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I lay in the center of the room.

I felt like I had been completely ravished.

I looked over at her and she smiled.

What an afternoon, what a day, the late afternoon sun fell across the floor and shadows outside had begun to lengthen.

Anyone looking at us would think we almost could be twins.

There were small differences, my blue eyes to her green. I was a little younger and she was a little older. She had coral-colored nail polish on her toes and fingernails I had bright red. Otherwise, our shapes and curves, all in the right places, were almost the same.

I was completely exhausted. We both savored the warmth of the late afternoon sun.

I smiled again at her.

I had no idea what time it was.

What was that word she used, “nakeed?”

That fit. We were naked and had definitely been up to something.

I admired her small sporty little body, her curves, thought about the delicious way her body molded against mine, and the fullness of her warm lips. I looked down and smiled at the scratches, bite marks, and lipstick on my thighs and upper legs.

The scent of sex lingered, the scent of pleasure, the scent of passion, heat, a scent interwoven with wildflowers and cinnamon.

I closed my eyes and echoes of moaning, whimpering, and screams rippled through my mind.

My entire body throbbed with a warmth that seemed to radiate from my center.

Without looking, I knew my pussy was red, stretched, and puffy from what she did.

Two vibrators lay discarded on the floor; glistening with my juices.

I thought back to how this had begun.

A comment about one of my stories had started us on this path. An unexpected set of coincidences allowed us to come together in a way that would never have seemed possible even a month ago.

She had read one of my stories by chance. Intrigued she had reached out to me.

I recognized her name, having read her stories. Leigh was a kindred spirit, she wrote stories that always left me hungering for more. Amazingly hot and so believable that I devoured them whenever I could. She was like me, a woman who liked sex, a woman not afraid of her sexuality, and a woman who placed few boundaries on what she was prepared to do to satisfy herself.

We corresponded, sharing our thoughts and she asked me about my stories. I explained that I wanted to experience all that I could and that one of my goals was to write an original “real” story for every category on the website. My stories sometimes pushed beyond what was socially acceptable, even by an erotica site known for wide boundaries.

I worried that she would be shocked or offended, instead, she was even more enthusiastic than ever, emailing me that she secretly harbored her own fantasies as well, of wanting to experiment so she could experience all of her desires.

She wanted to ask me some questions; I shared what I knew and what I had done. I recommended some things that she might try.

I talked to her about the thrill of things so raw and animalistic they were hard to describe. She was full of questions and I tried to answer all of them. Several times while answering her questions, my fingers and hands wandered, and more than once, I had to stop and finish myself off before being able to get to the end of her emails.

I would reread her emails again over and over again, often stripping naked and slowly finger fucking myself just to relieve the excitement that her questions generated. It also sparked my desire to be with her.

After I had thought I had answered all of her questions, she still had one more.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t try?”

“No,” was my response. “Unusual sex is so intense, some readers have called me a nympho or a slut but I don’t care, sex is addictive, and I want all of my desires to be satisfied.”

For her, that was what she need to hear. She told me that she had started making plans to make more of her fantasies a reality, with one in particular.

I hung on to every detail she shared. Each time just reading about what she wanted to do was more than enough to push me over the orgasm threshold.

As satisfying as those sessions were, in talking to her, that desire to be with her became stronger and stronger. As we talked, she admitted she had been thinking the same thing. This was even before she had experienced her new desire, the one she had asked me about.

A couple of days passed. When she finally emailed me again, my hands actually shook as I read her very descriptive story about how she had been able to live out that extreme fantasy in real life. Before I was able to finish reading, I had stripped again and was furiously masturbating myself.

Like me, she said once she tried it, it was almost impossible to stop. The size, stamina, and intensity of fucking like that are incomparable to anything else. Her description of the oral sensations alone caused the same multiple orgasms for me as the ones she experienced.

More emails followed and both of us wanted to explore ways to share our experiences bahis şirketleri and she suggested trying to arrange a way we could connect.

Unfortunately, we lived worlds apart and the chances seemed remote. We also each had lives that kept us very busy and this kind of experience is not something that families would necessarily understand.

However, the randomness of fate that first linked us together struck again. Normally my work kept me very close to home, but for a few weeks I would be replacing one of our sales agents on the road and I was going to be in her city for a flight layover.

I noticed that the layover was less than 50 minutes and my boss suggested that I consider extending the layover to a full day and catch the next flight the following day. She said by the time of the layover, I would have been on the road for six days and I would deserve a break.

I also immediately thought about Leigh.

I texted her. She responded immediately and said she could not believe it. I said I was booking a hotel now and she replied, don’t be silly, that I would be staying with her. She added not to expect to get any rest, much less any sleep.

“Oh and one more thing, don’t pack much.”

There were almost two weeks between that conversation and the layover; I don’t think I remember any of them. I received several compliments on the work I was doing and all of my clients were grateful for my visits but every time I closed my eyes or had time to think I only thought about Leigh and what we might do. Every spare alone moment I was masturbating like crazy and even several times when I was in traffic or even on a plane.

When Leigh said she was preparing a special surprise for me, my masturbating sessions moved to an entirely new level as I imagined what she would have in mind for us.

The next thing I knew the plane was on final approach to the airport in the city where she lived. My flight was arriving at 10:30 in the morning. The commuter flight had only taken 45 minutes.

By the time, I was clear of the terminal it had taken an additional 30 minutes of delays and waiting. I realized I would have missed my connecting flight anyway had my boss not arranged for the extra day. It seemed like fate was not taking any chances with bringing the two of us together.

Since today was actually a day off, when I dressed that morning, I only dressed for her. I had showered and shaved my legs and other parts, like normal. I shivered with excitement as the blades of my razor slid down my legs and other bits, leaving nothing but smoothness behind. I loved the feeling of being completely hairless and wistfully remembered the one time I had been really completely shaved.

I thought about the stares and whispered comments when people looked at my shaved head. It had been totally worth it and I wondered about doing it again. I thought that if I hadn’t been on a business trip, I would ask Leigh to do it. While I relived how wonderful it felt to see my blonde hair, falling on the floor, I unconsciously put it into a ponytail and sighed a little.

I normally didn’t wear much makeup but I did take extra care for Leigh, applying just enough to accent my features along with my lipstick. I wore a short leather skirt that barely came below my ass no panties and a sheer tank top with no bra. My nipples had been aching for attention during the entire flight leaving two very distinct impressions in the sheer fabric. I had a nice scarf and my black boots; I looked stylish but definitely not business-like.

I remember looking in the mirror at the hotel and saying, “I would fuck me,” and laughing.

As I headed down to catch a shuttle to the airport, part of my brain did all of the normal things needed to check out, make small talk, smile, and get to my boarding ramp. The other part of my brain was wondering about Leigh’s last text.

She had texted, “In your stories, there seems to be an underlying submissiveness.”

When I wrote, I didn’t really think too much about it, but I do have to admit that some of my favorite role-plays involve being caught naked or being naughty.

I had responded, “I can see that.”

She replied, “One of my favorite stories is, “Do you want to play a game?” and I have been planning a version of that for your visit if you want to try it?”

That had been one of my favorite stories to write and to research, “Yes, that would be incredible,” I had responded back.

“Okay, when you land text me and then follow my instructions.”

I could hardly wait, by nature, I like sex, it didn’t matter who with, male or female, one person or more, but more than anything, the thought of acting submissive always got me going. I might look and act like a dominating person, but deep down many of my favorite fantasies are about being controlled, being punished, or being naughty.

I was especially looking forward to meeting Leigh.

Even though I was distracted, I knew I had attracted a lot of attention on the way to the airport both from men and from women.

Several people bahis firmaları had tried hitting on me that morning, including one particularly attentive flight attendant who seemed totally taken with me.

It had turned out the flight was barely a quarter-full and she had more time than normal to talk to “special” passengers. We had chatted several times during the flight and once even slipped into the curtained area by the galley for some impromptu kissing and petting.

Her name was Molly and her lips felt tasted and felt like sweet honey. We did not have much time, but she used her kissing time to explore my little body, almost squealing with delight when she discovered my bare pussy. We maybe had ten minutes of alone time when we were interrupted by another flight attendant who took one look at me and smiled.

“You two should get a room,” and laughed, then added, “a cranky passenger is coming back here, so unfortunately Molly you will have to take your fingers out of your sexy little friend.”

Molly withdrew her fingers and made a show of licking me off them while the other flight attendant moaned softly. She had barely finished when an older man slid open the curtain. I thanked Molly for her service and went to return to my seat, much wetter than I had been when I got up. Hot and bothered and more than a little flushed when I started back, I squeezed her hand and made it appear to the passenger that I was very happy with Molly’s help, which I was.

My skirt rode up when I sat down and it was exciting to feel so exposed, especially after what I had been doing with Molly.

I had to really focus to stop myself from wanting to masturbate, all of my senses were on high alert and I felt so horny that I was lightheaded.

When I got up to exit the plane, Molly stood nearby and slipped a note into my hand without anyone seeing it.

On it was her email address and phone number along with a note that said, “I’ll bet your seat is soaked from your wonderful and tasty little pussy.”

I turned to her, smiled, and said, “Very much,” she squeezed my hand and very discretely patted my ass and said, “See you next time.”

When I left the plane the other flight attendant handed me a small note as well, it had her name and email as well, no message though.

At the arrivals desk, when asked about the purpose of my visit, I said, “Pleasure,” even before they had finished speaking. I had forwarded my luggage to my next city and only carried a small bag. Inside were just a few personal items and one change of clothes. I remembered that Leigh had implied that I wasn’t going to need even these.

I texted Leigh that I had arrived.

Surprisingly there was no response until I had walked out of the terminal building to find a cab.

“Take a cab to my house, text me when you arrive, the door will be unlocked.” I smiled and looked for a taxi.

I have found that wearing a very short skirt and boots makes hailing a cab very easy and today was no different. I found a cabby, or rather, he found me and I climbed in the back of the cab and gave him Leigh’s address. I should have charged him admission for the way he looked at me. We made small talk as he ogled me, he was checking his rearview mirror so much looking at my boobs I worried that we might get in an accident.

It took no time at all to get to Leigh’s house and I paid the cabby, who I was sure watched my ass all the way up to her door, only when I got to the door, did I hear the engine start and the taxi pull away.

It was a nice house in a quiet neighborhood of nice houses.

I reached for the door and turned the knob, it opened.

The house was quiet. No sign of Leigh.

The day was sunny and getting hotter when I opened the door. The temperature change was noticeable, it was cool but not cold, nevertheless, my nipples, if it was possible got even harder.

“I’m here,” I texted and then looked around the quiet room.

The house was neat and very comfortable. The style reflected what I had imagined her home to be like. A trace of wildflowers and spices lingered in the air. We had texted so much, I felt like I knew her and that connection was even stronger given how she had decorated her home much like I had decorated mine.

My phone vibrated.

“Do you want to play a game?”

“Yes,” I typed, wondering where she was and reminding myself how much I had enjoyed writing that story.

“Okay, you can leave your things in our bedroom, down the hall on the right; there is a bathroom off the bedroom, text me from the bathroom.”

I walked down the hallway, the scent of cinnamon seemed to get stronger, but the silence was unbroken.”

I walked into the bedroom.

A king-size bed dominated the tastefully decorated room. There were several pictures of a young woman and some with the same young woman and a man that I guessed was her daughter and her son-in-law. Everything in the house was nicely decorated and gave the impression of a person that was comfortable with who she was.

On the bed was an almost kaçak bahis siteleri transparent white baby doll nightie. I smiled and ran my fingers over the soft material and then I left my small bag on the bed and walked into the bathroom.


“Step in front of the mirror.”

I did and looked at myself in the mirror, I felt like I was on camera, but I couldn’t see anything obvious.

“Take off your top, and wait for my next instructions,” it wasn’t a question or a request; it was a command. Butterflies tickled my tummy, and my heartbeat picked up slightly.

I crossed over my arms slowly pulled my top up my chest and shivered a little as the sheer fabric brushed up against my nipples. I stood topless in my leather skirt and boots.

My phone remained quiet for a minute and then two.

My nipples were as big as I had ever seen them, almost purple in color. I almost moaned in anticipation.

After five minutes, my phone buzzed finally.

“Use your hands and cup your breasts.”

I complied, my eyes closed involuntarily and a gasp escaped from my lips.

I could feel the heat building between my legs; I could feel the wetness becoming stronger, a few whimpers escaped.

My thumbs rubbed against my nubs and my knees wobbled. I could feel my heart through my chest.

My phone buzzed on the vanity breaking the spell.

“Now the skirt.”

Looking straight into the mirror, I undid the button and slowly unzipped it. I pushed and pulled the material over the flair of my hips. The scent of wildflowers seemed much stronger now.

Free of my hips, gravity took over and my skirt fell to the floor, leaving me standing naked except for my boots.

Several more seconds passed, I swear my juices glistened in the light of the bathroom

“Take a selfie and email it to me.”

I complied. My fingers almost shook as I took the picture and sent it.

“Now the boots.”

I unzipped the first and then the second and pulled each off. I was several inches shorter without the boots and was now completely nude.

“Undo your ponytail.”

I compiled but wondered how she knew I even had it in a ponytail.

“Shake your hair out.”

I did and then stood still, my hair now tousled, giving me that “just fucked look.”

“You’ve had a long flight, I want you to have a shower, but …”

I hadn’t really taken notice of the shower, but immediately behind me was a clear enclosure for her shower.

“… Leave the door open, other than washing don’t do anything to make yourself cum.”

I stepped into the shower space and turned on the water, at first the water was freezing and then quickly warmed up. I started to wash. I washed my face and worked my way down. I thought she must have a camera someplace, but I could not see anything.

It was about then I realized I needed to pee.

Normally, I would have gone before having a shower, and occasionally like everyone I have peed in the shower, but knowing I might be on camera made me unusually self-conscious about it. I washed some more, thinking about Molly and before I knew it I was peeing. I tried to cover up the flow but once started I couldn’t stop.

Finally, after what seemed like forever I finished and quickly took a little extra care and washed. I turned off the water and reached for a towel. I dried myself off and then reached for my phone.

“Rachel, peeing in the shower, you are naughty.”

I looked around and still could not see any obvious signs of a camera, but now knowing for sure I was being watched. Knowing that I had been caught only added to my sense of anticipation.

“I am ready.”

The reply was almost instantaneous, “You look delicious Rachel, I like you naked and with no makeup, you are beautiful.”

A moment passed.

“Go to our room and put on the baby doll.”

She had put an extra emphasis on the “our” room and it made me even wetter.

My skin was covered in goosebumps as I walked into our bedroom.

Reaching for the baby doll, I noticed there were no panties with it, it was more mesh and transparent, it would be like wearing nothing at all.

I put it on over my head, it just reached my ass leaving my pussy completely exposed and the material did nothing to hide my boobs, I was just reaching to touch my nipples when the phone vibrated again.

“No touching Rachel, I want you to go to the sunroom at the back of the house.”

My was heart racing, I retraced my steps back down the hall and noticed a bright room just off the kitchen, glass doors looked out over a small but private backyard, the sun was shining into the room.

The scent of wildflowers was stronger in this room; there was a futon in the center of the room, folded down. My heart skipped more beats when I looked at it.

“Are you sure you want to play this game?”

Sitting on the futon were several items, a black silk blindfold, a black ballgag, several ropes, and a large bag that contained items that I couldn’t see.

“Yes,” my fingers nervously keyed in the letters.

“Put, on the gag first.”

I reached down and picked up the gag. The leather was soft and having used one before, I put it into place, pulled my hair out of the way, and gently tightened the strap behind my head.

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