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I: Art

Art was late. The tattered hem of his jeans scuffed lightly over the worn-down carpet of the college library giving his hurried walk a rhythmic shuffle, releasing any pretense of respectful silence. Art didn’t really care but he was glad anyone bothered by his noisy passing seemed content to simply shoot him a nasty look. He just didn’t have time for them. He hustled down an aisle and hissed a curse when he realized he was still in the wrong section.

He was supposed to have met with his new project partner for his senior philosophy class but had missed the appointment because of, well, because he was a 22 year old college guy and shit just happened. Shit seemed to happen to Art quite a lot, especially missed appointments. Nearly all of his free time was spent sketching in one of his many, notebooks. Though his pastime and name might speak otherwise to his future, he was a psychology student and nearing the end of his collegiate studies.

Once he’d realized he had missed the appointment time he had decided to simply track down the two main books he and his partner were supposed to base their paper on. He was getting close he knew and so slowed his frantic charge through the book stacks to a smooth stroll.

Art saw the appropriately numbered shelf and turned down the aisle, before stopping in his tracks. A short way down the aisle before him was a young woman bent over near the lower shelves. Even if he hadn’t found her in such a compromising position, Art still would’ve checked her out. To read the lower titles she had bent very low at the waist causing her behind to stick up and out. She was in short but effective heels that pumped out her calves and the lower inches of her thigh muscles in supple curves. Her dress matched the peacock blue hue of her heels exactly and it clung tightly to her body giving Art a rather obscene perspective.

She bent slightly lower and Art became fixated as the rondure of her cheeks spread beneath their blue covering. Her back arched as she reached for the shelf and Art felt himself growing hard after a few moments of gazing at this girl’s posterior. The show quickly ended as the girl straightened, tossing long shining black locks over her shoulders.

Art froze. She’s about to turn around, run! Do not let her catch you with your dick half-hard. He swiftly pivoted, his bag shaking and rattling, his jeans scuffing, and drawing her attention. He walked swiftly around the shelf and when he had gone three stacks down turned down the aisle and returned to where she had been from the other side. He reached the aisle and nearly collided faces with her.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry,” she said as books spilled loudly from her startled hands to the floor.

“Damn,” Art said in a voice too loud for a crowded city street, much less a library.

Some Shh’s were tossed their way, to which Art fired back, “Piss off and mind your own business!”

She knelt down to pick up her things. Art’s eyes initially dived down to see the titles of the books but they were captivated this time by the view down her dress. The breasts beneath were the same radiant tan as the rest of her body. Art felt his erection reignite as he stared down into the deep crease of cleavage where her twin swells crept over the line of the dress top. At least some portion of his eye saw the name of the book and a bell rang somewhere deep his brain as some very interesting dots started connecting.

That was the book. She had his book. She was his partner. That would make this hard. Can’t get much harder than this, Art thought, but if anyone could do it, she could. Jesus!

Art knelt down and picked up her other book. They stood up together and Art found her looking at him, smiling politely. As intensely as his eyes had become engaged with both her back and front, so too they fell into the beauty of her face. Her generous lips framed straight, white teeth that became a swath of brightness across her heart shaped face. Thin, dark eyebrows arched over brilliant green eyes, their lids colored an ash gray that made them pop even in the tame library lighting. Art felt the seconds tick by and realized he was still staring and they were well within each other’s personal space.

And upon realizing that fact he immediately felt his fair skin begin to blush red and so took an all too conspicuous step backwards.

“No I’m sorry,” he started, “I never watch where I’m going…and, um, I think we’re partners by the way.”

“Oh you mean you weren’t looking for Borson’s Theorems of Positive Reciprocity and Coincidental Engagements for a fun beach read?” She held out the book she had picked up out.

Smiling and reddening further, Art ruffled his shock of mousey brown hair and said simply,

“No but thanks for offering. You must be,” he stopped midsentence having forgotten her name. Dammit, it was in the e-mail from the professor, what the hell was it?

“I’m Lexi,” she said nodding

“Lexi Monaco! istanbul escort That’s it. Art,” he said thumbing towards himself, “Art Lander.”

“Great, wanna go somewhere and get to work, I can’t wait around much longer. But maybe we can get a little done.”

“Sure, I think they have some study rooms down that way.” Art gestured with the book. She walked towards where he pointed and soon Art found himself a step behind her lovely behind. His eyes lingered below her waist and took in as much detail as they could hold. With every step her dress would stretch across the globe of each cheek then relax until some of the material had become pinched between them defining the top of her butt even further. The dress wedgie is probably very annoying to deal with but god damn is it sexy, Art thought. He followed the subtle bounce of her bottom all the way to the side of the library where she led them to a study room in the corner.

The study room was separated from the rest of the library by a wall and large single paned window. Inside was a small conference table and on the wall across from the window was a large whiteboard for dry erase markers. Once they entered the room Art pulled the door closed and sat his bag and book down at the table. Lexi put her things down similarly then turned to the window.

“Do you mind if I pull the blinds down a little, I feel like a fish in a bowl in these things? Everyone walking down the aisle can just see right in.”

“Sure,” Art tried to keep his brain from slipping into cheesy porno expectations but didn’t have much success, “let’s get started. You said you had to go, hot date right?”

As the blinds slid slowly down over the window, Lexi turned and looked at him. One of her angular eyebrows raised in a high arch as she asked,

“Well no, not really. Just have somewhere to be.”

Art felt the awkwardness of his comment weigh on him physically. He brushed at his messy hair, this time from back to front as if he could somehow pull it down into a mask and hide his burning cheeks.

“My bad I didn’t mean to…we just met but you can already see I don’t always think before I speak. You don’t have to say anything. We can just work and go on with our own stuff.”

“It’s really ok,” she explained opening the first book, “I just don’t go out all that often. Just seemed like an odd thing to assume.”

Art was stunned. Doesn’t go out that often? Why the hell not? She must get asked out at least twice every time she leaves her house! She surely gets eye-fucked at least once every ten minutes.

“Well,” he stammered finally finding his voice again, “I just meant that you look really nice. Dressed up, I mean.”

“Aw thanks.” She smiled genuinely, her head tilting slightly to one side. The motion pulled her dark hair away from her neck so that Art got a full view of the soft skin of her neck and top of her shoulder. Art’s eyes descended from her beaming teeth to the radiant gold of her throat to rest on the tops of her breasts. Art guessed them to be C-cups but seeing as he didn’t have a sizing chart decided they very well could be D’s. Despite their voluptuousness, they were high on Lexi’s torso. From the side they created a round shelf of flesh that filled out the top of her dress with sinful wantonness. She breathed in through her nose as she turned to the work on the table and Art’s eyes tracked the rise in her chest like a hungry predator.

They worked for a little while longer, piecing together who would do what and when they could meet again. Art tried to keep his gazing to a minimum but either Lexi paid him no mind (likely because he was not at all the only man to ever look at her so brazenly) or she truly didn’t notice. Art felt stupid about his lack of any sort of suave manner. He would be seeing her again in a few days and was already wondering how he might somehow impress her and possibly ask her out. Lexi was one the sexiest women he’d ever met in person and for some reason he thought the project could really be the start of a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with such a beauty.

That night as he lay in bed, it was Lexi’s heart shaped face smiling at him that rejected his brain’s attempts to fall asleep. Each time he closed his eyes from the ceiling fan softly whirling above him, he only saw her vivid green eyes locked with his. He inhaled through his nose and felt his lungs swell with cool air. He was shirtless; his fair skinned chest taught with the thin muscle of his wiry build, wearing only black boxer briefs that clung to his lower body not unlike Lexi’s dress had hugged hers. In fact as he continued to imagine her face, his briefs seemed to grow even tighter. Within a moment he was hard again and he mentally took himself back to that first time that he saw her.

He walked through the library once again but this time it was devoid of any other students. He didn’t hurry because he knew what avcılar escort he would see. He turned at a random aisle and there she was bent low in the same manner. Her dress stretching skin tight as her leg muscles lowered her towards the ground. She stood up slowly, the fabric of dress getting trapped between her cheeks again. She spun quickly on her heel to face him. The front of her dress was different in Art’s mind than it had been in reality. Instead of a flat line across her chest, it was an incredibly deep V. The plunge of the neck line all but gripped Art’s eyes and dragged them down between Lexi’s breasts. Instead of just two mounds of smooth flesh naughtily peeking above her clothing, the tops and inner sides of her soft round tits were displayed like glamorous medals. But instead of hard edges, these golden rounds were nothing but gentle curves and rather than flat and lifeless they seemed swollen with passionate desire.

“Do you like me Art? Do you like what you see?” Lexi arched her back slightly and put her hand on her left hip. The motion elevated her chest and as Art once again glanced into the depths of Lexi’s dress she cocked her head and said, “I think you do, or at least one part of you does.”

Stepping towards Art, she put her lips to the side of his neck, at the soft place where the line of his jaw softened into the underside of his chin. Art’s body stiffened at the sensation of the warm, barely moist touch of her mouth. Her kiss lingered and turned from a tender press into hungry suction, as if she wanted to draw his pulse to an even faster speed.

The cushion feeling of Lexi pressing her body into him had him throbbing immediately within the confines of his jeans. Art put a hand on her hip and pulled them closer so that she could feel his eagerness press against her. He cupped her chin delicately with his other hand and lifted her face to his and planted a slow kiss upon her lips. Initially they were motionless, simply lip-locked by in an intimate embrace. Then his mouth tugged on hers and she responded with a quick lick of her tongue across his lower lip. Art pulled his face away from hers and breathed in a much needed breath of cool air.

“Lexi, you are unbelievable, you…god you have no idea the things I would do for you, the things I would do to you.” Art groaned and shoved his pelvis against her body so she could feel his hard on through his jeans. It was such an eager mass of sexual need that it felt like it could very well punch through the denim to be closer to the softness between Lexi’s thighs.

“The things you’d do to me huh? I like the sound of that but first I think I’m going to have to do some things to you first. Just to, you know, give you an idea of the treatment I’m going to be expecting.”

Lexi lowered her hand and while keeping her fingers extended toward the floor, she slowly brought her palm up against the outline of Art’s cock pressed hard against his pants. Her fingers traced its edges and Art nearly exploded. His knees grew slightly loose and he leaned back against the book shelf with a groan. Before his mind could truly understand what Lexi was doing she had knelt down before and while her left hand teased at him through the crotch of his pants, her right began to deftly unbutton his fly.

She gave him another suckling kiss on his stomach just above his waistline and his cock gave an impatient lurch. Without removing the suction from her kiss, Lexi finished undoing Art’s pants and yanked them down with both hands. Art’s erection burst upwards in its newfound freedom and it made an impressive tent pole within his black boxer briefs.

“Oh my god, Art, I can’t wait to feel you on my tongue. I want to just hold you right there and feel it throb within my mouth.”

“Fucking Christ,” Art said struggling not to simply go over the edge right then. He was flushed as ever and felt like he might burst at the slightest touch of her fingers on his dick.

Slowly, as if unwrapping a present, Lexi slid her fingers under the waistband of Art’s briefs. Her fingers felt dry and cool on Art’s warm and excited skin. She slipped the briefs down with agonizing slowness. Her deviously green eyes locked with Art’s widened blue-grays. Art’s cock popped up from within the lowered briefs with what might have been a comedic bounce had it not appeared so seriously ready to fuck. Art watched Lexi appraise him, seeming to note the velvet-smooth flesh and its darker skin tone like they were things of wonder. Art wasn’t very veiny but he had one slender purple pipe that curled along the right side of him then disappeared underneath his shaft. Lexi ran her finger down its winding path and coaxed a spasm from Art’s dick that produced a gleaming bead of pre-cum from the tip.

“Lexi,” Art said in a throaty moan, “I will fucking burst.”

He trailed off as she smiled her wicked grin once more and produced her tongue. It jutted from her lips like a plump purple-red fruit şirinevler escort gleaming with juice. With a careful touch, Lexi lifted up Art’s cock and slowly craned her neck so that her tongue trailed up the length of him. Upon reaching his beaded head, she pulled her tongue back to remoisten it. Art let his neck go limp as he opened his eyes to look at her. His dick obscured her mouth but he could feel the small puffs of her breath on his shaft and balls. While she kept her eyes riveted to his, Lexi darted her tongue out in a fast serpentine lick. Art’s chest felt tight and filled with pumping blood, his heart was thundering within his rib cage. His balls felt like they’d been on a low boil for hours and now had the flames turned up all the way. He was going to come all over Lexi. He would blow his load on her mouth, down her neck, in between the pair of fantastic tits and it would gleam against her skin like pearly gemstones.

“Lexi,” Art said “I’m about to—”

“Art you little fucker, it’s time to get your ass out of bed! We have Bio lab in fifteen!” A badgering voice broke into Art’s dreaming and brought him back to his room. Sunlight streamed in through the blinds of his window and his loins ached like he’d been fucking all night long. It was morning; it had all been a dream.

“Art! Bio Lab…fourteen!”

“Goddammit shut up Casey! I’m up…” Art looked down amongst his tangled blankets to see that he was indeed, up. I had a wet dream so intense it seemed to last all night and I didn’t even fucking get to finish, this is bull shit.

“Thirteen, I leave at eleven, just saying.”

“Get fucked Casey, I said I’m up,” Art bellowed, then in a lower voice to his achingly unfinished dick, “at this right I might never come down.”

Art left his bed and began his day. He was a few minutes late to Bio Lab but only Casey gave a shit. He sat and appeared to be giving his whole attention to the professor and when it came time to take notes, nobody else’s pen moved with the speed or ferocity of Art’s. But he wasn’t taking notes; he hadn’t heard a word the teacher had said. All he could see, hear, and taste was her. And he was drawing her over and over and over. He checked the date on his phone once the lab had ended, four days until they would see each other again.

They were the longest four days of his life. But he made it. Art spent those days drawing out his frustrations and collected a tall stack of paper with nothing but sketches of Lexi. Not all were sexual or even of her in entirety. Some were variations on her mouth or hands; many were simply Art trying to create different “looks” within just her eyes.

Upon that fourth day he was not late to the library but in fact quite early. He and Lexi’s meeting was light and uneventful and Art enjoyed every minute of it. He never managed to feel anything other than awkward but each time he saw he seemed to fall more and more under her enchantment. She seemed to enjoy his company as well, though he doubted to the same degree that he did. Lexi would laugh at his jokes, play off his comments and genuinely listened when he had valid points to make about their project. Art hung on her every word and never really contradicted her at all.

They worked that way for the better part of a month, meeting twice a week and pushing their work forward meeting by meeting. Their presentation was in two weeks and Art had thought to bring in two coffees from the campus coffee shop and was waiting with his feet on the table when Lexi entered their study room.

She was wearing a black top that, as usual, hugged her curvaceous body closely and displayed a moderate amount of her cleavage. A gray vest with matching skirt made her seem almost schoolgirlish which did nothing to quell Art’s sexual fantasies. He was so taken with her outfit as she popped in the room, the brilliance of her smile shining from her eyes as well; Art brought his feet off the table in a fast sweep. In doing so, he also knocked over both cups of coffee without anyone having tasted a sip.

“Mother. Fucker,” he said sharply, “I’m sorry I meant to bring us caffeine not make a mess.”

The brown liquid streamed over the table and before it could soak into Art’s notebooks, Lexi snatched them up from the approaching puddle.

“I’ll run and get some paper towels—sorry!” Art said frowning at her as he left. She shrugged, “It’s no big deal we could just get a different room.”

“No way, this is our place, be right back.” Art walked by the window and saw her wave at him through the blinds.

Walking swiftly through the library, Art found the bathroom and swiped handfuls of the cheap brown paper towels. He returned to the room hoping his witticism about the poor quality of public bathroom hand towels everyone would light up her smile again but found the study room empty. The puddle of coffee was dribbling steadily to the floor in three different places, his notebooks were on a chair safely away from the spill, and Lexi was nowhere to be found. Art took a step inside and tossed the paper towels carelessly towards the center of the puddle and poked his head outside the room to look in both directions.

Empty aisles of bookshelves stretched out in either direction but there was no sign of Lexi. What the hell? Phone call I guess.

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