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“Yes! Oh Gawd YES!! Fuck me hard!!!!” Eve, my wife of twenty-five years, up on her hands and knees her full breasts swinging freely each time the cock slammed into her. “Oh damn it’s so fucking big and hard! Fuck my cunt! Cum in me again!!”

I sat watching, my cock throbbing in my fist, as my beautiful wife took on a cock whose owner was more than twenty-five years our junior. A cock that had cum once and now thrusting in and out of Eve’s filled pussy, cum oozing from around the edges the sound of it being forced out could not be mistaken. From the muscles tightening in the young man’s ass cheeks I knew another hot load was going to be deposited. Ten inches long and six inches around it split my wife open, as he withdrew the inner folds of her pussy pulled out and each thrust brought a burst of air from her lungs. Eve’s fingers were busy between her thighs, jacking her clit. His balls slapped audibly against her fingers as well as his thighs against her backside as he buried himself to the hilt.

“Yes…Oh yes….Oh FUCK! I’m cumming!! Rob you too!! Fill me again!! OHHHHFUCKKKKK!!!!!” Eve pushed back and her body stiffened as her orgasm coursed through her body. Her body convulsed and bucked against the prick buried in her.

“ahhhHHHHHHYESSS…OHHHFUCKKK!!!!!…..” Rob grabbed the inside of Eve’s thighs and with short humping spasms unloaded deep into her. “AHHHhhhhhgawddddd….” Eve had reached back and began milking the huge ball sac. The cum from her full pussy coated her hand as she gently rubbed and squeezed his walnut sized balls. “ohhhhhhhhh…damn Aunt Eve that was unfuckingreal….” He released his grip on her and fell back onto the bed, his rapidly softening cock lying against his thigh.

Smiling, Eve looked over to me in the chair and my pre-cum coated cock in my fist, our eyes locked together she slowly lifted her cum covered hand and individually sucked each finger. With a wiggle of her finger and a soft throaty whisper beckoned me, “I’ve fulfilled Rob’s fantasy, and now yours. Now come here and fulfill mine….” One of my favorite fantasies was to see her fucked by another cock, hers had always been the fantasy of me crawling between her thighs and bringing her to an orgasm while swallowing the load that had been deposited.

I moved towards the bed, holding my hard prick in my hand. As I lay down on my back she lifted her leg and straddled my face. Cum dripped down onto my forehead and cheeks as she positioned herself. Pulling my thigh I moved over, completely under her. She replaced my hand with hers and she engulfed as much of my cock as she could.

“Oh damn honey-y-y-y-y….mmmmfffffhhhh….” I groaned then my voice was muffled as she lowered herself onto my mouth. I began by licking between the folds finding her clit, but just as I ran my tongue over the hard bud she moved herself so my tongue stabbed deep into her sex. I could taste her juices and the sweet-salty taste of Rob’s two loads. My hands found the curve of her asscheeks and I pulled her tighter to me, sucking and swallowing at the same time.

“Yes David! Oh yes you’re going to make me cum again…” Her fist still pumped my shaft. “YESSSSS…….” Her thighs locked my head as she ground her cunt against my mouth, her fist moving ever faster her lips sucking just the head of my cock in between squeals and screams. “yessSSSSS….FUCkkkkk…..”

“mmmMMMMFFFFHHHHGGGGGHHHH……” My balls erupted, cum spued from the engorged head and load after load shot onto her breasts. “UMMMMGGGAAAAAA……” My hips lifted off the bed! Still jacking my prick her lips closed over the head and I felt her throat muscles swallow more of my load. This was a first! Never…NEVER before had she ever swallowed my cum. As I would begin to cum she would bakırköy escort always jack me off onto her neck or breasts. As my balls emptied she was swallowing my load! My cock softened and she gently twirled her tongue around the head cleaning off the remainder of my load.

“Oh damn that was so-o-o-o fantastic….I never would have believed….” She rolled off me and lay on her back.

Both of us are in our mid fifties. I was considered a handsome man in my youth, but over the years I have lost the majority of my hair, which is turning from dark brown to gray as well as my closely trimmed beard. At six foot I only tip the scales at about 160, only thirty more pounds than when I was a teenager. Eve has always said that compared to the men she had been with that my cock, at eight plus inches and almost six inches around, was more than satisfying.

Age had treated Eve well too, even after giving birth to our two children who were off living their own lives. She kept her light brown hair in soft shoulder length curls, which of course she kept just slightly highlighted to cover the telltale gray areas. Sparkling brown eyes that danced when she smiled. Her hips had broadened somewhat from bearing children, but even when we first married she had never been petite. At five foot four and about 150 pounds she was still quite attractive. Her 38D breasts had never stood firm and even now, with their large areoles and equally large sensitive nipples, I found them excitingly erotic! At the juncture of her nicely shaped legs, she kept her light brown pubic hair trimmed conservatively. When she opened her legs I could never keep my fingers or tongue away! The puffy outer folds of her slit hid the clit that when aroused was almost as big as the tip of my little finger. I often told her that she could use her clit to fuck another woman! Being capable of multiple orgasms my fingers and tongue enjoyed bringing her to climax after climax.

I guess I should explain about Rob. Eve was previously married years ago, and her sister and husband had had a son. During that marriage Rob had loved to come visit his aunt and uncle. Rob was only about five or six when Eve divorced but even after we had met and married he still came to visit often and always stayed with us for a few weeks in the summer. He was a good kid and we really enjoyed having him around, even when our own two came along he was still a part of our family. After high school he had bummed around for a few years and then decided on college. All during that time he never failed to call or write or email us as to how his life was going. It was during his last spring break at college when I found out, by accident, what one of his favorite fantasies was to make love to his Aunt Eve.

He had stopped at our place for a few days on his way home to his parents. He and I were down in the family room tossing back a few beers and just “shooting the bull”, and I had jokingly asked him about how he was bedding all the little coeds on campus. He had laughed and began telling me stories of some of his escapades, needless to say they were quite graphic and I found myself getting a hard on and as he walked to the fridge for a couple more beers, I couldn’t help but notice the ‘tent’ in his shorts too. Eve had come down the stairs to announce she was going to bed since it was getting late, she had on her short silk robe and I could tell that she was naked beneath it. As she headed off to bed I took a long swallow and glanced over at Rob. He had watched her turn and go up the stairs, there was quite a bit of the backs of her thighs showing and I watched Rob’s eyes follow her as he licked his lips. I was just horny beşiktaş escort enough and had just enough alcohol to act on the thought that had passed though my mind. Besides it would be fun to tease Rob just a little bit.

“I guess I have an invitation, by the looks.” I chuckled. “She isn’t bad looking for an old lady of 50, is she? Those 38D’s have a little sag in them though.”

Rob hesitated for a moment and took a swallow. “She sure isn’t Uncle Dave….just as good if not better than some of the girls at college….” His voice trailed off and I could now see his cock straining against his shorts. “She does have nice breasts though…I always was trying to look down her blouse when I was a kid….” Rob faced turned red when he realized what he had said and there was a long silence in the room.

I stood up and laughed. “Nothing wrong with that I still do the same thing. We still have a couple hour drive in the morning so I’m going to close the house up and turn in myself.”

Rob drained the last of his beer and stood, trying at the same time to rearrange the obvious tent in his shorts. “I will too. I want to get to mom and dads tomorrow. I really appreciate you hauling me back and forth. ” Rob headed up the stairs and I couldn’t help but notice one of his hands was busy in his pants pocket. “

“Not a problem Rob. It’s my pleasure.”

I finished picking up our mess and stopped in the kitchen to set up the coffee pot for the next morning. All the time thinking about how excited Rob had gotten after his short glimpse of his aunt. I walked down the hall towards the master bedroom with the mental image of Eve lying naked on our bed and her fingers playing slowly along her pussy lips awaiting my arrival. As I passed Rob’s room I heard sounds that were not all that unfamiliar to me. Turning off the hallway light I slowly turned the doorknob and eased the door open a few inches. This allowed me to see just the lower half of Rob’s body on the bed. The covers were thrown back and his fist was wrapped tightly around his hard cock. I had never known until that moment that he had never been circumcised; with each upward stroke the foreskin would cover the huge purple head, then pull down tight onto the shaft. His fingers barely encircled the shaft and his prick had to be at least ten inches long!

“Yes Uncle Dave! I love her titties! I want to cum all over them.” Rob spoke softly and his fist moved faster. “… fuck…her…” His fist was a blur. “…fuck …her…pussy…and cummm-m-m-m-m-m…ahhhhhgrrrrohhhhh…..”

I watched as load after load of his hot cum shot into the air and landed on his belly and chest. He kept pumping until cum ran down over his fist and pooled at the base of his shaft. I quietly closed the door and with a raging hard on headed for our bedroom. Eve was going to get one good hard cock tonight!

The trip to Rob’s parents the next day was uneventful. We talked about most everything but the subject of our conversation from the previous night never came up. I could still see him jacking off and I drove with a hard on that wasn’t all that comfortable. When we got to his house I went in and visited with his mom and dad for a while. By the time I got home it was late and the house was dark except for a light in the kitchen. I knew Eve had gone to bed so I quietly slipped into our room.

“Did you have a good trip?” Eve asked quietly as I went into the bathroom.

I finished taking a leak and flushed the toilet. “Yeh, it was the usual.” I stepped into the doorway and stopped. The sound was unmistakable and the soft light from the bathroom illuminated Eve on the bed. “But this is much better.”

I could see her smile in beylikdüzü escort the diffused light. “I thought you would after a long trip like that.” The sound was her vibrator and it was moving slowly up and down just inside the outer lips of her pussy. She knew how I loved watching her masturbate and as I stood in the doorway I began taking off my clothes, my eyes never leaving the sight of her naked before me. Stepping out of my boxers my cock stood straight out and pointed me to the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed my eyes on her swollen pussy and the working vibrator. My hand caressed her inner thigh. “Remember years ago when Mike and Jan lived next door?” They had been close friends and we had been neighbors for years before they had moved, so close that we had spent many an evening enjoying one another and experimenting in all the ways of sexual fun. They had been gone now for over ten years, but we still enjoyed the memories and I knew that just mentioning it would force Eve to turn the vibrator to a higher speed.

“Oh yes….that was good times…” Eve pressed the tip against her clit. Moving my hand slowly up her thigh she opened them wider and slipping my fingers under her ass my thumb penetrated her wet slit and buried itself deep inside her. “YES! I remember!” Her inner muscles gripped me and I felt her hips rise off the bed; her climax wasn’t far off.

I sat silent for a moment and watched her climb to her orgasm. Her hips arched off the bed; her nipples were rock hard and her breasts bounced against her chest as her orgasm began. “Good times for sure….oh, I wanted to tell you….” I hesitated for just a split second. Her hips pushed against my thumb and forced the vibrating tip harder against her clit. “…I watched Rob jack off last night.”

“YOU WHAT!!!….ohhh….ahhhhHHHH….” Her eyes opened wide and she stared into mine. The orgasm couldn’t be stopped and her hips pumped against my thumb. “OH!…OH!…FUCK!!…you..didn’t!…OHHHhhh…”

“I watched his fist pump his thick ten inches. Did you know he wasn’t circumcised?…” I moved up onto the bed and my balls rested on her thigh as I straddled her.

“Ohhh…NOOOooooo…I didn’t…” She still stared straight into my eyes as her orgasm subsided. Using her free hand she began jacking my prick. With her soft touch I knew my own climax wasn’t far off.

“He was fantasizing about cumming all over your tits…”

“OHHHHHHHHGAWDDDAMNNNNN……” Another shattering orgasm hit her. Juice was flowing from her pussy, over my thumb and onto the sheets. She stopped jerking my cock and squeezed it tightly until the spasms subsided, then her fist flew the length of my shaft.

“He…he…ohhhhhHHH…!!!!…..AHHHHHHGGGGGRRRRRHHHH….” My load erupted and cover her belly then her breasts. With each stroke of her fist another load landed on her.

“Put your cock in….put it in!…” Moving me between her thighs Eve put her calves on my shoulders and taking my still ejaculating cock pulled it into her wet cunt. “Oh yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!” The inner muscles of her cunt milked the remainder of my load, Eve’s hips pumped against me as my own hips pounded my cock deep into her. Grabbing my head she pulled me to her breasts and I greedily licked my cum from them. The vibrator still buried against her clit sent sensations through me until I was completely emptied and I began to soften. “…ummmm….” A small orgasm passed through her and she slowly relaxed, the vibrator falling away.

My flaccid cock slipped out of her and I rolled over onto the bed completely spent. As we both drifted off to a satisfied sleep I heard her murmur “What a great fantasy.” I was going to answer her but sleep overtook us.

Part 2 has been submitted at the same time so it should be posted within the next few days. I hope you have enjoyed this story, as well as my others. Please remember to vote and should you decide to email me with your thoughts please don’t hesitate. I enjoy knowing that my stories have had a “desired effect” and I will answer all emails.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32