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Laura could hardly sit through her college lecture classes on Friday. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, nearly blushing as she felt the heat and excitement in her blood grow. Soon, she thought, soon I will have a weekend to remember.

She thought of all the amazing things she would do when her parents left for the out of state wedding. Her boyfriend, Eric, would be over. There would be dinner, wine, a dip in the hot tub, and hopefully a dip in something else if she was lucky.

Finally, the day was over and she went home, eager to test some of the recent purchases she had made. She stripped, revealing a tight, toned body with slightly tanned peach skin. On went a tiny red string bikini. She found it looked great with her strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Her round and perky 36c breasts filled out the front, while her ass looked ripe and curvy in the back. She looked good and she knew it, which only made her more excited. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she nearly had to stop to satisfy her growing need.

No, she thought, better to save it.

Instead she began to get ready. Laura made a wonderful dinner, and Eric showed up with the wine. His mouth nearly dropped when he saw the red bikini she had decided to wear. They ate quickly, gazing hungrily at each other. “Come and sit out in the hot tub with me baby”, Laura suggested. She had turned it up to 101 degrees an hour ago. The bubbles and jets massaged the two young bodies as they sat together, kissing and touching underneath the water. They sipped more of the wine they had brought out and watched the night sky. Eric couldn’t contain himself any longer, and began to remove his lover’s suit.

“No, look!” Laura said startled, pointing towards the back wall. Her parents’ house backed up to an apartment complex two stories high. There wasn’t bostancı escort even an alley seperating the buildings. On the balconies of several of the apartments, tenants were also enjoying the evening.

Eric grinned, an evil glint in his eye. “I don’t care”, he whispered softly, kissing Laura’s protesting mouth. He pulled away and put her glass of wine to her lips, convincing her to have another drink.

“I don’t know….” he stopped her with another kiss and pulled her onto his lap. She could feel his cock through their bathing suits, and knew that by now her pussy was dripping. She rubbed up against him, pushing and grinding, making him moan with frustration. She was surprised, the people outside were actually turning her on. Maybe one or two would watch her. Maybe she and Eric could turn on a complete stranger….

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you in front of people,” she told him. He smiled as his hands wrapped around her ass, forcing her closer to him. She continued. “I want them to see you slam your dick inside me, fuck me every possible way. I want you to eat me in front of them, I want you to…” she trailed off as his finger began to rub her clit, and his other hand slid up from her ass to untie her top. He succeeded one-handed and it fell in the water, revealing those nice perky tits he loved. He kissed her soft mouth again, then lowered his own to her right breast, sucking and licking the smal pink nipple, sofly biting it as she moaned in ecstasy. He knew Laura’s nipples were very sensitive, and that playing with them the right way could drive her crazy. He was right. She wrapped her arms around him, and he could feel her nails gently scratching his back.

“Stand up,” he ordered her. She did almost immediately, which surprised him. Laura must sancaktepe escort be really turned on, usually she was shy during sex. “Mmmm, dirty little girl, I like it.” He told her this as he pulled down her bikini bottom and she quickly stepped out of it. He pulled her naked body back into the foaming hot water, reclining her on his lap. While he held Laura around her back with one hand, he parted her legs and slammed his finger into her pussy with the other. She let out a loud gasp which one of the men on the balcony heard. He felt the blood throbbing in his hard cock as he realized the guy was turned on by his girlfriend.

Eric next told Laura to lay back on one of the head rests as he put his hands underneath her ass, raising her wet pussy out of the water. He knelt down and began to eat her out, making her scream and squirm. She couldn’t move too much though, because she had to use the seat and head rest to support herself. She could feel her orgasm building as she lay in the warm, soothing water and stared up at the sky. Her body convulsed and her pussy released her juices all over Eric’s face. Her orgasm was so strong it was too much for her, and she slid her body down into the water till she was on her knees in front of her boyfriend.

He sat back down in one of the bucket seats in the hot tub, pulling his swin trunks off. He told Laura to sit down and ride his hard cock underneath the water, which she gladly did. She slid her pussy up and down, driving his cock deep inside her again and again. She fucked him so hard her tits bounced up and down, her nipples rock hard from her arousal and the cool night air. His hands were on her hips, pushing her down even harder so he could bury himself all the way inside. He was so close, and he needed to come so badly. But zeytinburnu escort then, he had an idea. He pulled Laura off his lap and bent her over the edge of the tub, so her ass was sticking up in the air for all to see. The man on the balcony, he noticed, was still watching intently. He took her from behind, pulling her legs back on him, fucking her till her face was red and she was practically clawing the edge of the tub with her hands. He felt her come a second time, which was pretty typical for his sensual and beautiful girlfriend.

He pulled out his cock and positioned it so that it was pushing into Laura’s ass. Before she could protest, he slowly eased the head into her little virgin asshole, beginning to move it back and forth. Laura, all ready to stop him, was amazed at the mixed sensations she was feeling. It was kind of uncomfortable, but yet, nice. He eased himself in a little more, reaching down to play with her clit at the same time. “Ooooooh, that;s good, yeah”, Laura heard herself say. What was happening to her? She was bent over outside, with a complete stranger watching her get fucked in the ass, and she was eating it up like a slut! But, oh, god, she couldn’t stop it, it felt too damn GOOD!

“Oh, baby, you have such a nice, tight little ass!” Eric told her as he slammed his cock all the way in, going back and forth harder and faster as Laura became more excited. He smacked her wet ass, making a sound he was sure their friend on the balcony would appriciate. His balls bounced against her clit, and Laura felt herself getting ready to come yet again. Harder and faster he fucked his girlfriend, driving them both towards the greatest orgasm of their lives. He pulled out and came all over Laura’s back and ass as she felt the rush of her own juices. Afterwards, they held each other, panting and sweating. Laura and Eric spent the rest of that night pleasing each other in the warm water till the first rays of light streaked across the sky. She knew this was the start of the best weekend of her life.

This is pretty much my first attempt at a story like this, so any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32