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This was the end of chapter 02.

He asked me a question to enlighten my sex life. “Dear, I hope with your body still in good shape, your pussy will be longing for a young rock hard cock. Your brother can’t be invited as he is out of our country. It will be a shame if it is done outside, as one or other day it may be exposed. But I want you to enjoy life fully for which you must have active exciting sex. So give me an option for finding one person like your younger brother, who will be able to fuck you hard that too in front of me.”

With that we went to do our routine work after hugging and kissing each other passionately.

Suddenly, something flashed in my mind and will be in Ch. 03. If you can guess, you are absolutely brilliant.

For the readers who had not read the first two chapters, he is my husband Raja in 50s and I, Kamala in 40s, a beautiful village woman with necessary curves. My boobs are 36DD full with pride, posing straight like two mountains and my abs also in exact shape so as to make all younger or older people to take a look again.

Last year, in a function I met my classmate as well as cousin, Selvi, who is in adjacent village. She was a naughty girl in our friends group and always talked about sex. She is also as beautiful as me. Her husband is working abroad and her son, Mohan, is also in teens as my son. The incidents involving her with her family members as described by her came to my mind.

I express the words as said to me by Selvi in her words. “When I was young, I used to go to my uncle’s house during weekend. My uncle’s house is next to ours and he was an officer in the city. My aunt did not allow me home when uncle was not there. She and her only son Anand, who was nearly five years younger than me, were living in the house; they were richer than us.

My uncle, tall, strong, well built, broad shouldered and with masculine voice used to come on weekends and bring tasty cakes and chocolates. He would give some to me also. In the garden, there is a Mango tree. One day my uncle was alone at home and he asked me, “Selvi, do you like mango?'”.

I said, “Yes uncle, will you give me one?” He told me, “I will give you many right now, so come to the garden so that we will fetch some from tree.” I eagerly went with him and he fetched me one which was near from ground. I was much delighted. Then he said, “Climb up and fetch some more.” I was afraid to climb, so he lifted me up and kept me in his shoulder. Even then the mango could not be fetched.

So he said, “Selvi, stand on my shoulder and try to get mango.” With careful balancing, I got two more. Then I noticed that my uncle’s hand was in between my thighs to hold me and it felt something good. He said, “If you want more get or come down.” While saying that, his hands were gently massaging there. Immediately, I tried to get down. He allowed me to slide down and my whole body was in contact with him. I was simply giggling.

He used to tease me even before that. Whenever my mom was giving me a bath naked near the washing stone in the backyard of our house, he would peep from the back yard of his house. One day, he came to the backyard where I was bathing he took the towel and dried me. While drying his hands caressed in the private areas and even gave a kiss there and I was giggling.

After that, whenever he came home, he made me to sit on his lap. While I was sitting his hands were roaming, caressing and pressing some places and I giggled and began to enjoy it. Slowly, that act was carried out frequently and he started kissing me, first in cheeks then in lips; I was giggling every time.

After years, he was bold enough to use me as an entertainer. One day, he took me to his room and removed all his clothes. I felt ashamed, turned back quickly and tried to come out of the room. But he caught me from back and I noticed something was pricking me in the back. He slowly raised my petticoat. “Now, sit down on my lap.” I was unable to sit as that thing was pricking me. “Ok, I will adjust you to sit,” saying that he parted my thighs. “Sit, I will hold you, slowly do what I say as a good girl.”

His thing was in between my thighs rubbing my private part and I slowly sat on his lap. That one was like that of horse, long, hard and with girth more than my arm. I saw the mushroom head near my chest and in its full glory the length was in contact with my part and thighs. “Good, now slowly stand and sit, holding it between your thighs,” saying he began to move me up and down.

His member was moving fast bakırköy escort in between my thighs with full contact on my private part over the panty from the mushroom head to the base. After nearly half an hour, he said, “Selvi, move fast,” and within minutes a gush of fluid was sprinkled on my stomach and dress. It was hot and sticky. He said in his husky male voice, “Selvi, how is it?”

I was not fully aware of the happenings at that time, as a village girl; even then it gave a mysterious pleasure to me as he was also caressing my top area. So, with shy words I replied, “I don’t know.” He said, “I will show you fully what it is, until then wait, Ok. Now go and wash yourself,” he hugged me and gave a deep kiss on my lips. He became bold and played the same several times in the room, under the mango tree and one time in my house itself.

I was afraid, felt something strange and searched my mom to tell her the issue. My father and brother had gone away and I could not find her in the house. So I went to the backyard, climbed on the washing stone so that the side of the uncle’s house would be visible.

I was shocked to see uncle was doing the same act, but with my mom under the covers of the mango tree, where I was given treatment by him. The place was a safe one as it could not be seen from anywhere, but from the only location I was. My mom was not a great figure, but she was blessed with necessary curves, sagging big breasts at 40s. He was her cousin and younger by 5 years. To be frank, Uncle was squeezing her big breasts with his broad palms, as if to extract juice. I thought she was enjoying everything as both were moaning. I could not see the thing out, so it must have been somewhere inside my mom and now I know where it would have been.

Suddenly she began to move fast and collapsed on him. Both of them relaxed, kissing and fondling each other. I could not move from the place and was watching them wondering how I would tell her about my problem. Uncle said, “After a long time, you are riding me, how do you feel.” “Absolutely great and great pleasure to me,” saying she kissed him enthusiastically.

“I have to tell you one thing,” uncle hesitated a little bit and regaining his composure, spoke, “Selvi is also nice like you in doing this, but I told her to hold it between her thighs, as we do in our young age.” To great surprise I heard mom saying, “Ok, she should also be grateful to you like me for giving such a wonderful incest pleasure, but she had not told me and hope she will not to anybody.””

Selvi was telling me the happenings with a great pleasure and broad smile. I, Kamala, was shocked to hear those things at that time. I could not believe but she was not a liar. We used to talk these private things at lunch time in the school and later at college.

Then she continued, “”So I dropped the idea of complaining to my mom and decided not to tell anybody forever. But you are a damn innocent cousin and close friend of me, I tell you these things. Whenever, my uncle got an opportunity he was enjoying both of us in the same style.

My brother Ram and my uncle’s son Anand became close friends. Both of them were playing hide and seek game with some small boys much younger than them in the garden, around the mango tree.

They requested me to help them in the game. My duty as helper was to close the eyes of the catcher and count from 1 to 50, so that the others would be hiding. The catcher would sit on my lap and I have to close the eyes with my hand.

First one small boy was the catcher. Then, my younger brother, Ram was the catcher and he was sitting on my lap. Without any intentions, my thoughts went to my uncle’s lap and the secret enjoyment I got there. At that time, I felt my brother leaning back and pressing my boobs. I thought it was accidental, but experienced the same again. I was dumbfounded and he got up as counting was over.

The next time Anand was the catcher and he deliberately attempted the same and I was unable to stop it but instead enjoyed secretly. After the game was over, I realized both Anand and Ram only were the catchers for the balance part of game that lasted more than one hour and they had done it purposely and for which was also gave me a chill in the private areas. I remembered those days when I was peeping on Anand and Ram taking bath naked; both the hanging members were much bigger for their age.

Next day, Anand said, “Sister, we want you too join the game,” and I accepted. Anand was the helper to beşiktaş escort close the eyes and when I was the catcher, he closed my eyes from behind, both were standing. I could feel the broad palm, much broader for his age.

While counting, the hands pressed both my boobs for a split second and then closed my eyes. I felt a big drum, being beaten that too when kept on my chest as my heart was pounding and the sound reached my ears. While completing the counting, again both the hands cupped and released, he said, “They are beautiful, Ok, you go and find all.”

Whenever, Ram was the catcher he found me first and I was made the catcher. Later I understood that Anand was telling him where I was hiding. Anand’s hands got courage every time and instead of closing my eyes, he cupped there and gave a kiss in my cheek and said, “Nice, plentiful and spongy. But your nipples are rock hard, you know why.”

I was blushing, as he had found that I too was enjoying the act and turned on. In the last game also I was the catcher. That time, Anand cupped both boobs and began to massage gently while kissing me first on cheek and then in lips. I could not retaliate; think I was overwhelmed with delight. Suddenly, I found something was pricking me in the back.

Before I tried to release from his hands, he cupped me strongly and was making the forbidden act of course with the dresses intact, only the petticoat lifted to waist high; his member was between my thighs, as that of his father on that day. I could feel the length and girth that too was like that of his father rubbing my pussy and moving between my thighs. I was able to see the mushroom head coming to sight in front of me even in the dim light of the evening. How long it took I didn’t know. Like his father, he handled me very well, moved fast between my thighs and with a growl he held me strong. I felt his member pulsating and my stomach and dresses made drenched. “Thank you, dear sister; it is the nicest experience for me, think for you also. I had seen you many times on my dad’s lap and I was dreaming to do the same and got it today. Again thank you.”

I was thunderstruck and all of a sudden something got into my mind. “Hey, where the others have gone,” I shouted at him. With a grin in his face, “Your brother, Ram had taken them all. He and I planned this. Don’t worry that game is already over.” Startled, I left the place to my house to find patches of sticky things in the back of my petticoat. I changed my dress and washed it.

The night was sleepless and I thought everything happened which looked like a daydream. How my younger brother Ram united with Anand to do that to me, like my uncle did. That meant that he also wanted me as he already was leaning back to feel my sponge on that day. All those thoughts made me mad, but one thing was real — I was enjoying all the incidents very much.””

Selvi’s eyes were beaming when she told me these last lines. At that time only, I, Kamala was seeing the eyes of my younger cousin, Kumar, gleaming with great lust on me. So I also slowly made up my mind and told Kumar on the day to do with dress, but it went fabulous.

Now, I am able to narrate every thing to my darling husband, what my cousin Kumar did to me. My husband also had nodded now everything. More than that, he had encouraged me to find a young partner within the family circle to make my sex life spicy.

So, first I decided to go to Selvi’s house in the next village, in search of a helping hand and to tell her about my experience with my younger brother, Kumar and slowly open the ideas of my husband.

With a lot of hope that she will give me a way out, I got into the bus and the travel is half an hour. While waiting for the bus and during travel my thoughts began to unfold.

Selvi told me another day, “”I was taking bath and my mother alone was in the house. After taking bath, I covered myself with a towel and went into the room. I was taken aback to see a beautiful climax show.

My mother was kneeling on the bed and my uncle was pounding her from back. Everything was clear to me including the slurp noise, moaning and the sagging boobs being processed. The in and out motion of the super cock into my mom’s pleasure box with clear juices made me to stand at the entrance of the room and keep my right hand between my thighs.

Suddenly, I saw my uncle observing me from top to bottom while doing favour to my mom facing other side. So I looked at me and was bemused to see the towel at my foot. beylikdüzü escort

While playing with my wet box, the towel might have slipped. Ashamed, I quickly bent, took the towel and ran back to bathroom. Unaware of all these things, mom came to the bathroom later. When I came out of the bathroom heard the sound of washing the fuck-place by mom. Coming to the room, I closed the door, stood before the mirror and had a pleasurable work out.

Whenever, we played the game, the same thing happened at the end and Anand was the man behind me. The thoughts of my uncle seeing me naked, doing the act over the dress and his son Anand doing the same rendered sleepless nights followed by hand made work outs in my wet box.

The unforgettable first incident happened and the creators were nothing but my own brother Ram and cousin Anand.””

Selvi gasped for a moment. I, Kamala was much more curious than any other day to know what, how and when. “Do you mean real fuck,” my voice was shaky to spell the word, which kindled wetness inside my thighs.

“”Yes, it was,” with eyes in state of dream she described, “Anand and Ram were having combined study in Anand’s house. My mom and his mom had gone for a function. Ram called me from there, “Selvi, we are having a doubt in the lesson. Would you come and explain,” I went there. They were studying in the room where I first felt the feel of my uncle’s cock between my thighs.

Both were sitting on the bed. I sat on a chair opposite to them and began to read the book and explain. After sometime, Ram said, “I will be back,” and excused himself. I simply nodded and was deep in the book.

When I looked up, my face turned red, head began to spin. Anand was sitting with his pants down to ankle and his long, strong, well hung and beautiful member was erect; the mushroom head was looking at me invitingly. Even at that time my mind compared the member of Anand with that of his father and confirmed that both were similar; I would be the only blessed girl to see and compare like that.

I felt his hands holding my hand, making me turn, lifting my sari and petticoat and suddenly I was sitting on his lap as on that day with his father.

He moved me up and down: his member was rubbing my pussy. “What a lucky pussy to see father and son in the same room,” complimented Anand. But he didn’t stop there. He slowly started to mount by raising and pushing me to the bed to stand as my mother was with his father. I felt the poor part being pushed and entered by the steel rod. I simply obeyed him. I was a sports girl and so I thought, with little pressure he had sent his half member in.He stopped there, “Sister, easy yourself. I know that I am the first conqueror of my little princess. It will give you an immense pleasure but with a little pain. Ok, relax.” Slowly he got into rhythm and I was enjoying the act fully in an ecstatic mood. Nearly one hour might have gone, as he continued gently caressing, massaging and increasing the speed of the action. He cupped the two boobs so strong that I felt not only pain everywhere but also the ultimate pleasure. I was feeling the full movement of his member in my pussy, kneeling with my petticoat raised, panty sidelined and jacket and bra opened.

My thoughts were roaming about my uncle who touched my private parts, saw me full naked, brushed my pussy with his rod, played with my spongy boobs, sprinkled his juices over me; but his son Anand was the first one to beat all records to enter my longing pussy to give the pleasure.

Everything went perfect. My pussy was convulsing ample number of times. He bent over me and started kissing my lips. I responded very well for each act. The climax I saw on that day involving my mom and uncle was repeated between me and Anand. I collapsed on bed with Anand on my back. His member was still in and it didn’t seem to lose its girth. He hugged, caressed, kissed and helped me to get up and clean myself.””

Selvi was still in her dreamland and I, Kamala was not able to fully understand the show. But within days of hearing Selvi’s experience from her cousin, I got it from Kumar, my younger cousin and he showed what a pleasurable work out — the fuck — that too when you get it from a young well hung, truly talented, much involved and a handsome boy that too your cousin, before or after marriage with consent from your husband or not.

After that, I got married and the pleasure talks were stopped. I have now planned to open the talk again by telling her, how my Kumar showed me the ultimate pleasure and the size of his member similar to that of her uncle and Anand, as said by her. I should surely tell her about how and by whom my son was born…

I have been brought to the world by the sound of the conductor and I am getting out of the bus with thoughts of all.

Let us meet in Chapter 04.

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