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The three of us were ready to leave around two, when Jane stopped us all and said, “As the only person in this family that is anywhere near being the boss I have to make and enforce the rules. Knickers, panties off now!” No one moved but Cathy and I lifted our skirts to show that we were not wearing panties. Jane looked taken aback and said, “This is going to be harder than I thought, come on.” Neither of us moved and Jane looked back and said “Oh alright” she hitched up her skirt and took off her very very sexy panties. “Remember,” She said, “This relationship is one were you lot do as I say, not one were you do as I do!” We all laughed and then went shopping.

We first went to buy underwear and the shop owner, Sheila, a mature woman, I knew from my days of hunting submissive lesbians appeared almost immediately. We asked to see the sexiest underwear, stockings, panties and bras. It soon became obvious to my daughters that I knew Sheila intimately and Cathy asked me bluntly if she was a lesbian submissive and I said that she was one of Janis’ many submissive acquaintances.

Jane frowned at me and said irritably, “I see”. She left, to go to the shoe shop to find high heel platform shoes to fuck in, while Cathy disappeared into the fitting room to try on a variety of underwear. I just milled around looking at underwear, eventually purchasing some. Finally, I got tired of looking and walked into the changing room were Cathy had disappeared, I opened the curtains and there was Cathy legs spread with Sheila tonguing her cunt.

Cathy looked up and said, “Mum, I found myself a pussy sucking black bitch, finger my arse you black slut!” while pushing Sheila’s head harder into her cunt. Cathy had wrapped her legs around Sheila’s head and was now humping her face. I knew Cathy would orgasm soon and she exploded sending her ejaculating juices into Sheila’s face and mouth. Cathy then pushed Sheila’s mouth towards her arse hole and demanded she tongue it. Cathy kept up a constant stream of obscenities aimed at Sheila. She ordered Sheila to penetrate her anus with her tongue, threatening to make her eat shit if she didn’t lick out her anal canal. After few minutes, Cathy moved behind Sheila and lifted her skirt; her cunt was saturated. Cathy forced her panties down to her knees and rammed four fingers into her cunt, paused then rammed her other hand into her arse. Sheila was moaning loudly with primitive lust as Cathy began to thrust her fingers in and out of the vaginal and anal cavities. Cathy continued her pounding, but suddenly Cathy stepped aside, curling her fingers into fists and violently withdrawing from Sheila’s arse and cunt, just as Sheila ejaculated, spraying the floor that Cathy had just vacated. Sheila dropped to her knees, while Cathy circled her, like a hunter circling a wounded animal, she said, “Next time I come in this shop you will be sucking my arse and fingering my cunt”. For an instant, I thought Cathy was going to walk away, but she lifted her skirt and pissed in Sheila’s face. To my amazement, Sheila opened her mouth trying to drink the piss flowing from Cathy. Sheila, with a cocktail of cum and piss dripping from her face, looked at me with an expression of ecstasy; I just shrugged, turned and walked out.

“This is developing into something different,” I thought. Maybe I was a little surprised, that I was neither turned on nor did I envy Sheila being used by Cathy. An almost imperceptible voice somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind whispered, “That is because she was not here!”

Our foray into the dress shop past without incident. The shop assistant who worked on commission soon stopped trying to judge our purchases of both the most stylish and the most sluttish dresses and skirts the shop had. It soon became obvious to her that her earning were the best she had had in years and she hardly blinked when she realised none of us were wearing panties.

Driving home Cathy sat in the front with me while Jane sat in the back, with my constant turning around to talk to Jane and answer her many questions my skirt rode higher up my thighs towards my naked vagina. I was not aware just how high my skirt had progressed until Cathy put her hand on the naked part of my leg above my laced topped stocking and pushed up to my cunt.

After I had recovered from the shock of Cathy’s hand on my vagina, I heard Cathy ask, “Are you missing Janis?”

“God no!” I replied, and then asked, “Why do you ask that?” I glanced at Jane in the mirror; she was looking at me questioningly.

Cathy looked at me and said, “You did not join in when I took Sheila, I thought you would have. Did it turn you on watching me take Sheila?”

I stumbled to answer and I glanced again at Jane; she was beaming back at me in the mirror. The fact was that I had not been turned on, I flushed and I replied, “eh yes”.

I laughed nervously and looked back at Jane yet again, she smiled, tilted her head, and whispered in a disbelieving tone, “Noted”. I nervously smiled back at her, flushed and forced my eyes to look at the road.

Cathy sarıyer escort began stoking my clit, then pushed her finger into my cunt, and said, “You like this, don’t you? Slut.”

Jane lent forward to see what Cathy was doing and said, “You bitch, you are just a complete whore! Turn right and stop the car.” As I stopped, Jane grabbed my tits, forcing her hands beneath my top and bra. She started pinching and twisting my nipples, I yelped in pain and shock.

Jane told Cathy to stop fingering me and said, “Ok bitch, you beg for it, come on you horny bitch open you legs wide and beg to be fingered! Cathy, you slut, spread your legs, show your mother how your cunt can squirt. Come on mum!” she continued, “Stick you fingers up your sloppy cunt, and get them wet with your whore’s juice!” Jane got out of the car and opened the driver’s door. She squatted down, close to my face and said, “Tell me how much you like fingering yourself, and beg me to put my fingers in your cunt and your arse”.

“I just love being finger fucked. Please put your fingers in my cunt, in my arse, please Jane! The cunt and arse of your submissive bitch.” I said.

Jane said, “Take your finger out of your twat and suck them, tell me how good it is.”

I did as Jane told me and replied, “Fucking delicious.”

“Get out of the fucking car and face me.” She commanded.

I willingly did as I was told and Jane, moving close to me, pushed me roughly against the car, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I was hugging her; I never wanted to let her go. As her tongue explored my mouth, she grabbed the back of my head and forced our lips even more tightly together, then I felt her knee between my thighs and I open my legs slightly as her hand began to explore my arse and crutch. Jane, still kissing me passionately, pulled up my skirt and started stroking my vagina. I opened my legs to give her easy access to my cunt. Jane pushed a finger between my labia and began caressing my clit. I orgasmed within seconds; all I wanted to do was to continue kissing her and for Jane to hold me in her passionate embrace.

Cathy screamed as she orgasmed and the moment was over. I felt disappointed that Jane and I had been interrupted and the disappointment showed on my face.

We both got back into the car, I looked at Jane in the mirror, she looked ecstatic, I flushed, smiling she said loudly, “Noted.”

Cathy said, “What is that about?”

I drove home with Cathy resting her hand on the upper most part of my thigh, thankfully, she had done as I asked and was not continuing to play with my very wet cunt, but her hand was distracting enough.

Once home, we all disappeared into our respective bedrooms to get ready for our romantic evening, appearing at random intervals in the kitchen, shower and toilet.

Jane walked in on me while I was sat on the toilet and she said, “Do like being watched while you have a piss?”

Amused I replied “Some”.

“Noted.” She said smiling and stood their watching.

Do you like watching? I asked.

“You, yes” she replied.

“Noted” I said, smiling as I looked back at her.

We both heard Cathy shout, “Is no one going to tell me what that is all about?”

“Later.” Jane and I said together.

“Always fucking later.” We heard Cathy mumble.

We reached the restaurant without further incident and as we walked from the car park, I had to admire my daughters, from both the perspective of a proud mother and as a confirmed lesbian. I considered them to be different, Jane, blonde, tall, lithe, athletic, while Cathy was a redhead, stockier, bigger arse and boobs, but both were stunning, beautiful, stylish and extremely sexy.

As I lagged behind, Jane turned saying, “Why are you back there?”

“Just trying to cum while I surreptitiously look at a couple of gorgeous women.” I replied.

“You go first then, so we can do the same, god mum, you ooze sexuality and are the most beautiful creature alive”, replied Cathy.

Jane opened her mouth to speak, but in a strong firm voice, I said “No”. “Noted” Jane said smiling and Cathy’s disgruntled voice, said, “I know, later”. We laughed.

We all seated ourselves at a quiet table at the very back of the restaurant. I suppose it was inevitable that the appearance of three sensuous women attracted the attention of the currently unfettered males drinking at the bar. However after several had sidled up to our table and had been met with explicit rejections we were left alone to enjoy our meal.

We had just finished the main course when I felt a foot firmly push my knees apart and move up the inside of my thigh.

I looked up to see Jane smiling and she said, “Foot fucking?”

I replied, “Yes”

Jane smiled saying, “Noted, Public?”

I half smiled and said “Some.”

Smiling back at me she said, “Noted. With Shoe?”

Cathy interjected and said, “Ok, you two, it is ‘later’ right esenyurt escort now!”

I was unable to answer as I was beginning to get very flushed as Jane’s toes caressed my wet labia, her big toe found and stroked my hard clit, while one or more of her toes tried to force entry into my cunt. Jane answered, “Well you know this morning when mum made us masturbate, to find out our most secret fantasies. Well I tried to make mum masturbate. It kinda worked but I ended up firing question at her, like ‘Bondage?’ Mum would reply yes or no or some or maybe depending on whether the thought of it was a turn on for her or not.”

Cathy looked at me and smiled at my advanced state of sexual excitement as the attentions of Jane’s foot took me closer to orgasm and asked, “What does some and maybe mean?”

Jane replied, “Some, means sometimes and maybe, means never tried it, but the thought does not repulse mum. Ok.”

I was brought to a massive orgasm by Jane’s foot but almost immediately felt a large spreading damp spot under my arse and became nervous that my skirt would show signs of my orgasm.

Cathy turned to me and asked what I was referring to as we were entering the restaurant when I had said no to Jane in the middle of a conversation and Jane said noted.

I looked at Jane and said, “I thought Jane was going to ask about necrophilia”.

“What’s that?” asked Cathy.

“Fucking dead people” Jane said without emotion.

“Oh, shit!” said Cathy, looking alarmed and spitting out some of her ice cream sundae.

The girls and I returned home around ten and the late night discussion, of course, turned to sex.

Cathy said, “How will we know whether or not one of the others is in the mood for sex? You know how will we know what, how far she wants to go?”

Jane said, “You hang a sign around your neck. You know the type, Jane, I want to give you an enema, mum, I want to suck your cunt, Cathy, I want to whip your arse. Any takers? Then you go around all the signs and see if any match.” We all laughed.

“No seriously” Cathy explained, “We all like sexy clothes, shoes, underwear so if we are in the mood we would just wear them, right. However, that does not tell the others what we are in the mood for. Do we want to be a slave, dominatrix or do we just want, well loving.”

“Ok” I said, “we will all get dressed up in our sexy gear, those wanting to be dominated wear sluttish dresses and put a dog collar on, and those wanting loving just wear there underwear, no dresses or skirts, a dominatrix will wear a dominatrix outfit but no dog collar.”

Jane and Cathy both stood up and headed for the stairs. Turning Jane said, “Sounds good to me”. Cathy nodded her approval. I was a little surprised at their response but guessed they wanted torrid sex, and I had to admit, so did I. I went to my room, trying to decide what I wanted. I soon realised my plan had several flaws in it, but I soon reached the conclusion that I should be what I wanted to be. So getting dressed in my highest heels, my sexiest underwear and my shortest and most revealing dress I reach for a dog collar, and then changed my mind, no I would be a dominatrix tonight. I left the bedroom and returned to the lounge to await the others. Jane was the first to appear looking fantastic and to my surprise wearing a dog collar. Cathy appeared seconds later dressed as a real dominatrix and no dog collar.

I glanced at Jane and said, “You have two mistresses. Stand, spread your legs”, and picking up a crab apple from the fruit bowl I put it in her mouth and said “you will hold that until we tell you otherwise, if you drop it for any reason you will be punished.” I removed Jane’s skirt and blouse and then handcuffed Jane’s hands behind her back.

Cathy approached Jane as I started stroking Jane’s body, sometime softly with my fingertips, then scratching my nails hard across her skin. I was a little surprised that Cathy did not attempt to molest Jane but concentrated on what I was doing. Cathy started to do the same thing as me and we were soon having the desired effect on Jane. Jane had saliva dripping from her ball gag, the flow of her vaginal juices was more than evident and she had started to moan softly with every touch. As Cathy and I continued, our tender touches became feather like while our scratches left deep welts in Jane’s skin. We knew Jane was approaching orgasm without her sexual organs being touched. I squatted down and alternating between pain and pleasure played with Jane’s inner thighs reaching closer and closer, but never quite touching her cunt. Cathy was now doing the same thing to Jane’s breasts, but never quite touching her nipples, which were rock hard and pointing straight out. Jane was losing control and she began shaking. As I dragged my nails either side of Jane’s labia Jane exploded, squirting her vaginal juices over the floor and me. Jane’s legs and arse were shaking uncontrollably, the crab apple fell. I stood up and kissed Jane, then as Jane collapsed I laid her down on the avrupa yakası escort floor in the pool of her own cum, still trembling, she continued to ooze cum as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

As Jane rolled over on to her knees, her head still on the floor, she said, “My god that was unbelievable”.

I looked down at her and with little intention of causing her actual pain, smacked her arse, and said, “Remember submissive sluts do not speak, unless their Mistresses command it”. I bent down and replaced the crab apple, which was now covered in Jane’s own cum, saying, “You will be punished for letting this go”. I gave her a second harder smack, and then dragged her to her feet by her hair. I marched her to the dining room table and pushed her on to the table face up. Cathy attached a spreader bar to her legs while I removed the handcuffs, forcing one hand to her ankle; I cuffed it to her wrist. Then took her other arm and similarly secured it to her other ankle. Jane was immobile and completely exposed. Cathy and I could do anything we desired. I indicated that Cathy should pick up a paddle.

I walked to Jane’s head and removed the apple. Looking down at the helpless girl and twisting and pinching a nipple, I said, “Are you not going to thank your mistresses?”

Jane said meekly “Thank you, Mistress”.

Twisting and pinching both nipples even harder I said harshly “You can do better than that!”

Jane replied “I am so sorry mistress, your slave begs your forgiveness, this slut is very grateful to her mistresses.”

I climbed on to the table holding my cunt, arse just an inch above Jane’s mouth, and said, “Show me just how appreciative you are of your mistress”.

As Jane began to lick my cunt, Cathy smacked her cunt hard with the paddle. Jane yelped and began licking my clit and tonguing my cunt furiously. I nodded to Cathy and another blow landed on Jane’s labia. Jane was frantic; she was sucking, licking and probing my cunt with her tongue, while Cathy spanked her repeatedly and I twisted and pinched her nipples. Jane was growing ever closer to orgasm. I indicated to Cathy to stop spanking and to finger Jane’s cunt. Cathy moved behind Jane’s legs and without warning rammed her fist into Jane’s cunt. For an instant, Jane froze, and then, as Cathy started pumping in and out of her cunt, her mouth reached a new level of intensity, frenziedly sucking and tongue fucking my cunt. As Jane raced inexorably to a climax, Cathy with her free hand repeatedly slapped Jane’s clit sending Jane over the edge and into a massive orgasm. Jane’s ejaculating juices sprayed over Cathy while my juices cascaded into Jane’s face and mouth. I fell forward onto Jane’s body and realised that Jane had fainted. Cathy and I unshackled our submissive, turned her on her side and left her on the table to recover.

Cathy watched as Jane eventually returned to the lounge. Jane was covered in my juice and needed to support herself by leaning on the wall; she was having difficulty even walking.

Jane looked at Cathy and me and said, “That was truly unbelievable, I have never ever experienced anything so absolutely fucking spectacular, but I don’t think I can do anything more for a fucking week.”

I looked up at her and said, “Two things, you addressed your mistresses incorrectly and two it is not up to you when your mistresses stop playing with their toy.” I stood up and took Jane by the arm, forcing her to walk towards Cathy and demanded she kneel before Cathy, then forcing her head between Cathy’s open legs, I added, “Let me see you make your mistress cum!” I was surprised at how energetically Jane approached her new task and it was not long before Cathy ejaculated into Jane’s mouth.

I grabbed Jane’s hair forcing her head up, kissed her passionately, my tongue raking Jane’s mouth. I let her go and said, “Go your mistresses are finished with their toy”.

Jane just knelt there for several minutes staring at me, a look of endless pleasure on her face. Finally, she got to her feet and said, “I think I had better have a shower, I am rather sore. That was fucking awesome.” Then looking at me she added, “Have I told you, I love you dearly?”

After her shower, Jane was strangely quiet and Cathy and I wondered whether the normally vivacious Jane was ill or maybe upset at what had been done to her.

Cathy, in her usual manner of never pondering a question turned to Jane and asked, “Are you upset at the way we fucked you, I mean did we hurt you or disgust you?”

Jane looked incredulously at Cathy and replied, “No, never. It was amazing, the best ever and I love you both for making me so, eh, cum so hard”. However, Jane mood did not change and she remained strangely quiet.

Cathy eventually said she was going to bed. I though my daughter had finally learned about diplomacy, but half way to her bedroom, she stopped look down and said, “Shit, it’s that time of the month again, I’ve got the rags!”

Jane burst into tears, I stood there astonished, and I knew that being three women living together, our menstrual cycles had synchronised and therefore it would not be long before both Jane and I would begin to menstruate. “Are you having a bad time?” I asked. Jane shook her head. I sat next to her on the couch and put my arm around her, to my astonishment Jane almost leapt into my arms, squeezing me tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32