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Author’s Note: I felt compelled to share a real life fantasy from a few nights ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking it through and writing it down. The characters are fictional and all are over the age of 18.


I was headed to the local mall with my wife, using a couple of precious kid free hours to our advantage. I had two objectives: buy a pair of flip flops and some sunglasses for our Disney cruise next month. My wife, as usual, had her own purchases to make.

When we arrived, we headed towards the shoe store. I love shoe stores for two reasons: I love perusing all the sexy women’s shoes that my wife doesn’t like to wear, and I love noticing the sexy women with sexy feet trying on said sexy shoes. An attractive woman in the right pair of heels drives me absolutely out of my mind. I work in a bank building, and there isn’t a day that passes when I don’t almost break my neck while waiting for the elevator because I happen to hear the click of dress shoes on the marble floor and can’t resist turning to look. More often than not, it’s a hot young woman in a pair of heels. Clearly the bank knows how to hire.

Anyway, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being excited about the possibility of seeing a hot female slipping off her shoes and exposing her bare feet before sliding them inside a pair of pumps or t-straps or peep toes or sling backs. Yeah, I guess I have a thing for heels.

Tonight though, before we even made it inside the store, my attention was drawn to an incredibly hot sales girl rearranging shoes in the men’s sneaker section. She was about 5’5″ with fair skin covered in light brown freckles, her wavy red hair flowing just past her shoulders. She looked to be around twenty years old, but she could have been older. It’s amazing to me how young college age girls look now. I don’t remember them looking that young when I was in school, but that’s been ages ago, fifteen years to be exact. I’ll be 37 years old this year, married with two young kids, and yet as I walked into that shoe store all I could think about was making a beeline towards the sneakers so I could look at and talk to the incredibly cute ginger that was at least 15 years my junior. By that time I had forgotten about my mission to secure flip flops or even my planned side-bar to check out the women’s shoe section. My dirty old man sensor, stored securely in my shorts, was going off and pulling me in the direction of the sales girl.

I needed a closer look, so I walked straight over and picked up a shoe right next to where she was working. Okay, let me back up. First I made sure to take her all in. By that time she was bent over, stacking shoe boxes on a lower level, and as she worked, my eyes focused on her firm little ass covered nicely by a short yellow summer dress. The dress fell across her form perfectly, showing both round cheeks and the slight indentation between them. I also noticed the cute pair of kitten heel sandals she was wearing, and that, as she bent down and leaned forward on her toes, one of her soft, white soles was exposed to me. For a foot guy like me, this was an unexpected treat, akin to a boob guy being in the right place at the right time and being treated to an extended peek at some ample cleavage.

Had I been alone and either a lot more brave and/or a lot more stupid, I might have walked straight up to her and put my hands right on that fabulous ass of hers or even run my fingers along her sexy foot, tracing the line of her arch. Then I would have spent the next hour or so trying to explain my actions to the mall cop and later to the local authorities.

Instead, I went for the more subtle tactic of feigning interest in an ugly pair of running shoes so I could talk to her. When I picked them up she turned and looked up at me and smiled, her full red lips spreading across her cute face, and asked me if I needed any help. I was thinking, “Um, yes miss, I really do need your help right now. You can start by sitting down, sliding off those shoes, and placing those sexy feet of yours on my shorts, rubbing my hard cock. Then I’d like to try on every part of you to see just how good you feel.” But I played it cool and used my charm to impress her with the ever so clever “Nah, I think I’m just looking around for now.”

She smiled again, her eyes bright and welcoming, with a hint of something I had seen before, only usually when chatting up a girl in a bar, and she reminded me that everything in the store was buy one, get one half off. I wished at that moment that her summer dress was somehow half off, revealing those perky young tits of hers and her little erect nipples, and that she was trailing kisses down my chest working those lips toward my ever hardening cock.

Of course she wasn’t, and after telling me to let her know if there was anything at all she could help me with, she slowly walked away, on to straighten other shoe boxes. As she left, I kaçak iddaa noticed how tone and lean her legs were, her fit calves ending perfectly at delicate little ankles. The little heeled sandals she wore were flipping up and down as she walked, teasing me with quick peeks at her sexy little bare feet. My mouth would enjoy the trip from those cute little feet of hers, sucking and kissing their way from her soles, arches and toes, all the way up her legs to the inside her thighs, finally covering her clit and pussy. It has been a while since they had made that exciting of a trek.

“Weren’t you here to get flip flops?” my wife asked, snapping me out of my daydream. “You already have sneakers, and besides, those are hideous.”

“You don’t like these?” I said, pretending to be interested, “Well okay then, where are the flip flops?”

Turns out the flip flops had been right behind me. I guess I hadn’t noticed since I was busy admiring the tight young body of the sales girl. By the time I began looking through their selection, the present object of my desire had made her way to the nearby register and was talking to the store manager. I caught myself looking at her more than I should and making eye contact as I browsed the shoes. I made sure to make my funny comments and jokes (or unfunny comments as far as my wife was concerned) loud enough for the redhead and her boss to hear. They were both laughing at what I was saying and making comments back, interjecting and giving me their opinions on some of the ridiculous pairs I was picking up. She thought I was funny, but of course she didn’t have to live with me.

Her smile was intoxicating, she was absolutely gorgeous. Instead of trying on these flip flops, I wanted desperately to be bending her over the counter and fucking her from behind, smacking that tight little ass of hers. If real life were like a porno I would have been by now. And of course her manager would have been a much younger and much hotter version of her current self and she would have joined us in a steamy threesome ending with the two of them fighting over who was going to be covered in my cum. Alas, this was real life, and my wife was right here making sure that my overt flirting and threesome negotiating were kept to a minimum.

I finally narrowed my choices down to three pairs and went to try them on at a bench next to the counter. My wife made her way over to the women’s shoes to look for a half price pair. I tried on the shoes while continuing to make small talk with the hot sales girl. She offered her thoughts on the flip flop choices before turning to ring up a woman and her two kids. The woman was buying a pair of pumps that looked like they were five inches or so and were a bright orangish color that I can only assume was coral. When she left, the sales girl came back over to me.

“Have we decided yet?” she said.

“I think so,” I said, “I went with the pair that looked the least unattractive on me.” I held up the pair that I had decided on.

“Nice, those looked good on you,” she smiled.

“Oh really,” I said, “I was thinking I should go with some of those white old man sandals over there.”

“Whatever! You’re not that old yet,” she laughed.

I looked over towards my wife, who was still looking over the women’s shoes. I could have walked over to see if she was almost ready to go or I could hang out at the register with this redheaded vixen who I was chatting up a bit. I decided to hang where I was.

“So, do you sell many of those bright heels?” I laughed.

“The coral ones? Yeah. I actually have a pair of them. I love em, and they look good on. I’m pretty sure my Lit professor from this past semester loved them too. I wore them to one of our office meetings and he couldn’t stop staring at them. I kept busting him. I got an A in his class,” she laughed.

I really had no idea how to respond to that. I wanted to say “I bet they look great on you” or “I’d like to see them on you” but the first seemed borderline creepy and inappropriate and the second definitely was. Those, however, were two of the least sexually overt thoughts that went through my mind, most of which involved her coral heel clad feet in my hands and/or up in the air. The ironic part of her comments was that as she was talking, I had stood up and was checking out her feet. They were perfectly shaped and neatly manicured, her sexy little toes painted with a deep pink color, a silver toe ring on one of her right toes. Her feet were begging to be tasted.

Before I could offer any response, my wife walked up, unable to find anything she wanted. It looked like neither our next pair of shoes nor the yellow sundress was going to be half off today. As we were checking out, the manager and the redhead were discussing new movies that had just come out or were coming out that week, including The Avengers and the new Men in Black movie. “We’re waiting for the new Madagascar movie to drop,” I chimed in, “When you are our age, you only kaçak bahis get to see kids movies.”

“Sounds like you two need a date night,” the manager said.

“Yeah, we absolutely do,” my wife agreed.

“Yeah, I can babysit,” the sales girl offered, half jokingly, and I swear when she said it she looked at me and winked.

“Well, we may have to call you,” my wife said, even though I knew she was just being nice. We would never hire a baby sitter that hot, my wife wasn’t that dumb. And even though I knew it would never happen, my mind instantly jumped to babysitter scenarios involving me and the sexy sales girl. Like me driving her home one night and getting a quick car blow job as a thank you. Or her spending the night with us after my wife and I got back from a late night out, and me sneaking into the guest room to lick her pussy and fuck her when everyone else in the house was asleep. It was a forgone conclusion that I would be searching the internet for redheaded babysitter porn vids later.

We paid for the shoes and the redhead and her manager thanked us and said goodbye as my wife and I headed out the door. I had my flip flops in hand, now I just needed the sunglasses to complete my trip.

The sunglasses kiosk was just outside the shoe store, and as I looked over them and tried on pair after pair, my eyes and thoughts wandered back to the hot young girl just a few steps from me. I couldn’t help it, she was the sexiest creature I had laid eyes on in a long time and my mind and my cock wouldn’t let me let her go.

In my mind I left the sunglasses stand and walked straight back into the shoe store and right up to her. “I didn’t get your name,” I said, “and I guess I’m gonna need that if you’re gonna babysit for me.”

“My name’s Zoe,” she said, smiling, “but I’m not sure me babysitting you is such a good idea. I’m thinking we could get into a lot of trouble.”

Zoe’s manager and everyone else in the store had faded away in this fantasy. It was just me and her and all the time we needed.

“Yeah, quite possibly, but I’m thinking I might enjoy that kinda trouble,” I said, my cock getting harder as I spoke, now straining against my shorts.

“Well, if you’re sure your wife won’t mind, I’ve got some business cards in the back with my contact info.”

She turned and started walking towards the back of the store, her hips and ass swaying as she went. I watched her for a moment, in awe of how her body moved. Her gait was so utterly and completely seductive that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. When she stopped at the door I looked up to see her looking back at me, biting her lip. She gave me that same wink that I had thought I imagined as I was paying for my shoes, then she walked through the door. Maybe I was supposed to wait on her, but my cock was now leading the way, and it pulled me in the direction of the door the hot little piece of ass had just disappeared through.

I walked through the door to find the back room much darker than the front of the store and filled from floor to ceiling with boxes upon boxes of shoes. I had worked at a sporting goods store back in college and the back room had looked very much like this. Those were some fun times working in the mall and around a bunch of horny college age girls. A break time blow job in the back room was not outside of the norm given the right girl and a shift manager who was either too oblivious to pick up on it or who just didn’t care. And there were two particular girls who I always wanted to close with because I knew there was a good chance that one or both of them would want to go out after work for lots of drinks sometimes followed by drunken sex. Those were the days.

The quick jaunt down memory lane did nothing to cure my raging erection. I made my way down a row of shoes and turned a corner, where I was ambushed by Zoe. She jumped on me, arms around my neck and lips on mine, kissing me hard. Though I wasn’t prepared for the assault, I soon recovered and kissed her back, my hands roaming her dress covered body, gripping her tits and then moving them around to take two handfuls of her perfect ass.

We kissed each other with desperation, our tongues fighting for control as I backed her up against a row of boxes, pulling her long red hair to expose her neck, kissing and sucking on it with my soft lips. Her moaning increased and a hiss sounding distinctly like a “yesssssssssss” escaped her mouth, her leg wrapping around my waist.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, “that feels so good.”

I know she could feel my hard, thick cock pressing against her panty covered pussy as I pushed into her, supporting her weight with my hands on her ass. I kept kissing the top of her chest, working my way down to her perky tits. “Sit down in that chair,” she said between moans, “I want your cock in my mouth.”

I let her go and she pushed me back towards a chair that was beside a small desk. As she did, she expertly undid the button and unzipped the zipper on my shorts, illegal bahis working them down my legs. Damn, this girl was good! I had to find a way to convince my wife that we needed her to babysit…or better yet to be our live-in nanny.

I fell into the chair and her lips fell onto my swollen cock, kissing it, licking my pre-cum before sucking my bulbous head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Her mouth was so wet and so warm and she knew exactly how to suck dick. Her lips formed a tight vacuum that slid over the ridge of my head and gripped my shaft tightly as she moved slowly up and down. Given how hot she was and how intense the moment was I could tell I wouldn’t last long in her mouth. I think she had the same thoughts as she heard me moan and felt my cock throb in her mouth. I reached up and ran my hand through her long red locks and gripped the back of her head, intent on fucking her lovely mouth. Zoe had other ideas, and pushed back up off my cock and raised her head up, smiling at me.

“I think you should sit back a minute and let me do my job, mister,” she said, still pumping my cock with her fist. She took one last long lick of the underside of my shaft and gave my head one last slow kiss before standing up. It felt amazing. “After all, I wouldn’t be a very good sales girl if I didn’t show you all the merchandise.”

She backed over towards the desk and leaned against it, letting first one, then both of the spaghetti straps holding up her sundress fall from her shoulders. Her tits were more fabulous that I had even imagined, not overly large but perfectly perky with her hard little pink nipples jutting out from her quarter sized aureoles. She let the dress fall to the floor and then slid off her shoes. I was waiting for the purple silk panties to follow, but instead she motioned for me to pull the chair closer, until she could reach my cock with her feet.

“All that talk about heels and you looking at my feet got me all worked. That’s right, I noticed you looking at them. Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking about fucking them.”

I didn’t even try to deny it as she took one pretty little foot and used it to press my cock against my chest, trapping it between her sexy toes and running them up and down the length of my shaft. I took her other foot and rubbed it, my thumbs making circles on her sole and arch until I couldn’t take it any longer and I brought it up to my mouth. I planted kisses all over her sole before taking each toe between my lips, sucking on them slowly. She arched her back and moaned her approval, still working my cock with her other foot. I don’t know which of us was enjoying the foot play more, but I sure wasn’t going to take her foot out of my mouth to ask her.

It wasn’t long until she had both feet on me, soles together, running them up and down my shaft. I was helping her hold them tight, fucking her arches, as I alternated between watching her feet on my cock and watching her rub her pussy through her panties. I could see that they were soaked in her juice.

Again, just as I began to think I could cum, she took her feet off my cock, stood up, and turned around, getting on her knees to reach under the desk. As she did, she gave me a fabulous view of her ass sitting perfectly atop her wrinkled soles. I know she spent more time in that position than necessary, wiggling her ass back at me, and it took all the willpower inside me not to stand up and walk over to her, plunging my cock deep in her tight little pussy from behind. But I couldn’t, because I knew she had something special planned for me and I was intrigued.

Zoe retrieved a shoe box from under the desk and once again sat up on top of it. She began to talk in a voice suddenly even more sexy than before as she slowly opened the box. “I noticed you looking at these, sir,” she said, pulling out one of the coral heels that we had been discussing at the counter earlier, “we just so happen to have a pair left that should fit perfectly.”

To my amazement and sheer delight, she took one of those 5 inch coral heels and brought it up to her lips, sucking it slowly between them. Watching her, I couldn’t help but grip my throbbing cock, stroking it slowly as she sucked the stiletto heel into her mouth, just like she had sucked my cock earlier. Fuck she was sexy.

Just when I thought I had never seen anything hotter, this sexy young redhead put one foot up on the desk. She spread her legs wide, and reached down to move her purple panties to the side, exposing her pretty little pink pussy lips. I could see from where I sat that her lips were soaked, her juices glistening in the light of the desk lamp. She slid the heel down between her thighs and ran it up and down her swollen pussy lips over and over, before moving it back up to her erect clit, making little circles with the tip of the shoe.

Zoe was biting her lip and playing with an erect nipple as she stared into my eyes, hers filled with lust. “Uhhhhh…I think you’re gonna…mmmm…love the way this fits, sir” she said, moaning, as she slowly and deliberately pushed the heel inside her tight little pussy, taking all five inches. “MmmGod,” she moaned “so what do you think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32