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Bdsm Porn

All Characters are over 18


As Jason climbed into Margret’s car, his attention drawn toward the smooth shaven leg as Margret slowly inched into her seat. Allowing her brother to see every curve of her body as she eased into her seat. Looking again at the staring gapping mouth’s that lined the cement walkway, pulling her brother in close her eye’s flickering up yet she saw no resistance. Margret was surprised when his mouth opened slightly, allowing her tongue access. She wasted no time in exploiting the opening ravishing him while watching the mass of bodies. She knew that with this her Master would be on the mind’s of his peer’s.

“What the hell Margret,” Jason said, pushing himself away. Yet he couldn’t deny the fact he enjoyed feeling her lips against his, nor the fact that he wanted more banishing the thought from his mind. Jason needed to be clear headed he wasn’t about to give in not to his mother.

“Relax Jason,” Margret said, smiling sweetly at him. Resting her hand on his upper thigh biting her lip, knowing it was so close. “Just making you popular,” she said, pointing at the departing crowd.

“Yea that’s what I need,” Jason sighed heavily. As Margret pulled out of the parking lot Jason wondered where they were going. “This isn’t the way home,” he said, trying not to look at his sister. Yet his eye’s couldn’t seem to heed his call always catching glimpses of her breast as the hem of her halter top rose with every move. Which Jason thought was for his benefit as much as he hated himself for wanting to feel his sister’s tits he just couldn’t look away.

“The Mistress has something special to show you Jason,” Margret said, her hand rubbing his thigh feeling his jeans beginning to tighten. “Jason would you like for me to take care of that for you? I think it would be best if I did, you wouldn’t want that to show itself when we get there now would you?” She said, smirking knowing where her mother planned on taking Jason. How her body heated as she watched as he fought himself not to give in.

“Fine this one time,” Jason said, relenting knowing how he couldn’t take care of it himself. He had no wish to be raped again, and he was tired of the swollen, throbbing member that tormented him all weekend. Margret was too stunned to speak her eye’s scanning the area for a secluded place where she could take care of her Master. Pulling into a desolated parking lot behind the Dollar store Margret fought to still her body. Ensuring that they wouldn’t be interrupted leaning over the console, her mouth watered at the prospects of having her brother deep in her mouth.

“Jason,” Margret said, unzipping his pants. “Relax baby you know I’ll never hurt you,” she said needling his cock out from the confines of his boxer’s. Her hand squeezing softly on his superheated rod as her strokes increased in speed. Lowering her head as the first bead’s of his precum crept up from his core, Margret felt his muscle’s tremble as her hot breath flowed over his sensitive head.

Flicking her tongue out tasting his dew before engulfing his rod. Tilting her head to the side so he could watch as his cock disappeared into her hot slick mouth. Watching as his body responded to her masterful tongue as it toyed with the eager cock in her hand. Margret was startled as his hand rested on her upper thigh.

“Jason will you touch me,” Margret begged looking up to him with pleading eye’s. “Please touch me,” she said, opening her leg’s to allow her Master to explore her body. Biting her lip as his hand migrated northward, the soft touch along her mound sent heat radiating up to her core. “Harder Jason,” Margret moaned as her hips moved on their own. Growling in frustration as her short’s were hampering the feeling of his finger’s working her to her own orgasm. Wiggling out of her short’s placing his hand back where it belonged, Margret couldn’t believe how wet she was as she returned to her task. Squealing as two finger’s penetrated her hot mound, her hips plunging down on his exploring appendages as they massaged her folds.

“That’s it Jason make me cum for you,” Margret moaned before returning to her task. “Fffff,” was the only thing Jason heard as Margret’s leg’s clamped down on his hand feeling his sister’s cream coating his hand. Watching as her eye’s went wide as he added another finger, smiling wickedly as she howled in pleasure. “Jason please don’t stop,” Margret cried out as her top became askew as her body succumbed to his touch. “Yes, yes, yes that’s the spot,” she moaned between breath’s.

Margret knew he was almost there, yet she wanted this to continue. “If he was willing to come this far, then maybe he’ll go further,” Margret asked herself watching Jason’s euphoria taking control of his rational mind. “Jason I know you’re about to cum before that, would you rather shoot this load deep inside my pussy,” Margret asked teasing the tip of his head.

“Finish!” Jason growled, looking down at her. Sadness swelled in her heart when she saw those eye’s of his, that this was as far as he was willing to go for now. istanbul escort Margret kept her tears back wondering when her Master would finally allow her to properly service him. “Cccumming,” Jason groaned as he felt his seed filling Margret’s mouth. Margret made sure he was watching as she swallowed every drop of his string of pearl’s.

They drove on in silence after Margret had relieved Jason of his stress. For thirty minute’s Jason had berated himself for allowing his sister to do that to him. Telling himself he’s not suppose to enjoy her mouth working him to completion, nor was he suppose to like how his finger’s felt in his sister’s cunt. When she asked him to fuck her Jason was on the verge of saying yes. Yet he needed to be strong not to give in, at least not to them.

“Margret why did Mara want to be me here,” Jason asked as they pulled into an empty warehouse district. Noting the numerous for rent sign’s that lined the wall’s of the buildings as they drove past.

“Because this is where the club is,” Margret said matter-of-fact.

“Club what club,” Jason asked, looking over at his sister. How he wanted to reach out and tease those hard nipples that were straining against the fabric of her halter top.

“You’ll see the Mistress wanted it to be a surprise for you,” Margret said, reaching over taking his hand into her’s. “Jason,” she said killing the engine. “Please won’t you touch me once more,” Margret said climbing into his lap. “Do you wish for me to beg Jason,” she asked before kissing Jason with a passion. “Jason please,” her body shuddered as his hands moved along her skin, she knew where he was heading. Tossing her head back as Jason began to knead her breast, biting her lip as he focused on her rock hard nipples. “Yes,” she whispered as her hip’s started to move. “That’s it Jason play with my nipples,” Margret said, leaning back giving into the ecstasy of her body. A soft knock came on the passenger window. “Mistress!”

“Margret this is no time to play we are guests here,” Mara said opening the door. Holding out her hand to Margret as she climbed out of Jason’s lap. “Come along Jason we mustn’t keep our host waiting,” she said smiling down at her son. Sighing knowing she would never leave him alone, reluctantly getting out of the car Jason stood in awe of the dress his mother had adorned for this outing. Black silk flowed over her body in neat, clean line’s, displaying her body in way’s that to his teenage mind thought weren’t possible. The only thing that held the dress together were the silk ties that ran from the top of her thong’s waistband to a few inches above her navel. Allowing her still firm breast to hang freely against the material, allowing all to see their beauty.

“Do you like it Jason,” Mara said, spinning around allowing the wind to catch the dress displaying her ass for her son to view. “Well!” Jason smiled inwardly as he watched his mother’s cheek twitched when he refused to answer. “I think you do Jason,” Mara said, pressing up against him, her hand running up his bulge. Jason simply shrugged his shoulders refusing to answer knowing that was what she wanted.

“Jason please answer the Mistress,” Margret said snuggling against him. Her left hand running down his arm before her finger’s interweaved with his. Jason gave no audible answer simply nodding his head knowing they would be there until he did.

“Good,” Mara cooed seductively as she looped her arm around his. “Come Jason we have much to show you,” she leading him towards the plain drab beige entrance. As they entered it looked like more of a reception area in a corporate office, then an club at least it did to Jason.

“Welcome to Midnight Shadows,” chirped the twenty year old receptionist. “We weren’t expecting you so soon Mistress Rose.”

“Rose! You named yourself Rose,” Jason said, bursting out in laughter.

“Is there something wrong with my name,” Mara said snatching back his head. Those amber eye’s burned with the fire she saw on that glorious night.

“Yep the only thing that you two have in common is the sharpness of your tongue,” Jason said taunting her.

“Ah I see now why you brought him here,” said a woman in her late thirties as she walked out of the shadow of the hall. Dressed in a black leather bra and mini skirt, inch wide satin straps crisscrossed along her mid drift. Her stockings held high by her lace garter belt, her four inch pump’s echoing off the wooden floor. Jason arched an eyebrow as the woman walked towards them, there was something about her that seemed so familiar to him.

“Hello Mistress Holly,” Margret said as she got a few feet from them. Loving how Jason’s body felt so right in her arm’s.

“Margret dear you’re as beautiful as ever when will you grace my room?” Holly asked her finger’s running along her jaw tilting her chin so she could look into her green eye’s.

“When my Master wishes it,” Margret said, her cheeks burning as she said the word. “Or when he no longer wishes to have me,” she said, avcılar escort brushing her cheek against Jason’s shoulder.

“Well then your Master is very lucky to have you,” Holly said, caressing Margret’s cheek while appearing not to study the boy in her arms. “Maybe soon he will join us and watch us would you like that,” she said smiling sweetly at Margret.

“Yes of course, but only if he wishes it,” Margret said squeezing Jason’s hand.

“So Mistress Rose why have you brought this one,” Holly said, scowling when Jason wasn’t paying her or anyone attention. “I see obedience is needed to be instilled in this boy,” she said drawing out the word. The slight movement of those amber eye’s underneath the strand’s of his black hair caught her by surprise.

“Why are you offering your services to me,” Jason said with a sly smirk.

“Jason,” Mara said in a low whisper. “You can’t speak to Mistress Holly in such a manner she run’s this club.”

“I don’t think she cares how I speak to her Mara,” Jason said looking over at his mother.

“You should be whipped for speaking in such a rude manner to your Mistress,” Holly said standing far too close for Jason’s liking.

“One I don’t have a Mistress, two unless you’re going to put those lips to use if not then back off,” Jason said staring the leather clad woman down.

“Oh is that what you want the use of these lips,” Holly said in a wanton purr as she ran her hand’s up Jason’s chest. Jason felt his mother and sister tense up as Holly pressed her body against his. “Or is it these lips you are after,” she said, taking Jason’s free hand slipping it underneath her skirt placing his hand on her mound.

“Both,” Jason said, feeling their fury build the longer his hand caressed her sex.

“Then all you have to do is submit to me,” Holly purred her tongue teasing his lip.

“Yea I’m pass on that then,” Jason said feeling them relax. “As hot as you are I don’t believe you’re that good for me to do that,” he said pushing his luck. “Then what do I know I’m just a boy to you,” Jason said narrowing his eye’s.

“Rose I can see why you like this one,” Holly said before taking Jason by surprise tasting their Master. Holly’s eye’s flew wide as she felt the slap on her ass.

“Naughty,” Jason said with a seductive smile. So taken back Holly had retreated a few steps, feeling her skin burn from the pleasure she had felt. Taking Mara by the arm leading her down the hall away from the boy she had brought.

“Mara you know what he is,” Holly said in a hush whisper glancing over at Jason.

“Yes sis I know,” Mara said with longing as she looked lovingly at her son. “Why do you think I brought him here so you could teach him.”

“Are you sure this is what you want,” Holly said pushing her sister against the wall. Making sure he was watching as she leaned into her sister making sure he heard her moan as their kiss deepened.

“It’s what I have longed for since I took him,” Mara said breathlessly.

“Took him? Are you telling me he didn’t come willingly to this gorgeous body,” Holly said squeezing her sister’s tit.

“No,” Mara bit her lip as Holly pinched her nipple. “He broke me Scarlet I just simply couldn’t restrain my desire any longer.”

“Will you share your Master with me Mara,” Scarlet said as her fingertips skimmed along Mara’s slit. “Will you allow me to fuck your son,” she said, nibbling on her sister’s ear.

“That’s for my Master to say Scarlet,” Mara said stifling her moan. “I will share him with you sister and only you,” her hand’s gripped tightly to Scarlet’s arm’s as her finger’s plunged into her hot mound.

“Then fetch your Master Rose,” Scarlet said, returning to her role.

“Jason,” Mara said from the hallway entrance. Her body still flushed from her encounter with her sister. “Please come with me,” Jason kept his expression from his face this wasn’t like his mother. As they walked down the hall, Jason could hear the echo’s of the whips and chains that dominated their practice. Jason wasn’t ashamed to admit that he enjoyed watching Holly’s ass sway the deeper they went into the converted warehouse.

Jason wondered if his mother was going to kill him when he caught sight of Holly’s panties as she lead them up the stair’s. Straining his eye’s to see the subtle outline of her lips through the lacy material. Looking back Holly only smiled at her nephew it was the reason she chose the second floor. So that he would see what awaited for him even if he didn’t know it.

“Here we are my own private room,” Holly said unlocking the door. Pushing Jason into the room, winking at the other two as they passed. “Now as I’m sure you have been informed that we need consent before anything can happen,” she said leaning against his back her hands roaming aimlessly around his chest. “Now why don’t you say yes, I submit Mistress Holly and I’ll give you everything you want,” Holly said snapping the button of his pants.

“Fuck you,” Jason sneered. Her backhand sent Jason staggering a few steps, şirinevler escort gently touching his lip, wondering if his mother learned her skill from the towering woman that loomed over him. Her grip was like a vise her finger’s it’s steel teeth as Holly took a hold of Jason’s face.

“You will learn respect boy,” Holly said coldly, her gaze boring into Jason.

“Suck my dick you bondage crazed whore,” Jason growled, his blood staining his teeth.

“Did you just command me, you little piece of shit!”

“That’s right what of it,” Jason said with all the bravado he could muster standing on his toe’s. Holly just smiled, keeping his attention diverted while signalling her sister and niece to get into position.

“Good,” Holly smiled wickedly before pushing Jason backwards onto the twin mattress. That she had placed between the iron rings that she normally use to train her submissive’s, however today they were there to train a Master. To teach him the error of his ways for ignoring his submissive’s need’s. She saw the genuine fear as the manacles snapped closed around his wrist. Looking to her sister wondering if she had indeed raped her own son. “Shh,” Holly said, sinking onto the mattress.

“Your safe here no one’s going to hurt you,” Holly straddling his chest.

“No you’re just going to rape me,” Jason said, trying to throw her off.

“There will be no raping here,” Holly said unbuttoning his shirt. “I can feel your cock,” reaching back, tracing along it’s length. “Poking me in my ass as we speak, now why don’t you say the word’s and I’ll see that is properly taken care of,” she said rubbing her sex against his stomach.

“Fuck you! I told you before suck my cock,” Jason seethed as he was pinned to the bed. “Is this what you brought me here so you can rape me in front of other’s Mara!”

“I told you,” Holly said backhanding Jason again. “You don’t speak so rudely to your Mistress,” she couldn’t believe how aroused her nephew was making her. She had assumed he would be like all the submissive male’s that partake of her establishment. That fire, that defiance, she had to have more now more than ever. She needed to taste the fire of his rage, she saw in those amber eye’s. Scarlet looked towards her sister, she understand now why she had taken her son.

“You know I’m real tired of hearing that crap. So you know what go on have your damn fun, but know this you’re going to have to take it,” Jason sneered as he looked up at the woman that sat on his chest.

“And I’ve told you there will be no rape here you will give in,” Holly said her face filling his view. “How about we put that foul mouth to use,” she said twisting her body around. Her mini skirt covering his eye’s as her mound sinking into his gaping mouth. “Well go on, taste me I know you were looking let’s put that wagging tongue of yours to work now shall we,” Holly said signalling the other two. It was her hope that without the aid of sight, he wouldn’t know it was his submissive’s that were giving him pleasure instead of her.

“You say something,” Holly said over her shoulder as his muffled cries rubbed against her covered snatch. “Now what was it that you ordered me to do, suck your cock,” she said nodding to her sister. Smirking at the two as they reached for his zipper Scarlet wondered how long had he withheld against them. Grinding her hips along his lips if he wasn’t going to please her, she’ll make him want to.

“What’s wrong boy don’t you like the taste of my pussy,” Holly chuckled narrowing her eye’s as he flipped her off. Raking her nail’s up his chest, his muffled cries of pain felt so wonderful against her sex. “Now why don’t you go straight to the source,” she said, lifting up slightly to ensure he wouldn’t see as his mother started to tease his cock as she pulled aside her panties.

“No stop,” was Jason’s only words before Scarlet silenced him once again.

“I told you little boy you will give in,” Holly said, watching his toes curl as his sister leaned over her tongue circling his head while his mother licked along the back of his cock. “Well get to work boy that cunt isn’t going to lick itself,” she couldn’t believe how wet she was getting the longer he held out. A wicked smile formed on her lips as her finger’s undid the clasp on her mini skirt. Rising from her position slipping the skirt from her hips tossing across the room. “Well seeing how you won’t do as your told then you’ll watch as they fuck you and fuck you,” Holly said with a sinister light in her eye’s.

“What did you think I didn’t know what that woman was up to,” Jason said with indifference. “Please what kind of fool do you take me for,” he said, closing his eye’s fighting against the pleasure they were giving him. “I already know they have no qualms about crossing that line so this is no big shock.”

“Fuck that feel’s so good,” Jason moaned in his mind. He felt his cock lurch as his mother and sister gave in to their need’s as to say. “Then what are you waiting for dumbass fuck the shit out of them. They’ve been begging for you to do so for week’s now can’t you see how much they love me!” Yet Jason couldn’t take that leap no matter how much it felt so good to him. “Nope I’m not listening to you,” Jason said to his cock as Margret’s lips parted swallowing him whole. Then a wicked thought crossed his mind wondering if this would end it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32