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The door slid shut with a swoosh and a click, and Mr. Hot-New-Neighbor strolled lazily into my kitchen, as if he belonged there. I walked after him feeling like a sack full of syrup; gooey, wet, and sweet all at once. I’ve lost my boldness and reverted to the somewhat-shy introverted normal me, but I’ve got a smile on my face. My insides are still tingling and I’ve yet to fully regain my wits from the orgasm up against the sliding glass door. I have no idea what to do with my neighbor. He’s got ideas, however. They’re flashing in his eyes along with enough heat to rival our recent heat wave.

I walk to the fridge and pull out the lemonade.

His glass isn’t empty; I just needed something to do. As I reach to fill his glass, his hand travels down my arm. He takes the pitcher from me and sets it far aside, then moves his glass next to it. His other hand wraps itself around my waist and pulls me in close. My sheer distraction outside didn’t let me notice how tall he was, and it’s amplified by the fact that I am less-than-tall. My body melts into his as he buries his head, bent down to reach me, into my neck.

“You know, sweet girl,” he croons into my ear as he nibbles on my neck,” that side yard of yours is nice and private. Except if you have a second floor balcony across the street from it of course.” I gasp while I realize why he mowed the lawn when he did. He chuckles and buries a fist in my hair, turns my head up to meet his eyes. “I sure do have a lovely view on sunny days.” He smiles while he says it and leans in to nibble my bottom lip.

My eyes roll back a little while my knees go slightly weak at just what he might have seen. It’s not uncommon for me to fantasize and masturbate out there. He has to have seen me do that. One look in his laughing eyes tells me he certainly has seen that little quirk. I blush and look down, my embarrassment is overwhelming.

He kisses me then, halkalı escort deep and full of passion. I can feel his cock beneath his jeans, so hard as it presses into my belly. His hand on my ass squeezes and grips me close while he finishes his kiss with a hard nip on my bottom lip. He untangles his fingers from my hair to place them on my hips. In one swift move he lifts and turns and plops me on my kitchen counter. The granite is shockingly cool against my overheated skin. My robe has failed to cover anything touching the counter and is all but useless at covering me at this point. He unties it and slips it down my shoulders, nibbling on them, following his fingers. I just shiver and try to gather my wits.

He scoots me back a little and lifts my feet up on to the counter legs wide. I lean back on my hands and watch him as he takes in the view. When he gets to my eyes, the grin on his face is both sexy and predatory. My instinct is to close my legs, but he stops me. “No Darlin’, don’t hide that refreshing treat from me.” He steps back to take off his t-shirt. His body is lean and fit; he looks entirely delicious. I get the feeling I’m on the menu first however, as he drops his face to my calf and licks upward to the knee. He ends in another shiver-inducing nibble. He drops to his forearms between my spread knees and starts on the other side. My head falls back on a moan. Part of me wishes he’d hurry up; the other enjoys that he’s taking his time, toying with me. His nibble on the inside of the other knee is sharper, pulls a surprised cry from me as my head snaps up. He soothes it with his tongue as his eyes meet mine, daring me to say something. When I don’t, he slides his lips further, licking and tasting the whole way, to halfway down my thigh. He looks at me again before he sinks his teeth in, distracting me from the fingers reaching taksim escort for my wetness. He strokes my clit roughly as he bites me and it’s overwhelming. The look in his eyes is overwhelming. I close my eyes and drop my head back and he stops doing anything at all. My head snaps back up, a question hanging in my eyes.

“You don’t get to check out, darlin’. I want you present, watching. I want to see your eyes while I send you over.”

His sly grin at my wide eyes has me blushing. I bite my lip, and watch as he leans back in to my thigh. The pain of his sharp bite comes again mingled with the rough caress of my clit. It’s shocking and enchanting all at once. His thumb settles into a rhythm of rough circles on my clit while his teeth and tongue roam my thighs. The bites hurt just enough to distract from the pleasure. The way the two sensations start to coalesce makes me head spin. After a few minutes, the pleasure centers on the nips of his teeth and I’m moaning louder when he bites me. His fingers become less gentle, if they could have been called gentle in the first place. He rhythmically pinches my clit and bites me; it’s driving me quickly to an orgasm like I’ve never experienced. I feel the fingers of his left hand slid up my thigh toward the wetness and heat he’s creating. His fingers delve into me while he stops all other motions. It’s just his fingers filling me while I ache for the pleasure and pain of before. His wrist turns; his fingers find that spot inside and he strokes it firmly. Then he bites me again.

“You’re gonna cum so hard for me, darlin’. You’re gonna scream so loud and beautiful. And you’re gonna keep your eyes on mine the whole time or I stop. Do you understand, baby girl?” He says in a rough needy voice.

His eyes are filled with fire as he stares me down. I nod and whimper a little. The feelings roiling through my body are too şişli escort intense for words just now. I gasp a little as he strokes me inside again. He flashes his smile at me and bites my hip while he thumbs my clit. The feeling is too much and my eyes slide closed as my head rolls back. I look up when he freezes; his eyes are staring hard at me. I blush and apologize. He does the same move again and I moan and writhe, but my head stays up and my eyes, barely, stay open. He begins to pinch my clit and stroke my insides in a faster, harsher rhythm. His eyes bore into me; I feel like he can see all of me. After a minute, maybe two, I’m so close to orgasm, I could scream. I can’t get there though; it’s not enough. He’s spent the entire time making me enjoy the pain only to take it away; now I need it. My eyes beg him; my body writhes towards his mouth.

“Need something, sweet girl?” he asks with laughter in his voice.

He’s deliberately making me ask him for the bites. He’s making me ask him for the pain. I bite my lip. I know if I just say please he’ll ask me what I want. I remember what happened the last time. He wants me to ask for it. It does things to him to have me ask. I summon up some courage.

“Please, bite me while you fuck me with your fingers and make me cum all over my countertop.” I say it in a shaky voice; it’s the best I can manage. His reaction is in his eyes. They go a little wild, a little feral, and he growls as he ducks his mouth to the inside of my thigh. The bite will leave bruises, but my scream wasn’t of pain. I’m struggling to look in his eyes as waves of overwhelming pleasure crash over me. He doesn’t stop; he pushes me through it while licking at the teeth marks on my leg. Finally, I can handle no more and fall back onto the counter, limp and shaking. He gently caresses my skin while I try to pull myself out of the haze. His eyes are hot and hard and his caresses are so very gentle. He picks me up off the counter, holding me in his arms, like a child. I’m naked against his bare chest and it’s delicious.

“I’m so not even close to being finished with you, darlin’ girl.” He says it in a harsh strained voice as he carries me up the stairs. I shiver a little and wonder how much more of this I can take…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32