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It was a week later nothing sexual happened between Kalie & I since that day on the couch. A few nights she asked me to sleep in her bed with her, me in my boxers and her in her baby dolls, but we didn’t do more than kiss. I was wondering more and more where this was going to end up.

On Saturday while I was watching tv I went upstairs to see if Kalie had awoken yet but when I got to her door I could hear that she was talking to one of her friends who she called Emily. I was going to go back downstairs and leave her to her conversation when I heard Emily saying, “did you really do that with your uncle, that’s gross he’s like really old isn’t he?”

“No Em he’s a really nice guy and yeah he’s much older than me but look he doesn’t look or act like it,” She said.

I imagined she must be holding my picture up to her camera or something when I heard Emily say.

“Wow he’s a good looking guy , he looks like he’s maybe 30-35 at most he doesn’t look like a guy in his 50’s.” “I would think about doing him” she said with a laugh.

“He is so much more mature than any of the guys I have dated and he’s really nice to me, I don’t think age is an issue,” Kalie said

“But what about your aunt, what if she finds out?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know, I feel bad but I want him so bad,” Kalie told her.

“So tell me about him, what did you two do and was it good?” Emily inquired.

“Well you saw his face in the picture so you know that much, he is maybe 8 or 9 inches taller than me, for an older guy his abs are really good better than a lot of guys I see in their 20’s.” she told her.

I was looking down at my stomach as she was saying this and admired my abs and wondered if they were as good as she said.

“But what about you know other stuff?” Emily asked.

“He’s really good down there his thing is maybe 6 or 7 inches I think, pretty thick at least comparing him to what I have seen and touched and I always heard about old man’s balls hanging low but I think his are pretty tight.”

“Well tell me more, what exactly did you guys do?” Emily asked.

“Well the 1st time he saw me naked he was such a gentleman, I asked him to get me something while I was in the shower. When he brought it in he actually had his eyes closed, I wanted to see if he would look at me so when he handed it to me I let it drop. I made sure we reached it together and he was so nervous, but I did catch him checking me out, I felt myself getting wet but he left and I finished my shower.”

“So nothing happened then?” Emily said.

“No but when I got downstairs I laid down by him on the couch and put my head in his lap, I could feel him getting hard but he was a gentleman again and nothing happened. I figured I would have to be the one to start things.”

“So nothing happened yet?” kocaeli escort Emily asked.

“No not for quite a while, but last week I caught him in the bathroom jerking off so I walked in om him. He stopped doing it but I told him it was ok and a natural thing, I got him to continue and I joined in getting myself off in front of him,” Kalie said.

“Ok so that’s nothing so you guys really haven’t done anything then,” Emily stated.

“Well later on I jerked him off and after he fingered me until I had a great orgasm, then we slept in bed together.” Kalie added.

“So did you two fuck or what girl, don’t leave me hanging?” Emily asked.

“No we haven’t done that yet, I haven’t even sucked it yet or let him kiss my pussy!” Kalie told her.

“God are you gonna go any further, your getting me wet thinking of you two I’m jealous?” Emily said sound genuinely aroused.

“I want to and I think he does too but I want to take it slow. To tell you the truth I think I’m falling in love with him, I do want him bad.” Kalie said.

“I’m so jealous can I watch?” Emily laughed telling her this.

“Listen slut he’s all mine.” Kalie told her.

“I didn’t say I wanted to jump in, just want to watch.” Emily said laughing.

I found myself suddenly with a huge hard-on but didn’t want to waste my load in my hand, I found myself suddenly wanting to fuck my niece. I went back to the stairs and hollered up to her, “Kalie are you getting up today?” so she wouldn’t know I was listening.

“Yes Uncle Billy I’m up, I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Kalie yelled down.

About 5 minutes later Kalie came down to find me on the couch. “Good morning Uncle Billy.” she said bending over to give me a kiss.

“Good morning baby girl.” I said as our lips parted.

Kalie sat next to me putting her arms around my neck when I turned to her and kissed her lips, our mouths opening allowing our tongues to explore each others. We kept our embrace for what seemed like hours, but was probably more like 20 minutes.

When our lips parted I said, “Kalie I want you so badly, I want to make love to you.”

“Not just yet, but we can do a little more if you want.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Let me show you, stand up please.” Kalie told me.

Standing up Kalie reached for my boxers lowering them until my stiff cock sprang out like it was waiting for what was to come next. Kalie started running her fingernails over my cock digging in just a little at times causing an exciting pain making me want more wanting her to dig deeper.

“You like that I can see, do you want more?” Kalie asked.

“Yes please more, yes more.” I plead.

Kalie kept stroking my cock with her fingernails on her left hand then suddenly reached around kocaeli escort bayan my balls with the other until she got to my ass. Separating my cheeks she started circling my rim with her finger pressing it inside me just a tiny bit at a time until she was about 2″ in then slowly started pushing it in and out as her other hand kept jerking me off nails digging in as she did.

“Oh my baby that feels so good, I want more.” I pleaded.

“Just what do you want Uncle?”

“I want all of you, every little bit of you my sweet niece.”

Kalie lowered her mouth to my cock taking the tip in her mouth as her nails started digging into my balls.

“Oh yes that’s my beautiful girl.”

Kalie then took my cock almost entirely inside her mouth the tip sliding into her throat. Holding my cock in her throat I could feel her allowing it to relax then she took the almost last inch deeper inside holding it there for a minute.

“Yes Kalie that feels so good your mouth and throat are so warm.” I said.

Kalie then started bobbing her head up and down the shaft of my cock slowly at first and then slowly going faster and faster. I could feel my cock getting so hard I was so ready to give my lovely young niece my entire load wanting her to swallow my cum so badly.

“Yes Kalie oh please make your uncle cum.” I screamed.

Kalie started moving her mouth even faster, I could feel my cock swelling and starting to twitch harder and harder. My cock was getting ready to unload inside my lover my niece.

“Kalie I’m gonna cum are you ready?” I asked.

Trying to shake her head while she was sucking me she tried saying yes but all that came out was “mmm mmm.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer my cock shooting my load stream after stream for what seemed like a minute kept shooting in her mouth. Kalie was a trooper gobbling every tiny bit possible only a very tiny amount leaking out between her tightened lips. After I was done Kalie took the last bit left on her lips onto her finger and then licked it off.

“Wow you didn’t taste as salty as I thought you would.” Kalie said

“Oh and just how salty did you expect?” I asked.

“Well someone told me as you get older your juices taste kind of different.” She told me.

Kalie stood up to grab a tissue and as she did I grabbed the waistband of her baby-dolls pulling the down gently, I saw that the little strip of pubic hair she had was now totally gone leaving a smooth totally bald pussy, looking like something a little girl would have before hitting puberty.

“Wow that’s beautiful, did you do this for me?” I asked

“Yes I hoped you would like it, they say it makes it easier for a guy to you know taste it.” she said shyly.

“Yes no hair to get in the way, I tried escort kocaeli to get your aunt to do this but she doesn’t even like to trim it let alone shave or wax it.” I told her.

“God that’s gross, you must get hair between your teeth.” She said laughing.

“No I stopped trying to do that years ago, she doesn’t want to do that she also doesn’t like to suck my cock either says it grosses her out.” I told her

“That’s ok Billy I’ll always be willing to do that and I’ll let you kiss me down there if you want, whenever you want.” She said.

Hearing this I knew she was ready, I pulled her so she was standing her bald pussy facing me. Putting my face between her legs I slowly licked her my swollen pussy lips which were almost dripping wet already. My tongue slowly entered inside her canal going as deep as it was able to reach, Kalie pressed my face towards her crotch as if she wanted it deeper inside her. Knowing she wanted something deeper I slid my middle finger up behind my tongue so now she had my tongue and finger inside her tongue probing and my finger fucking her little tight pussy.

“Yes uncle Billy my that’s so good please make me cum.” Kalie plead.

Taking my other hand I inserted the tip of my finger inside her tight little ass, Kalie fell forward her body both relaxing and tightening at the same time all that was holding her up was my upper body.

“Oh my that feels so good put it in more.” Kalie begged.

With one thrust I pushed the finger deep inside her ass, I could feel her body tighten with what must have been the initial pain but then she started to relax again her hips trying to get both my fingers to go deeper inside her. Suddenly her entire body tightened up and I could tell her orgasm was almost here. Knowing this i fingered both holes as fast as possible and my tongue flickering as fast as possible across her tiny clit.

“I’m Cumming yes yes yes.” She screamed as her body started jumping all over, it was almost like my face was riding a bucking horse.

Suddenly I could feel her juices start shooting like something I have never seen before shot after shot hitting my mouth as if cum shooting out of a cock. After the last shot I could feel her body relax as she collapsed into my arms.

“Oh my I can’t breath and I’m so dizzy.” She moaned.

“I guess you liked that?” I asked.

“Oh yes very much, I want to feel that over and over again just not right now I’m spent.”

“Shall we shower?” I asked.

“You go first I need to relax” she said.

Going upstairs I went to the shower and took a long hot shower thinking the entire time in there, where does this go from here. I found that I was falling for my niece not just sexually but in all ways. My wife and I have a great life but this little vixen was so much more compatible in so many ways. I didn’t know what the future was going to be but I did know I wanted to be alone with Kalie as much as possible my mind wandering to thoughts of my wife remaining away indefinitely so I can be with Kalie. I don’t know how this is going to go once Covid is over and my wife back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32