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This is the second instalment of the saga ‘A Sister’s Tail’ which is part of my Family Sex Saga series. This story will hopefully stand up well enough on its own, but it is put in a better perspective if you read the previous instalment of ‘A Sister’s Tail’ and the prequel to that story: ‘Making Mother’.

Anyway; on we go!


And so it went on; I had been playing panty-pops with grandpa Lucien about once a month for the last two years and charging him for the pleasure. Now I was older I always wore pantyhose when we played panty-pops, and if we were alone at the Big House I would also dress in my sexy schoolgirl outfit. I was charging grandpa one hundred dollars for a panty-pop, and one hundred and fifty if I wore the uniform.

We had come a long way from my grandpa rubbing his cock against my panty-clad ass; I was now letting him rub his cock against my pantyhose-clad pussy. I would let him put his cock in the folds of my nylon covered vagina and hump away until he came; grandpa liked me to sit in the big chair with my skirt hiked up and my legs spread while he humped me, or he would sit in the chair and have me straddle him.

Either way I usually got to experience an orgasm so I didn’t mind. Grandpa would sometimes ask me to bend over and he would slide his penis between my satin panties and my pantyhose-clad ass and dry-fuck me doggy style (he insisted I always wear my panties over my pantyhose). This did not usually bring me to orgasm but I didn’t mind; I was still getting paid, and by now I had discovered the joys of masturbation so I could finish myself off later.

My mother Dee-Dee was well aware of the naughty games I was playing with grandpa and encouraged me to take as much money as I could from the old goat. She was still providing him with sexual services every Wednesday afternoon as per the pre-nuptial agreement she had made with him in order for her to marry my dad. What a fucked up family!

I was now studying at the Graham Academy and I was allowed to go home one weekend a month as well as the school holidays. It was on these weekends and holidays that I went up to the Big House to earn pocket money off grandpa. It was also around this time that I found out my brother Alexander, two years my junior, had inherited the Bouvier fetish for panties and nylons.

Although Alex and I had Betty, our nanny and housemaid, I was careful to wash out my own panties and pantyhose after grandpa had come on me during a panty-pop session. I didn’t want Betty to know what I was up to, so I didn’t put my panty-pop underwear in the family wash. I did put my everyday panties and hosiery in the laundry wash basket though and it was one Saturday when I was home from the Academy that I made a discovery that would add to the income I was squeezing out of grandpa.

I was going to go up to the Big House later that afternoon and I had put a nice pair of blue satin full-cut panties in my backpack but I didn’t have a clean pair of pantyhose to take with me. I had asked grandpa to buy me some more pantyhose and I would pick them up this afternoon but I didn’t want to waste a brand new pair of nylons on a panty-pop as they often got holed or a runner from grandpa’s vigorous thrusting. They also got stretched and stained so I usually wore my pre-worn, second-best, pantyhose for panty-pops.

So I went to the wash basket to take out the pair of pantyhose I had worn home from school. As I pulled the diaphanous garment from under the other clothing in the wash basket I could feel that they were damp. I held the pantyhose up to the light and saw the telltale silvery traces of semen, which I confirmed when I put my fingers to my nose. The musty, slightly salty tang of male discharge assaulted my olfactory system. I smiled to myself.

There could be only two people wanking into my pantyhose; either my father or my brother. As my dad got to fuck Dee-Dee whenever he wanted (and I knew she wore pantyhose or stockings to cater to his fetish) I doubted it was him. My brother was the obvious culprit.

Being a Bouvier male, Alex would undoubtedly have a raging nylons and panty fetish now that he was entering puberty. I rummaged around in the laundry basket until I found the black nylon bikini panties I had worn home. Sure enough; the crotch was soaked with semen. Still warm semen! The little bastard had not long ago shot his load into my panties!

My devious mind ruminated on how to take advantage of this interesting situation. I couldn’t squeeze my brother for the large sums I was making out of grandpa but he still got a decent allowance and I knew he had quite a bit of money in savings. The Bouvier clan was still quite chauvinistic and for some reason my father felt he should give Alex a larger allowance than he gave me, even though I was the older sibling.

I hatched my plan right then and there in the laundry, holding my cum-drenched panties and pantyhose in my hands. I took the garments back to my room and called the Big House from the phone in my bedroom.

“Hi grandpa; its me Mellie,” I sang canlı bahis sweetly into the receiver.

“Oh Hi Mellie, are you coming over soon, you know how much your granddaddy likes you to visit,” he said, the lechery in his voice was palpable.

“Sorry grandpa; we’ll have to take a raincheck. I can’t make it this afternoon,” I said and quickly went on.

“I have some really important school work that I have to do today; but I can come over tomorrow. Grandma Jessica and Dee-Dee are going to a ladies charity auction and will be gone all afternoon. We’ll have the Big House to ourselves!” I said, knowing it would excite him having me alone in the house for a few hours.

“It’s a shame Mellie; I was looking forward to seeing you this afternoon but it will be nice to have the house to ourselves,” he said lasciviously.

Grandpa knew that with both of us alone in the Big House I would dress up in my naughty schoolgirl uniform for him and he could take his time panty-popping me. If I visited the Big House with my parents, or if grandpa Jessica was home, he had to settle for a quick panty-pop while I sat on his lap in his study, ever mindful that we could be discovered.

“Look forward to seeing you tomorrow then Mellie,” he said.

“Don’t forget that will be one-fifty grandpa,” I said wanly.

“Jeez Melissa; you’re just like your mother! A mercenary bitch!” he chuckled.

“See ya!” I said sweetly and hung up.

‘Now………… take care of Alex’ I mused.

I put on a little more makeup; black eyeliner, mascara, pink and mauve eyeshadow and cherry lipstick. I shucked out of my clothes and admired my pubescent body in the mirror. I was curving nicely, my ass was a little rounder and my hips fuller but my titties were still small; they only just filled an A-cup. I didn’t mind; the Lolita thing was working well for me with grandpa; and other boys had begum to notice me.

I took the blue satin full-cut panties out of my backpack and rummaged around in my lingerie drawer until I found a bra that matched. It was blue nylon, with transparent cups; and when I put it on my dark areola were visible through the translucent blue nylon. Next I examined the tan coloured, semen-stained pantyhose. Silvery cum trails had dried on one of the legs and there was also a small runner. Perfect!

I rolled up the legs of the pantyhose and sat on the bed and pulled them up my tanned legs, smoothed them around my thighs, and pulled the gusset tight around my ass. I looked at them in the mirror. The cum-stain was high on my right thigh and the little runner ran down to my knee. I stepped into the satin panties and pulled them tight.

I went to the wardrobe and took out a little skirt that I hadn’t worn for over a year. It was at least one size too small for me and tight around my waist; the hem rested invitingly halfway up my coltish thighs. I put on a white rayon blouse, which was also a little too tight, and when I buttoned it up the fabric strained against the buttons, opening it up slightly. I could just make out my dark nipples through the gauzy layers of the rayon blouse and nylon bra material.

I stepped into a pair of black wedge-heeled court shoes; the closest thing to high-heels that Dee-Dee would let me wear. I doused myself in perfume and brushed my hair.

Once again I looked at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with what I saw. Although I had the body of a teenager; my makeup and clothing made me look like quite the little harlot. I picked up the cum-soaked panties I had rescued from the laundry basket and put them in a little purse which I slung over my shoulder and walked purposely out of my bedroom and down to my brother’s room.

It was Betty’s afternoon off so I knew we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours as I burst into my brother’s bedroom without knocking.

Alex was lying on his bed, naked except for a pair of Speedos; his hair was damp. He must have just finished taking a dip in our heated pool.

“For fuck sake Mellie! Don’t you ever knock?” he yelped.

He had been looking at a magazine, which he quickly slammed, shut and pushed under his pillow. An erection tented the front of the Lycra swimsuit he was wearing and he pulled a towel over his lap to try to disguise it.

Alex and I had a typical teenage sibling relationship. We often quarrelled, but because I spent so much time away from home at the Graham Academy we hadn’t seen much of each other over the last two years.

He was lean, tanned, and well muscled, with sun-bleached hair; a budding jock who would drive the girls crazy in a couple of years. His icy-blue eyes were the same as mine and I saw them crawl over my body; irresistibly drawn to my legs. I heard the sharp intake of breath as he took in my short skirt and tight blouse.

“Where the fuck are you going dressed like that! A teenage hookers convention?” he taunted.

“Oh Alex don’t be mean,” I pouted.

I walked into his room, purposefully closing and locking the door behind me. Alex gulped and stared at me wide-eyed.

“What bahis siteleri the fuck do you want Mellie; I’m busy,” he whined; but his eyes never left my body, scrutinising me from head to toe.

“Well what I want is an explanation,” I murmured.

“You see I got all dressed up to meet some of my girlfriends downtown but when just as I was about to leave I realised I had a problem.”

“Problem? What problem?” he asked.

“Its probably best if I show you,” I said and walked over to the edge of his bed.

Alex was now lying on the bed only a few feet from where I was standing.

“See?” I said.

I slowly raised the hem of my skirt, exposing the runner and stains in my tan pantyhose near the top of my thigh. I put my right knee on the edge of his bed and my skirt rode further up my thighs.

Little beads of sweat broke out on my brother’s brow and he licked his lips. His eyes were riveted on my thigh.

“Well what’s the problem?” he swallowed eagerly.

“See the runner in my pantyhose?” I asked.

“I can’t go out with a runner in my nylons,” I said.

“Sure,” he said, mesmerised by the proximity of my body to his.

“And I don’t have any more pantyhose to wear; I had to take these out of the laundry basket.”

My brother’s face suddenly blushed a deep crimson. He pulled his gaze from my thigh and looked me in the eyes.

“Well what do you want me to do about it?” he snapped.

“I want you to pay for a new pair,” I replied.

“Because this runner and that silvery stain is your work,” I stated.

His face grew intensely red and his lips quivered. His body was shaking slightly.

“What the fuck do you mean!” he snapped, but the guilt was evident in his voice.

“Give me your hand!” I demanded, and he held it out as if in a trance.

I placed his trembling fingers on my nylon-clad thigh next to the runner and rubbed them on the stain. Then I pushed them back in his face directly under his nose.

“Smell!” I ordered.

“That is semen! Cum! Spunk! Spend! Cock Juice! Call it what you will Alex.”

“And it’s yours!”

Alex began to shake and a single tear ran down his face. He was humiliated.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” he began to babble.

“Oh please don’t tell mom! Don’t tell dad!” he begged.

I smiled at him and sat down on the bed.

“Don’t be silly Alex; why would I do that?” I said sardonically.

“I can do a lot better than that.”

“What?” he whispered.

“Well to start with you can buy me some new pantyhose,” I smiled at him.

My skirt had ridden up to the tops of my thighs now and the crotch of my blue satin panties peeked from under the hem. The buttons on my blouse strained to contain my little titties; my nipples were clearly visible through the gossamer layers of blouse and bra.

Alex was entranced. He didn’t know whether to look up my skirt or down my blouse. The miasma of my perfume and the closeness of my body excited him despite his embarrassment.

I played my trump card.

I rummaged around in my purse and pulled out the cum-soaked black nylon bikini panties and dropped them in his lap.

“And of course there are these…………” I said mischievously.

I didn’t think Alex could blush any redder than he already was; but his face turned purple. He was gasping for breath.

“So you will be buying me new pantyhose and panties and also you will be paying me to keep me quiet,” I said.

“Oh god! Of course I will Mellie; just please don’t tell anyone!” he beseeched me.

“But it’s not all bad news for you Alex,” I smiled lasciviously.

“You get something in return,” I went on.

“What Mellie?” he whimpered.

“This!” I said and took his hand and placed it back on my thigh.

Alex began to gently stroke my nylon-encased thigh; his breathing became ragged and I could see his erection growing under the towel covering his groin.

“But boy it’s gonna cost you!” I giggled.

Alex was absentmindedly stroking my thigh; his fingers lightly caressing my warm flesh through my pantyhose.

“So you obviously have a fascination for my panties and pantyhose?” I asked; the question of course was rhetorical.

Alex just smiled guiltily.

“Looks like you emptied a considerable load here,” I teased, holding up the cum-drenched panties.

“I don’t know where the compulsion comes from Mellie; but I just love the feel of panties and nylons,” he whispered.

“I know I shouldn’t; but I can’t help taking yours and mom’s out of the wash basket and………….well you know………..doing stuff with them.”

“You mean masturbating?” I said.

“Well…..yeah……..wanking……….you know!” he murmured.

“And……………Gee………..I don’t know……..I like to sniff them and lick them,” the guilt and embarrassment evident in his tone.

I have to admit the thought of my brother wrapping my pantyhose around his cock and wanking while he sniffed my panties made me a little bahis şirketleri hot. My cunt began to moisten.

“And I look at these,” he said, pulling the magazine out from under the pillow.

I flicked through the magazine. It was a glamour magazine; the models wearing sophisticated fashion: skirts, blouses, business suits. All the models wore hosiery and high-heels. The centre pages contained pictures of women in expensive lingerie: panties, bustieres, garter-belts, brassieres, stockings, fashion pantyhose, and the obligatory high-heels. All of the models were full-figured, mature women, wearing heavy makeup and coiffured hair.

“Some of them look like mom; don’t you think?” he asked guiltily.

“Yeah I guess some of them do,” I answered.

Alex’s fingers were still softly exploring my thigh and I was getting wetter.

“Do you think about mom when you masturbate?” I asked.

He blushed again.

“Sometimes,” he replied.

“And sometimes I think about you,” he looked me directly in the eyes.

I met his gaze and put my hand on his and gently moved it up my thigh so that his palm rested on the front of my panties and his fingers stroked the very tops of my thighs.

My brother gasped.

“And what else do you think about?” I teased, I opened my legs a little so that he had better access to my crotch.

“I think about you dressed like the women in my magazines. Wearing short skirts, tight blouses, nylons, sexy panties and high heels. Sometimes I think about you in your Graham Academy uniform.”

“And?” I encouraged him to go on.

“I watch you and mom all the time around the house; you both ignore me and think nothing of showing off your legs, tits and asses when I’m around. You don’t do it on purpose; I’m just invisible to you both I guess.”

“Once mother had me straighten the seams on the back of her stockings before she went out with dad. I nearly came in my pants and I wanked off into a pair of her panties as soon as they left.”

“And once you came home and fell asleep on the couch in you uniform; your skirt had ridden right up and I could see all up your legs, your ass and your panties. You didn’t know it but I snuck up on you and stroked your legs and your ass very softly and then I ran away and wanked into a pair of pantyhose that you had thrown out in the trash.”

My juices were well and truly flowing now.

“So this isn’t the first time you have felt me up then?” I grinned mischievously.

“It’s the first time I’ve touched the front of you like this,” he smiled back at me and rubbed the front panel of my satin panties.

“And what would you like to do to me Alex?” I asked him directly.

“You know you can’t fuck me!” I warned him.

He looked shocked.

“Geez Mellie I would never ask you to do that!” he said.

“But I’d really like to feel you up; to put my cock on your leg, or even on your pussy,” he murmured.

His face had dropped and his chin rested on his chest with embarrassment and his hand, though still under my skirt, had ceased to stroke me. I understood his dilemma and I was about to solve it for him.

“Well Alex, first we have to talk about keeping secret the fact that you are taking mine and Dee-Dee’s underwear from laundry basket and wanking into it. I think fifty dollars a month should cover that,” I said.

“Sure Mellie; just keep it a secret is all I ask,” he capitulated.

“And I think that you should buy me four pairs of pantyhose every month,” I went on.

“Ah fucking Geez Mellie; I don’t wanna go into a store and buy women’s pantyhose,” he whined.

“Besides I’m already gonna pay you fifty a month anyway.”

“Oh come on Alex; you can’t tell me you haven’t bought pantyhose before. You can’t have a raving fetish like yours and not have bought some of your own to play with,” I replied.

“Geez Mellie, you read me like a book,” he grinned.

He rolled over to the other edge of the bed and rummaged between the mattress and the base and pulled out a tangled mess of pantyhose.

“L’eggs; my favourite,” he smiled.

“Well you can buy them for me now. But the bonus will be that when I’ve finished with them I’ll give them back to you,” I said.

“Deal!” he beamed at me.

“Unwashed,” I said seductively.

The towel covering his speedos had come off when he rolled over and I saw his long thick cock throb when I said the word “unwashed”.

I put my other knee on the bed so that I was kneeling beside his prostrate body.

“Scoot!” I waved him over to the other side of the bed.

Then I lay down on the bed beside him; one knee drawn up so that my skirt was riding high on my thighs. I could hear his laboured breathing caused by my proximity to his near naked body.

I took his hand and placed it on my raised knee. He kneaded my leg for a while then he began to trace the little wrinkles in my pantyhose at the back of my knee.

“And now about that other thing,” I went on.

“Have you ever heard of panty-pops?” I asked.

Alex shook his head and I inwardly smiled. Of course he hadn’t; but he was about to find out.

“You can put your cock on my legs, on my ass, and even on my pussy sometimes. But its gonna cost you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32