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Jeanine, my wife of 13 years has always been a very open and honest person when it comes to her sexual needs. I have as well. It is the foundation of our married life and has given us great pleasure and built trust over the years. We have had numerous unusual sexual experiences since we began dating in college.

In college we swapped partners several times with other couples who were friends. I don’t know how it happened that we were around people who had the same ideas, but we were. Alcohol and particularly cocaine and ecstasy, had much to do with our initial experiences.

Later, after we were married and our college friends were no longer around, we decided to broaden our sexual horizons through the use of the internet. We enjoyed occasionally watching porn together and reading each other stories from various adult websites. Nothing was hotter to me than laying nude in bed with Jeanine between my legs sucking my cock while I read her stories. She would often moan around my cock when I would read certain passages that heightened her arousal. It usually had to do with scenes where she was being serviced by more than one man. I would eat her out while she read but she preferred me reading and her sucking me.

I noticed she was particularly excited by scenes where the other man or men had large cocks. I am about 7-8 inches and she had always said my cock really did it for her, but she confessed the thought of being fucked by several large, well-endowed men while I watched was a real turn-on for her. I would purposely choose stories where that type of sex happened. Whenever I would reach a certain passage where the woman was being fucked from both ends, double-penetrated or made air-tight by large cocks, would really send her over the top. At those moments she could not get enough of my cock, and I could not get enough of her.

She and I were members of a racquetball club where we met a single man named Trevor. Trevor was about our age and built similarly to me. Jeanine is around 5’1″ and about 125 lbs. She has ample, toned flesh in all the right places. Her breasts are 36C and her ass is about 36 inches wide. She has short auburn hair and a nice, trimmed bush. I am well-built at 6’2″ and about 200 lbs with blonde hair.

I had seen Trevor in the shower, and he was extremely well endowed. I didn’t know how large he was when erect but when flaccid he appeared to be about 7 inches. I knew he would meet Jeanine’s expectations if we could just figure out how to approach him about having a threesome with us. We had partied together with him and the rest of the racquetball team so we knew he was a player with many casual “girlfriends”.

I told Jeanine about Trevor’s cock and she was very interested in hearing more. I described it to her and told her I thought he might be just the guy she had been interested in bedding. She said she wanted to fuck him and asked how I felt about maybe approaching him. I told her I was very excited about seeing her again with another man, especially one with a huge cock. Just talking about it sent us into some of the best sex we had ever had. Now we just had to see if he was open to double-teaming my wife.

We invited him over to our place one night after a game. We were watching something on TV and smoking weed and doing lines. We were casino siteleri really high and

I called Jeanine into the kitchen and asked her if she had any ideas about how to broach the subject with Trevor. He knew we were up to something because he had been kidding us about our whispering and the conspiratorial grins she was giving him all night. She suggested she go take a shower while I talk to Trevor about our desire to welcome him into our marital bed.

I was really nervous about talking to him, but I knew these things actually happened because of our past experiences. I figured at the worst, he would be embarrassed and leave but somehow, I knew he wanted Jeanine like most of the guys on the team. Who wouldn’t? She was young, sexy and had a body any guy would want.

Jeanine left the room to shower, and I sat down with Trevor in our living room and turned off the tv. I said, “Hey. I need to ask you something and it’s very personal and private.”

He said, ‘Ok, what?’

I asked him if he thought Jeanine was sexy. He assured me she was the hottest

woman on the team and all the guys thought I was a very lucky man. I told him about our previous experiences with other people and he was shocked but very interested. He asked if Jeanine knew I was talking to him about fucking her and I assured him she knew and that she had a thing for large cocks. I told him I had told her about his cock, and he grinned from ear to ear.

“I would love to fuck Jeanine if you are ok with it.” I assured him I was totally ok with it and said she was getting ready for us at that very moment. He was super excited and said he was getting hard just thinking about stuffing my little wife. I asked him to shower in our second bathroom and to come to our bedroom when he was ready, that we would be waiting for him.

Jeanine was finishing freshening up her body when I entered the bedroom. She was nude, sitting on a small chair in front of her vanity touching up her light makeup and putting on cream colored thigh highs. She looked like she was made for sex. I grinned and she stood and came to me, kissing me deeply and squeezing my cock through my slacks. She asked, “He’s into it?”

I nodded and said, “Boy, is he ever! He can’t wait to stick his big cock into you!” She stood on her tip-toes and kissed me again, thanking me for helping her realize her fantasy. I told her it was one of my biggest fantasies to see her cum all over a big cock. I reached my hand down to her bush and slipped a finger into her swollen, creamy cunt. She just moaned and continued kissing me.

I let her go and went to get into the shower myself. I noticed her vanity chair had a large wet spot on the leather and she just giggled as she lay back on the bed. I told her Trevor would join us momentarily and jumped into the shower. Visions of what was about to happen had me hard and horny.

As I finished drying off, I opened the bathroom door and the sight that greeted me was pure erotica. Jeanine was on the bed on all fours facing Trevor as he stood by the bed with the biggest cock I had ever seen. Much larger than anything I had ever seen Jeanine with. She had the large purple head of his cock in her mouth and, with no hands, was trying to get more into her mouth. She was looking up at Trevor güvenilir casino with a degree of lust I had never seen on her face before. She would force several inches into her mouth, roll her eyes back into her head and moan around his monster cock. Both of them were in heaven.

I sat in a chair at the foot of our bed and stroked my 7 hard inches. Pre-cum was flowing from my cock every time I stroked it upward. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen in person. None of our previous experiences could remotely compare. Trevor grasped back of Jeanine’s head, entwining his fingers in her short hair. He began slowly forcing her head and mouth further onto his meat. She was breathing hard through her nose and making mewling sounds around his cock. He was able to get around 4-5 inches in her mouth until she gagged. He would release her mouth off his cock for a second or two, she would gasp for breath, and he would hold her by the head and put his cock back into her mouth where she would do all she could to swallow it.

By now Jeanine was holding onto his hips with her hands trying to control his actions but to no avail. He was in control, and she knew it and I knew she really liked it. Soon he was breathing harder and finally he thrust forward, his ass clinched and her began cumming in her mouth. She choked at first but then was able to back him off a bit and began swallowing as hard as she could. I could hear her gulping shot after shot of his seed down her throat. She was unable to contain all the cum in her mouth and it began spilling out of her lips, around his cock and onto the bed and floor. The moaning and mewling were so erotic that I shot one of the biggest loads I had ever onto my stomach and my hand.

Trevor was yelling and cursing throughout his orgasm as Jeanine continued sucking and cleaning his mighty cock. When he had calmed a bit, he released her head and stepped back as she caught her breath, licked her lips and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She was still breathing hard when she looked up at Trevor and then at me. She looked like a deer in the headlights. She later told me the shear size of his cock and the volume of his cum had caused her to have small orgasms repeatedly without touching herself.

Trevor looked down at her and said, “You are the best cocksucker I have ever experienced. I want to fuck you more than ever!” She then grinned at both of us and said, “Me, too!”

I cleaned up a bit as Trevor and my wife lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other. Trevor immediately pushed Jeanine onto her back and began twisting and sucking on Jeanine’s ample tits. She was so turned on she literally shivered at his touch. As he kissed and sucked his way down to her downy triangle, I pulled her head around to the edge of the bed where she tilted it back to receive my now rejuvenating cock.

She languorously sucked and stroked me to a full hard-on while Trevor licked and probed her pussy. She was in orgasmic bliss. I reached down and grabbed her ankles and pulled them toward her head which opened her up for him. He was eating her from clit to asshole causing her quim to blossom open further. She was beautiful. I pulled her legs up until her pussy and asshole were parallel to the bed and Trevor began working his tongue into canlı casino her anus. She came repeatedly while he ate her out sending her into a thrashing, head shaking orgasm when he inserted his large middle finger slowly into her ass. She and I had anal sex before, but Trevor was the first man other than me to engage her in ass play.

She was creaming continuously and soaked the bed with her first ever squirting orgasm. She covered his face and the bed with her ejaculate and that, in turn, caused me to cum in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed me like never before and we were just getting started.

We took a break and mixed some drinks and did some lines. Trevor and I could not keep our hands off of Jeanine and soon we were heading back to the bedroom again. Jeanine told Trevor and I that she needed to be fucked and asked me to sit in the chair again. She asked Trevor to lay on the floor at the center of the room while she again sucked and stroked him to his full 10 inches. She would suck and stroke him then sit up, keeping both her small hands firmly wrapped around his cock. She looked at me grinning with that “Can you believe this fucking thing?” look on her face before diving in for some more.

Once he was fully erect with the veins popping out all over his dick, Jeanine then faced me with her back to Trevor. She squatted down over his groin, took his now turgid member in her little hand and rubbed the head back and forth over her blossomed cunt. She looked at me, mouthed the words, “Thank you..” at me and slowly began to sink her cunt down over the head of Trevor’s huge cockhead. She licked the sweat beads off her upper lip, closed her eyes and sank down, taking several inches into herself. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she whispered, “Ooohhh mmyy Goddddd…” and sank down taking him fully into her depths. She held herself in that erotic squat position, her calves and thigh muscles working hard. Her lips and mouth were swollen with lust and as she adjusted to his size.

After several seconds, she began raising her ass up exposing several wet inches of his member. Jeanine repeated this move several times until she was taking all 10 inches into her pussy with relative ease. As she increased her speed she began cumming repeatedly, telling Trevor, “Your cock feels wonderful..” Her hands were on his shins as she bounced erotically on his large, greasy cock. I could not stand it any longer and stood in front of her and came all over her face. At the same time, Trevor began shooting her pussy full of his second load and she really lost it, shaking her head from side to side, yelling, ‘Oh yeaah!! Fuck me Trevor! Fuck me with your big cock! Oh, yeah! Give me your cum!” Trevor’s white froth was pouring out of my wife’s cunt around his shaft and running down his onto his balls.

Slowly Trevor’s erection subsided, and it slipped out of my wife’s swollen cunt like a great eel. When it plopped out a huge load of his cum poured out of her onto his balls and the floor. Jeanine gave several shivers and fell to the side, on the floor. We both went to her and placed her on the bed and cuddled on either side of her, kissing, fondling and rubbing their juices all over her cunt and chest. Sex is the sexiest woman alive.

The next morning, we had a big breakfast and talked about the previous hours. We both agreed Jeanine was the best fuck we had ever had, and she felt likewise. We agreed to do it again soon and even talked of adding some more men at Jeanine’s suggestion. I think we have started a new tradition in our marriage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32