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You call and ask me to come over to your new apartment in a few days to hang out.

Just the anticipation of it is making me incredibly wet. Counting down the days until it would finally happen. The wait is agonizing, but in the end it will all be worth it. I just imagine the things we’re going to do and it turns me on.

I can’t take my nap because I’m thinking about you, so I’m lying in bed just staring at the ceiling thinking about how great out first time together will be.

I begin to imagine those fingers working there magic all over my body…touching me, caressing me, and teasing me. I move one of my hands to my breast and begin playing with it imagining it is you doing it. I moan when I squeeze and pull at my nipple wishing it was your mouth on it instead of my fingers.

I move my other hand lower and let my fingers slide over my clit then move to my inner thighs. I run my hands up and down my inner thighs avoiding contact with my pussy but getting close enough to feel its warmth. I imagine that these are your hands on me. That these are your fingers teasing me.

I finally work on my clit. I move my fingers around it in a slow circular motion imagining it is your tongue causing my pleasure. Your tongue would feel so good rubbing against my clit. I tease my pussy by barely sliding in my finger inside and taking it out quickly. I love the tease.

My clit is once again aching to be touched and my pussy needs something inside of it. I begin working my dripping wet pussy with both of my hands. My hand is circling my throbbing clit, rubbing it until the pleasure of it all makes me want to scream. My other hand has two fingers shoved inside, pumping. In my head, you’re working my clit with your tongue while fingering me and the image turns me on even more, getting even more wet making my fingers able to slide in deeper. I moan out your name loving the way it sounds. The pressure inside keeps building and finally I feel my pussy clench around my fingers as I orgasm. I let out a load moan and lay back on the bed sweating and breathing heavily.

When I show up and see you, immediately I begin to feel a tingle in anticipation for what’s to come. The tension between us just keeps growing and getting hotter. We have only fooled around a bit here and there and never even went all the way but today…today it has to happen. Every time you touch me….every time you run your hands up and down my leg…every time you say something sexy…I go crazy with desire. I want you–no…I NEED YOU soon. I cannot take this waiting any longer.

We sit on the couch and you start kissing me…I was definitely start to feel it now. I pull you over on top of me and press my hips up into you. You moan and grind me like I’m a man. I reach between subayevleri escort our bodies and rub you through your jeans. Your hair brushes against my face and you kiss me deeply.

I kiss my way down your body starting from nibbling on your ears, down to the nape of your neck, slowly down your collar bone, to your breast. I tease your nipples because I know they are a little sensitive. I keep kissing down your body to the waist band of your jeans and undo them, licking the sensitive area just above your thong.

You tug at your pants and I help you. Your thong stays on; it’s moist further down between your legs. I graze my fingertips along your skin, over your hips and slowly take it off.

I kiss the top of your slit then stick my tongue in. I can feel your clit instantly, it’s moist and warm.

I use my tongue to massage you. You moan and begin to spread your legs. I can see your wetness and I run my finger down from your clit to your opening, pushing a finger inside you. I swirl my tongue around your clit and you begin to buck against my finger and face.

Your legs open farther and your pussy flows with your sweet juice. I lap it up and move my tongue around the inside of your opening where my finger pushes in and out. Then kiss your clit, pressing against it, rolling it around my tongue.

You arch your back and moan; I hear your breaths getting short. I know you were getting close, so I lick your clit up and down…I want you to cum so bad.

You moan my name and your pussy gushes more juice and I lick it up. I think I could cum just hearing you say my name like that.

I rise up to your face again and feel your tongue lick my bottom lip and then kiss me. We stay like that for a while, holding each other close and kissing passionately.

You urge me to follow you into the bedroom. As soon as we get there, we start making out as you slowly remove my clothes. At this point, there’s nothing I want more than to have hot passionate sex with you.

Just thinking about what is to come sends a jolt of fire and electricity to my already wet pussy.

You take one nipple in your mouth and take the other between your fingers. I begin to moan. The feel of your tongue against my sensitive nipple feels so good. Then you begin to move downwards taking your dear sweet time and torturing me. Kissing your way down my belly…you kiss my inner thighs and outer lips, teasing me to the point where I am squirming my hips and begging you to lick me.

Gripping the bed sheets so tightly. Twisting and turning my body every which way. Heels digging into the bed as your lips linger near my pussy, your warm breath teasing my already throbbing clit. Your tongue flicking out, playing with my clit, yenidoğan escort drawing out my pleasure. Your fingertips lightly run up my legs, caressing my inner thighs driving me crazy with desire. I want you more than anything. You take my clit in your mouth and gently suck on it while sliding a finger inside me. I moan and buck my hips trying to get closer to your mouth. You put in another finger and begin pumping in and out slowly at first but gaining speed. You work my clit with your mouth nibbling, sucking, and teasing. I throw my head back in pleasure and move my hips closer to you, begging for everything you can give me. I want you more than anything.

Suddenly you shove your fingers inside of me, swirling and plowing them around and inside of me. I feel myself about to cum. I try not to but I’m so close. I can’t hold it much longer….Then you stop.

You continue to tease me. You run your hands all over my body hitting all of my sensitive spots. Your hands find my nipples and you begin to pull at them hard. I gasp at the sudden pain and pleasure of you roughly handing my nipples. You twist and pinch them between your fingers. You take one of them in your mouth and bite down on one of them while tugging the other one. God it feels so good.

You move down slowly kissing your way down my stomach. This change of pace and force is making my head spin but making my pussy more wet. You dip your tongue into my navel and it sends shivers down my spine. You keep moving down until I can basically feel your lips on my clit. They are so close yet so far away. I can feel your hot breath on my clit and it is driving me wild. Your tongue flicks out and lightly grazes my clit and I go insane.

Then out of nowhere you thrust your tongue into my pussy and I gasp in utter delight and surprise. You swirl your tongue around my clit and nibble a bit on my lips nearly sending me over the edge. Just as I am about to cum you shove your fingers inside of me, giving me one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had.

We relax for a little bit until we’re both ready to start again.

You climb on top of me and kiss me behind my ear sending shivers down my spine. Then you kiss your way down my neck down to that sensitive spot where my collar bones meet. You kiss me there once again sending shivers down my spine.

You tug and play with my nipples until I begin to moan. You take one of them in your mouth and lightly nibble while pulling on the other one with your hand. You stop and continue your trail of kisses down my body. My breathing gets heavier the closer you get to my lower half.

You tease my clit a little with your tongue and I shudder. Then you kiss my outer lips and nibble on them a little. I want you to yenimahalle escort eat me out so badly and you just won’t give me what I want! Then you plunge your tongue deep inside of me. I moan in ecstasy and revel in how good you are. You push all of the right buttons almost sending me over the edge but not letting me. I grind my hips asking…no…begging for more.

You then pull me on top of you and I grind you, our pussies rubbing each other.

After what seems like hours, I finally moan loudly and cum all over you.

Smoking a cigarette, Brian texts me that he’s off work. I tell him that I’m at your place and that he should come over.

When he walks in the door, he sees us sitting naked on the couch, which gives him an instant hard on…I motion him over to us.

I work on his belt while you undo his pants and slid his work pants down his legs. Then I stand up and take his shirt off while you take off his boots and pants.

I turn to face him, and he kisses and sucks my nipple, making me gasp as he nips it gently and swirls his tongue over and around the tingling bud and back up to deeply kiss me.

I grasp his cock and start slowly stroking it. You leaned in and starting licking the tip. I break the kiss and sink down to my knees next to you. We start licking his cock, alternating sucking the shaft and the balls. I begin to suck his cock…bobbing my head, swirling my tongue and working my hands fast.

I see that he’s about to cum and start stroking as fast as I can. A few more strokes and he let out a groan and I pull his cock out of my mouth, allowing hot cum splatter on our faces and breasts.

Then we lead him to the bedroom.

I lie sideways on the bed you get down and start prying my legs apart…licking up and down and sucking my clit…I can’t stop the moan coming out of my mouth.

He stands above you and places his hard cock in front of my mouth. When I open my mouth, he thrusts it in.

After a while he pulls out of my mouth and steps back as I lie you down on the bed and start licking your pussy, then somehow got into the 69 position.

He comes up behind me, resting his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. I push slightly on his cock and feel him slid inside me. I return to licking your pussy, penetrating it with my tongue and my fingers, sucking and licking until you arch your back and cum on my face.

After he thrusts a few more times in my pussy, he pulls it out and stuffs it into your mouth. You moan and suck on it as he shoots his load down your throat.

His cock didn’t even get a chance to soften with the sight in front of him and he puts a condom on and lies down on the bed. You gently ease yourself down onto him and start bouncing up and down on his cock.

I kneel above his face as you fuck him and he licks and sucks my throbbing clit while you and I kiss.

You increase your speed on his cock, harder as you start to cum. He moans from under me and thrusts deep inside you, exploding into the condom.

He finishes me off and we all three lie naked, cuddling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32