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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the fifth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Chapter Three.

Janice continues to find her way. James makes Janice his lover then answers the riddle.


“One last item. I found this in my father’s belongings in his desk. It seems to make no sense. I thought I should ask Latisha if she knows what it means. He handed a copy of the following to everyone but the lawyer.

What lies within is what you seek

Within these words secrets keep

To run around that will not do

To help your quest I leave a clue

You can see above. You can see below

When I am high. Or when I’m low

For when it rains I get not wet

To argue that I take the bet

I am happiest when here I go

If you truly see then you know

To what you seek is next in line

If you understand you’re doing fine

If I were well above I rest

If not. To look below would be the best

Alas be there I am not

Instead alone I sit and rot

I find myself beneath this tree

I am losing hope and dignity

For journey’s start and journey’s end

If not look here or start again

For only the smartest I don’t jest

To find the prize. You must stop and rest.

For upon me now most would sit

For the prize within just make a slit

We all looked at each other. No one had a clue what it meant or even if was relevant to us at all. Even the copy showed how old the original looked. Maybe it was something Harold picked up or found himself. Latisha slid it back across the table. I looked at mine and gave it back also. James took Robert’s copy and ripped them up and threw it in the trash.

“I felt the same way. Just checking.” James announced. “Any other questions?”

“Can we go now?” Latisha whined.

“Be my guest.” James led them to the door and returned to the room.

James went immediately to the waste basket and retrieved the pieces of paper.

“Janice shred these yourself. Then come to Robert’s office.” James asked. I shredded the papers watching every scrap go through.

I looked at the empty chair of Mandy’s wondering where she was. James and Robert were talking in the office. It was weird seeing Robert behind the desk.


“Janice!” I scolded Robert.

“MOM! You will be joining Latisha the next two days as the auction company comes for inventory. You will be with her as they tag each piece. She has been put up in a hotel today until the inventory is completed. There is security on the premises as we speak.” Robert explained. He sounded just like James when he took control like this.

“It’s very important you act interested in anything bigger than a loaf of bread. At least pick it up and feel it. Maybe look inside. Anywhere they could hide money. Dressers. Cabinets. Hat boxes. If it’s metal pick it up. Gold is heavy like lead. If you suspect anything make sure you write down the number.” James added. “If you are really concerned alert security and have them take it after its tagged and they will secure it. They work for us. “

“What did that riddle mean?” I asked James.

“Ask Robert he’s the boss.”

“Bobby do you know?” I asked. He cringed as I called him by his nick name.

“Mom I don’t?” Robert replied.

“James do you?” I knew he avoided the question. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to zing Bobby.

“I’m not sure!” He grinned.

“I may not be your lover yet but I am your mother and I DO know when you are lying!” I stared him down.

“Mom! Why are you saying that out loud? I am standing right here!” Bobby cringed.

“Well your brother sent me to see Becky. She has us all but married. I figured if she knew you may as well know too!” I stared at James.

“Look I thought that was over years ago. If you two want to…”

“You’re ok with that?” I asked stunned.

“Mom I fuck guys! They fuck me. What you two do behind closed doors is none of my business. If you’re happy, I am happy for you. Just keep the affection in pubic to a kiss or two if I am around! Ok?” Robert looked at James then me. He was so embarrassed.

I moved to him and kissed his cheek and pulled him tight.

“I love you Robert. I am so proud to have you as my son!” I kissed him again.

“Now about the riddle?” I turned to James again.

“We need to go see dad.” James replied. Robert you coming with us?

“Nah I will meet you there I have some business to attend to afterwards.” Robert explained.

James and I were in ikonbet giriş his car. The leather felt sensuous on my bare ass.

I filled him in on Becky and how it went at her house. Word for word. James almost seemed pleased.

“Where is Mandy?” I asked. I was determined to get an answer.

“She was upset after she left you this morning. I sent her home.”

“Did she say why?” I asked.

“Look mom…”

“Don’t you dare call me mom! We aren’t going back there. You can call me Janice, Jan or slut but I will never be just your mom again!” I shouted at him.

“You used the love as a safe word for a reason. You didn’t want to hear me say it. When we were with Sorina I didn’t even know I said it but I must have. It was what I felt. Last night again I said what I felt and you stopped again. I cried all night wondering why you left! You hurt me!” I yelled some more.

“Then this morning Mandy said she thought she may be falling in love with me. It dawned on me then. It hurt to hear her say it. I love her but I didn’t want her to love me! That is the way you feel isn’t it. Tell me the truth!” James pulled into an empty lot and stopped.

“I do love you Janice. I want so bad to show you how much. But I can’t. Not right now. Maybe tomorrow or the next day but not at this minute! James was starting to cry. I had never seen him cry since. I can’t remember when.

“I do love you James but I need you to hear it. I love you! I am in love with you and I want to make love with you. I need you. I need you to keep doing what we have been doing. I need to be your slut! Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but for now I need it!” We were face to face hand in hand. “Please don’t leave me like that again. If you can’t fuck me I understand. But don’t abandon me.”

“I promise you. I won’t!” He sobbed.

“It’s been almost ten years since the first time you asked for my help to the day I let you take a shower with me? I can still remember the feel of your cum as it landed on my tits and stomach. How you tried to apologize and how fast you recovered when I stroked your hard cock.” I reminded him.

“How you sucked and bit my nipples. How you shot your second load up my back as I stroked your cock with the crack of my ass. Your cum sliding down the same ass dripping from the cunt lips you found so mesmerizing.” I kissed his lips gently.

“I have waited ten years for you to come back to me. I can wait longer but I can’t make you stay. My heart has been bruised. Leave me if you must but don’t say you want me then take off. That would break my heart forever!”

James pulled me into a long sensuous kiss. His hand gripped my tit through my blouse and pinched my nipple.

“You have my word! And you still have the best tit’s I have ever seen!” He teased as his tears started drying on his cheek. He kissed me once again.

We continued driving I was the happiest I have been. We finally had the talk. I was still in the dark about Mandy but that could wait for now. Robert was waiting for us as we walked in hand in hand. I had a new bounce in my step. Robert noticed.

“Are you married yet?” He teased.

“Soon I hope!” I teased back. I looked at James he wasn’t laughing. He looked at Harold studying him intensely. It was like he was willing him to get better or worse.

The hit me like a freight train. Harold! It was Harold. I can still remember the words when Becky told him we were in the shower together. He barged in and said “What the fuck are you doing with my wife!”

Oh I have been so blind. James was just nineteen the first time. There was almost a second time on several occasions. I all but threw myself at him. He would come so close but he always left before we did anything serious. Even after Harold and I divorced.


Now here is his dad. James must hear the words in his brain every time we get close to stepping over that line.

I squeezed his hand he looked at me. I winked. He looked confused.

“We will come back tomorrow!” I said. He looked at me puzzled for just a moment then smiled.

“I would like that.” He replied then squeezed my hand.

We walked with Robert down the hall. James refusing to let go of my hand. As we passed the waiting room Latisha, Becky, and Russ were waiting.

James turned in gripping my hand so I wouldn’t let go.

“Rebecca. I am so glad to see you! Latisha we meet again!” James released my hand and kissed Latisha on the cheek knowing she hated it. He returned and took my hand in clear defiance of his sister. “So Rebecca. Mom tells me you were not polite when she arrived today?”

Becky squirmed a bit then lashed out.

“She suggested my husband was cheating on me!” She spat.

“Well she has some experience on that front. Did you ask for her advice?” He looked at Latisha. “Or you could ask your stepmother. Maybe she could help?”

Russ looked like he was going to say something. James stared him down.

“Look we all have our little secrets. I have mine!” James held up my hand as I turned red. But he never stopped ikonbet yeni giriş looking at Russ. “Surely we can all get along during these difficult times. It’s what dad would want us to do.”

“You’re such an asshole!” Becky snipped.

“I can send pictures if you like!” James only made it worse.

“Becky please don’t escalate this.” I suggested.

“You’re holding his hand for Christ’s sakes!” Becky snapped. I think she was still mad from this morning.

“But we aren’t married yet. Just dating. I like the slutty ones.” James replied. Becky turned red now. James was playing her and we all knew she wouldn’t win.

“Ok children that’s enough. Someone is going to get their feelings hurt!” Robert stepped in as he always did. The moderator I use to call him.

“When did you trade your dress in on pants?” Becky was now being rude. Russ almost came to his defense but Robert beat him to it.

“That is a cross-dresser or transgendered. I am just plain gay. No kinky stuff just guys on guys. I know it’s so yesterday but a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do!” Robert said flamboyantly.

Even Latisha found that funny.

“Tess maybe you and Becky could go check up on Harold?” I suggested. She looked at me a bit taken aback. It was the first time in a long time I had called her Tess.

“Come on sister lets go before one of you ends up in the emergency room.” Tess said. They left leaving Russell and Robert with James and me. There was a long awkward pause. No one knowing what to say. Taking James lead I started.

“Just keep the affection in pubic to a kiss or two if I am around! Ok?” I repeated to Robert using his words from earlier. He looked at me in disbelief. “Well are you going to kiss him hello or just stand there?”

Russell looked at me and then Robert.

“Look Russ if we would have wanted to tell them it would have done it by now!” James explained. “I may be an asshole but I’m not a fucking asshole!”

Robert and I started laughing just a bit. James looked at Robert and he stopped laughing. Robert then looked at me. I looked at Robert. His eyes grew big and then he looked at James.

“I told you if you …” James started.

“You told her? You told mom?” Robert looked at James.

“Worse I am afraid. I saw you!” I explained.

“MOM!” Robert didn’t know what to say. I went to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you Robert. What you do behind closed doors is none of my business. Just remember to close them in the future.” I teased.

I walked over to Russell and kissed him on the cheek as well. “Be gentle. He is the sensitive one. Hold him tight and he will never let you down. You boys behave in public now but tear him a new asshole behind closed doors!”

“Mom I am standing right here. I can hear you.” Robert protested.

“Good then I won’t need to repeat it to you!” I teased.

I grabbed James’s hand and we walked out but not before they kissed.

“Did she just say that to me?” Russell asked.

“Yeah. I am afraid she did.” Bobby sighed.

“Man she is cool!” Russ replied.

James and I started back in the car. I was getting use to the seats. My pussy was getting wet.

“It’s Harold isn’t it?” I squeezed his hand.

“I hear him every time we get close.” James kept looking forward.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked. “Don’t you trust me?”

“I keep thinking I can block it out.”

“But he will always be your dad and I will always be your mother.” It hurt to say that.

“You see if he was alive. I mean healthy, I could deal with it. He would accept it or not. That I can handle. If he were to pass, in my mind he would no longer be your husband. That too I can accept. But he is in limbo, and until he goes one way or the other I just can’t get past thinking I am cheating him out of his say. Does that make sense?”

“James darling that makes perfect sense. Even to me. In a way maybe I feel the same?” I kissed his hand. “I think I love you even more now!”

“You do?”

“Does that scare you?” I was afraid to ask.

“The only thing that would scare me now is losing you!” He looked over at me and squeezed my hand.”

“Are you coming over tonight?” I asked.

“I am busy tonight. I leave Saturday. I will be over tomorrow night. We are going to dinner just you and me.”

“Should I wear a dress?”


“Should I wear my new panties and bra?”

“No and yes.” He thought for a moment. “Change that, yes and yes.”

“Will you come back to my house and make me earn an orgasm.


“Will you fuck me?” I pressed. He turned to look at me with questioned eyes.

“Just checking. You can’t blame a girl for trying” I blushed. “The new safe word is now Rebecca!”

“That will be easy to remember!” He laughed.

James dropped me off at my car I went home feeling much better but Mandy was still on my mind.

Friday night he picked me up for dinner. I wore the deep U bra, the plunging panties and a new dress to show them off. The new shoes were ikonbet güvenilirmi the tallest I have ever worn at just over 4 inches. My small feet were almost vertical. He kissed me when he picked me up.

My ass now familiar with his leather seats. James held my hand the whole way. We talked about business and the last two days with Tess but there wasn’t much to report. If she had found anything she had already removed it. But I doubted she had because she was inspecting everything just as I had.

To my disappointment there wasn’t anything sexual happening during dinner. After dinner he drove me home. I thought it might end at that until he had me carry a small bag in the house. James pushed me up against the foyer wall and kissed me grinding his cock against me. Reaching in the bag he withdrew a blindfold and placed it over my eyes. Next he put the ball gag in my mouth.

“I know you love me. I don’t need to hear it. Besides I want you to let go without the neighbors calling the cops.” He said. My pussy started to seriously dampen. James had that effect on me.

James led me down the hall and to my bedroom. Slowly he stripped me of my clothes batting my hands down when I tried to help. Then he secured one wrist to a rod behind my back and then the other. My tits thrusted out, he spread my legs. I felt the sting of the clothes pins bite into my dripping pussy lips. He was starting where he left off the other night.

“If your tits were not so perfect these would be your best feature!” James whispered as he tugged on the clamps.

I moaned as he put each one on and growled in defiance as he teased my tender lips. James placed a smooth rope around one tit winding it again and again. When my tit was tight and hard he tied it off and moved to the other one. Again he bound my massive orb until my nipple felt it would burst. He fondled them sending thousands of needle like sensations through my breasts. I was in heaven. Drool now dripped over my lower jaw and between my lips. My replies to the delicious abuse muffled behind the ball.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“I have one more sensation for you before I let our guest in!” James whispered.

I thrashed about and protested but he held me firm. When the first clamp gripped my nipple I cried out in pain. The second was just intense the third through sixth sealed my fate. I was his. I didn’t care who was watching.

The bell rang again. I heard him answer the door and whisper instructions. I thought it may be a bluff but two pairs of steps came down the hall. They stopped I heard a zipper open and then I was turned around. Lube was applied to my ass crack teasing my asshole.

Then the most wonderful feeling I had in ten years split the clips on my pussy lips. It was James cock!

I knew it! I could feel it as it rubbed me from behind. I could smell him. I could even taste his breath as he moaned in my ear.

“I do love you mother. I have loved you from the beginning. I will not fuck you but we can start at the beginning and do those things again!”

I could hardly concentrate on what he said. I was trying to work his cock in my dripping pussy. James toyed with me dragging the top of his cock along my slit. My arms restrained. My legs spread wide barely able to stand in the high heels. The clips on my pussy lips reminding me the price for this pleasure was gentle pain.

I bucked hard against him his cock started pumping faster. I was cursing the ball in my mouth. I wanted to scream for him to put it in me. I struggled against my bonds.

“You feel me don’t you? I want you mother. I want what you want. Not yet. Not tonight.” He whispered his voice cracking. He was excited too. “I am close Janice. Are you ready?”

I was more than ready I was desperate. James pulled his cock from between my legs and slipped it between my ass cheeks. I protested to no avail as he started fucking my ass crack. I didn’t care. Take my ass. Take my mouth just take me! I pressed back again grinding him deep in the crack. I tried to get him to fuck my asshole but he refused. Then I felt him suddenly shift. His breathing changed. He held my shoulder. Then I felt his hand grip his cock.

Cum! His glorious hot love filled cum shot up across my back. Oh how I have waited for this! Spurt after loving spurt landed on my back and shoulders. Holding me slightly bent the pressure in my large tits seemed to double. They ached from the lack of blood. The clamps on my nipples sweetly throbbed reminding me I was alive. Then he pulled back away from me. He whispered something.

Oh my god! I had forgotten all about the fact someone was watching us! I shivered in embarrassment. Who was it? My mind swirled in wonder I listened for any clue. I heard the zipper close. A strong hand lifted my foot and removed my shoe, then moved to the other. Standing flat on my feet my legs still spread wide I felt a cold hard probe press against my asshole. I tightened my muscle in response to the unknown intruder.

“Relax Mistress and this will feel better I promise!” She whispered.

It was Mandy! Oh how I wanted it to be her! I struggled to move but James strong hands held me firm. I relaxed my sphincter and pushed slightly back. The rubber cock started the journey deep in my ass. It wasn’t big but was long. Gentle ripples massaged my wrinkled skin. It felt lovely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32