagus full of dick. J.R. let her struggle desperately for about 10 more seconds until he yanked her head back. Mom was gasping like she just narrowly avoided drowning. It was dark, but I could barely make out a long string of saliva hanging off of her chin.

“Goooood girrrl,” he cooed, like he was talking to a toddler or a dog, “now turn around and bend over.”

I ducked back around my corner just in case any of them might see me while they’re shifting around. I slowly started to peek back at them once I heard Mom moaning.

J.R. had bent Mom over the coffee table and was slowly fucking her from behind. Both of them were now facing the TV and had their backs to me. His pace was so slow, it was hard to tell that he was penetrating her at all. Then, for the first time in my life, I heard my own mother talk dirty.

“Harder… fuck me harder.”

J.R. pulled out.

“You forgot ‘please’ and ‘sir'” he said, sounding disappointed.

Mom stammered “I-I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t m-mean to-“

“An ungrateful fucktoy bitch must be put in her place,” he interrupted, “tonight, if you want me to fuck you harder, you have to ask nicely for it, and you have to ‘pay’ for it. Five spanks. And I will double it every time you ask.”

Mom nodded her head.

J.R. raised his hand about as far up as it would go, then whipped it down faster than I’ve ever seen. His hand walloped her right ass cheek hard enough that it sent an ear-piercing “SMACK” escort gebze noise throughout the entire house, loud enough to make me jump a little. Mom let out a gasp of pure shock as her whole body lurched forward a little. He raised his hand again, and delivered the exact same slap to her other cheek. Mom whimpered a little. He continued until he finished five slaps as I stood watching from behind, wincing with every sharp smack and seeing Mom’s flesh ripple out from J.R.’s brutal punishment.

“This is so loud… I’m afraid we might wake Ryan up.” Mom said, after mustering the ability to speak coherently.

J.R. laughed. “Trust me, you don’t need to worry about THAT.” He said as he slid back into her and continued to fuck her. I was a little confused as to what was so funny. He fucked her for a few minutes before Mom made her request.

“Please fuck me harder, sir.” She said.

As promised, he started wailing on her ass with his open palm, giving her ten whacks, each one just as powerful as the last and showing no signs of going easy. With every blow, Mom squealed like a helpless animal. Her whole body was quivering. I got spanked as a kid but if I was spanked like THIS, I could have made a strong case for abuse.

J.R. slipped his cock back into Mom and was now giving her pretty hard thrusts. Mom grunted and moaned as J.R.’s hips collided with her soft, round ass over and over. I still stood watching from around the corner, stroking my dick and not wanting this to end.

“I-I’m g-gonna c-cum,” Mom grunted, her voice shaking with each hard thrust, “I-I’m c-cum-ming!”

Her body shivered violently as she grunted and convulsed in climax. “F-ffffff-uhhhHHCK!” This was no fake. My mom had truly been reduced to a pathetic, trembling mess by this man’s fucking. I saw her head hang and her body start to slump over the coffee table in exhaustion.

J.R. then smacked her ass the hardest I’ve seen, the sound was almost like a gunshot. It startled Mom and caused her to whip her head back up, at which moment J.R. seized the opportunity to grab her hair and yank on it until her head and body were back in the up position.

“I’m not fucking done with you, slut.” he spat.

He grabbed her hips and clamped down hard as he started pounding her even harder and rougher, well beyond the limit of what I imagine most women would be comfortable with. Mom was gripping the coffee table for dear life as the force of J.R.’s thrusts was rocking her whole body back and forth. Mom was panting and squealing louder than ever. The coffee table was now sliding back and forth and grinding loudly into the hardwood flooring, with Mom holding on and being relentlessly fucked.

“I’m cumming inside you, whore.” he said.

He kicked it up as a notch in his finale as the magazines and TV remotes were now falling off the violently rattling coffee table, and their wine glasses fell off as well and made loud shattering noises as they hit the floor. He let out a long, deep groan as he pumped his load into my mom before my very eyes.

With both of them having orgasms, I didn’t anticipate there being much more to watch, and I didn’t want to risk them spotting me when they leave the living room on their way to the bedroom, so I retreated back to my bedroom with a rock hard dick dangling uncomfortably between my legs. I rubbed one out as soon as I got in bed, replaying the scenes in my head of my mother acting like a cheap sex slave and J.R. treating her like one. After I blew my load, I could hear glass shards being swept up.

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