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I love having those memory dreams where all of the perfect details come back and you can completely relive an experience. Of course, I know that the mind will also change the memory and augment the best parts, but hey, when it’s a dream like this, I don’t care!

I just woke up from a dream about my ex-girlfriend, Katie, and a trip that we took for her birthday one year ago. The best part of any good story though, is the telling, and as I get to relive it again, I’ll be more than obliging.

I’d planned a surprise trip months in advance. Things were going quite well, so I spoiled her more than I usually did. She had no clue what she was in for when I told her to bring her passport. We went flying to one of those all-inclusive resorts in the Atlantic Ocean there near the Caribbean Sea. Even when we arrived at our destination, it seemed like every further step made it more special for her.

We spent four days on a semi private island, staying in a bungalow on the beach, with a large swimming area that was shielded on all sides by rock formations. The only view was onto the white sand beach that fell into a blue green sea, with only puffy white clouds on the horizon. The swimming area, I’ll call it a lagoon, was warm sea water that was pumped into the top of these rocks and fell into a large natural looking pool from a small waterfall and ran over one corner of the rocks into a small stream that ran down the beach back to the ocean.

The house itself was fairly large, a little rustic, but the best part was in the master bedroom. The view out of the large windows was of the ocean and one wall was missing, walking out to a small deck with a four-person Jacuzzi tub and a small arm of the lagoon, definitely large enough for an amorous couple to enjoy the warm salt water while still remaining under the roof of the house. I can really sum up this house and swimming area with the word “amazing,” but I still don’t think it does it justice. It was expensive, but worth every penny.

We got there rather late in the day and spent the night sleeping in the wonderfully soft king-sized bed and listening to the sea slap the sand of the beach in a slow hypnotic bedava bahis rhythm that made it so easy to sleep, especially next to this beautiful brunette. After sleeping in for a bit the next morning, we made a small meal in the house’s kitchen which had been stocked for us at my request. She took a quick shower and was in her bikini before I had finished the dishes. She came out to the kitchen, and teased me as she bent over to pick up a towel I’d dropped, her bottoms riding up and showing off her little ass. Her top was fairly conservative, but that was her style. It still showed off her wonderful C-cup breasts, and was thin enough that I could feel her nipples react as I ran my hand over one of them. She shuddered slightly and stepped back.

“If you want to keep that up, mister, you need to meet me outside,” she dared as she took a few graceful steps and dove into the lagoon from the porch on the side of the house.

I set the last of the dishes in the rack to dry and watched her for a moment, swimming blissfully in the warm water, back and forth across the lagoon. I went to the bedroom for my swimming trunks, but decided that it was a private beach, so I didn’t need them. I slipped out of my pajama bottoms and walked out onto the porch to a catcall whistle from the young woman in the lagoon. I stepped down into the lagoon from the deck and slowly paddled my way to the far side, stopping to stand on the bottom near the waterfall. I noticed that behind the falls was a small cave with a ledge all around just above the waterline, and fairly shallow at that. I grinned and mentally thanked the pervert that had designed this place as Katie swam to me.

“We’re skinny dipping now? It’s been a long time since I’ve done that,” she said, never hesitating as she peeled out of her swimsuit.

She stepped up to me after throwing her clothing near the house and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue playing at my lips. Katie’s been the only woman to make my knees go weak with a kiss and this time was no exception. I sighed into her kiss and felt her grin.

We chased each other around the lagoon for a while, kissing when we caught bedava bonus the other, until we were both slightly out of breath and she hopped up to sit on a flat rock that was already warm from the sun.

“You’re giving up already?” I asked with a trademark smirk. “I’d hate to think that we were going to get out of the water so soon. It’s nice here!”

“Nah, I’m just taking a minute; not so used to chasing you to get what I want.”

“Oh, really . . . and what is it that you want, Kate?” I asked.

She grinned and spread her knees, revealing to me sea water running down her belly over smooth hairless skin to disappear between the lips of her pussy. I playfully gnawed on the inside of her knee, tickling, but she remained in that pose. I kissed both knees and the inside of one thigh. Katie gave me a “you’re my bitch” kind of smile and leaned back on her hands. I looked at her for a moment, her breasts in the warm air, her flat stomach, and her legs meeting at her bald pussy, which was already rather wet, and not just from the water. I wanted to mess with her for a while, but I was horny, too, so I leaned forward and dragged my flat tongue over her outer lips. She sighed a little.

I moved a little, noticing this rock, too, was at a good height, and traced her lips again, but with the tip of my tongue and gently kissed the fold where they came together, hiding her clit, and then kissed my way around one side until I was just below her vagina. I took the tip of my tongue and pressed it into her, earning another sigh and flattened it between her lips, sliding it slowly back and forth up to her clit. She was really turned on, and I adored her taste, taking my time for my pleasure as well as hers. I slowly circled her clit and gently flicked it with my tongue. I settled into a slow rhythm with my tongue that she was obviously enjoying, using my fingertips to touch her, pressing them into her just enough, and then taking them away again. She was moaning pretty often and leaned forward to run a hand through my hair, clenching it into a fist when I’d hit just the right spots.

Katie leaned all the way forward and tried to deneme bonusu pull me up to kiss her, but she was too high for that. She slid down into the water and took my erection in her hand and tried to pull me into her. Evidently I’d done something right! She kissed me fiercely and wrapped her legs around my waist, moving her hips to try to get me inside of her.

I walked through the waterfall and discovered that even though the water was warm, the waterfall was cooler. This earned a squeal from her and I set her up on the ledge. The ledge was the perfect height. Again, I mentally thanked the designer. Katie wasn’t having any more delays. She roughly pulled me into her and tried to kiss me at the same time and she squeaked and sighed as we got comfortable. I have to admit that I was trying to be all cool and gentlemanly but she wanted to get off and wanted it now. What’s a guy to do but oblige his lady?

I moved my feet for leverage and nibbled down the side of her neck as I started to thrust into her quickly. I was going to use every little thing that turned her on. Her groans echoed in the little cavern, and really turned me on, too. I felt her rolling her hips toward me, grinding her clit along my shaft. She was getting close and I could imagine a heat building in the cavern, and I could feel things getting closer for me, too. Her hands tightly gripped my shoulders, her nails dug into my skin, and her cries grew a little shriller. I felt her body start to tighten, and her vagina gripped my cock like a bottle holds a cork, drawing my building orgasm quickly out of me. She pushed against the wall, trying to take me as deeply as she could and pushed us both out into and under the water. We both came up gasping and coughing.

“I’m so sorry, Rob!” she said, laughing a little. “I got a little carried away there!”

We cuddled for a little while in the water, still running our hands over each others body and kissing. Soon we headed back toward the house and continued our escapades until housekeeping phoned to set up a time to tidy up and interrupted us.

That was the dream, but there were many other great memories made that weekend.

The best part, though, is that we planned to go out for dinner and a movie tonight, and she just showed up at the door with a fast food bag, a couple of rental movies, and a bag from a local lingerie and toy shop. I have a feeling more memories will be coming soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32