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Ella, Jamie and Sam, as the doctor had told them to call her, were sitting around a table discussing their course of action. Ella was polishing off her second glass of red wine while the doctor explained her methods. Ella couldn’t keep her mind on Sam’s voice if she’d wanted to. She’d never been one for details, had always left that up to her older brother, so long as things got done, she was happy. Jamie on the other hand was listening closely to Sam go through the lengthy, technical explanation. “I don’t mean to be rude,” Ella interjected, “But, I’m a bit anxious to get on with this.”

Neither Jamie nor Sam seemed phased by Ella’s bluntness. “Of course,” Sam said, “I’m sorry, I tend to get carried away. All you need to do is tell me exactly what you want, then I’ll write the program. The nanites will be injected directly into the patient’s bloodstream starting off a reaction that will totally and irreversibly restructure the patient’s body in any way that you desire. Once you’ve given me the specifics it shouldn’t take me more than a few hours to have everything ready.”

“Will she be asleep or awake for this?” Now Ella was paying attention.

“Well, it really doesn’t make a difference in the outcome, although I must warn you that it can be an extremely painful and terrifying process, especially on a, shall we say, reluctant, subject. But in the end, the decision is entirely up to you.”

“I want the bitch awake, I want her to see exactly what is happening to her.” A tendril of heat was slowly spreading its way through Ella’s body, the combination of the two glasses of wine, and ensuing vengeance. Jamie could see the slightly maniacal glint in her blue eyes; it was always there when his sister was planning torture. It made him want to fuck her right there on the table with the hot blond doctor watching. “How long will it take,” Ella’s voice snapped him out of his reverie; for a second there, he’d been picturing her writhing against the restraints. “I don’t want her passing out, you can keep her awake, right?”

“Absolutely, a little adrenaline will take care of that, and as for the time, well, it just depends on the amount of restructuring.”

“Perfect.” Ella for once was detail oriented. She knew precisely what she wanted to happen to the pretty Megan. She gave the doctor bahis firmaları her specifications and left her and Jaime to their work.

Three hours later Jamie found Ella at the stables, just dismounting from her black Andalusian stallion, Deimos. “Well,” she questioned impatiently, “Is she ready?”

The sky was blackening around them, no doubt there’d be rain later, Jamie thought as he handed the reins of his sister’s horse over to a silent stable-hand. “I’m not exactly certain as to what she you are referring to love, but, we are ready to proceed with our little experiment.” He took her arm in his as they retraced the path to the manor. Freezing rain beginning to fall as they ducked inside. Jamie couldn’t resist pushing Ella against a limestone wall and kissing her hard and deep as they entered the house. “What is it about a woman who’s just been riding?” He asked her as he took in her flushed complexion and tousled hair.

“We look as if we’ve just been wonderfully and thoroughly fucked,” she smiled and chucked him under the chin. “Now come on,” Ella said and pulled him towards the lab.

Megan awoke in a stereotypical white walled room of unknown whereabouts. She realized immediately that saying she was in a “bad” situation, was an understatement. She was strapped to an old gynecological exam chair, her arms strapped down by leather restraints, and her feet in the stirrups, likewise bound. What really scared her though was that she couldn’t feel anything, she could move, but she was totally numb, that and the fact that sitting in front of her was an attractive late 30’s blond in a lab coat, regarding her as coolly as if she saw the same thing everyday. Megan tried to speak, but found she couldn’t. Her vocal chords were, for the moment, paralyzed. Sam didn’t go in for the whole screaming victim thing so much, not really her style. Though, she didn’t doubt that the vindictive lady of the manor would desire the young woman fully functioning when her torture took place.

As if on cue, Jamie and Ella entered, still arm in arm. Megan had never seen the tall, dark-haired man, but there was something familiar about the gorgeous black clad woman before her. “Hello, Megan,” Said the woman. That voice, Megan knew instantly. Ella’s voice had always had a deep, smoky quality that had always kaçak iddaa seemed at odds with her round bespeckled face. Not any longer, Megan realized. The Voice matched up with the tall voluptuous body rather well now. “Hard to believe it’s been eleven years, Megan. You look very much the same. Do you know who I am?” Ella had moved away from Jaime to circle Megan.

Megan’s head bobbed in acknowledgement to Ella’s question. Ella glanced from Megan to Sam. “Why the bloody hell isn’t she talking?”

“I was saving the screaming for you, hold on.” Sam shot Jamie a look before she took a syringe from the operating tray and injected it into the IV in Megan’s right arm. Megan felt tingling all over her body as sensation began to return.

“What am I doing here? What’s going on?” Megan choked out in a panicked voice.

“Honestly darling,” Ella grinned, taking one of Megan’s breasts in her hand, enjoying the smooth warm flesh, her thumb brushing against the taught nipple, “You were an unexpected present from my brother here. You know, the one I like fuck, as you told the entire school.”

Megan understood then that this was some long awaited revenge scheme. “Look, I was just being a stupid kid. I’m very sorry, I know you never slept with your brother.” Megan was struggling uselessly against her bonds.

“Oh, no, you were quite correct, my brother and I fuck as much as possible.” Ella ran a hand down Jamie’s chest while still looking at Megan. “There will always be girls like you Megan, and there will always be sad, pathetic girls like I was, but I’ve changed as you see. And now, so will you.”

“You’re insane! People will notice I’m gone. They’ll come looking for me!”

“And they’ll honestly think to look into a girl you tormented years ago? I think not. Everyone knows how very well adjusted and successful I’ve become since my parent’s death. No, no one will come for you here. And after I’m done with you, you won’t want to leave.” Ella turned to Sam, “You can ahead now.”

Same again chose a syringe from the table, this time though, injecting it directly into Megan’s neck. Megan felt a hot rush through her body as the nanites began their work. “What? What was that?” She began to feel a burning in her chest. She looked down at her round c cup breasts and was horrified kaçak bahis to see them swelling slowly.

Ella’s heart was beginning to beast faster now as she watched the petite blonde’s adequate breast enlarging. “Those were nanites, my dear. They’re programmed to do whatever I desire to do to your body.”

Megan had begun to panic in earnest now. Her breasts were growing beyond normalcy for someone with a slim 5’5″ stature. She could feel her skin tightening, stretching. Her breasts drooped onto her stomach, her aureoles brown and saucer sized, her erect nipples 2 and a half inches long. Megan struggled against the strange pressure building up within her expanded breasts. “Ugh, please, stop! I’m sorry, I swear I’ll do anything, please!” Tears were running down her pretty pink cheeks. Ella would have enjoyed Jamie taking her from behind as they watched their work in progress, but she couldn’t stand the thought of Megan seeing her so vulnerable.

Megan screamed feeling as if two hot needles had pierced the tips of her long nipples. A slow dribble of white liquid escaped as Megan realized the pressure in her breasts was them filling up with milk. Oh, fuck! She thought, I can’t be pregnant! This can’t really be happening! In fact, she wasn’t pregnant, Ella just had a bit of a lactation fetish. Ella watched, absentmindedly licking her lips. Megan’s breasts had stopped growing and lay heavily to either side of her navel, leaking milk, looking out of place against such a firm, tan stomach. And then Megan felt another flare of pain and heat, this time just below her bellybutton. She would have doubled over if she’d been free to, instead, she had to watch helplessly as four red bumps appeared, the flesh around them turning pink and plumping up. Her rational mind couldn’t make any sense out of what she was seeing. She again began to writhe in her restraints, making Ella wish again to have Jaime’s hot prick inside her sopping cunt. No, Ella told herself, I must show control.

Even as Megan’s mind tried to refuse what it saw, she couldn’t deny it. The puffy pink flesh had continued to grow, large veins appearing. The four small nipples had turned pink as well, growing into thick, long teats. “What have you done!” She kept repeating as her newly formed udder flopped between her thighs, resting against her sex. Prior to passing out, Megan saw Ella clapping in triumph before the blond doctor approached the tall brunette from behind and deftly sunk a needle into her neck, Jaime catching her drugged body as she fell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32