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Double Penetration

Three years have passed since my sister, Chaya and I had sex for the first time. Chaya is now working in a multinational company and has been promoted to the post of financial supervisor. Her office hours are hectic but she manages to take time out for family every other weekend. As for me, I completed my internship and am working in a government hospital in the north of Mauritius.

I am madly in love with my sister but she keeps telling me that I should look for a girl to marry now and that our relationship is doomed. But I know she loves me too. I know she does this to prevent me from suffering. I also realise that we will never be able to live like a normal couple because of the stigma that it will cause to the family. Nevertheless, we usually meet for some private time in secluded places when the desire within us reaches a point where we can’t hold it in.

One such time was last Saturday. After work, we had agreed to mersin escort meet in Rose Hill, a town in Mauritius. We hadn’t been intimate with each other for a long time. Partly because we were never alone for a long time at home and also because we were trying to end the incestuous relationship.

When we reached the location, we selected our room and followed the employee who accompanied us to the door. Once inside, we hugged each other and kissed passionately.

Naturally, lust had taken over us and we did not lose time in shedding each other’s clothes. As soon as we were naked, Chaya pushed me on the bed and climbed on top. She took me fully inside her in one movement. She jumped on my cock with gusto and I pushed equally hard from below. We both needed each other’s body and knew only an orgasm would satisfy our carnal thirst.

I kissed her breasts which were close to my face and sucked mersin escort bayan on her nipples. My hands were holding her butts and furiously moving her up and down on me. Her vagina was very wet. I could hear the squishing sound it made while I moved in and out of her. Her hair had loosened now and was hanging around her face, creating a curtain and covering both our heads. They also caressed my cheeks while following the movements of her body.

We were quickly nearing our orgasm. She humped harder onto me. I heard her moan loudly. Her vaginal walls were tightening around my dick and bringing me close to an orgasm. My cock felt the heat rising inside her vagina, which usually signalled her oncoming orgasm.

Soon her body started trembling and she let out a loud moan. Then she stopped moving and rested her head on my chest. I was close to coming. So I took over and pushed into her escort mersin from below at an increased pace. Her body continued shaking while her orgasm continued.

Shortly after her, I ejaculated. My sperm erupted from the tip of my penis inside her. She moaned louder as she came a second time when she felt me coming in her. Our orgasms had been very intense.

We lay there in bliss. Our breaths deep and fast.

We both laughed when she said that we were as if two hungry people who finally got food after a long time. It perfectly summed up the situation for us.

We kissed, said sweet words and held onto each other for some time after this. When she finally got her breath back, she sat up and got off the bed. My sperm and her juices had wetted the bed sheet. She covered her vaginal lips with her hand to prevent more juices to spill out and proceeded to clean herself on the bidet. I also got up and washed myself.

It was only then that we realised that only five minutes had passed since we closed the door.

Once finished, we got back on the bed. Later, we made love again. This time we did it slowly. The fire within having been soothed a bit.

Wonder how long this fire will keep burning within us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32