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Over the next couple of days, the two girls spent a lot of time together. Some of it was spent in bed, but a lot of it was simply spent hanging together, gossiping and enjoying each other’s company. Vanessa had become less and less concerned over the sexual development of her relationship with her sister and was now comfortable with leaving her fears in a pocket of her mind and enjoying her Sister in this new way. Their parents had noticed that they were spending so much time together and commented to them and to each other on the fact that they were happy to see them both so happy in each other’s company.

“we’re very lucky, Phil” Monica said to him. “So many of the girls I talk to tell me how their kids just don’t get on with each other and are always fighting, and here are our two just as good friends as they were when they were nine!”

“Yeah, it certainly makes things nicer around the house than the bitching and fighting some of the guys at work talk about. Though, I wouldn’t mind if they’d talk to us some of the time,” he laughed.

Phil was on his way to work when he realised that he had left his mobile phone at home. He was at that half way point. Did he turn around and go back to get it and get to work late, or just keep going and hope that everyone at least tried his desk phone. After all, he was going to be in meetings most of the day anyway. He decided that he’d nip home and get it at lunch time.

It was mid morning when Megan and Vanessa said goodbye to their mother as she was heading out for the day to do some shopping with a friend of hers. She had offered to take them along and buy them something, but they decided that they’d rather stay home and have the house to themselves for the day.

As they walked back inside from having waved them off, Megan took Vanessa’s hand in hers and led them inside.

“I have a surprise for you today,” she told her little sister.

“oo, I like the sound of that. Let me guess … is it something we share?” She continued when her sister nodded in agreeance as she led Vanessa upstairs. “Something to wear?”

“Kind of,”

“Will it make me feel good?”

“oh yes”

“is it something manufactured?”

“mmhmm,” agreed Megan before bursting out laughing at the look on her sister’s face.

“Well, I think you’d better show me what it is then,” Vanessa said, giggling and grabbing at her sister’s arse ascending the stairs ahead of her.

They went into Megan’s room and she pulled out the bottom drawer of her dresser. Then she pulled out the piece of ply that used to be fixed to the bottom of it.

“So that’s you’re hiding spot!” exclaimed Vanessa, “I always wondered where you had hidden the vibrator.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been using this spot for ages. I used to keep my sexy lingerie in here when Mum didn’t think I was old enough to be going around in thongs and stuff. She’s either never found it or decided to ignore it. I’d never had anything too bad in here until I came back this time and brought the vibrator with me. I hope she’s less likely to try and find this spot now that I’m older.” As she finished talking, she pulled out a brown paper bag. Vanessa looked on curiously but Megan didn’t open up the bag.

“Come on, what’s in there?” Vanessa asked.

“Not yet, it’s a surprise. Besides, I think we should take the opportunity to use Mum and Dad’s bed … there’s more room.”

Vanessa happily agreed and the two girls headed off to their parent’s room where they quickly discarded their clothes to collapse together on the bed. Vanessa was trying to see what was in the box, but Megan was having none of that and pushed her sister back down onto the bed.

“All in good time, Sister dear, first I want to feast on those wonderful titties of yours.” So saying, she climbed up on top of Vanessa and lowered her mouth to suck on her right nipple. Drawing it tight, nipping at it with her teeth and flicking it with her tongue as she ground her pussy on her sister’s thigh.

Vanessa arched her back, thrusting her nipple into her sister’s mouth, her hands seeking Megan’s small breasts so that she could in turn play with the nipples. She moved her thigh, loving the feeling of her sister’s pussy pressuring wetly down on her leg.

Megan bit at Vanessa’s nipples in response to the sharp tugging that her own nipples were experiencing, setting the two of them whimpering and moaning at the pleasure/pain that they were feeling. Megan switched her attention’s to Vanessa’s other nipple before trailing her tongue around the curve of her breast, licking at her skin, still using her hands to stimulate the breasts. Her pussy slid down along her sister’s thigh as her tongue moved below her breasts to lick at the bottom of her rib cage where she sucked sharply, threatening to leave a hicky at the lowest rib. Vanessa groaned, her hands having released Megan’s breasts, now found themselves a new home tangled in her hair, encouraging the oral ministrations to her body.

Megan moved lower still, klasbahis güvenilirmi shifting so that she was completely between her sister’s legs as her tongue wound its way down across Vanessa’s stomach and her bald mound to reach the nectar between her pussy lips. She buried her tongue within the folds and steadily lapped at the stiff little clitoris before her, drawing sighs and moans of pleasure from her sister. She looked up across the expanse of her sister’s body to where Vanessa’s hands were manipulating and moulding her own breasts, enhancing the pleasure she was receiving from Megan. Megan smiled around the clitoris in her mouth at the sight of her sister’s writhing body. Then she noticed that Vanessa had released her breasts and was turning and reaching for something.

Megan quickly scrambled from her position to stop Vanessa.

“You little sneak! I told you that I’d show you when it was time and not before,” laughed Megan as she managed to grab the paper bag from Vanessa before she could peek inside.

“Damn, I thought I had you then, you were supposed to be concentrating on making me feel good,” laughed Vanessa.

“Well, now I think I’m gonna have to do this a little differently,” Megan told her. Megan took the bag and telling Vanessa to stay where she was, left the room. Vanessa sighed as she watched her sister’s cute little bum leave the room. She lay back on the bed and slipped a hand between her legs to pleasure herself for a bit while she waited for Megan to return.

Megan came back into the room and dropped the bag at the foot of the bed. In her other hand, she now held a small collection of stockings.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Megan told Vanessa as she came back into the room.

Vanessa rolled over on the bed and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees as her sister had instructed. Megan then took one of the stockings and tied it to her left wrist.

“Ooo, this is kinky,” Vanessa said, excited at this new turn.

“Oh, don’t worry, it get’s better too, “Megan replied cheekily. Megan moved to tie the other end of the stocking to the bed post below the window that over-looked the front yard. She glanced out just before she was about to make the knot tight and noticed their father’s car pulling into the driveway.

“Shit! Dad’s home!” she yelled, releasing the stocking from her hand. She immediately started grabbing the clothes that had been scattered about the room upon their arrival.

Vanessa leapt off of the bed the second that Megan called out, mobilised into action in fear of being caught like this by her Dad.

“Spread the quilt back out!” she said to Vanessa as she darted from the room with all their clothes.

Phil opened the front door to the house, calling out hello to anyone that was home. He went into the kitchen and fixed himself a drink

Vanessa started to Panic Her father was in the house! She hurriedly did the best she could with the bed, then looked around when she realised that he could arrive up here any minute. And here she was, naked, her pussy shaved and no good reason what-so-ever for being here. She looked about the room for somewhere to hide and spied the closet, slightly ajar. She ducked in their quickly, hiding between some of her mother’s dresses and coats, hoping that this would be the last place that her Dad would need to look.

Phil headed upstairs to the bedroom where he knew he had left his phone. He called out a couple more times to check in case someone was home, but there was no answer. He checked the girl’s bedrooms in case they were sleeping or something (you never could be sure with those girls when they were on holidays). Finding no one at home, he made his way to his room to get the phone.

Megan wondered where Vanessa had gone. She hid in her closet and heard her Dad come into the room. She held her breath hoping he wasn’t going to get too nosy, but he just glanced in quickly thankfully. He departed and she started breathing again, hoping that Vanessa had made it to her room safely as well. She listened carefully for any sign that she might have been found … especially because Megan had grabbed all of the clothes, not just her own when she had fled.

It was Vanessa’s turn to hold her breath as her father entered his bedroom. She could see just a small part of the room through the opening in the closet. She hadn’t dared close it fully as it hadn’t been that way when she had entered. The opening in the door enabled her to see a wedge of the room that encompassed her father’s side of the bed, his dresser and not much else. She nearly gasped when he came into sight, to pick up something off of his nightstand.

Phil paused after grabbing his phone off of the nightstand and opened the drawer to his bedside table and pulled out one of the magazines that he kept there. No point wasting a little time alone he thought, flicking through the pages, admiring the naked women that they revealed. Aroused, he undid his belt and trousers klasbahis yeni giriş and slipped them off to give him access to his stiffening cock.

He laid the magazine on the bed and knelt down alongside it, taking his cock in his hand, masturbating as he fantasized about being with one of the pert young women within the magazine.

Vanessa cringed and shut her eyes when she realised that her father was about to take his pants off. But curiousity got the better of her and she surely didn’t want to be caught out if he decided to come over to the closet, so she openend them and tried to take an objective view of what was going on.

At least her Dad hadn’t gone to pot like some of her friend’s Dads had. Her father was younger than most of her friend’s by about 5 years and he still swam and played soccer regularly which meant that he was in quite good shape. Some of her friends had even commented on how good looking he was, much to her disgust at the time. But looking at him objectively now, she could see what they meant as she took in his rugged face and well-built chest. As her eyes traveled further down his body, they widened in surprise when she saw the size of his penis clasped within his hand. It was quite thick and long and she hadn’t seen one like it before.

The last cock she had seen was Pete’s the day she had given him a blow job. But she hadn’t seen him much at all lately, since Cindy and Megan had turned her on in new ways.

But now, looking at her father’s engorged organ as he pumped his hand up and down it, she realised that although she was having an awesome time with the girls, there was still room for the attraction of a nice cock.

She watched mesmerized as her father’s hand moved up and down the length of his shaft, wanking himself off. The light from the window glistened off a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis and Vanessa fondly remembered licking just such a drop from the end of Pete’s cock. Her hand found its way down to her pussy and she rubbed gently at it as she continued to watch the action unfolding before her.

She saw her father’s other hand rubbing his tummy and noticed him hunching over slightly, tensing for the moment of release. Vanessa rubbed at her clitoris as she saw her father quickly grab a handful of tissues and hold them before him as he climaxed, grunting with the release. She realised that she’d been holding her breath and released it slowly, disappointed that she hadn’t managed to see the cum spurt from the end of her father’s cock.

Phil deposited the tissues in the bin in the corner of the room, flipped the magazine back into the drawer and put his pants back on before heading to the bathroom to wash his hands. Having cleaned up, he made his way back out side to return to work.

As the car pulled out of the drive way, Vanessa heard Megan call out to ask where she was.

“In Mum and Dad’s room!” she yelled back, moving over to her father’s table to check out the magazine that he’d been looking at.

“What happened? And what’s that?” Megan asked in quick succession upon entering the room. Vanessa showed her sister the magazine that she was flicking through. It seemed to have a theme running through it. Young looking girls dressed up in fake school uniforms which quickly disappeared to reveal naked girls. Whilst they flicked through the pages, admiring the bodies, commenting on what they did and didn’t like, Vanessa told Megan about where she had hidden and what she had seen.

Megan was grossed out when she started telling about seeing their dad taking his pants off, but as Vanessa had become fascinated, so Megan became with her recounting of the story. Particularly as she could see the sparkle in Vanessa’s eye that told how much she had enjoyed the sight.

As they finished looking at the magazine, Megan reached down to fondle Vanessa’s breasts, telling her that they really hadn’t finished what they had started.

“Well then, I guess I should resume the position,” replied Vanessa, rolling over on the bed to get up on her hands and knees and waggling her arse at Megan.

Megan giggled at the sight of her little sister waiting in such a position and slapped her arse as she ran from the room to get the things that she’d removed the first time, telling her “not to move a muscle!”

Megan commenced re-tying Vanessa to the bed as she had started to previously. First she tied each hand to a bed post, just enough so that she couldn’t bring them together, but close enough that she could use them to support her weight if she desired.

She then took a stocking and tied it around Vanessa’s left leg at the bottom of her thigh, just above the knee. The other end she stretched to the same post to which Vanessa’s left hand was tied. Next, another stocking was tied around Vanessa’s left ankle and pulled to the bottom left corner of the bed. She then repeated all the reciprocal knots with the right side of her sister’s body. This meant that Vanessa klasbahis giriş had to remain with her knees under her hips so that her arse would be in the air and unable to lower to lay flat on her tummy.

Finally, she took two stockings and tied them around her sister’s head so that her vision was significantly obscured. It didn’t cut out all of the light, but she really couldn’t see what was going on around her.

“If you get scared or worried, make sure you let me know, because otherwise you’re mine to do with as I please,” Megan advised her sister.

“Ok,” Vanessa said quietly.

Megan walked around behind her sister and inspected her naked pussy. It was dripping wet. Obviously the build up and excitement of the day had left her ready for release. Megan ran a finger up from the front of her pussy to the hole, getting it nice and wet. Sliding it along her slit, wetting her labia, slipping it inside her pussy hole. Vanessa moaned in appreciation.

Megan slid another finger inside her sister’s pussy, pushing deep, driving the two fingers in before sliding them out and driving them in again. She fucked her sister’s pussy for a while with her fingers, enjoying the way she could see the lips sucking at them as they pulled out. Vanessa had dropped her head down onto the bed, pushing her arse up and back in rhythmic time to her hand action. She pulled her fingers out and noisily slurped her sister’s juices from them. She then climbed in a little closer so that she could apply her tongue to the hungry wet slit that was before her, using it to plunge within the pussy’s silken folds and run up and down and all around the area. She applied her tongue to the clit for a bit, but it wasn’t the most comfortable position for it and so she licked back up along the slit before rimming quickly around the anus. Vanessa squealed and flinched at this, it being a new experience for her. Megan grabbed her sister’s hips, holding her still and licked again around the puckered little hole of her sister’s butt. Vanessa was giggling and wriggling, but relaxed as the positives of the sensation took over from the strangeness. Megan dribbled some spit onto her sister’s anus and used it to push a finger into her bottom. Vanessa seemed about to protest, but Megan used her other hand to reach under and rub her pussy, pressuring her clit and providing enough pleasure to censure any suggestion of cessation.

Megan withdrew her finger from Vanessa’s anus and quickly went to wash. Vanessa sighed with disappointment as all the lovely sensations stopped. Vanessa sensed Megan returning to the room and heard the rustling of the paper bag. She was dying of curiosity but couldn’t see enough through the blindfold. She felt the bed move beside her and flinched, giggling as she heard the buzzing of a vibrator start at the same time that she felt it against her aroused left nipple. Megan was pushing the toy against her sister’s breast to tease her. More shifting on the bed and Vanessa felt her sister’s head pushing under her, to take her left breast into her mouth. She moved enough to accommodate the pleasure, pushing her breast down into the maw of her sister, delighting in the scraping of teeth on her nipple and the general sucking.

Again she was disappointed when her sister, with a final tweak of her nipple released her breast. She could feel her juices dripping from her pussy she was so horny. She couldn’t remember being this aroused and so far from being able to control her pleasure.

Next she could detect the smell of her sister’s sex not far from her face. She tried to get closer, but a hand on her head kept her at a distance. She relaxed, obviously she wasn’t going to get to taste her sister on this occasion. Next she could hear the vibrator again, at about the same location that she presumed her sister’s pussy was. Megan was pleasing herself just in front and she wasn’t being allowed to watch! That was hardly fair, Vanessa thought. It stopped. Vanessa felt the warm, wet, hard plastic of the vibrator pushing against her tongue, sliding into her mouth panting, open mouth. She sucked it in eagerly, loving the taster of her sister. It was pushed in deep and she all but gagged, sucking and trying to love it like a cock. Her nipple was tweaked unexpectedly and she bit down on the plastic in response, before laughing and ejecting it from her mouth.

Again her sister’s presence left the bed and she wondered what was to come. She didn’t have to wait long before she felt the sensation of the vibrator being pushed into her sopping wet vagina. It slid in deep before being pulled out and slid in again. She moved in time with it, enjoying having something fuck her pussy for awhile. She felt it slide out and it was laid along the length of her slit and turned on to vibrate, pushing against her clit and pussy lips. She pushed back against it, seeking to increase the pleasure. It slid up, off her clit to her exposed bottom. She felt the tip of it being pushed against her anus, wanting in. She tensed and felt it stop. She relaxed and it was pushed gently forwards again, this time pushing into her anus a little. She tensed and it stopped. But it wasn’t with drawn. Slowly she relaxed and the pressure increased further, the vibrator sliding gently within her virgin anus. She sighed as it became more pleasureable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32