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I have been dating Jane for about three months. She is everything I could ask for in bed. She needs it all the time and is willing to try anything. She has let me tie her up and tied me up. She has given me head in a car parks and restaurant bathrooms.

Our relationship took an unexpected turn a few weeks ago. While we were having sex, she had cried out to me, “Fuck me with your big cock.” After we had both climaxed and were lying down beside each other in bed, I got interested by her comment. I am about seven inches long and reasonably thick. I had never really seen another man’s dick hard, but from what I had seen in showers, I was reasonably confidant I was on the large side of average, so I took the plunge and asked her.

“Have you ever been with anyone larger than me?”

She hesitated for a moment, “Do you mind an honest answer?”

“yeah, I am curious.” I said.

You won’t be jealous.


“I have always had good luck with well hung men. büyükesat escort I have been with a few who were a lot bigger.”

“really. How was that?”

“Are you sure you want an honest answer?”

“Yeah. Now you have me really curious.” I had assumed when I asked the first question that I was going to get a quick confidence boost and then maybe role back on top of her to fuck her one more time that evening, but now that the conversation was moving in this direction, I was actually interested.

“OK. I will answer your questions if you answer mine.”

“OK. Deal.”

“Not all big guys are good in bed, so I have been with my share of large duds, but I have to say I really love being with a big man. I dated one guy in college who was the largest man I have ever been with. I couldn’t get enough of him. Part of it is the feeling, but I also just get off on being with someone I know is really well hung.”

“Just how big was he?” çankaya escort I asked tentatively.

“No. its my turn to ask a question. Have you seen any guys larger than you?”

“Wait a minute. Where is this headed?”

“I told you. Size turns me on. I have always been curious about how men compare.”

“How, not if, we compare?” I said jokingly. “Sure. Of course, we compare. Sometimes you can’t help it. I showered once next to a guy who was about as big as I am hard, but he was just hanging limply down his leg. I couldn’t help but look.”

“Brad looked like that.”

“So how big was he hard?”

“I actually did measure, because I was curious how big he was. He was just over nine inches long hard, and I loved every inch of it.”

I didn’t have anything to say for a minute. Jane reached out and found my cock gradually hardening between my legs. “What’s turning you on about this?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Partly I just ankara escort like how open you are about all this. You have got a hunger for sex which is a huge turn on even when you are hungering for something else. You’ve been with other guys this size?”

“Not quite. But I have been with a few other guys who were around eight inches long. — Don’t worry. I still think you are great in bed. I just like larger men too.” Jane said, as she threw one leg over my hips and straddled me. Reaching between us, she guided my hard cock into herself. As she eased herself down my cock, she continued, “I love the feeling of a large cock completely stuffing my tight little pussy. I wish you knew how good it feels to be completely filled by a well-hung man. I love having a large man in bed beside me. I will take his limp dick in my mouth and watch his cock grow. After he’s come inside me, I will go down on him again immediately to rush his cock back to life, so I can fuck him again.”

She was now pounding up and down on me wildly. I tried to roll over on top of her to fuck her, but she grabbed my throat and held me down. She is not as strong as I am, but I was so startled by her hand on my throat that I fell back onto the bed. “No. I am fucking you.” She called out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32