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Big Tits

After a passionate night of love-making with his wife, Steve wakes up to the blurry red numbers on the clock. It reads 2:21 AM. Steve shakes his head, and looks at the clock again.

2:21 AM

Something clicks into his brain, and he realizes that his flight leaves at 3:30 AM.

“Ah, shit!” Steve gently pries Annabelle off of him, and jumps out of the king-sized bed. This job is what he has been waiting for since he got married to his sweet Anna. It was a hell of a fight already to get her hand in marriage–as her father would not agree. Anna was a stickler to tradition, and if her father didn’t agree, she wouldn’t either.

Anna’s father was a rich and wealthy man, but Anna and Steve agreed only to ask him for help when we absolutely needed it–and we were almost there. Steve has been married to Anna to three years. She wants to be a mother to many children, but the couple do not have the money to fend for another mouth, as sad as it sounds.

It hasn’t been a fun ride for Steve, either. They have been using condoms, since Anna is allergic to birth control. There were many times where they were lucky, but they couldn’t push it.

Steve quickly got out of the shower and dried himself off. He rushed to the closet and saw his suitcases on the floor, already packed. He looked to his wife, sleeping soundly, thanking his lucky stars that he was married to a woman like her. She must of packed his stuff before they had their little fun.

Right next to the suitcases were a list that he created of the things he needed, all of which were crossed out, saying: “All of these things are in there, Steve!” He will be forever grateful of his wife. He made a mental note to bring her flowers and chocolate when he comes back.

Steve brushed his teeth, put on deodorant, and got dressed. The clock read 2:43 AM. He had to get to Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma) very fast. He couldn’t be late. This was their one shot. He was going to close a deal in California, and if he does end up being successful, a promotion is promised and the pay will triple.

Steve picked up his suitcases and put them down on the floor next to Annabelle. His sweet, faithful, beautiful, Annabelle. Sometimes, he called her Annabel Lee.

“Annabel Lee, honey,” Steve shook her. She yawned, looking at her husband with her beautiful blue eyes. “I’m late. I’m going to go now, okay? I’ll call you when I got off of the plane. I promise. I love you!” He kissed her rosy cheeks and rushed down the stairs.

As Steve passed the living room, he heard a rough voice yell out. “Fuck college!”

Steve passed his younger brother, ruffling his hair. His younger brother was staying with them. It didn’t hurt their pockets, as Dave helped a bit. Dave was kicked out of the house he had a room mate with because Dave was caught having sex with the room mate’s girlfriend of five years. He was beat to the pulp, really. When he came to the couple in that sort of manner, it was impossible for them to say no to helping him get back on his feet.

Anna liked him around when Steve was gone, as she liked the company. It was win-win for all of them, especially when he offered what little he had to help pay the bills. They got Dave back into college again, and he seemed to be working extra hard on an essay, even though he seemed a little bit angry.

“Bye, bro!” Dave waved, a little bit too excited. Steve dismissed the thought. He’s probably finishing up his essay.

“Take care of Anna,” Steve yelled, grabbing his keys and rushing out to the car. He had relaxbet güvenilirmi to do this for my future family, and for his beautiful Anna.

Pulling out of the driveway, Steve couldn’t help but think about her. Anna was 5’4″. She had beautiful breasts, and a firm ass that begged you to grip them. Her blue eyes stared right into your soul, and she had a habit of opening and closing her mouth when she was concentrating. Her full, plump lips were amazing. Her hair was dirty blonde, and it went down to her belly button.

She was a minx, even if she didn’t want to admit it. Steve almost feel bad leaving her, since she is a cock-hungry slut, but he know that in the long run, this will benefit for both of them. She was faithful, and he’s sure that she will remain faithful under any circumstances. She fills his heart, and he hers. Not to mention that she always mentions how his cock always fills her, too. Steve snickered.

Steve wouldn’t dare ask Anna, but sometimes he wondered if she ever thought of him as a potential partner. She brings up Dave a lot, but it shows that she loves him as her own. Dave looks at her all the time, as if he’s seeing an angel, but Steve guessed that’s okay. As long as they aren’t going to do anything. The ring on Anna’s finger proved that.

Steve remembered when he visited his parents at the age of 26. His mother’s cancer was back, and she needed all of the support she could get. He walked in on Dave wanking, and his dick looked about 8 inches. Dave just turned 17. Steve doesn’t know if Dave can help it, but he has a bit of a reputation to break up relationships, and Steve hopes it never crossed his mind to break up my marriage.

Anna is truly the one for Steve.

Dave was only 23 to Steve’s 32, and he was lean and muscular. He had dark brown eyes, and the way he carried himself suggested that he was tough. He was confident in his actions, and could always find a way to justify them.

Steve hopped on the freeway. He hoped that Anna and Dave remembered to pick up the car back from the airport. My phone rang, and the tone suggested that it was either Anna or my boss, Frank. Steve answered the call on his bluetooth.


“Steve, it’s me, Frank,” Frank sounded disappointed. Steve felt a pang of fear.

“Yes, Frank? What’s wrong?” Steve tried to keep the nervousness out of my voice.

“They postponed, Steve,” Frank sighed. “They want to check with other corporations before they make a deal with ours. I’m sorry, Steve. I’ll reimburse you for the money you have spent out of pocket for the whole year. I know you and your wife are trying to start a family together.” He sounded sincere.

“Triple the money and you’ll have your deal,” It was what he did Persuade. Steve kept a light-hearted tone, even though he was completely shattered. At least he was giving him money back from it.

“Haha, Steve,” Frank laughed. “I’ll double it, not triple it. You’ll be getting the money in your bank tomorrow at noon.” He hung up the phone.

He looked back at the suitcases. So much for packing, eh? Steve went to the florist he usually went to, Nadia, and he asked her for Forget-Me-Not flowers. It was sort of an inside joke between Steve and Anna. He went and bought her Godiva chocolate. He headed home.

Steve pulled up to the driveway and noticed Dave’s car was still there. He usually went to the gym at this time. Steve would never understand why someone would wake up so early to work out. He quietly opened the door. Something told relaxbet yeni giriş him that something was off. Being in business, Steve learned that you had to listen to your gut.

The computer Dave was on was still on, and his books were still scattered across the table. Steve looked at the computer, only to see that Dave wasn’t even close to being done on his essay. He heard creaking coming from the basement. It was a gaming area, with a few couches and a love seat.

Steve silently walked towards the basement, his heart hammering inside his chest. He heard moans, and he sped up.

What was going on?

When the door was opened to the basement, all you can see at first is a love seat facing away from you. What shocked Steve was what he saw on the love seat. Dave and Anna were on it, fucking like wild animals. A love seat isn’t made to stretch out long ways, so they were in missionary position.

Dave was on top of her, his head on her shoulders, grunting. Steve could already tell that they were fucking hard by the sounds they were making. They couldn’t see Steve, as they were faced away, but he saw Dave’s gigantic balls slap her clit over and over. The sound was mesmerizing and so was her moans.

“Fuck me, Dave! Your cock is so good in my pussy!”

It was as if Dave was doing push ups after a while, only much faster. He rose swiftly, but dropped as if there was a bomb headed towards them.

His cock, now looking a little bit bigger than Steve last saw it, would penetrate Anna’s lovely cunt, and the push up would start all over again, each time harder and faster than the time before.

They both were naked as the day they were born. Anna’s legs were pointed straight at the air. Dave seemed to be getting tired, as he stayed down after the push up and started rocking side to side. Anna groaned, as she loved getting fucked this way. Steve would know. She met his thrusts, and soon they started making out. They unlocked their lips and sucked on each other’s tongue.

Steve was angry. Why would they do this to him? He noticed that he still had the flowers and the chocolate in his hand. They meant nothing now. But as Steve looked at them, sucking each other’s tongue, he realized that he felt his erection pressing against his slacks. That made him even more angry.

He turned around, being quiet. He had to throw the flowers and the chocolate back into the car, and park it the next block over so they wouldn’t happen to see it. For some reason, Steve realized that he wanted to see what would happen. Would they bring Steve up? There were many reasons, but most of all: he was horny. He liked watching them having sex. Even though that pissed him off, he was drawn to it.

He quickly exited the house, being sure not to make any noise. He threw the flowers and the chocolate in the back of the car with disgust. He parked a block over and found himself jogging over to the house. When he entered his house, he crept back to the basement. When Steve peeked in, his heart began to sting. Anna loved it.

He could tell. She looked happy, and her cunt looked happy. It was dripping wet. Out of no where, Dave stopped rocking side to side and braced himself on the couch seat. He set his feet on the floor, and began making powerful strokes, a mixture between short and long. He began fucking her faster, and harder.

She thrust up to meet his hips, and by the look on their faces, it was the ultimate position. Anna started screaming, and her toes curled up. She was cumming on relaxbet giriş Steve’s younger brother’s cock.

Dave followed her after, slamming his cock in her over and over again. He grabbed her by the hips and strained his body against hers. He grunted over and over, and Steve was sure that each time he grunted, a string of cum entered his wife.

After a few more moments, they both sighed and clung to each other. Steve was shocked. He witnessed his younger brother cumming inside of his wife. What was happening?

Anna slid down Dave, and took his cock into her mouth. She has a suppressed gag reflex, and often used that to her advantage. She took him in her mouth, with an intention of cleaning him.

She never does that to Steve.

Dave looked down at her with love, and Anna looked at him with the same amount of love that Steve gave her. Gave both of them.

Dave brought Anna back up and stood up with her in his arms. He picked her up and she put her legs around her waist. Steve backed up as soon as he saw Dave turn around. He sprinted up the stairs, and hid in the bathroom. They passed him, and it looked like they were going to the master bedroom–Anna and Steve’s bedroom. He waited a couple of seconds and peeked in the doorway.

It seemed as if Dave put his cock into Anna on the way here, as Steve saw that his cock was in her pussy when he laid down with Anna on top of him. Anna rocked back and forth, relishing in the moment.

They began doing the sucking each other’s tongue thing, and Steve realized that he began to touch himself through his slacks. He felt a jolt when he saw Anna start rising and falling on Dave’s cock. There was nothing that was going to stop Steve from watching this. There was a very high chance that Dave would feel someone watching them, and he would look at the doorway and catch Steve looking.

What would Steve do, then? He didn’t know himself. His own 5 inch cock was no comparison to his big one.

Dave seemed to have whispered something to Anna, and then she started moving, up and down, up and down, tip to hilt. Steve’s new favorite sound in the world was the sound of their laps making noises.

Dave started slapping Anna across her face, and her moans became even louder. Was that it? Did Anna crave pain? Dave grabbed her hips once more and started jack hammering her into oblivion. Steve could tell that her tight cunt would soon take a toll on him. He would eventually cum inside of her, again.

Something clicked in Steven’s brain, again. He realized that Anna was allergic to birth control pills. . . and Dave is fucking her unprotected. Is this what she wanted? To have her children by another man? Her husband’s younger brother? The thought was sickening, but it turned me on even more. It disgusted Steven.

“Oh, yes, Dave, fuck me like my husband never can!” Anna screamed out. Dave obliged, fucking her harder and faster. Anna once again met his thrusts. Anna was really enjoying herself, and Dave obviously was.

Anna screamed out and curled her toes again. This time, she grabs the sheets with a death grip and freezes up.

Dave didn’t care, but Steve has never seen Anna cum like this. As Dave hit the third thrust since Anna froze up, she went wild and started thrusting, cumming like never before. Dave pulled out and Anna squirted all over him. Dave had a wide grin on his face that Steve wanted to punch right off.

Steven has never seen her squirt! Steven looked down at his pants, and he realized that he just came himself. Dave put his cock back in her pussy and yelled out.

“I’m going to fuck that pregnant pussy of yours, sister-in-law! What are you going to do when my brother finds out that your pregnant with my baby, huh?” Dave came inside of her, and he gripped her tight to his chest. “You’re mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32