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Simon lay on his bed completely exhausted. It had been a long day. He was on holiday with his parents – probably for the last time as he was 18 and due to go off to university in the autumn. This holiday looked great on paper – a week in the Winter Olympic town of Lillehammer. However as with all this family’s holidays it wasn’t as great as it appeared. The month was July; the temperatures in the mid 20’s, and so there were absolutely no snow. To make it worse Simon’s father had refused to use a plane or train, and instead decided to catch a ferry then drive for 16 hours by car to the resort. Simon knew from the minute they’d set off that he wouldn’t enjoy himself.

They arrived at the hotel at about 9.30pm. It was a large wood cabin and looked very run down. As they walked into the reception though, Simon thought that the holiday could turn out better then he’d thought. Behind the desk was a tall, slim, blonde girl, with hair that came down to her waist and beautiful full breasts. She was almost perfect and Simon suddenly hoped that Norwegian girls would be as easy as English girls.

As a cost saving measure Simon’s dad had booked all three of them into the same room. The room was tiny. In the middle was a large double bed and up against one wall was a small camp bed. What made it worse was that there was no ensuite. The bathroom was unisex and 3 floors up. Simon couldn’t give a damn at the minute as he was so exhausted. He lay on his bed, turned over and fell asleep.

When he woke up, the room was still pitch black. He rolled over and tried to go back to sleep when he heard a gasp and a moan in the other corner of the room. He was now wide awake. He heard a voice say “Like that honey?” It was his fathers!!

“Oh yes, istanbul escort it’s brilliant darling. I can’t believe we’re doing this with Simon in the room. It’s so naughty. It’s making me so horny.”

Simon could feel his cock become erect. He’d never felt it this hard! Even though he knew that everything about what he was doing was wrong he help feeling very turned on. He very slowly moved his hand down to his cock and with his thumb and forefinger he slowly started to pull his foreskin back and forth, trying to make as little noise as possible.

His mother kept moaning, and then said “I want you inside of me Paul.” Simon heard his father reposition himself on the bed, and then he could hear him thrusting in and out of his mother. Just listening to the horny couple on the bed above him made Simon so excited. He couldn’t help but close his fist on his throbbing cock and pump it up and down.

In a couple of minutes he could hear his father start to grunt and his thrusts got quicker. All of a sudden it stopped when his mother screamed in ecstasy. Simon hadn’t cum yet and kept wanking faster and faster. He didn’t care about the noise he made. He heard his parents reposition themselves on the bed then Simon let out a moan, and shot a stream of cum straight up in the air.

“Oh Simon!! That’s a lot of cum!!” Simon could see the silhouette of his mother hanging over the end of her bed. “Turn on the light would you Paul, I want to hear where this cum came from”. Simon’s father flicked on the bedside lamps which illuminated the whole room. Simon could see his load of cum on his mother’s cheek. Streaks of her red hair were stuck in the cum. The rest was plastered over avcılar escort her face due to the sweat she’d generated. She’d obviously been at it for quite a while. Despite being 43 his mother had the features of a woman of 30. She had bright hazel eyes and her shoulder length ginger hair was always dead straight.

She was peering over the edge of the bed, staring at Simon’s cock. “Wow Paul, it’s massive, at least 8 inches. He must have inherited it from you!” Simon knew what was happening was very wrong, but he didn’t mind. Strangely he was enjoying this attention from his mother, and she knew it.

“How about you come and show me if that thing works better in me or in your hand!!” His mother slowly moved back from the edge of the bed. Simon could see his father in the corner of the bed playing with his nob. His mum had been right – like Simon, his dad’s nob was also very big, and getting bigger! His mother got up of the bed and moved to a small chair. Simon had never noticed before, but his mother had one hell of a figure. Her 34C cup breasts were round and despite her age didn’t sag. As she turned Simon saw that her ass was nice and firm, but did show some signs of aging. His mother sat down in the chair facing Simon, and spread her legs. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and his father’s cum. Her pussy hair was unshaven and ginger like the hair on her head. “Come on Simon, I want your hard, thick cock!!” Simon tried to resist. He knew it was wrong, but he wasn’t thinking with his head, he was thinking with his COCK!! Slowly he got up, his growing cock pointing the way to his mother’s pussy. He walked across to her and knelt down. He put her long, smooth legs over his shoulders. This opened şirinevler escort up her pussy and made it even more inviting. He manoeuvred his hard on to her wet lips and then slowly pushed his cock in. Due to both his mother’s and his father’s cum, Simon’s cock glided in. He thrust his hips back and forth. His mother was obviously very excited because she very quickly orgasmed with a long, loud moan and it shuddered through her body and down her thighs. Simon felt this and it pushed him over the edge. He increased the frequency of his thrusts, he was close to cuming. After a few more strokes he came inside of her and collapsed on the floor.

“Wow” his mother said, “where did you learn to fuck like that?” Simon smiled. His mother lent forward and kissed him on the forehead. “You were great honey!” She got up and moved across to her bed. Simon’s dad was still on the bed wanking. When his wife got next to him, he let his load explode all over her tits. He then kissed her, and lay down on the bed, and settled himself to go back to sleep.

Simon sat on the floor and stared at his mum. He was still really horney and wanted another fuck. His mum could tell what he was thinking and said “Simon, I hope your not going to complain about this holiday any more!! It could turn out to be quite fun you know.” With that she turned off the bed side lamps and tried to go to sleep. Simon also lay down on his bed and thought to himself. His mum was right. This holiday could turn out to be good fun.

When Simon woke up in the morning, his parents were gone. He thought over the events of the night before. He wondered whether it had happened. The room was neat and tidy, and smelt fresh. There was a note on their bed – it was in his mother’s handwriting, and said

“We’ve gone out for a walk to see what’s in this town. Didn’t want to disturb you. Did you sleep well? We didn’t. It was very hot so it was hard to get to sleep. Hope nothing was too hard for you.”

Simon thought about the note, then smiled to himself. This holiday would really be one to remember!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32