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(Author’s note: It might he helpful to read chapter one, but most thought it was weird, described in one comment as “Retarded Claptrap”. Most of my stories score above a 4, but chapter one is stuck at 3.33. Judge for yourself. Comments of all kinds are invited.)

Chapter Two

All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games

Well, writing a memoir is really hard. When Dr. Palmer suggested I keep a journal I felt like I wasn’t schooled enough to do that, but eventually I broke down and started scribbling about my life. When she suggested I make a memoir out of that journal I refused. But then she explained that a lot of famous people have ghost-writers for their memoirs. So I went along with that but it’s still not easy cause my story is so fucked up and my memories don’t come out right. People don’t know even a small part of the story. I really want you to know the truth. So I keep writing down more shit about my brilliant life hoping to make use of it later.


“Oh! You got a glow stick in your pocket!” giggled the lion-tamer’s daughter, reaching for me. “Or are you just glad to see me?” We’d been fondling and kissing and groping for some time and my cock had risen in response and in luminosity there in the closed semi-trailer full of hay at the far end of the lot after the last show. Tomorrow we would strike the tents and the circus would move on.

She wormed her hand into my pocket and rooted around for the source of the glow. But she came up empty and, smiling impishly at me, began to unzip my jeans. “You goofy kid. Have you jammed that thing in your tighty-whities?” She nearly fell over with the effort, balanced on her knees beside me in the hay, topless. Her fleshy, freckled breasts swayed as she worked at my pants, illuminated by my glowing crotch.

“Well, you could say that,” I slurred, trembling. It was my first real experience with a live girl and we were both shit-faced. She’d been following me around like a puppy since I fell in with the flea-bag travelling circus back in Greenville. I’d found myself a home with other freaks, Irene the pinhead, Lobster Boy, Ginger, the giantess, along with the standard strongman, geek and wolfman, but I kept my own freakishness a secret. Until now.

Kenobia was homely in a fresh-faced sort of way. Short and pigeon-toed with a matching wall eye that left you wondering if the girl was really paying attention. Plus, it was hard to know which eye to look at when speaking to her. She didn’t seem to care, though. She had her charms–a firm, round body, kinky orange hair and an enthusiastic cheerfulness like I had never encountered. Her flesh was a map of tan blotches on pale white skin. Some roustabout called her a “high yella” girl. So I guess she had adapted to people being mean to her. I was mean to her too, trying to keep her away, but it rolled off of her like water off of a duck. And she was at least ten years older than me and clearly had a lot of experience, for good or ill. She liked sex and a part of me was willing to let the terrified part of me learn from her.

I couldn’t keep her away. And the bottle of Thunderbird that she’d brought had crumbled my weakened defenses at last. I watched in anxious stupefaction as she struggled to pull down my zipper. Finally she had my bright-shining cock in her hand. She stared, mouth open.

“Damn, son,” she said, “I’ve seen a lizard boy and a baby born inside-out and a watched a lady suck a donkey, but I ain’t never seen anything like this!” She got both hands around it and waggled it around, casting our shadows on the hay. “Ain’t no man in this circus I ain’t slept with, but this beats all them.”

“OOoohh, I can see all the bones in my fingers!” Kenobia seemed entranced. I was exposed; exposed naked and exposed as a freak. I feared the worst. But she seemed bemused. I guess a circus-girl isn’t easily shocked. But she also seemed to have lost interest in seducing me. I began to wilt and dim.

“Wait!,” she whispered to my cock,” Don’t go! Don’t go out!” Kenobia giggled and began stroking me again. “What happens when I do this?” She said and dropped her smiling mouth over me.

As my cock leaped back to full mast her head glowed like the jack-o-lanterns set out around town as we rolled in. Like an x-ray, I could see my glowing cock sliding between her teeth and lodging against the back of her throat. The shadowy forms of her sinuses and eyeballs and brain were curtained by a wispy veil of see-through hair. She had several fillings, I noticed. And her tongue stud was a dark dot in the arc of her jaw.

Kenobia worked her tongue and throat and I slipped even deeper into her hot, wet mouth. Did I mention I was a virgin? Imagine how long I lasted. About three in-and-outs and I was gushing my bright spunk into her mouth. She held tight to my cock with her hands and clamped her lips around me, mardin escort swallowing with determination, moaning as she drained me through about eight lightning flashes. Some neon spunk splattered in a star-burst around us, shining drops in a constellation. But most she swallowed and, as I zipped my pants hastily up, I saw her body glowing from within, like she had a light bulb in her belly.

Her eyes followed mine. “Whhooo!,” she laughed and stood above me, turning with her arms raised. “I’m a night-light! A neon sign. A…a…a…a, aww shit, I don’t know what. Like one of them statues at the casino. Or the visible woman. You remember that?” I was admiring her breasts, glowing faintly from within.

“You don’t think I’m a freak?”

“Honey, we’re all freaks. Some just can’t hide it.” She looked pointedly at my cock, dimming in my pants. I made an effort to get up. “Oh we’re not done here, Tommy. I’m sure a youngster like you has a couple more of those in him,” She said, placing a hand on each shoulder and pressing me down again. She straddled me on her knees and my view filled with her patterned, pink, luminous breasts. Kenobia offered one to my mouth and I eagerly, if clumsily, sucked the rosy, crinkling nipple in, getting a salty accent from a drop of my own semen that had fallen there.

And, as she predicted, I rose again. She wrestled drunkenly with her heavy skirts, finally pulling them aside and got herself astraddle of me, unzipping me again, her heat balming my own cool glow. She lowered her broad hips, twisted, and pop! I slid in and lost my virginity. After all the window-peeping I was expecting something violent, something rough. But she went down slow and I felt the velvet heat of her engulf me inch by ever-more-surprised inch. This was nothing like my hand. And not like her mouth where the teeth had interfered. It was hotter, smoother, my glowing cock embraced so thoroughly as to drive my pulse to dizzyness. God. God.

I cast a brilliant yellow light through her body and she lit the trailer, the tan patches even more stark. Kenobia lifted her arms again and looked down at herself, laughing. Lit from within, she seemed as delighted by the novelty as by the screwing. I guess she had seen it all. Yet she also rose in arousal, bouncing on me in her excitement. I closed my eyes and just felt it all, kneading her big tits, pulling on the fat, dark nipples, biting them, making her squeal.

“What happens when you cum in a girl?” she wondered as she pressed her hands on my shoulders and rode.

“Don’t know. Haven’t, ahh, haven’t done it before…” I admitted, emboldened by how well I was doing.

“Are you shittin’ me?” She looked at me as I made as honest a face as I could manage in the situation. “You ain’t shittin’ me. You a damn virgin?”

“Not as of five minutes ago,” I groaned, getting close.

“Well, damn.” And she squeezed my cock with her pussy and I convulsed, thrusting up into her soft, hot body, shooting another load of blazing spunk, my cock doing it’s flashbulb thing. Beams of light shone from her mouth and eyes when I came, like that night in the forest, in a series of sudden brilliant bursts. It scared me. I thought I had hurt her.

But she was transported by her own orgasm, casting beams of light from her head as she shrieked out her pleasure. Apparently, no harm done. And she subsided, the glow tempering, fading slowly back to her core where I still lodged and the mess of silvery semen flowed out of her and over my balls, dripping into the hay.

Kenobia threw herself to the side, breasts heaving, catching her breath, covering her eyes with her arm. “I gotta tell momma about you, glowstick,” she grinned. God.


“We’ve got no use for a glow-in-the-dark penis in the circus,” the lion tamer said, “Kenobia you know we can’t get x-rated, even in the sideshow.” Her mother, Diana, was statuesque, strong and tall, with a big halo of fiery, red hair, breasts that Kenobia had inherited and an earthy animal aura despite the crows feet at her eyes.

I was in the back of the four-seater Silverado with Kenobia, her mother riding shotgun as her business partner, a quiet, broken-nosed, slick-haired, eastern european man called Karl drove to our next stand, trailing Diana’s Airstream. He grunted now and then, assenting to something Diana said, apparently the kind who kept his cards close to his vest. It was hard to read him.

“We can tease the rubes with come-ons for coochie girls and deformities, but real sex?, no way. We’d be banned from any stand on our tour. Sorry, Glowstick.” She smiled as she said it, but I don’t think she really was thinking about my feelings. Not that I was accustomed to anyone thinking about my feelings.

Still, I said, “It’s Tom,” like I cared.

“Sorry, Tom,” Diana, waved a hand and turned to watch the road. Kenobia leaned her head on my shoulder, mardin escort bayan squeezing my arm. She patted my crotch where my erection throbbed.

“But what a show, Momma! Too bad we can’t have a secret act for a real high-dollar fee.”

“I like your sense for business, Nobi, but that’s just a bridge too far for us. We have a reputation as a family entertainment. Can’t risk that. We’re supporting a lot of artists, roustabouts and their families, as you know.” Diana cast a curious side-eye at my dimly glowing pants.

“But it’s an opportunity like we ain’t never had before,” Kenobia pouted.

Without taking his eyes from the road Karl grunted, “Boy is trouble. Don’t have trouble in my circus!”

“You can’t run after every opportunity.” Diana said, “This one’s too risky. You’re learning, but you have to learn when to say no.” She dismissed the subject with another wave, turned to her partner and launched into a discussion of timetables. We were a couple hours out of Kinston and the sun was gliding down in the west. I’d be doing my regular job soon, setting up tents, settling the animals in the field by the river. Not the lions, though, they were strictly Diana’s province and her pride and joy. I think she might have loved them more than Kenobia. I’d heard her say they were easier to tame than her daughter.

I was hoping to get in Kenobia’s skirts again that night. No longer a virgin, I couldn’t get enough and now that my secret was out, not nearly as afraid to pull it out and put it in as I had been. Kenobia, leaning her breasts into me, idly stroking the twitching lump in my pants, seemed to feel the same way. It was almost like someone wanted me for myself.


It was after eleven when we finally had the work done and I was beat. But I was young and horny, so no way was I not going to try with Kenobia. My secrecy and caution had evaporated with my virginity. I went looking for her through the little village of trailers and trucks and animal pens we’d created and found her at the vintage Airstream. It was considerably nicer than what the rest of us roustabouts had. I’d been bunking with a couple of other guys in a converted horse trailer that still smelled like horse piss when it rained.

“Come on in, Glow…, I mean, Tom,” said Diana when I knocked. “Looking for Nobi, I’m guessing.” She commanded any space she was in but the Airstream barely contained her. She towered on firm, meaty legs in the cramped quarters, wrapped in a short bathrobe, hair in a towel that brushed the ceiling unless she bent a little. She was the one Kenobia got her whiteness from. I only came up to about her nipples. She looked at me critically.

“You haven’t showered yet, obviously. In some kind of a hurry?,” her eyes twinkled playfully. “Tell you what. You go and join Nobi in that shower, there, and don’t waste any more time.”

I looked at the end where I could hear the shower running and I looked back at her. Then at the shower, then at her. Diana laughed, loud and honestly.

“She has every man that comes through this circus. I can’t do anything about that, so I try to help her stay safe and happy.” Diana just pointed at the shower, grinning. So I went, Diana giving a little push on my shoulder. Even an Airstream is small, so I had to strip down with her watching as she unwound the towel from her hair and dried it. Though I was nervous, I was eager and I glowed a little already. The mother smiled broadly. “Glowstick,” she said thoughtfully.

I opened the steamed shower door and squeezed myself in with Kenobia, who was smiling, too.

“Been waiting for you,” she said folding me in her arms so I could close the door. We were pressed tight together and I was quickly covered in the soap suds she was lathered with. It was my first full body, naked, wet and slippery hug and I nearly lost it there as my cock sprang to full attention and illumination. Diana turned off the lights and watched the show, our shadows and glints of light like a kaleidoscope in the tiny space.

I’ve heard it said that God gave men a brain and a penis and only enough blood to operate one at a time. So I wasn’t thinking about much beyond the sensation of total body contact with the soft, willing and happy woman pressed up against me. Kenobia enfolded me in her arms, squished me between her breasts, smiled at me with delight when my eyes got wide. She felt my cock throbbing between us, saw the light bleeding out around our bodies as we wiggled, laughed when I made stupid noises in my ecstatic thrall to her all-over touch. So I came after just a couple of squirmy, soapy gyrations in the shower and my flashbulb cock blinded us both in the now familiar series of flashes as I shot off, pop, pop, pop, nearly falling in the slick stainless steel shower.

“What was THAT?!!” shouted Diana.

“He came, Momma! Ain’t it cool?”

Diana opened the shower escort mardin door and filled the tiny hallway with steam. Kenobia and I were dripping in soap and phosphorescent spunk, much of which was rapidly rinsing down the drain. I was a little scared, but my life had been all about reacting in difficult situations; I was a survivor.

“Are you going to share this one with me, Nobi?” Diana said, blocking any exit from the shower with her statuesque body.


“Dry off and get out of there, then,” and Diana dropped the towel, revealing a toned, though soft, body, haloed in red hair. She turned to the bed alcove only a step away and lay there, knees demurely closed, but full ripe breasts plumped between strong arms wrapped around herself.

With some awkwardness Nobi and I got out and shared a towel, just throwing it in a pile with Diana’s. Kenobia put her arm around my shoulders and propelled me the three feet to the bed, turned me and pushed me down by her mother, then rolled up next to me on the other side. I was dwarfed by these fleshy women, pressed between them like an infant.

“This little cub needs some taming like all the others, don’t he, Momma?” said Kenobia, sliding her hand across my chest and slowly along my stomach, to rest just above my already re-erect cock. I strained to reach her hand. I twitched. My own hands itched to weigh any of the breasts lolling on either side of me, lips pursing involuntarily. I longed to nurse, to suckle these motherly mammaries. For a moment my dried up, wasted mother came to mind. I guess I’m stunted because she had little nourishment to give me. But that thought sank under the weight of all the breast flesh at hand.

I turned and buried my face in Diana’s cleavage, walking my mouth across her breast until a fat, red nipple found its way between my lips. I confess, I nursed like a baby in her arms for a bit. I regressed. Somebody’s hands stroked my cock.

“Watch this, Momma!” said Nobi as she rolled me on my back and straddled me. I strained to keep Diana’s cherry-red nipple between my sucking lips. The patchwork girl took my bright cock and plowed up and down her slit a couple of times, then arched her back and eased down onto me. That glorious velvet heat again! A good as I remembered from the night before.

And she glowed from within again, too, of course. “Goodness!” exclaimed Diana, “You’re lit up like the angel on top of the Christmas tree.”

“He’s not so big, but he’s really hard.” Nobi said, twisting and bouncing, “I can work with that.”

Diana pulled her tit from my mouth and let my head fall back on the bed. She straddled my face and for the first time I saw a pussy close up, lit by my own glow in wavering pulses as Nobi rose up and down. The purple-red cleft between puffy labia glistened, framed in dark, curling hairs that hid a clit like those I had studied on the porn sites I devoured on the rare times I could steal some time on the phone of one of mom’s guys. Her legs gripped my face. How smooth a woman’s inner thighs are! I tried to reach up and feel for her clit, but she sank slowly down and planted her lower lips on mine.

I wasn’t prepared for the taste.

Iron. And lemon, and honey with a hint of sardines and garlic. Wow. I liked it! I worked my tongue around in the wet folds as she rocked forward and back. I searched for the bud I knew was there somewhere as my nose got pasted with her juices and slid back over her butthole. I tried not to think about that as I focused on finding her clit, parting the coarse hairs with my tongue, probing, pulling her fat lips between mine, my drool and hers mingling.

“He’s not bad for a novice,” sighed Diana, grasping Nobi by the shoulders. The women rode me and I strained upward, tense with excitement. I reached between them and found four heavy, swaying breasts to fondle. Kenobia, whose hand was making rapid little circles on her own clit made little yipping sounds, then leaned down and sucked one of her mother’s nipples, wetting it. She switched to the other and I pinched the first one, fingers slipping in the spit she’d left.

Diana came, too, then, squeezing my head between her strong thighs. I had to go without breathing for a little while as she surged and grunted over me. I was proud of myself.

Finally her legs stopped shaking and she pulled herself away, rolling to her stomach, a hand tousling my sweaty hair. I took a deep, gasping breath, wiped my face on the back of my arm and became aware again that a curvy, wet and willing woman was languidly riding my pole. My hips began thrusting faster, driven by a desire beyond my conscious control. Kenobi stopped and pulled herself off, letting my light fill the small space, leaving me flopping.

“I want you from behind me this time,” she said, and rolled herself next to her mother, ass up, labia red and wet, parted and ready. I scrambled to my knees and grasped my cock, aiming it, pushing it into her, dimming as I sank in. Her fleshy ass glowed and she gasped through another little climax. My novice organ really couldn’t stand to be embedded in a woman for more than a few thrusts without dragging me along with it toward orgasm. Kenobia, wise in the ways of young men, threw herself forward and I popped free before I could pop off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32