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Jason woke to an empty bed. He sat up, thinking back on the events of last night, cock stiffening as he remembered the sensation of his daughter’s hand stroking it as he played with her pussy. Glancing down, he noticed stains on Arabella’s sheets, and realized that he must not have been as careful at cleaning up after himself as he thought he had. But that didn’t matter now. His daughter knew, had known since the beginning, had allowed him to cum over her naked form for the past two weeks without letting on that she was awake.

He got up, collecting a pair of boxers from his room which did nothing to hide his erection, then walked to the kitchen. Arabella stood with her back to him at the coffee-maker, in the same shirt and panties she’d worn last night. He could see the cumstain he’d left on the panties as he admired her gorgeous ass, which twitched as she turned around.

“Hey daddy,” she said, smiling coyly as she saw his eyes flick up to meet hers, noting the bulge in his boxers. “I made you coffee,” she said, walking over to where he stood and softly kissing him on the lips as she handed him a mug.

“Thank you dear,” Jason murmured as he took a sip, then walked over to the cupboard to pour himself a bowl of cereal. “I’m headed into work in a bit, do you want me to drop you off anywhere?”

“Yeah, sure, I’m going downtown to meet some friends,” she replied, walking over to him and sitting herself sideways on his lap. “But first, you need to get ready,” she mock scolded, and reached down into his fly and brought out his eager manhood. “This will not do,” she said as Jason sighed in pleasure, her hand gently caressing his thick cock.

Jason, who hadn’t been sure how he was going to bring things farther with his daughter, smiled contentedly and slipped a hand underneath Arabella’s nightshirt, finding a breast and stroking her nipple. He felt her shiver, and the nipple harden immediately. He drew her closer, his mouth finding hers, and kissed her deeply as he continued to massage her tits. She moaned and bit his lip, then pulled away, sliding to the floor to kneel in front of him.

She gently spread his legs so she could reach his dick with her mouth, slowly licking from the bottom of the shaft to its head, circling her tongue around the tip, then taking him into her mouth. Jason groaned as the warm wetness enveloped his cock, grabbing a handful of her hair and watching her panty clad ass move as she bobbed up and down.

Before celtabet giriş long he gasped “I’m cumming,” to which Arabella’s efforts continued, swallowing her father’s thick load as it pumped into her mouth.

After he had finished, and she’d sucked the last drop from his softening penis, she let it fall from her mouth and grinned up at him. “How’d I do daddy?” she asked innocently, rising before him.

“Wonderfully,” he replied, amazed at his daughter’s oral skills. He reached around her and grabbed her ass under her panties, to which she giggled and playfully slapped his hands. “Not now,” she scolded, and drew away from him, walking to her room.

“But what about you?” Jason called after her.

“Tonight” was her only reply as she walked into her room.

“Tonight,” he thought.


An emergency at work kept him late. In reply to his text, Arabella sent “wake me when you get back. you know how ;)”

When he got back home, he went straight to Arabella’s room, where he found her sleeping on her back, topless, clad only in a pair of red panties. He quickly undressed, and was about to run a hand over her breasts when he hesitated, wondering…

He drew his hand back, instead walking to the foot of her bed and removing her underwear. He began rubbing her cunt, feeling it begin to get wet. He lowered his head to where her legs met and began to lick her pussy, inserting the middle finger of one hand into his daughter, other hand stroking his cock. After a few minutes of his ministrations he felt her body start to shake as she orgasmed. He looked up at her as he removed his mouth from her pussy, and saw that she truly was still asleep. Then, as he’d done many times before, he came on his sleeping daughter, covering her belly. When he was done, he reached over her body and circled a nipple with a fingertip.


Arabella woke with a start to find her father, already naked, kneeling before her. His cock rested above her cunt, which was somehow already wet. She reached down to grasp her daddy’s dick, squeezing it, surprised that it wasn’t already hard. Then she noticed that she was already covered in cum, and ran her other hand through it, spreading it over her body. She suddenly realized why her pussy already felt raw, dropping her sticky hand between her legs and feeling Jason’s saliva mixed with her pussy’s juice.

“You’ve been bad,” she whispered gleefully, looking celtabet yeni giriş up at Jason as she brought a finger to her mouth, tasting his cum, all the while stroking his cock back to its full size.

Jason grinned down at her, then leaned forward and kissed her hungrily, tongue meeting hers. “I’ll try to make it up to you,” he whispered in her ear, then once again descended to between her legs and started kissing and licking her. Arabella gasped, squirming as Jason pushed a finger in her, and clutched her tits as his tongue circled her clit. “Daddy…” she moaned as she came, pussy clenching around his finger, legs shaking.


They lay together, Jason spooning Arabella, her hand over his, which covered one of her boobs. His dick was trapped between her legs, the top sliding against her slick pussy as he gently thrust against her.

“I love you daddy,” Arabella breathed.

“I love you too, baby,” Jason replied, nuzzling her neck.

“I’m- I’m not a virgin,” Arabella said suddenly, twisting her head so she could see her father’s reaction. Jason nodded, and remained silent, wondering where she was going with this, excitement building in his chest. He knew his daughter must have some experience, given the skills she’d shown, and he’d never discouraged her from any sort of activity, so this revelation wasn’t a great surprise.

“We could… I mean, if you wanted to, we could have sex,” she clarified. Jason’s cock twitched as he thrust forward, and suddenly he was cumming, brought to the edge by the idea of fucking his incredible daughter. Arabella gasped as Jason groaned, thick jets of semen exploding from his rigid cock, some landing on her stomach, her tits, one rope even reaching the pillow, right next to her face.

“Oh, Arabella…” Jason sighed, as the last of his orgasm faded, the final weak spurts of cum trickling onto her leg.

“I’ll take that as a yes?” Arabella said, giggling. She wiped the cum from her pillow, sucking it from her finger.

“Yes,” agreed Jason. “But probably not tonight…” he trailed off.

Arabella laughed, and said “No, probably not tonight.” She turned to give her daddy a quick kiss, said “Good night,” and relaxed in his arms. Within minutes, they were both sound asleep.


Jason’s work required him to be in the office all day again, and by the time he got home his cock was aching, thoughts of making love to his beautiful celtabet güvenilirmi Arabella having stolen his concentration throughout the day. Arabella wasn’t home when he returned, so he began to make dinner. She arrived home as he was sitting down to eat and walked into the kitchen. She wore a loose, flowery skirt and a white tank top, and as she leaned over to kiss him he snuck a peek at her cleavage as the material drooped.

“Evening daddy,” she said, smiling. “I’ve been thinking about you.”

“Good things?” Jason asked.

“Oh, no, very bad things,” she replied with a devilish grin. She twirled away as he reached a hand up her leg to try and cup her ass, singing “not now, daddy,” though he managed to catch a glimpse of her ass cheeks and the bright yellow thong that she wore. She served herself some chicken and rice from the pan on the stove top and sat across from him, smiling, and began to eat.

As soon as they finished they were on each other, tongues wrestling, Jason’s hands finding their way up Arabella’s skirt to cup her wondrous ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he carried her to her room, dumping her on her back onto her bed. He ripped off her tank top, then reached around her to undo her bra as she opened his belt. She yanked his trousers and boxers down, his cock springing up in their wake to stand straight up before him. He stepped out of his trousers while he took off his shirt, as Arabella shrugged off her bra and threw it to the ground, baring her breasts for her father. He took one in each hand and gently squeezed them, pinching her nipples as she grasped his penis and started to stroke, kissing each other with ferocious hunger.

Soon Arabella could take it no more. “Please daddy,” she begged. Without a word, Jason tore her skirt and panties down to her feet and positioned the engorged head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He looked into the eyes of his beautiful daughter, who nodded, and thrust forward. Arabella cried out in ecstasy, pussy tightening around her father’s cock. “Fuck me,” she gasped, and Jason began to slide in and out of her slick cunt.

Jason knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, not this time, but it didn’t matter. “I’m cumming,” he announced through gritted teeth.

“Inside me!” Arabella gasped, as she continued to writhe on the bed. He grasped her hips, slamming himself into her as he came, emptying into her for what felt like minutes.

As the convulsions of her last orgasm died down, Jason removed his cock from his daughter’s pussy, cum dripping from her, and lay down facing her on the bed. They shared a soft, slow kiss, both coming down from the most incredible sex of their lives, and were soon fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32