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The party was already well underway, and everyone already had a beer in their hand hoping to get drunk sooner and later. Zoey, the birthday girl, spent much of the evening walking around and serving her guests like she always did, even though it was her birthday party. So used to being shit on most of her life, she really had no trouble accepting the fact that she had to spend her birthday making sure everyone else had enough food and enough beer. It wasn’t all that bad, though. All her male friends came in their Sunday best to try to impress her, and, though she wouldn’t admit it, she loved how they swooned when she walked past. It wasn’t just the males, either. It was no secret that Zoey was bisexual, and she spent the majority of dinner entertaining all the possible fantasies, involving her and any of the other beautiful women at her party, that the men could come up with.

One of Zoey’s friends stood out from the rest of the crowd during her party. Sean didn’t really talk to anyone else, or interact with anyone else. He just quietly admired her from across the room, stealing small, lustful glares when he could. At first, it made Zoey a little nervous, but hen she thought it a little endearing. He didn’t fawn over her or adorn her with attention or pay her any special attention. He just gave her these small seductive glances that seemed to catch her eyes at the most inopportune times. She didn’t even know Sean all that well, and already she was attracted to him. But then, maybe he was just like all the others, hoping to stay and sleep with her when the party ended. Tried as she might, Zoey couldn’t keep her mind or her eyes off of him. He watched her all night, just as she watched him all night. She couldn’t help but admire the way he stood strongly from the rest of the crowd, like a rock, drawing no attention to himself but the kind he wanted. And he got it, alright. He did look gorgeous in his three-button, black pinstripe suit.

Finally, it was time for cake and presents and the night was almost over. Zoey walked over to the loveseat in the middle of her apartment where all her presents had gathered, after serving everyone cake. Slightly overwhelmed by all the presents, she blushed and gave a nervous laugh, and everyone encouraged her to open them. She sat down and for just a moment, wondered which present would be from Sean and glanced upward at him. He was leaning against the table in the small breakfast nook at the other end of the apartment, smiling warmly at her. Zoey’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson, and put her mind back on her all her gifts, squirming a little in the seat.

Sipping her beer, Zoey began to open her sixth gift. Laughing she pulled out a vibrator and a pack of batteries and showed it to everyone else. It was another gag gift. They had no idea that she would make sure to put it to some use whether it was a gag or not. She blushed a little and joked, “I’m not that old yet. I can still get a man.” Everyone laughed as she çubuk escort began to open the seventh gift. It was a small box, no bigger than her hand, neatly wrapped in black paper and a silver ribbon. It was his and she knew it. Nervously, she began tearing at the paper and pulling at the ribbon, revealing a simple, two-piece black box. With shaky hands, she pulled the top off and read the note inside: “Your gift is in your bedroom.” -Sean

It was an incredibly simple note and Zoey was left somewhat disappointed. She was hoping for something much more from him. After all the build up, this evening, he had the nerve to give her a stupid note. Her body filled with heat and anger and she looked up, eyes searching wildly for him. It seemed he had left, and rightfully so, because Zoey was furious. “Excuse me, please,” Zoey said, smiling warmly to her guests, “I will be right back.” Crumpling the note in her hand, she stood up and walked slowly to the other end of her apartment, and into the darkness of her bedroom.

Nervously, Zoey looked in, walking slowly, then hurriedly to the lamp on her bedside table. Before she could turn it on, she heard the door close and lock behind her. Shaking, eyes searching the darkness, she turned on the light and saw Sean standing at the door. His warm smile was gone. He just stood there at the door, hands clasped together in front of him, looking deeply into her eyes. Zoey’s knees began to quake, and a heat rose quickly inside her, anger turning to desire. When she tried to speak, Sean quickly walked to her and reached behind her head, clasping his fingers tightly in her hair, pulling her head back, arching her neck violently. She reached out to him, trying to push him off to no avail, only enticing him more. She grunted loudly, her throat parched, as he finally pressed his body into hers and bit hard on the side of her neck, sinking his teeth in slowly, growling into her smooth flesh.

Zoey continued to fight him, flailing at his arms and hands, trying to push and pull him off. The heat inside her turned to desire when Sean pushed her violently onto the bed, forcing her to catch herself on her hands, bent over so that her rear was pressed into his thighs. She rested her forehead on the bed and reached to her hair, trying to pull his hand off, pushing back against him with everything she had. He just kept pulling harder on her hair, forcing her head back so she couldn’t scream. Zoey kicked back at him, writhing on the bed, trying to somehow force herself from his strong grip. Then suddenly, Sean pushed Zoey’s head into the bed and released her, placing his hands on her hips, cradling them gently.

Sean admired her gorgeous frame for just a moment and leaned down, kissing her softly on the back of her neck, and slid his left knee between her thighs, parting them just a little. She continued to fight him, but her attempts were getting weaker and weaker. Zoey could barely even breathe properly demetevler escort at this point. Slowly, Sean lifted her knee-length black skirt up to her waist, exposing the smooth curves of her rear. Gently, he trailed his fingers up and down the insides of her thighs and then along her lacey black thong. Zoey’s fighting became more and more half-hearted as his fingers began to trail further between her legs, circling her clit and then along the smooth lips of her sex. Following his fingers with eyes, he smiled warmly once more, admiring the view as Zoey’s grunts and screams became soft moans, and she parted her thighs a little more for him. Bending down, Sean kissed her rear with a sympathetic whimper and stood up straight once more, cradling her left hip in his smooth grasp.

In one swift, fluid motion, Sean swung his arm back far, and smacked his hand hard into her ass, her skin flushing a bright red around his hand. One. Zoey flinched towards the bed, trying to pull away from his hand, gasping loudly into the air, thrusting her head back. Her left ass cheek became obsessively warm around his hand and his fingers as he gently squeezed the sweet curve along her rear. Pulling his hand away, Sean came back, hitting her ass even harder, first the right side and then the left again. Two, three. With each smack, Zoey writhed away from his hand, trying to avoid the pain it gave her, tears spilling down her cheeks. Four, five, six. After the sixth smack, she discovered his rhythm. Her pain slowly turned into a burning heat as she pulled away in time with each smack, sniffling and licking the tears off her lips. Seven, eight, nine, ten. His smacks became harder and more violent, he didn’t like that she was pulling away. Zoey bit into her arm, crying fresh tears once more, muffling her screams and groans into her arm. Sean’s smacks halted. Only the sting and the heat of being hit remained. Then she heard it.

Slowly, Sean unbuckled his belt and slid it off his slacks, stepping back from her a bit and watched her carefully, making sure she didn’t run. Smiling, he pulled his arm back and swung down on the back of her left thigh from the inside out. Eleven. Zoey screamed loudly into her arm and bit it harder, finally tasting blood. Her knees began to fail her and she began to fall a bit, but instead just collapsed her upper body onto the bed. Twelve, thirteen. The belt left long white streaks outlined with red along her the backs of her thighs. The pain was starting to evolve into a sharp pleasure and she spread her thighs wider. Fourteen, fifteen. Sean got the insides of her thighs, and the sharp sting was delicious, now. Sixteen, seventeen. Zoey could feel her fluids leak from her sex down her thighs with each strike of the wide, leather strap. She began to arch back to him, reaching out to meet his strikes, to greet the pain as it rolled over into pleasure. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty. The pleasure continued to rise inside ankara escort her, overwhelming her, and she couldn’t stop shaking from it. But the belt stopped. Quickly Sean rolled her over onto her back, leaving her skirt above her waist, leaving her to rest on the freshly worn flesh of her rear and thighs. The contact was too much and she arched her hips away from the bed, but Sean lifted his foot and pressed into her sex with his black, square-toed oxfords, forcing her back onto the bed, forcing her to feel the pain of the contact from the bed.

Lifting his foot away, Sean wielded the belt once more, looking lustfully into Zoey’s deep brown eyes. With one quick strike, he smacked the inside of her right thigh once more, the length of the belt wrapping around the front, leaving a fresh white streak, surrounded by bright red. Twenty-one. The pain immediately became pleasure as Zoey arched her hips up to meet the strike, only to be greeted by another stink when resting back down. Twenty-two, twenty-three. The pleasure snowballed higher and faster, getting her closer and closer to what she wanted. She wanted her release so badly; she began to beg for it. Grinning, Sean smacked her thighs again, crossing the strap over her thighs. Twenty-four, twenty-five. The pain was almost too much, and she began to writhe once more, screaming loudly in ecstasy. The pinnacle of her treatment was so close, she could feel it burning deep within her, begging to be let go. Twenty-six, twenty-seven. Zoey was finally at the cusp of her release, heaving and thrashing underneath Sean’s violent belt, begging for it in her thoughts. Twenty-eight. Not yet. “Please don’t stop,” she thought. The beating stopped and Sean leaned in close to her left ear, whispering softly, “and one for good luck.” At his words, Sean pulled his arm back hard and swung back harder than he had thus far, swatting her sex violently, leaving the belt to sting into her clit for a moment. Twenty-nine. Zoey screamed loudly into the air and Sean quickly covered her mouth with his hand, holding her close as she thrashed and writhed against him, as her orgasm exploded deep within her and surged throughout her body.

Sean held her close as her body calmed down, gently kissing the back of her neck, whispering how proud he was of her. Carefully he looked over the bright red streaks on her thighs, and rear, checking for terribly damaging wounds. Somewhat admiring his own work, he licked his lips as he stroked those on the tops of her thighs with his fingertips. Laying Zoey onto her back once more, he looked into her eyes as she steadily regained full consciousness and kissed them gently and then her cheeks, trying to kiss her tears away. Giving her that warm smile once again, Sean bit his lip and leaned into hers, kissing them softly, murmuring his satisfaction gently into them, holding her close for just a few more short moments.

Finally, Zoey and Sean got up and recomposed themselves and returned to the party to notice that only a few moments had gone by and no one seemed to really notice they were gone. Blushing a little, Zoey hobbled back over to her presents and greeted all her friends again, sitting painfully back into the loveseat, winking over at Sean as he returned to his beer with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32