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“Oh god, yes… yes, Lizzy, yes ” Becky moaned. The blonde coed’s fingers tangled in her lover’s dark, curly hair, arching her hips under the lusty assault of Liz’s tongue. “Oh god… don’t stop, Lizzy…don’t stop… I’m… I’m… I’m coming!”

Becky spasmed, her whole body tensing with the power of her orgasm. As the surges of pleasure faded away, she lay back on the bed panting. With a pleased chuckle, Liz slid herself up the younger coed’s body, her fingers brushing lightly over her lover’s skin.

“I pleased you, mistress?” Liz purred, smiling to herself.

“Oh, yes,” Becky replied distantly, sighing faintly. Despite Becky’s words, Liz heard a faint note of dissatisfaction in her lover’s voice.

“What is it?” Liz asked.

“No, it’s fine,” Becky squirmed, forcing a smile.

“No, something’s bothering you,” Liz insisted. “What is it?”

“Well, it’s just,” Becky stammered, sitting up to look down at her lover. “Liz, this is wonderful. I mean, I’ve never… well… it’s just…”

Liz looked up Becky, puzzled at the usually domineering younger woman’s discomfort. Slowly, she smiled in dawning realization. Becky may be commanding and powerful where their sex life was concerned, but she always got flustered when she tried to talk about their feelings for each other.

“It’s ok,” Liz prompted gently, “you can tell me.”

“Liz, I’m… I’m straight,” Becky burst out.

Liz laughed, her fingers tracing a line along Becky’s naked thigh to brush lightly against her lover’s still sensitive folds. “All evidence to the contrary.”

“Aaahhh…,” Becky quivered. She sat up further, pulling herself away from Liz’s teasing fingers. “No, Liz… I mean… this, what we have… I mean what we do!… it’s great… I just…”

“You want cock,” Liz finished with a smirk.

“What!” Becky jumped, her face flushing. “No… I mean… well…”

Liz just grinned, letting Becky stammer.

“Ok, yes,” Becky finally burst out. “Ok… yes, I do. I love… this, but I just want…”

“A good hard dick inside you,” Liz finished, enjoying her friends discomfort.

“Yes…” Becky sighed. “Fine, yes. I want a good hard dick. I’m sorry. I miss it.”

“It’s alright,” Liz said gently. “I feel the same way sometimes. Just go and get yourself some. I don’t mind.”

“What?” Becky flushed even more. “It’s not that easy.”

“Becky,” Liz laughed, sitting up to face her friend. “This is a college campus. There are thousands of guys out there. Just pick one.”

“Liz,” Becky glared, “I can’t just walk up to some total stranger on the green and say ‘let’s fuck.’ Maybe you can, but I can’t.”

“You’ve been with guys before. I know you have,” Liz countered slyly. “I’ve watched.”

“Argh,” Becky hid her deepening blush in her hands. “Liz, since I’ve met you I’ve doubled the numbers of guys I’ve had sex with.”

“Oh,” Liz struggled not to smile. “Well, look you don’t have to grab some stranger. What about someone you know? What about Kevin?”

“Kevin’s an asshole,” Becky snapped.

“Yes, he is,” Liz agreed without missing a beat. “but he’s a great lay and he has a nice big dick.”

“Oh, god,” Becky shrieked, “you are unbelievable!”

“Am I wrong?” Liz laughed. “I mean his thing is just immense and he really knows how to hit just the right spot.”

“OK, yes,” Becky laughed, “he’s an incredible lay.”

“So, call him,” Liz leaned over her lover to reach for the phone.

“No!” Becky snapped. “I will not. Now get off me. I’m getting dressed and going to the library. I have work to do.”

“Oh, alright,” Liz sighed, flopping back onto the bed.

— —

Standing in front of the full-length mirror that hung from her bathroom door, Liz turned slowly to admire herself. Her dark, curly hair, still tousled from Becky’s grasping fingers, hung down to her shoulders. She wore a tight dark red silk vest, really little more than a corset, which emphasized her full, round breasts. Her tight blue jeans hugged her legs and firm ass, and her low heels looked great, while still being practical enough to walk in.

Behind her reflection, Liz could see Becky stuffing her textbooks into her bag as she headed off to the library. For a moment, Liz stood still, admiring the sight of her young lover, even in her plain t-shirt and sweats. Becky had been wearing a t-shirt and sweats when they had first met and, though she never admitted it to Becky, Liz still got a strange thrill seeing her lover dressed like that.

“You’re going out?” Becky looked up, taking in Liz’s outfit.

“I thought I might.” Liz turned and smiled slyly at her lover. “If that’s alright with you…. mistress.” She added with a teasing purr.

“Fuck,” Becky muttered, closing the distance between them. “Have fun. One of us ought to.”

“I will.” Liz leaned up and kissed the taller woman softly on the lips. Becky sighed gently.

“Don’t study too hard.” Liz added as she turned, waved and swayed out the büyükesat escort door.

— —

The bar was deafening. The drum beat felt like it was vibrating deep inside Liz’s body as she wove her way through the crowd of college guys, coeds, townies and assorted others, all hunting for something or someone in a haze of cigarette smoke, perfume, cheap beer and loud music. Pausing only to grab a beer, Liz threw herself into the hunt with eager abandon.

Her first catch was a freshman named Tony. He was skinny, dark haired and had snuck into the bar using a fake id. He was, in fact, proud of that and even waxed philosophical on the matter, arguing that since he was old enough to vote and die for his country, he ought to be able to get a beer. Liz just smiled, reasoning that he was at least statutorily legal and, as a young man, he hopefully had a lot of stamina. Tony was also obviously enamoured of his intro to philosophy course, as he was going on at some length about it.

“What do you think of love?” Liz interjected when the young man paused long enough to take a drink. As she did, she leaned forward to give him something else to think about.

“Uh,” Tony stammered, struggling to pretend he wasn’t looking at the considerable cleavage she was now displaying. “I think love is the highest emotion.”

“I think you’re right,” Liz tossed in a sultry smile.

“It’s the best thing two people can share,” Tony continued, “The bringing together of two spirits and… uh… bodies, in a perfect union.”

“Just two?” Liz purred.

“Ah, wha?” Tony stammered.

“I mean,” Liz leaned toward him, her fingers running down his arm. “Why should this perfect thing to be limited to just two people. Surely we can love many people through our lives.”

“Uh, yeah,” Tony replied.

“And surely, if the union of two spirits… and bodies… is great, the union of more… spirits… would be even better.” Liz purred.

“Uh, wow,” he breathed, his eyes locked some distance below hers. Liz wondered briefly if she’d fallen out of her top. She’d really hate to get banned from another bar for that, but given the thought in her head she doubted that was the biggest worry.

“I’m looking for a person to help me with that,” Liz continued. “Someone special, someone open, someone smart, someone with… stamina and other… important traits.”

“Yeah?” Tony asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Liz purred in her best sultry voice. She tossed a quick glance around the crowded bar, to make sure no one was paying too much attention to them. Quickly and gracefully, she slid under the table.

“What?” Tony’s voice sounded shocked, embarrassed and hopeful all at once.

“Shut up, stud,” Liz growled.

Kneeling under the table, she quickly undid his jeans and yanked them down far enough to release his dick. His long, thin member was already swelling, half rising from a nest of thick, dark hair. Tony gasped and shifted above her, but Liz ignored him. Her attention was focused on his shaft, giving it a frank, appraising examination. After all, she thought, if she was going to bring a cock home for Becky, she was determined to make it a good one.

She wrapped her fingers around Tony’s dick, feeling the length of it. The thin shaft was hardening quickly in her hand. Above her she could hear the young man stifling a groan, clearly trying not to let on what was happening. Liz rubbed her fingers up and down the length of his dick, now rock hard under her touch. Her other hand slid down into the freshman’s jeans to cradle his tight balls. The young man’s body twitched and jumped at her touch. She could hear him panting.

Teasingly, Liz flicked out her tongue, brushing the underside of shaft just below the tip and tasting the drop of pre-cum that blossomed there. A sudden sticky jet exploded from young man’s dick, spraying across Liz’s face, laying a white line across her cheek, nose and up to her forehead.

With stifled, guttural moan Tony unleashed a powerful load. Wild sprays of cum splashed over Liz’s face. Hurriedly, she clamped her lips down on Tony’s spurting member, trapping his powerful surges in her mouth. Her mouth quickly filled with sticky spunk and Liz swallowed, sucking down the flood of the young man’s orgasm.

Slowly, Liz pulled herself up from under the table, doing her best to keep her cum-covered face turned away from the crowd. Grabbing a small paper coaster off the table, she did her best to wipe off the tracks of semen while Tony sheepishly stuffed his wilting dick back into his pants.

“Wow… Thank you, Tony,” Liz said with an insincere smile. “I’ll definitely be giving you a call.”

Before the freshman could point out that she didn’t have his number, Liz slipped from the table and disappeared into the crowd.

— —

Disheartened and a little embarrassed with herself over Tony’s premature ejaculation, Liz threw herself onto the bar’s small dance floor, trying to çankaya escort lose herself in the deafening music. For a time, she let herself drift in a sea of bodies, dancing first with a crowd of frat boys, then a sultry goth chick – whose number she regretfully failed to get – and finally a townie who was up trawling the college bars.

Randy was a rough looking guy. He had powerful arms decorated with cheap tattoos, a ratty t-shirt and jeans clearly chosen for durability rather than style. He was also, Liz discovered to her joy, a very good dancer. He moved with her perfectly, a hand always on her hips or back, their pelvises often locked together in synchronized movements. He had a sweaty, rugged attraction that Liz decided was kinda sexy, and he was clearly interested in her. Liz could feel his interest poking her every time they moved close.

“You wanna beer?” Randy asked her during a breathless pause between songs.

“Sure,” Liz agreed, allowing herself to be led off the dance floor.

Several beers later, Liz laughed and swatted playfully at Randy’s hand as it wandered over her thigh.

“Are you trying to get me drunk,” Liz laughed.

“Well, you’ve sure had a fair bit to drink, little lady. Maybe I should walk you home,” Randy replied, slurring slightly.

“Whose home,” Liz chuckled, “yours or mine?”

“Well, if you’d like to come to mine,” Randy offered, leering at her breasts.

“Hang on there, cowboy,” Liz laughed, “It was a question, not an offer.”

“Come on, I’ll walk you out,” Randy offered her his arm.

Liz accepted, leaning heavily against him. She guessed that she wasn’t quite as drunk as he thought, but she enjoyed the feeling of his muscular body against hers. As they made their way through the crowd to the door, Liz felt her legs wobble. She wondered if maybe she was that drunk after all.

“Your boyfriend won’t mind you leaving with me?” Randy asked, a touch smugly, as they stepped out onto the sidewalk.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Liz replied, puzzled.

“That skinny kid you were with at the bar?” Randy said, puzzled.

“Tony,” Liz laughed, “So not my boyfriend. I just met him tonight and he didn’t work out.”

“Yeah?” Randy leered at her, putting his arm around her shoulder and steering her down the sidewalk. “So, am I working out?”

“Maybe” Liz purred coyly.

She realized he was steering her into the darkened parking lot behind the bar. Part of her mind fluttered with worry. She was definitely a little drunk, and a strange man was leading her, alone into a dark place. She pushed the thought aside. Randy certainly might be planning to take advantage of her, but she had already planned to take advantage of him, so it balanced out.

Decided, Liz stopped walking, digging in her feet firmly. Randy staggered slightly, and tried to pull her on.

“Come on,” he said firmly.

In reply, Liz grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled herself up to his lips. For a long moment, they stood together in the shadows, their mouths locked together, tongues thrusting and exploring in passionate embrace. Randy’s hands slid up and down Liz’s body, caressing her back and squeezing her ass. She responded in kind, enjoying the feeling of the townie’s muscular back flexing under her hands and finally grabbing and squeezing his tight buns.

“Damn, lady,” Randy swore, braking away from their kiss. “I knew you were one hot little number when you blew that kid at the bar but damn…”

“You saw that?” Liz asked, startled.

“Fuck, yeah,” Randy laughed. “You still had jizz on your face and hair on the dance floor.”

“He popped before I was ready,” Liz chuckled. Her hand slid around to the front of Randy’s jeans. “That’s not going to be a problem for you… is it, cowboy?”

“And miss a chance at gettin’ into your tight jeans?” Randy leered. “Hell, no.”

“Put your money where your mouth is, cowboy,” Liz sneered.

“My mouth ain’t there yet, little lady,” Randy grinned as his fingers slid down the curve of Liz’s ass to reach between her legs. Liz gasped as he roughly poked sensitive places.

With a grunt, Randy suddenly lifted Liz off her feet and dropped her, sitting, on the hood of a car. Liz laughed. Her hands flew to the buttons of her vest, rapidly pulling them open. Randy groaned, smiling widely at the sight of her naked round breasts and hard nipples. His rough hands grabbed Liz’s milky curves, squeezing and kneading her flesh. She moaned in pleasure.

Hastily, Randy reached down, fumbling at the buttons of Liz’s tight jeans. Liz moaned again, leaning into him to kiss his hair and neck while he tore at the tight pants. Finally, she pushed him away.

“Here, let me do it,” Liz moaned, standing up and quickly unfastening her jeans. Randy watched her, his eyes glazed with lust, as she shimmied the tight denim down her hips.

“Damn little lady, you ain’t wearin’ panties,” Randy groaned.

“No panty ankara escort lines,” Liz grinned, her jeans halfway down her thighs. “You like?”

“Shaved bare?” Randy said, leering at Liz’s naked pussy. “You’re like a wet dream come true.”

He reached for her, pulling her close. His hand slid between her legs, rough fingers probing at the damp folds of her pussy.

“Ooohh, yes,” Liz moaned as his thick fingers penetrated her. “I shaved it for my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Randy looked startled.

“Yeah,” Liz said, rocking her hips to hump his hand. “We ate each other’s pussies before I came to the bar.”

“Oh, yeah,” Randy growled, his voice becoming rougher. “You come to the bar lookin’ for something?”

“I came looking for cock,” Liz moaned. “I need a big, hard cock.”

Her fingers reached down between them, squeezing the bulge in Randy’s pants and grabbing at the buttons of his jeans. With a growl, he pushed her away. Liz staggered back into the hood of the car, jeans still around her knees. With quick motions, he opened his jeans and pulled out his dick, thick and hard and already slick with shiny pre-cum.

“That what you’re lookin’ for, little lady,” Randy growled.

“Yes,” Liz groaned. “Yes, please.”

Liz started to move toward him, but he pushed her back again. Grabbing her shoulders, he pulled her around. Smiling, Liz spun around, laying her face down on the hood of the car and raising her hips toward Randy. Distantly, she wondered just whose car this was and whether or not the outline of her naked body would be visible on the hood. She hoped so.

Randy grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. His thick dick pressed between her legs, bumping against her thighs and ass. She reached behind her and seized his shaft, guiding it between her wet folds. Randy paused, resting the tip of his member against her. She rocked her hips slightly, urging him on. With a slow, deliberate motion, the man sank himself into her. Liz groaned.

Randy moved in her with slow, steady thrusts. Liz moaned and shivered. She had expected him to be rough, thrusting hard and fast. Instead, he would withdraw himself almost completely and then fill her again inch by inch. Liz pushed back against him, urging him on. His rough hands grasped her hips, holding her still and forcing her to endure each steady, patient thrust. He was driving her wild.

Slowly, his pace quickened, thrusting harder and faster. Liz cried out with each thrust. Her body quivered and her hips arched back at him. Pleasure built like a slow, steady wave. His hands caressed her hips and ass. Liz whimpered as his fingers brushed against her sensitive anus.

“Do you want that?” Liz whimpered, her voice husky with lust.

“What?” Randy groaned, dazed with lust.

“My ass?” Liz moaned. “Guys just love fucking my ass.”

“Damn, lady,” Randy moaned, his thrusts quickening involuntarily. “This must be a fuckin’ dream and I’m sure gonna be pissed when I wake up.”

“Oh fuck,” Liz moaned. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Liz shook with pleasure. Her arms flew out to her sides, hands spread wide, as her muscles tensed. She screamed as the slow building wave of pleasure crashed over her in an intense orgasm. Slowly, her spasms faded and she lay, panting on the hood of the car.

Liz groaned as Randy’s hardness withdrew from her, then sighed as his fingers entered her, probing inside. The fingers withdrew to spread her wetness over her tight anus. Liz sighed, taking deep breaths to relax.

Randy’s fingers probed lightly at her ass, lubricating it and gently teasing her sensitive anal ring. Liz moaned softly, gasping as one finger slipped inside her back passage. Randy groaned over her, slowly sliding his finger in and out. Then his finger withdrew, and Liz felt his weight across her thighs. His hard dick pressed against her anus and she groaned.

Slowly, Randy pressed himself against her, the pressure building. Liz clenched her fists and moaned. She felt her anus part and his thick dick penetrate her. Liz groaned at the intensity of it. With a sudden growl, Randy’s hips thrust and convulsed. Liz cried out as his dick pulsed and surged, emptying jet after jet of cum into her ass. Slowly, Randy withdrew from her backside.

“Ohh, God-damn, lady,” Randy moaned. “You are amazing.”

“You… aren’t so bad yourself, cowboy,” Liz moaned.

Slowly, the coed pulled herself up to her shaky legs. Randy, refastening his pants, watched her, his eyes taking in her naked breasts and bare, wet pussy as if trying to memorize the sight. She let him stare for a long moment, before pulling up her jeans and re-buttoning her vest.

“Let me give you my number,” Liz said with a smile.

“Uh, about that,” Randy said. “Your girlfriend…”

“Trust me, she won’t mind.” Liz gave him her best sultry smile.

“Yeah,” Randy ran a hand through his hair, “but my wife might…”

— —

“Had some fun at the bars, I see,” Becky asked as Liz stumbled in the door.

“Yeah, some,” Liz agreed. “You’re right though. It’s not so easy to find a good guy.”

“Hey, about that,” Becky turned to beam a blinding smile at Liz. “I ran into Gary, Kevin’s old roommate, at the library. We’re going out next week!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32