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I laid naked on my bed with my eyes closed stroking my hard cock as I thought about everything that had happened last night. It was still hard to believe that I had actually fucked my young daughter. My fantasies and dreams of fucking Susan for so many years had finally become a reality.

As I began to think about who had taken my daughter’s virginity, I heard my mother and wife’s voices coming from the bathroom and when I heard them giggling and laughing and the sound of the shower, I knew that they were taking a shower together. The thought of their hands and mouths on each other’s bodies just made my cock throb even harder.

With my bedsheets now lying on the floor in a crumpled pile, I began stroking my cock even faster. Into the bedroom bounced my naked young daughter even though Susan was now eighteen, she was always going to be my baby girl forever. Now here she was a young woman with a gorgeous body climbing onto the bed next to me.

“Good morning Daddy,” squealed Susan, throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a passionate kiss on my mouth.

When our mouths separated, I said, “Good morning baby girl, did you have a good sleep and a nice dream?”

“Yes, I had a great sleep… I kept dreaming that I was sucking your cock and you were fucking me,” she giggled.

Susan wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and started stroking my hard throbbing cock with experience beyond her years.

“Suck my cock baby girl, make your daddy cum.”

My young daughter giggled and leaned down and placed my cock into her young mouth. After wrapping her mouth tight around the shaft, she began moving her wet mouth up and down my cock, slowly sucking on my cock. With her small hands fondled and squeezed my balls and my cock still in her mouth she looked up at me with her sparkling green eyes and beaming smile. I exhaled loudly and then took a deep breath as she started sucking on my cock harder.

I ran my hand over her head and fingers through her hair and pressed down on her head and moaned, “I’m cumming baby girl… get ready to swallow your daddy’s cum.”

As my cock exploded inside her mouth, Susan pushed her mouth even further down onto my cock. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat, as she hungry swallowed each blast of my hot sticky cum that I shot down her throat. Only lifting her mouth off my cock when she was sure that I had finished cumming and had felt my cock becoming soft inside her mouth.

When I looked up at the bedroom door, I saw my mother and wife standing there naked watching us. I lifted Susan up and turned her around to face them and she excitedly squealed, “Good morning mommy… grandma.”

“What did I tell you, Mary… I told you that David couldn’t resist Susan’s young charms,” giggled Sharon.

Sharon was right, there was no way that I could stop myself from lusting after our daughter’s naked body. I wrapped my arms around Susan and pulled her back against my chest and cupped each of her small breasts in the palms of my hands and gave them a gentle squeeze.

When I flicked my fingers over Susan’s hard nipples, I felt her nipples getting bigger and stick out even further. Susan moaned softly as I kissed the side of her neck and nibbled on her earlobe hiltonbet giriş and whispered in her ear, “I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too daddy,” moaned Susan.

When we looked at my mother and wife, they were standing there embracing and kissing each other passionately, pushing their tongues into each other’s mouth. Susan turned around and gave me a lingering kiss and started fondled my soft cock, when I pushed her back down onto the bed she instantly spread her legs apart and held open her young cunt lips, inviting my cock to become hard and penetrate her bald cunt.

But I was thinking about doing something else, something that I had often dreamed and fantasized about doing to my young daughter for years. I buried my face between her legs and started licking up and down her puffy lips, tasting her sweet nectar. I then began stabbing my tongue in and out of her cunt, fucking her with my tongue.

Susan squealed, “Oh dad, that feels so fucking good… you’re going to make me cum.”

A few seconds later Susan let out a loud moan as her cunt exploded covering my face with her sweet tasting nectar. I lifted my head up from between my daughter’s legs and moved up over her body and with my cock once again fully hard, drove my cock into her wet bald cunt.

With my mother and wife watching, I began to fuck my daughter like a man possessed, slamming my cock in and out of her cunt at a furious pace. Susan’s arms were wrapped around my body, digging her fingernails into my back as she moaned and mumbled, “Dad, if you keep fucking me like this you’re going to make me have another orgasm.”

I thrust my cock deep into my daughter’s cunt, again and again, all it took was a few more thrusts before my cock exploded and blasted my hot cum into my daughter’s cunt. Susan’s cunt gripped onto my cock not letting any of my cum escape as my cock filled her cunt with my cum. When I had finished cumming, I slipped my soft limp cock out of her cunt and sat down on the bed beside her.

“David, I guess that you will be wanting to stay at home a lot more often now that you can fuck Susan whenever you want,” chuckled Sharon.

My wife was right, I didn’t want to go away for work a week at a time anymore and leave my wife and daughter at home alone. The idea of someone else fucking my wife and daughter had me thinking of who else had fucked them while I had been away.

I desperately wanted to know who had fucked my wife and daughter and asked, “Sharon, who was fucking you.. was it our daughter’s boyfriend Trevor and his father?”

“No, it wasn’t Trevor or his father,” mumbled Sharon.

“Tell me who you were fucking,” I screamed.

David, I need to explain and tell you something,” my mother interrupted.

“Mom are you trying to tell me that the three of you were being fucked by the same person… did you introduce Sharon and Susan to him?” I asked.

My mother looked at my wife and then looked back at me and replied, “It was Daniel who was fucking us.”

“Daniel, my brother Daniel?” I blurted in shock.

“Yes, your brother Daniel,” replied my mother and then said, “Daniel has been fucking me ever since your father left me.”

“When did my brother fucked my wife and daughter?” hiltonbet yeni giriş I screamed.

“On their last visit…it was Daniel who took Susan’s virginity,” mumbled Sharon.

I remembered the last time that Daniel and his wife Kathrine and their daughter Beth had stayed with us. I had received a phone call from work telling me they needed me to go interstate for a week. That must have been the time that Daniel had taken my daughter’s virginity and fucked my wife.

“Did Katherine and Beth know that Daniel was fucking everyone?” I asked.

“Yes, they both knew… and joined in,” replied my mother.

“Joined in,” I blurted.

“Yes, joined in… they’re both bisexual like us,” giggled Sharon rubbing her fingers over my mother’s hairy cunt and push her finger deep into my mother’s wet cunt, causing my mother to whimper.

“Mom, how long have you been bisexual and liked younger females?”

“I’ve always liked them… but it’s only since your father and I divorced, that I’ve had the chance to be with other females again,” giggled my mother tweaking my wife’s nipple and giving my wife a passionate kiss.

“Sharon, what about you… I never knew that you liked females?” I blurted.

Sharon broke her kiss with my mother and replied, “When I told Mary how lonely and sexually frustrated I was with you always being away for work, she took me into the bedroom and made love to me.”

With my arms around Susan’s naked body and my hands squeezing her small breasts, I asked, “How did Susan get involved?”

“Susan, came home early one day and caught us in bed together… before we knew she was there, she had undressed and climbed onto the bed with us,” giggled Sharon.

As Sharon’s finger fucked my mother’s wet cunt, Susan giggled, “I slept with aunty Katherine in her bedroom at night and mom slept with Beth in her bedroom.”

“Was Daniel, also fucking his daughter Beth?” I blurted.

“Yes,” replied my mother.

Hearing that my brother was also fucking his young daughter it was no wonder that Susan knew how to fuck and suck cock as well as she did, Daniel would have been fucking her and having her sucking on his cock every chance he had.

I suddenly remembered how he would always embrace Susan and copped a feel of her ass when he gave her a kiss when he visited us. There was a very good possibility that I could have fucked Katherine and Beth if only I hadn’t gone away for a week for work.

Just the thought of my niece Beth being fucked by my brother had my cock pulsating and becoming hard. Beth was a year younger than Susan and the last time I saw her she was wearing a skimpy bikini that just covered her breasts and cunt and had my mind going places that no uncle should go.

Hearing that my older brother had been fucking our mother for years after my father had left her didn’t come as a complete surprise to me as they had always been close. What did surprise me was that they still were fucking each other all these years later even after Daniel had got married and had a daughter.

I first met my brother’s wife Katherine at their wedding, she was gorgeous and the first thing I thought about was how lucky my brother was to be marrying her. When she gave me hiltonbet güvenilirmi a kiss and let her mouth linger on mine, I was surprised at how cool my brother was with his new wife kissing me so passionately.

A year later my wife and I were there at their daughter Beth’s birth and were asked to be Beth’s grandparents. Every year since then they would all come and spend the holidays with us. I watched Beth grow into a beautiful young woman and develop a sexy body. Her mother Katherine never changed one bit, she was just as gorgeous as the first time I met her.

The idea of watching my daughter eating her aunt’s cunt and my wife eating Beth’s cunt had my mind racing with all the possibilities that I might have been able to have seen if only I had been at home. There was also the idea of watching Susan and Beth eating each other’s young cunt.

I also remembered after Daniel and his wife and daughter had returned home. Coming home to find my wife and daughter had changed, Susan wasn’t as bashful as she had been before and didn’t mind me seeing her naked, even my wife Sharon didn’t mind fucking me in front of Susan with our bedroom door open.

“I’m going to cook breakfast and Mary has to get dressed and go home,” said Sharon.

As soon as my mother and wife had left me alone with my young daughter, I asked, “Susan, did you enjoy being fucked by your uncle?”

“Fuck yes, he was the best,” giggled Susan.

“Even better than your boyfriend and his father?” I chuckled.

“Yes,” giggled Susan and then said, “They both keep asking me if they can come over and fuck mom and me together.”

“Would you like to invite them to come over to fuck your mother?” I asked.

“I, I really invite them to come over,” giggled Susan.

“If you want them too,” I replied and then added, “I would love to watch them both fucking you.”

“Daddy… you want to watch me being fucked,” giggled Susan.

“Yes, I want to watch them both fucking my baby girl,” I chuckled.

Just then Sharon called out that our breakfast was ready, I climbed off the bed and then helped Susan climb off the bed and up onto her feet. We walked into the kitchen still naked and sat down at the table with my wife, wearing an open robe he4 breasts and hairy cunt on display.

As we ate breakfast, I asked, “Sharon do you know about Susan’s boyfriend and his father are fucking our daughter?”

“Yes, Susan told me about having a threesome with them.”

“Sharon, did you ever think about having a threesome with them?” I chuckled.

“You want me to let them both fuck me?” blurted my wife.

“Yes, I would love to see you taking both their cocks at the same time,” I chuckled.

“Please mom, let them fuck you,” giggled Susan.

“Susan you don’t mind me being fucked by your boyfriend?” blurted Sharon.

“Mom, I want to watch you being fucked by Trevor and his father like I watched uncle Damien fucking you,” giggled Susan.

“I’ve told Susan it was okay to invite her boyfriend and his father to come for a visit,” I chuckled.

“David, you should have asked me first?” blurted Sharon.

“I’m going to take time off work and we’re all going to visit my brother,” I chuckled as I thought about how much I wanted to fuck Katherine and Beth.

As soon as we had finished breakfast, Susan was on the phone with her boyfriend and as soon as she had finished the phone call she excitedly blurted, “When I told Trevor that mom wants to meet them both and that she was naked, they said they both come straight over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32