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At 6:30, Lauren promptly opened her eyes. She blinked, then yawned before finally getting up and trudging naked to the shower. The day was just beginning, and she knew it would be a great day; today was Jeff’s birthday.

She stepped into the shower and turned the hot water on full blast, waited for it to warm and pulled the knob turning the bath into a shower. The powerful spray beat down upon her back and she was filled with a tingling sensation as the warm streams hit her reminding her of cum. She smiled to herself as she reached for her shampoo. The sweet, herbal and fruity smell filled her nostrils as she lathered the soap onto her beautiful auburn hair then rinsed it out. Her bath sponge was nearby and already soaked with the sprays of water, and all it needed was a squirt of soap; it smelled of passion.

She began to wash herself, starting with her neck and moving down to her 36C breasts; they were slicked with water and bubbles drifted off of them slowly down her body. Her nipples were pert and her aureoles seemed a darker shade than usual. She had finished washing her breasts and stomach and the sponge had made its way to her legs. She moved the sponge up and down her legs and could feel the water dripping between her legs over her beautiful, young hole arousing her and building up the anticipation for the events to come. She rinsed off the soap and hung her sponge up, and was just about to shut off the water when she had second thoughts and brought a finger down to her pussy. She rubbed her finger gently over her soft, beautiful slit, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth and safety of the shower.

She played with herself for a moment more, rubbing and prodding but never actually entering before she shut the water off. Lauren stepped out and grabbed a fluffy blue towel, drying herself and shivering with the sudden cold; her nipples had already hardened. She wrapped the towel around her lush body and then moved from the bathroom to her room.

Once in her room, Lauren shut the door and dropped her towel. Her room was neat and organized, but had many secrets hidden throughout. Kicking the towel aside, Lauren moved to the closet and opened the door. As she searched the interior of the closet, her eyes drifted to the full-length mirror on the inside of the door. Lauren focused her attention entirely on her naked reflection, examining herself up and down. Her hair still wet and slightly matted framed her face, and just below the tips were her ravishing breasts.

Her eyes narrowed in on them for a moment, and a smile came to her lips; she knew she would be naked again before long, but this time in Jeff’s company. Her eyes traveled farther down her body, past her smooth, flat stomach and to her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She smiled again, and her nipples hardened with anticipation; Jeff was going to have a wild time tonight. Nodding with approval, Lauren turned back to the contents of her closet and selected a plain white tank top with hook and eye loops down the front, and a short, black skirt slit on the left side. Satisfied with her selection, she walked over to her bed and wiggled into the chosen items of clothing. Once on, she stood and walked back to the mirror. Her hair was somewhat more dried to its natural color, and she turned 180 degrees, looking over her shoulder at her backside.

She bent over a bit, and was satisfied with the amount of ass that showed. She turned to face herself again, and bent over once again, pleased with the ample cleavages that showed, and if you looked carefully enough, the pert nipples free from any restraints other than the shirt. Lauren sat to apply a thin layer of makeup to her already gorgeous face, grabbed her purse and went downstairs to büyükesat escort the kitchen. She grabbed a paper bag and then continued on to the garage where she climbed into her little gray Altima and backed out of the driveway.

Lauren knew exactly how long it took to get to Jeff’s huge house. She knew every stoplight and every imaginable obstacle that she could face. Just as she predicted, she was at Jeff’s in less than 15 minutes. She climbed out of the car, noticing that the only other car in the driveway was Jeff’s sporty black Toyota. She walked up to the big door and walked right in. It was only about 7:30 and Jeff would still be asleep. Lauren knew the house well and first went into the kitchen and got a drink of water. Her next stop was the bathroom, where she checked her makeup and outfit before finally going upstairs to the final destination: Jeff’s room!

Lauren walked up the stairs quietly and opened the door to Jeff’s room. She crept in and set her purse and bag down on the table by his bed. She smiled down on him with love and affection, admiring the beautiful picture before her. Jeff was seemingly naked, with his legs sprawled randomly out and the covers only covering the small area between his thighs and his stomach. Lauren could see his “happy trail” and knew that it led to many good things.

She lifted up a corner of the blanket and peeked under to see that Jeff wasn’t naked, but that his boxers had bunched up around his massive cock. She let out a breath full of passion and softly reached down to stroke Jeff’s face. She leaned over at that perfect angle, her breasts peaking out.

“Jeff,” she said, still stroking his face, “wake up, love.” Jeff blinked in his sleep and mumbled incoherently. Lauren leaned over again, her soft pink tongue extended slightly and gently licked his ear lobe seductively. Jeff slowly opened his eyes, blinking and struggling to wake up. Lauren smiled down at him and said, “G’morning, love… Happy birthday.”

Jeff, now fully awake looked up with love at Lauren; his eyes slowly traveled down to her juicy boobs, hanging almost all the way out of her top. Jeff reached for Lauren’s waist and set a big hand on her hipbone. His hand was warm and Lauren sighed with the sudden caress.

“Thank you,” Jeff said, letting his hand drift down to her thigh, then back up; there was no trace of an underwear line, and he loved when she didn’t wear underwear. Jeff continued to stroke Lauren’s thigh and butt as they stared longingly into each other’s eyes. Jeff let his hand stray a bit too far down, past the line of her skirt and moved his hand back up the inside of her skirt to her warm, round ass. She smiled, signaling for him to continue. Jeff reached for Lauren’s other cheek with his free hand and pulled her down onto the bed with him. He continued to caress her smooth butt and worked his fingers into the waistband from the inside, slowly pulling it down bit by bit. Lauren laid back to aid him, and soon Lauren was lying with her eyes closed, Jeff up on one elbow, praising her beautiful cunt.

Lauren’s pink pussy lips were full and practically begged to be fucked, but they both knew that foreplay always came first. Jeff stroked Lauren’s thigh, and felt himself become harder and harder until his huge cock popped out of the slit in his boxers. He continued to stroke Lauren’s lower body and then slowly let his fingers glide up under her shirt. Her warm breasts greeted him happily, her nipples firm and inviting.

Jeff pinched her left nipple with a steady pressure, and Lauren immediately reacted, inhaling deeply, her back arched. Jeff sat up and grasped Lauren’s breasts, one in each hand through her shirt. He groped and fondled çankaya escort her impeccable breasts, and then moved to undo the hooks and eyes. His large hands probed her torso as he struggled to undo the restraints on Lauren’s shirt. Lauren rested her hand gently on her stomach and with the other reached out to grab Jeff’s dick, huge and standing straight out.

Jeff moaned as his penis met Lauren’s hand and momentarily forgot about his struggle with Lauren’s shirt. Lauren’s skilled hands moved over Jeff’s cock, almost tickling it as her fingertips glided over the soft, taut skin of Jeff’s dick. Lauren sat up. Jeff, on his knees before Lauren with his boxers still on was captivated by Lauren’s fingers moving over his cock. Lauren laid him down and slid his boxers gently over his penis legs and threw them aside. Climbing to straddle his stomach, her lips also spread over his tight stomach. Her wetness lubed his stomach and she slid back so that her ass was right under Jeff’s chin. Taking his dick at the base in one hand, she licked the tip of his penis as Jeff grabbed her firm, round ass. Lauren continued to tease him, licking and stroking his cock in sections, driving him wild with lust. She scooted forward a bit and shoved her face between Jeff’s legs. Taking one of his balls in her mouth, she delicately grasped the other with her hand, probing and massaging it lightly. She sucked with a soft, constant motion over the other, tickling Jeff and making his breathing quicken.

With a final long lick, Lauren climbed off Jeff and reached for the bag. Lauren extracted a can of whipped cream from the bag and also some chocolate syrup. Handing them to Jeff, she reached into the bag once more and pulled out a large, succulent strawberry and placed it into her mouth then laid back. It was Jeff’s turn to straddle Lauren, and he moved his legs to straddle hers. Shaking the can of whipped cream vigorously up and down, he bit off the cap and applied a circle of whipped cream to each of Lauren’s breasts and a swirl of chocolate syrup around her belly making sure to “accidentally” spill a small amount right onto her navel ring.

Lauren quivered with the sudden cool sensation and moaned through the strawberry. Jeff set the syrup and whipped cream aside on the bed and stroked Lauren’s sides as he started to lap at the chocolate syrup with quick, taunting licks. Lauren closed her eyes and her head fell back as Jeff advanced toward her belly ring. Upon reaching the ring, Jeff suddenly quickened his motions and with a lingering lick, slurped up all of the syrup surrounding her navel. He gave the ring a gentle tug with his teeth and moved his tongue to slide it into her navel. Lauren moaned a muffled moan again and reached out to Jeff’s back, pulling him up toward her breasts. Jeff obeyed and licked her left breast clean of whipped cream before he started to suck on her nipple. He moved to the next breast and did the same, but with more force and a small pink mark appeared on Lauren’s fair-skinned breast. Jeff reached for the now warm chocolate syrup and squeezed some out over Lauren’s thighs and pubes.

He moved down and licked her inner thigh, making Lauren shiver with anticipation. With a patronizing slowness, Jeff lapped up all the syrup, saving that over her pubes for last. He moved up from her inner thigh and very quickly moved over her hole, tongue extended. Lauren gasped with the sudden pleasure and was even more aroused as the tongue passed her hole and moved on to the syrup. Jeff licked the syrup off with a unexpected swiftness. Suddenly, Jeff sprung up from his position and grabbed the strawberry from Lauren’s teeth. With the green stem in his mouth, the other round end sticking ankara escort slightly out of his mouth, Jeff rubbed the strawberry gently down Lauren’s body. When he got to her hole, he gently pushed it into her wet, fragrant pussy. Lauren moaned loudly, her mouth free from the restraint of the strawberry.

Lauren spread her legs widely and Jeff grabbed each of her calves, placing her legs over his shoulders. Jeff marveled at the absolute beauty of Lauren’s hole with just the stem of the strawberry peeking out. He slowly moved into her crotch, licking gently around her lips and the strawberry. He grasped the end of the strawberry with his teeth and shoved it a little farther in before drawing it out, and bringing it up to her stomach like a dog moving his treat to safety. He placed the strawberry carefully into her belly button, moving it with his mouth so that the green end was in her navel. Looking up, he licked the strawberry, tasting Lauren’s sweet juices and also the slightly tart skin of the luscious red fruit. He then took the strawberry all in one bite, not bothering to spit out the stem. He chewed slowly, his green eyes locked onto Lauren’s. When he had finished chewing, he swallowed the sweet fruit and moved his mouth down towards Lauren’s hole, with a single strawberry seed on the lips of her cunt.

He licked the seed gently off thinking to himself there would be many more seeds surrounding her before the day was done. After bringing the seed into his mouth, without warning, he thrust his long, warm tongue deep into the juicy depths of Lauren. Lauren screamed and grabbed onto Jeff’s brown hair, her hips bucking to meet the motions of Jeff’s tongue. Jeff continued to suck and lick at Lauren’s pussy, enjoying the sweet smell and softness. Lauren could take no more of the torturous (in a good way) foreplay. She leapt up and pushed Jeff back so that he was sitting with his legs extended, his solid penis straight up. Lauren climbed onto his lap, and arranged herself so that her pussy lips just met the tip of Jeff’s cock.

With a sudden quick thrust, she jammed herself down onto Jeff’s hard, massive dick and Jeff and Lauren both moaned with the sudden pleasure. Lauren wrapped her legs around Jeff and Jeff moved his muscular arms around her waist. With his arms guiding her, Lauren began to raise and thrust herself down onto Jeff’s huge cock, pausing at intervals to relish in the pleasures of just having a huge dick inside of her. Lauren continued to grind herself into Jeff, her breasts beating against his chest and his penis beating into Lauren. Lauren’s moaning became louder and louder as their fucking got more and more frenzied and Jeff thrust and thrust his powerful cock into Lauren as though he were trying to pave the way of a new subway tunnel.

Lauren screamed as she approached a level of orgasm that she had never felt before. She gasped the air and let out sporadic shrieks that only encouraged Jeff more to pump his dick in and out of Lauren’s wet, slicked pussy. Lauren clutched Jeff’s back and bit his shoulder as a wonderful orgasmic feeling spread over her body, making her break out in a cold sweat. Lauren’s bite threw Jeff over edge and at almost the exact instant, Jeff came, his hot cum squirting into Lauren’s pussy, slicking the way even more. Their mingling cum mixed and overflowed out of Lauren’s pussy onto Jeff’s lap and Lauren’s thighs as they continued their wild fucking.

Lauren continued bucking up and down over Jeff and was thrown into a second, just as powerful orgasm as she arched her back so that her head almost touched the edge of the bed. Jeff grabbed onto her breasts to prevent her from falling and kept pumping his cock in and out of Lauren, small spurts of cum still flowing into her cunt. At last their orgasmic fling calmed, leaving them both satisfied and full of pleasure for the moment. The time was only 9:30, and they knew that many more sexual romps were to follow as they fell asleep wrapped up in one another and their cum drying on the sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32