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Jogging, swimming and endurance training were all involved in preparation for what was to come. If I performed well my college education would be paid for free and clear. There were few guys my age that could say that. It was unlikely that I could land a scholarship that would pay for everything so I had to do what was necessary. In my book this was very necessary. I had two short months to get ready. Of course I had my sister Willow to help with the most important aspect of the ‘endurance’ portion.

“Jesus,” I cried out as she squeezed me tighter still.

“You have to keep from coming,” she said as she rode me slowly. “Now quit being such a baby and take it like Man. MMMMMMM I have to admit the last few days your stamina has gotten better.”

“Thanks, I owe it all to you,” I said through gritted teeth.

“You have put in a lot of work outside the bedroom Warren,” she said as she lifted up her hips nice and slow. “How does that feel?”

“Fucking amazing,” I moaned weakly.

“Good,” she whimpered. “You’re not the only one in training you know. I want to beat out mom and Aunt Janine.”

“Don’t forget Cousin Caroline,” I said.

“Caroline,” Willow said dropping down suddenly almost causing me to cum. “When did that snotty ass bitch enter the picture?”

“When she got wind of this, she threw her name into the ring,” I said catching my breath. “She is family and so she’s eligible too.”

“Damn it,” Willow cursed. “How many of these bitches are going to show to the ‘Fuck Up’?”

“According to the letter I got only three can enter the finals, thank god. There is going to be a preliminary elimination since there are more than three women.”

“Just fucking great,” Willow whimpered. “How the hell can I compete with I slut like Caroline?”

“Do your best,” I offered.

With that she placed her hands on my chest, looked down with an expression of desperation and hunger.

“I need to win this Warren,” she said. “I just do.”

“Then fucking win it Willow.” I told her.”

She began to ride me again. She was squeezing my cock as she lifted up then she drove her hips down with a vengeance. Goddamn but she wanted me to cum! I fought her the entire way, I had to. It was a sexual duel and we both wanted to win badly. I loved my sister but I desperately needed that tuition money. Willow was intent on milking that orgasm from me and I knew that she would win eventually. I passively endured her assault as I mentally resisted the urge to climax.

That’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying myself. Willow was pounding my cock with her pussy now and damn it felt good! She was covered with sweat and it beaded on her forehead and tits. It was dropping down onto my face and chest as she rode me. I was getting soaked myself as she fucked me.

Her squeezing had finally won out and I had passed that point of no return. I was going to cum and there was no stopping it now. She felt my cock swelling up inside of her and her face lit up in triumph. I growled and rolled her onto her back. Since the battle was lost I was going to at least have the last shot in the war. I rolled her onto her shoulders and began hammering her pussy hard from above. Willow’s eyes rolled up into her head as her own climax got closer. I straddled her and jack hammered her slit as my orgasm was but moments away now. The bed shook violently as I thrust into her. Her cries almost drowned out the squeaking complaints of the bed springs. That last swell of my cock came and with a great thrust I drove my cock as deep as I could into her and she howled as we came together. My cum shot deep into her pussy and filled her to capacity. I shook and moaned as my climax gripped me and looked down at my starry eyed partner who quivered as she recovered from her own petit mal, the little death. I eased out of her and let go. Willow’s ass hit the bed and she glared at me then laughed.

“Love ém and leave ém huh,” she giggled.

“Fuck ém and love ém is more like it,’ I told her. “Move over so I can lie next to you.”

“That’s more like it,” she purred. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said as she molded her body to mine. “No matter the outcome… I will always love you Willow.”

“I know,” she said tracing a finger across my sweaty chest.

Just then I got a text. I reached for my phone and looked at it. I read the message twice just to be sure.

“It’s grandma, she wants to see me tomorrow for tea,” I told Willow.

“That’s strange,” she said.

“Strange is a meteor hitting Russia,” I said. “Grandma asking me for tea is a world shattering event. That old woman is up to something.”

“Be careful,” Willow advised. “Take a crucifix along just in case.”

“I’m not Catholic,” I said.

“I know that, but that old vampire may not remember that little detail.” We both laughed our asses off at that one. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tea with that Old Vampire:

“Grandma,” bakırköy escort I said greeting a woman of indeterminate years.

“Warren,” she said hugging me then holding me at arm’s length. “You are looking real good my boy. Have you been working out?”

“Yes and you bloody well know why,” I told her.

“Yes I do,” she said letting go and moving towards a small round table overlooking her rose garden. “Come and sit with an old woman.”

“Grandma, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself,” I told her.

“I can be and I will be, now shut up and drink your tea. We have things to discuss you and me. You have little understandings of family tradition and I blame myself and your mother. This thing that is going to occur is older than old. The Harrower family has been honoring this tradition for centuries but it has lost its meaning. Now it has turned into an underground sex club and true it earns this old lady a ton of money in revenue. But my point is this; you and your sister need to be educated before you enter into this.”

“You make money on this,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said shaking her head. “I have my hand in a lot of things young man and this is just one of them. The Harrower name carries clout in certain circles. People pay to participate in events hosted by me and my associates. They are never disappointed. This thing with you and yours will net me enough to retire if I chose to. But I enjoy the sport too much to do that. I am going to send some literature for you to read. It will give you some insight into family legacy and why things are the way they are. Then come back and we will talk again. There is also my diary for your sister to read. Now go I have a business to run.”

With that I was dismissed from the presence of the old vampire. When I returned to the limo, she had sent for me, there were a couple of large leather bound books and one smaller book. I was tempted to peek in the diary but declined. She was creepy in person, reading her thoughts and memories would have been too much. So I glanced at one of the larger books. It was a hand written account of the Harrower family. The first entry was dated 1756 and even though the elegant script was easy to read the old English style was not. It described the gathering of the young and nubile Harrower woman as well as the widowed among the family. Then the unmarried young men were brought to them and they went to a sacred site where they ‘frolicked’ until there were only two that remained. Those two were married and the child that was born was anointed to be the head of the family. Until that child died all the assets gleaned by any and all of the family members went to the anointed one to be distributed as they saw fit.

“Holy shit… she’s the anointed one…,” I said out loud.

“Yes sir she is,” the driver said confirming it.

“Whoa, they really take this seriously.” I said.

“Oh yes sir,” he said. “I have been with the Family for many years now. With THAT kind of money at stake they take it very seriously.”

“I didn’t think underground smut generated that kind of stream,” I said.

“No sir, that’s just a diversion for the Lady. The Family owns quite a few Multinational Corporations and even has family ties to the Saudi Royal Family.”

“We are related to…” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Oh yes sir, second cousins I believe.”

“Holy fucking shit,” I said feeling the color drain from my face. “I was worried about college funds.”

“She won’t pay for your college sir, you must earn it.”

“I plan on it,” I told him.

“That’s the spirit sir,” he said. “Ah it appears we are here sir. Good luck and I will see you in a few days’ time after you finish reading the books.”

I got out of the limo and there was my dad packing his things into his car cursing a blue streak. I guess mom had dropped the bomb on him. As I walked towards the front door mom appeared like the wrath of god.

“I will have professional mover’s here to get your shit for you. Leave me an address for them or I will have it shipped to a storage facility, got it,” she said her face beet red and her eyes glittering fiercely. “Oh hi son, how did your chat with grandma go,” she asked switching gears so fast it made my head swim.

“UM… fine… strange…” I said slipping past her. “I need something to drink.”

“I just made a fresh pot of coffee,” she said cheerfully to me. “Now get the FUCK off my property you worthless piece of shit!” she screamed at my dad switching gears again.

“Hi Warren,” purred Aunt Janine. “Get my pictures?”

“Yes I did,” I said. “Damn.”

“You say the sweetest things,” she said getting up and following me to the kitchen. “Do you like inverted nipples?”

“I…um…” gulp “I adore them…,” I said as I poured a cup of coffee felling her tits hit my back.

“They like you too,” she said grinding up against me. “Did you really throat fuck your mom with me on the phone?”

“Yeah, she deserved it,” beşiktaş escort I said pouring creamer and sugar into my cup. “Do you deserve having your throat fucked you dirty fucking whore?”

“Hey is that any way to…”

I turned and slipped my fingers into her hair and made a fist.

“Shut up bitch I am talking,” I said and she just nodded. “That’s good. Now I’m not sure I like you barging into my home and sniffing around me like some bitch in heat. Do I need to put a collar on you and put you outside on a tether? Would that teach you a fucking lesson? Should I take you to the park and let the homeless guys have a go at you, huh should I cock-slot?” I said and she shook her head. I pulled her close and sniffed her. “You smell like cheap hooker cologne, come with me.”

I dragged her upstairs and into my bedroom and then into my shower.

“Turn on the shower,” I said and she shook her head violently side to side.

“Do you know how much this dress costs!” she said breaking her silence.

“OH… that’ll cost you,” I said as I made an even tighter fist and turned on the water myself.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she screamed as the cold water hit her and her expensive outfit.

Mom and Willow came running to see me holding Aunt Janine struggling in the shower. I let go and she fell to her knees crying in the floor of the shower. I walked up to mom and grabbed her by her hair she immediately went limp. I walked her next to the shower.

“Look up here,” I said and Janine pushed her hair from her face and saw mom’s expression. “Do you see,” I said and my aunt nodded. “Get in there and strip those rags off of her. Then wash that stink off of her, understand.” I said and mom nodded. “When she is ready dry her off and bring her downstairs.”

I turned without looking back and smiled at Willow. I went to the kitchen and enjoyed my cup of coffee. I sipped it and enjoyed the memory of Janine’s expression of her ruined dress. She’d get over it or she wouldn’t I really didn’t care. She had to learn who was boss in this house. Mom had eagerly accepted that fact and so would her sister. I poured a second cup and decided to sit outside on the front porch since it was such a nice day. I wondered when Cousin Caroline would make an appearance. It was after all just a matter of time. Three out of the four competitors were in our house right now and it was getting crowded, not that I minded. But I knew that it bothered the shit out of Willow to know end to see Janine here so early.

The front door opened and mom ushered a flustered Aunt Janine out in hooker boots, a very short skirt and t-shirt that barely covered her ample chest.

“I love the pigtails,” I remarked at the new hairdo mom and sis had done for Janine.

“We thought you would approve,” Mom said and turned and left Janine and I alone.

“Have a seat next to me on the swing here Aunt Janine,” I said politely.

“Thanks,” she said and settled in. “That was really mean what you did to me upstairs.”

“I know but I had to show you who was in control,” I said. “By the way nothing has changed just because we are outside.”

“What,” she whispered. “You expect me to play slave girl to you out here too.”

“I expect you to be my bitch until the Fuck Off is over,” I told her. “How else are you going to train properly?”

“I suppose you’re right,” she said.

“There is no supposing about it,” I said. “You can accept these rules or I will see you at the contest. You will not set foot beyond that front door, do you get me?”

“Warren, I am your loving Aunt,” she pleaded. “Not some piece of meat; this is no way to treat me or any woman.”

“I’ll take that as a no then,” I said and took a sip of coffee. “Aunt Janine, get the fuck off my property,” I said calmly. “I will see you in two months.”


“Don’t make me call the police,” I said adding just a hint of anger to my voice now.

“I can’t be what you want me to be, I’m sorry…” She said and got up and left.

“I am sorry too.”

That was a surprise. I was sure she would fold. I finished my coffee and watched her drive away. Mom and Willow both came out and watched Janine’s car drive off.

“She left,” Willow said, each word left her mouth with a hint of relief.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Mom said. “I was sure the bitch would crack.”

“MOM,” Willow said. “She’s your sister!”

“Yeah I know,” Mom said. “I know her better than anyone. I am just really surprised is all?”

“She’ll be back,” I said and the two gals looked at me. “In the dead of night where her pride won’t be on display, she’ll come crawling back mark my words.”

“You sounded just like my mother just then,” Mom said.

“Must be those old books she gave me,” I said.

“Oh,” Mom said and went pale. “I have some chores to do.”

One Week Later: Three A.M.

I was sound asleep when someone slipped into my room. She slithered her way from the bottom of my covers to my unprotected groin. I beylikdüzü escort guess it was the dream of being sucked off that went from dream to reality. The serpentine tongue began lapping at the head of my cock, then someone lifting it and gently tracing the grand vein that ran beneath sending shivers through me. Then fully one third of my cock was engulfed and that talented tongue was swirling and teasing me. I was wide awake then.

“Holy shit,” I groaned as I breached the surface between sleep and consciousness. “God damn someone couldn’t sleep tonight.”

The cocksucker devoured more and more as the shaft pierced her throat and her lips touched the base. I sat up and was tempted to pull up the covers but didn’t. Then the little cocksucker began deep-throating me nice and slow. She was going to milk a monster orgasm from me. One of her hands came up and began caressing my balls as her head moved up and down on me. It was her snail pace that was killing me. I was guessing it was Willow with a new technique from Grandma’s diary. If it was this was sheer torture! I had to focus just to keep from coming. If this was mom, this was a new technique she had not revealed yet.

“I am loving it,” I told my mystery guest.

Then her tongue did this thing where it wrapped around the head of my cock. It was like a little python or something. I almost came again but by sheer will resisted, barely. Then the game changed and the slow rhythm shifted to a more sensual speed. She was fucking my cock with her mouth now.

“NNNNNNNNNNN Oh Damn,” I said through gritted teeth. “If you keep that up…”

She knew just what she was doing. When I got close she slowed down. She was building up my sexual energy until she wanted me to cum. But eventually I hit that point of no return. My cock swelled in her mouth. Then she grabbed my cock and began stroking it as fast as she could. I cried out as I shot passed sensory overload. Truth be told I almost passed out when I came. The door to my bedroom flew open and Willow and my Mom raced in. I was far too weak to pull back the covers so Willow did it. There was a naked Aunt Janine lapping at the head of my cock. She was smiling from ear to ear.

“I just wanted to see my dear nephew is all,” she said after licking her lips.

Mom was furious, Willow was hurt and I was still too senseless to say anything. Janine got out of my bed and agreed to go downstairs until I recovered. Willow sat with me and I told her everything. After all I wanted her to win the contest.

“Why are you telling me what she did to you in so graphic detail,” Willow asked me.

“I want you to win the Fuck Off,” I told her.

“But what about you,” she asked.

“I want to win too,” I said. “But I want you to have as much ammo as you can…”

“You are so sweet,” she said. “But you haven’t read Grandma’s diary have you?”

“EW… no,” I said shivering.

“You should,” she said. “It is, well enlightening.”

“Why do you say it that way?”

“Grandma may be the chosen one and all that but she is also a smart cookie too,” Willow said. “There is a lot she says between the lines if you know how to read her diary the correct way.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Just read it,” Willow said with a wink.

“Okay… okay I’ll read it,” I said.

“Was it really that good,” Willow asked.

“I am still dizzy,” I said.

“God damn it,” Willow cursed. “I am not going to lose this to a freaky cocksucker like Janine! I have worked too damn hard!”

“This means that much to you?”

“NO,” she snapped. “This means that much to us. Meet me downstairs we need to have a little chat with that sneaky cock slot of an Aunt.”

“I’ll be down in a sec,” I said and Willow nodded and left.

I knew what she was referring to. She meant that if we won we would become the new chosen. So when the Old Vampire retired or passed on we would inherit. She didn’t want Janine getting her hot little hands on all that money. I got up and hit the bathroom. I felt human after emptying my aching bladder. I had to admit of all the blowjobs I had gotten from the girls Janine’s had been my favorite bar none. But if I knew Mom she was holding back. She had techniques up her sleeves saved up for the Fuck Off. I know if I were her that would be my play. I headed downstairs and before I was halfway down the steps I could feel the tension.

“Damn, did the temperature drop or what,” I said as I walked into the living room.

“She used her key to come in here and take advantage of you,” Mom said.

“I don’t deny it,” Janine said. “It was only fair after all.”

“I barred you from the house and still you breached our trust,” I said.

“Is that really how you see it even after…?”

“I won’t deny it was pleasurable but that doesn’t change what you did. Your pride is your sin here tonight as I see it.”

“My pride,” Janine said her eyes widening and her nostrils flaring. “What the fuck does my pride have to do with anything?”

“You refuse to submit, so you snuck into our home instead,” Willow said.

“Submit,” Janine said. “Do you submit to your brother Willow?”

“With all my heart,” she said without hesitation.

Janine blinked as if she had been shot. Then she looked at her sister who just smiled and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32